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  1. Padres and Rockies traded a total of 92 runs over 4 games. That is mind boggling.
  2. BLOOPER STRIKES AGAIN! First Machado and now...
  3. Right hander Juan Then is going to them and Seattle is picking up about half of money still owed to Edwin
  4. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and 3 first round picks including the 2019 4th pick to New Orleans for Davis to Lakers
  5. Nah it wont go a long way. Will be good for a week or two afterwards to still discuss but after that it slowly fades away until the next Womens World Cup. People still get more excited for the mens side, but overall I am more excited for the Women as I know they can go further and also are running on less support and budget than the men which is sucky.
  6. Ohtani becomes first Japanese player to hit a full cycle in a game.
  7. The rally towel that Golden State has out for their final game in Oracle
  8. If KD is out I dont see GS winning this. I hope I am correct as I wanna see Toronto get what they deserve here.
  9. 1 year 13 mil. Will start triple A Sat if everything goes fine.
  10. Cutch was a major part of the lineup so without him, I wonder if they can find someone to fill his void as he was in such a good spot surrounded by talent that let him shine even more. Loved seeing his at bats when I could watch a game at the bar or something.
  11. Phillies suffer a big blow as McCutchen is out for the year with a torn ACL
  12. I go once a week for free taco thanks to Tmobile so I am down to wait for that day and get 2 free
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