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  1. What happened? Missed the entire game today
  2. College Gameday is officially going international. Shall be going to Dublin Ireland in August 2020 for the Notre Dame Navy game
  3. Mahomes could argue against him though?
  4. Either I get the blowout of the week and dominate or I suck so bad I get blown out for the week...my team has no in between
  5. And listening to radio I kept hearing people ignoring Keuchel as well which I was puzzled about so much. Wouldnt have been auto World Series contenders but you have to believe probably would have neared playoffs better
  6. Giants lose rookie LB Ryan Connelly for the season to a torn ACL
  7. @Meacon just read Daelin Hayes is out for season with torn labrum. Redshirt depends on his draft possibility I would assume
  8. Glad to see that it was Philly fans who were the classier bunch. Apparently some Nationals fans were bringing in Harpers wife and kid when heckling him.
  9. 5th is a win for first season. I'm interested in returning potentially next year as well.
  10. I lost by 3.5 even with how amazing they were
  11. I need the Bears D to kill it for any hope of winning tonight
  12. Philadelphia Eagles cancelled practice today due to too many injuries
  13. Apparently the Steelers are bringing in Vick for a tryout after hes a couple years removed from the league
  14. Sterling Shepard in concussion protocol....
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