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  1. Hearing more about Smith, it is feared he is getting the same fate as Theisman, hoping he proves us all wrong and can play again even for one game.
  2. Damn @livid 2 points. Hell of an attempt to come back but you were too much for me. Good luck in later rounds
  3. St Louis is announced as the first city to get a team.
  4. So looks like Im in line for an easy loss this week and then losing the first round of the playoffs
  5. Holy shit I cant believe I stayed awake last night to watch LSU vs A&M. That game I swear....
  6. About time my winning streak ended. Now to see if I can get hot for a playoff run.
  7. And they should along with Garrett and Jerry giving the reigns up.
  8. https://brobible.com/sports/article/yair-rodriguez-korean-zombie-knock-out/
  9. Honestly would love to see Saints get a ring so Dez can have one. He toiled through so much with Dallas and is deservig since they couldnt get everything together ever
  10. Thank fuck for Tennessee Defense. Pulled out a win from nowhere. Now to try my luck vs @Lineker this week.
  11. 4th rounder to Green Bay for Dix
  12. Jags trade Dante Fowler to the Rams Jags get 2019 3rd and 2020 5th rounder Ha-Ha Clinton Dix to the Redskins. No word yet what Packers get
  13. Only due to work, GO BOSTON! Need to stay busy as can be
  14. Sooo so glad of who I faced last week. Coming in with the 11th best score in the league for a week is never a good thing, but winning anyways is satisfying as can be.

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