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  1. Sooo so glad of who I faced last week. Coming in with the 11th best score in the league for a week is never a good thing, but winning anyways is satisfying as can be.
  2. I ever say how much I love Cooper Kupp in fantasy?
  3. Considering Im in like 8 leagues currently, I have it ranging from balls to the walls to strict as can be. A League is tame for me
  4. Please follow the Philadelphia Eagles then to make the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys fans on here all happy. Maybe youll help turn Ginger Jesus into a regular Ginger who doesnt seem like he will be hard to beat for years to come
  5. About to be 2-1 and not the lowest scoring person any more. A shoddy week 1 which was my own fault, but since then its been all rainbows so far.
  6. Following yall just to see how crazy it is in B league. Good god does it seem fun.
  7. Absolutely adored Marylands tribute today. Going out to start with only 10 men was the best they could have done. Kudos to Texas as well declining the Delay of Game and allowing it to go on.
  8. Down goes McKinnon, welp, looks like my drafts already busting itself and I am doing crap this year.
  9. Maybe. Depends if he signs somewhere else first
  10. Hell with it. Adrian Peterson RB washington @Lineker

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