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  1. Astros Manager AJ Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow both suspended 1 year for sign stealing scandal
  2. I cant like this post enough
  3. I shall gladly take 3rd place, 2nd year in and medal position.
  4. Fuck Lamar Jackson is all I have to say
  5. Love you too. Now I advance to the furthest I've been so far and try to hope my ability as highest score helps me out
  6. Shurmur shall be let go for Jason Garrett
  7. Yay phone autocorrect when went to say Carli...
  8. Carlisle Lloyd has said after the 2020 Olympics she is serious about trying to become an NFL kicker
  9. Two records for Lamar Jackson, most consecutive games rushing for 60+ yards and most yards by a QB in first two seasons
  10. 40+ years...short memory....uhm, some of us werent even around then to know
  11. And of course there has to be atleast one known person who makes a complete douche out of themselves regarding this... All I can say is fuck Bruce Irvin.
  12. So far this is the least watched Series in history averaging only 11.6 million viewers even being worse than when San Fran swept Detroit
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