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  1. I do not like being able to see every post I made on here. I was an idiot with bad grammar for years.

  2. bad wording....It's not fair that i feel bad that a guy like him goes out this way. But, he no doubt deserves to go out. I don't really feel bad for any of the other guys. I don't know if I actually explained myself any better.
  3. And it's not fair but it sucks way more that newsome is part of the group.
  4. I've been struggling on offense as well. I'm decent and getting better on D.
  5. His stand up always sideswiped his problems....but, he was so damn funny you didn't think of the real problems underneath.
  6. I'm a Chicago fire fan....not on top of things as much as I like. Mostly because i'm waiting for a team slightly closer to get added to the MLS. I may have to settle on the Fire.
  7. my first thought with the retirement thought was though....Sonnen is going to train for the wwe. I hope i'm right, though I doubt it.
  8. Yea, that went.....really badly...watching on the Rooster Teeth side you, you could tell they were starting to get annoyed. I figured Rockstar set it up because they had posted some of Rooster Teeth let plays on their social media sites and seemed to be a part of a bigger thing that, they were doing.
  9. I pretty much agree with all this. The lions were a team last year that under performed more than they were just bad. They have needs but nothing that is a massive need.
  10. I doubt we take a WR 2nd....I think he more or less takes the place as the other option since he can be split out. Plus, Fauria is more of a situation player than Ebron. Or yea, what you said the 2nd time around. The more I stew on this pick, I am actually starting to really like it. I wont lie, I didn't know much other than he was an athletic tight end who had a knock on him for dropping passes. As I read more about him, he's probably going to play a bit as WR because of his speed, and the drop thing seems to be overblown. I've read that he had four last season, I can live with that considering our dude Calvin had as many if not more than that. It's not as if he's another TE like Pettigrew, he can actually stretch the field and get yards after the catch. Imagine a goal line situation with him, Calvin, and Fauria. It's going to be hard for teams to go up against that much size, add Tate and Pettigrew into that mix, it's potent. A lot of folks really wanted a DB, but we still have a bunch of young corners looking to turn the corner (no pun intended), and typically a DB doesn't come in and dominate as a rookie. It's not a bad idea to go with the best available talent at 10, and if the Lions believe it was Ebron, I can buy that. That said, they have a great opportunity to get some players in the second, third, and fourth (three picks there). If it's up to me I'm getting a OLB, a DB, a Center to groom for next season, a QB to groom as our back up to Stafford (and maybe an insurance policy if he continues his mediocrity), and perhaps a WR with one of them fourth rounders. I wouldn't be opposed to a safety or defensive end either. Honestly, I'm hoping the second and third get us some help on the defensive side, and from there they can start doing whatever the fuck they want. The first round was always going to be the Best player available in their eyes. It always is. The lions are lucky in the sense that there will be decent talent for their positions of need, in those mid rounds. I'm sure it made the decision of just adding another weapon easier. I didn't see a DB in the first round that I thought was worth the Tenth pick in term of impact for the Lions.
  11. I doubt we take a WR 2nd....I think he more or less takes the place as the other option since he can be split out. Plus, Fauria is more of a situation player than Ebron. Or yea, what you said the 2nd time around.
  12. Did anyone watch the Bad Boy's 30 for 30 tonight? As someone that had his dad giving him his first bottle as the microwave clinched the 2nd championship, it was a great education. My parent's have raised me on stories about them, and this just added to them. I loved it.
  13. If I'm right, and I checked, I am....Clay is the youngest of the first nine. It makes sense if he's a bit of a background character at the start. Then he could gain cred, in SAMCRO.
  14. Wasn't Clay the last, of the first Nine? he was a few years younger than everybody else I thought.
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