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  1. If you need someone as you are on odd teams I'll join otherwise I'll watch from the sidelines
  2. Ugh here we go with Pat's fans bragging. Bring on the offseason and hopefully some good stuff for the other 31 teams.
  3. What from Fanatics did you order as might not have been my warehouse. As far as the uniforms some change is coming to atleast retail as we are going more heat press over hand sewn. Onfield I believe will stay sewn on. And expect soon the Majestic logo to be gone and the swoosh to be in I would say.
  4. I wouldnt honestly recommend my union prior to this to anyone honestly. They have it set as pay is equal to your tenure not job. Make it equal for all in those terms. Some who have 10+ years arent even at 15 an hour. As far as benefits well let's see. Pizza party after world series. Burgers and dogs once in summer. Two other small cheap meals otherwise in spring and winter. We also have a company store that alot of rejects go to before being shredded up and can get pretty dirt cheap. Could be a forgotten button, misspelling of a name like Darvish which I got when he went to Dodgers as someone had it as Darrvish. Easy mistake but still. Under Fanatics we have seen an increase as we now have some hockey jerseys on there as well at 20 a pop, which is good. Right now we are waiting for our next contract which shall go and show us what really will be better we hope.
  5. Fanatics actually pays pretty well. It's more so we are the only Union that Fanatics deals with due to MLB Uniforms needing to be made by a union. It's more so my union the way they have stuff set up doesnt pay as competitively as possible. So, with this new contract we are hoping for a definitive pay increase that pleases all of us as VF really made it hard for some prior
  6. So, with this new announcement finally confirmed that Under Armour is out and Nike is in for making the uniforms, would that technically make me a Nike employee now since I work at the Fanatics plant that makes the stuff?
  7. Honestly I just want to hear the poor people calling into the Fanatic tomorrow morning and especially in the afternoon with Missanelli about how things went and hear them whine and moan and bitch and then talk how Wentz is the QB and then bitch when he cant do what Foles has
  8. @The Chiksrara Special and to anyone else in Chicago or nearby. Feel like trying to earn free beer for a year? Think you can kick a 43 yard field goal yourself? https://6abc.com/sports/chicago-brewer-offers-free-beer-for-a-year-for-43-yard-field-goal/5034263/?sf205596300=1
  9. Plus let's not forget that they had the whole factor of Wentz wasnt himself in terms of trusting players and used Ertz as a major security blanket even if successful
  10. @GhostMachine that's why used the to ddenote joking around and not be harsh, but you apparently didnt see it that way. but yeah I got a few Philly fans wanting to get a rematch of 09 and try to get a third game and not lose it to us. It's interesting workig with a majority of Eagles fans especially in a sports building
  11. Honestly I went into the Dallas game expecting Dallas to pull a miracle out somewhere. I didnt know where it what but I just had the feeling of a win. To get revenge over the bad kick years ago makes it even sweeter with a bad kick of their own. As far as Philly goes if it wasnt for living in Eagles territory, I'd probably be more receptive of alot of the fans off this board as I wouldnt see the worst of the worst. But I see what gives the Eaglea fans bad names even if it is a minority and it is just horrible. As far as your comment to modern day Dallas fans Szumi, I got two things on that. 1) Fuck you for only saying Maxx . 2) I understand what you mean as I am in a few groups and it tires me yearly with the Super Bowl talk when it isnt deserved. Even this year with how much has improved I dont say it unless we get past the Rams, as I cant say something that looks highly improbable currently to get to. Too many fools in the fanbase make it hard at times
  12. Packers are requesting an interview with Pat Fitzgerald of Northwestern as a potential new Head Coach.
  13. Mark Richt has confirmed is leaving Miami as coach after a 7-6 season post bowl game. So theres one coaching vacancy
  14. Hearing more about Smith, it is feared he is getting the same fate as Theisman, hoping he proves us all wrong and can play again even for one game.

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