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  1. Sorry @Maxxnotifications keep failing to pop for me until late for some reason
  2. Let me puke here for a minute Julian Edelman WR Patriots @LL.
  3. Wow how did I not see these tags earlier today.... Travis Kelce TE Chiefs @LL.
  4. Aaron Sanchez debuts for the Astros and goes 6 hitless innings before relief comes in to finish the combined no no vs Seattle
  5. Leonard Fournette Jacksonville Jaguards RB @Lint
  6. Only because I dont know how his second year shall go for who I woulda otherwise picked, let me take the surprise second rounder who helped me win my money league last year CMC RB Panthers @LL.
  7. I know next to nothing about college football players so basically if I am in, if i can see a good draft chart that helps to see eliminated possible picks otherwise I'd be going all best available and change as needed probably
  8. Kittle, Kelce, Ertz. Top 3 you would assume for the TE position. When you are going for the 7th best or later TE, in terms of fantasy production the comparison is not there.
  9. What about Kittle, Kelce and Ertz? They're your usual go to TEs so they could be possible placements over some WR2s or whatever
  10. Honestly the more I think on Plubbys top idea the better I like cause well it can be hard if you dont get a top tier TE, so why not offer options that way in a way? Still should mandate drafting atleast one IMO but make it more flexible.
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