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  1. Greg the Leg to sign a 3 year deal with Dallas
  2. Sean Payton says hes tested positive for the virus
  3. AFAIK that depends what happens for the contract the players are voting upon. So if the majority votes yes then the expansion happens otherwise we stay as is until a new contract is approved and we see what happens with whatever is approved.
  4. Dak apparently met with management and latest word is the offer is 105 mil with roughly 33 mil a year average
  5. Angels fire visiting clubhouse manager for aiding opposing pitchers. Investigation confirmed he was giving opposing pitchers ball doctoring substances
  6. Wilder has had his excuse debunked and is now shown as a liar amongst his loss. His legs didn't give out as he said. An old interview came out with him saying he does alot of training especially sprints and stuff with a 45 pound weighted vest to challenge himself more. Also a clip apparently of him training for the second Fury fight appeared showing him with a weighted vest as well. Talk about trying to hide that you just cant admit you were beat even if your team didnt listen to you properly.
  7. @B-li Manning well a report just came out stating Gettleman is open for business and isnt opposed to trading down from #4 possibly, so there is that
  8. This is what I've heard regarding schedule and playoff updates - They are working on a 17 game season rather than 16. Dont know how shall impact the preseason, probably cut it down to three weeks then. - They want to add one more team to each side of the playoffs. This would mean only first place in their area would get a bye. Also whoever would be 1st and skipping Wild Card Weekend would also apparently get paid for it even though their team didnt play.
  9. I hope you dont have me as auto in as I just went to login to my Yahoo and noticed it was hacked and I cant recover my password to it. I'd have to make a whole new email which at this point on Yahoo dont feel like much currently as never use it for anything other than fantasy really
  10. Been watching the first quarter of DC vs NY and see the appeal of the league truthfully
  11. https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-rule-changes-for-2020-season
  12. If it is odd numbers I'll fill again but otherwise I'll watch and laugh
  13. Phillies to retire #34 in May, 10 years after Halladays perfect game
  14. Mahomes has come out saying that Alex Smith was vital to the Chiefs getting the win as he helped set the culture before his departure of belief the Chiefs could get that far and manage that feat.
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