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  1. On the womens side so glad to see ND knocking out UConn last night. Was a hell of a game and I crashed right after but seeing that, going into OT I wasnt sure but those girls did it and hope they get one more win to get it all
  2. When theyare fooled I normally cant tell exactly what happenedbut I binge this on Youtube at times. The only one they were fooled that I easily spotted was the guy with the cookies, otherwise havent looked too closely usually
  3. DFigured this was the best place to put this as I dont even know how to take it or if it is even real as feels fake to me http://comicbook.com/marvel/2018/01/09/stan-lee-sexual-abuse-misconduct-allegations/
  4. I can tell you there are die hard Eagles fans I work with who are happy he is suspended because they hate Dallas and are happy it guarantees them the division. They are too blind to the truth and want to see him harmed because FUCK DALLAS is their mentality. I got some who see the truth but some are blinded from fandom which cant be helped sadly. And of all of them I cant find a single person who can give me a solid reason why he should be suspended
  5. While may not always agree with Skip he is totally on point here
  6. RoHitman Reigns

    The Flash

    Yeah I truly enjoyed this weeks episode. I really liked how they called back to Flashpoint with everything involved and also used clips from it to help showcase it for those who might have forgotten somewhat
  7. Regarding Zeke, Second Court has issued it where he has a stayuntil a 3 judge panel of the 2nd Court can hear him and then it will move on from that ruling.
  8. Well it wouldnt be specifically from the start but set everything to commons at level 0 and deletethe rest of your cards, new game basically
  9. Basically Zeke and the NFLPA have today to appeal. If they dont he is suspended. I dont know how it all goes down for qhen the 2nd Circuit would hear it if they appeal and what that means but it sounds like he qould get another TRO for the time until the hearing of which that would basically need to be won by Zeke as I doubt he could get an en banc hearing if asked for it
  10. Just to review. - Zeke is not currently suspended - If NFLPA appeals in the next 24 hours, depending on the date, Zeke's suspension is off. - If NFLPA does not appeal in the next 24 hours, Zeke will be suspended, and will miss 6 games.
  11. I see it being either KC Pitt or Foxborough they lose in truthfully. if they manage to take ONE of those three out, thats a major bonus for them.
  12. Without Watt theyre exposed too heavily, they need someone to try and step up big time. houston was a Superbowl contender, but now I fear theyre gonna be MAYBE a AFC Championship match contender at best and that all depends who they run into
  13. @Plubby KELLEN MOORE LIVES! He got resigned for the THIRD time to the Dallas practise squad
  14. I seriously hope they can try to not be as political as this past week as I understand it to a degree but its also very offputting in some ways and I feel could really alienate some of the viewership base and cause the demise of the show
  15. It pains me to say I was pulling for the yanks cause of work, means less craziness and less potential OT. means I dont get to go 9in tomorrow as Houston wont draw as good for us. Oh well, lets just hope LA wins the series so I can try to be as busy as when Cubs won last year.

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