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  1. I was shocked at that ending, I didn't expect it to go that way at all but cant complain.
  2. @Mr. Meacon Moneybags what's wrong with Hamlin? Haven't followed Nascar like used to but I used to root for him over anyone and haven't heard bad about em, but I also don't look for Nascar news as much either
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/crew-chief-for-nascar-team-running-back-the-blue-car-suspended-by-nascar-after-assault-arrest-225409472.html Cant help but laugh at the stupidity
  4. https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality Over 9K worth of games for as little as 5 bucks or more depending what want to spend, not saying many are good but you wont be bored for awhile
  5. One of the drivers on the XFINITY series has a Back The Blue car. Like, if you wanted to go hey I want to support Firefighters, you could do something different. If you want to go at all first responders, you could do something different. This is just tone deaf ignorance and clearly a shot at Bubba Wallace for his BLM car.
  6. Truck driver Ray Ciccarelli has stated due to the ban of the Confederate flag he will be done with Nascar after this year. https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/ray-ciccarelli-leaving-nascar-saying-he-doesnt-like-the-direction-it-is-headed
  7. Regarding Bubba Wallace https://www.espn.com/racing/nascar/story/_/id/29293767/nascar-bans-confederate-flags-racetracks
  8. Safe to say Bennett went off, read the thread. Hell read his twitter period.
  9. http://huffp.st/4a3hyXH Goodell admitting the NFL messed up regarding the anthem protests. I didn't see this coming.
  10. Caribbean Carlito Challengers
  11. I also hate how this is also dragging out because of the years as well as from what I'm seeing is Dak wants 4 years while they're wanting 5 or something like that.
  12. @VerbalPuke I just read something that has to be disheartening. A former Lions coach revealed that Sanders would have probably kept playing for yall for a few years longer had they changed the head coach.
  13. Following the whole revelation of even Jordan admitting the Flu Game was actually Food Poisoning Game from bad delivery pizza, we were given this gem.
  14. @B-li Manning I can tell you from talking to coworkers of mine that charachter concerns were well warranted as he seemed like a douche to many whenever he came down to the casino here for gambling. Many despise him and arent too shocked at this.
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