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  1. Making me puke with this. Nelson Agholor WR Eagles @Lineker
  2. Gotta get it while I can and I know I have no better chsnce than now. Jacksonville Jaguars defense @LL.
  3. I already got 2 favorite girls so to finish off I need Cooper Kupp WR Rams @Lineker
  4. Mo Jo JuJu Smith Schuster WR Steelers @Lineker
  5. Gotta make that Golden Tate WR Lions @LL.
  6. Unless its their own closet. Which the wife takes atleast half of anyways.
  7. So Bears rookie LB first pick Smith still hasnt signed. Part of why he hasnt is due to wanting written confirmation that if he is suspended due to new helmet rule they wont take any of his guaranteed money away from him.
  8. Ill sign up for the league today Maxx, just been swamped past few days

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