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  1. Good timing since he's the team 33 prize this week. Are you force closing the app before you do it? I've also seen at times needing to wait for the next bout to load up so could get the ad bouts again at times
  2. No it isnt as I got a WM33++ ranked deck and on my team Ive managed the worst deck the most so far. All luck of the draw sadly
  3. Wonder how this will change things for rewards and store costs. If you got 10K Id think of getting a wm33 if I was you as who knows if it will stay that cheap or not
  4. Yeah RTG was handing them out like candy. Didnt miss a bout from when woke up and in under 11 hours had em all done so you guys should be good to fill all hopefully
  5. Epic - Dolph Ziggler Legend - Natalya Suvivor - Randy Orton Wrestlemania - Erick Rowan Summerslam - Baron Corbin Hardened - Becky Lynch Elite - Jimmy Uso Ultimate - Jey Uso Wrestlemania 33 - Tye Dillinger Event - Jinder Mahal
  6. Depends how quick you get the Ult card as to how manageable the WM card will be. Also comes down to if you are willing to grind out ads to keep playing more when you got free time to spare and jump up higher.
  7. @Rocky Just a heads up this is the only season of Redemption as it got cancelled so hopefully theyll give some continuance to it next season. And I have to ask, what do you think was in the case at the very end of Blacklist as Ive seen many differing thoughts to it all online.
  8. I am more than pleased right now as my new team that was just a rag tag group aside of Michael is currently 100 away from Goldberg. Never thought Id see myself laying down over 600 points in a TRTG like this. 620 points total for myself and Goldberg is mine. Was able to +5/10 the entire way which was awesome.
  9. Caved and bought a single. Got the man of my username. Reigns gives me another Wm33 pro so on that fact I can't complain.
  10. My new team had a TBG just end that we won by not even 1K.
  11. Dont forget can use ads to get more bouts in if you find some free time. Got myself a new phone now and am back playing again. Wound up starting a new team and got it up and running thankfully, hoping to one day come across the Hitmen as opponents for TBG and see how the fight breaks down.
  12. Inside the spoiler is a picture of my RD deck and I just keep going edit deck and back out until an Ult++ opponent pops up so doing something similar once your able would prob be the easiest for you and take out the need to worry about losing too often.
  13. Keep your deck down as close to Ult++ as possible for RD. Then carefully select opponents and only select Ult++ opponents if possible, makes it alot easier.
  14. I gotta say for all the crap gave the last few weeks, felt this week really redeemed the show. There were a few points it didnt stay solid good to great, but really ended on a good note I felt. Unsure where next seasons gonna start now so really interested to see where it is taken.