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  1. I gotta say for all the crap gave the last few weeks, felt this week really redeemed the show. There were a few points it didnt stay solid good to great, but really ended on a good note I felt. Unsure where next seasons gonna start now so really interested to see where it is taken.
  2. Zack Snyder has stepped down from Justice League as director due to the untimely death of his daughter and the job being too much for him. Joss Whedon is stepping in to replace him and help finish it off. Having read the article on Comicbook makes everything pull at the heart strings even more for the guy. Wish him and his family the best and am glad to see he admits he knows there will be trolls online but he gives zero fucks and cares more about his family than any movie.
  3. I swear I am only watching next week to see how it ends and then move on to next season as I am sick and tired of this season now. There are some bright points but overall feels too lackluster and that ending just fell flat for me.
  4. Its been mentioned at times as a glitch on the Supercard forums. I don't know if that fixes itself as havent seen anyone follow up on it but its happened for a few people now on atleast one other card I cant remember what star
  5. So not only is it Aleister Black for the event card this week for RD, but new MITB has come out and I know alot of people want a top tier reward as you have a choice between Austin Aries and Alexa Bliss. MITB Female be top tier for so many let alone MITB Pro
  6. Also just to note for TBG if your in a TRD and going for a second card, raise the team deck back up to max tier like ult for hitmen currently before start a tbg otherwise whatever tier the team decks currently at is where youll be at for that tbg.
  7. Im skeptical they can make me care truly about this ending but we shall see if it is possible.
  8. After this Team BG is over Imma have to leave the team for now. Earlier this morning some apps went to update and am running out of space on my phone. Looking through this is the app that will go next to try and help save space until I can get a new phone which might not be for 2-3 months and dont wanna drag the team down until then. Ill be using bluestacks while I can manage at home but that wont be anywhere near worth activity to stay around.
  9. Ok so looking at it all and knowing if we want a set schedule, im seeing two trains of thought here. 1) Run one on Mondays to go with team event, might give more incentive to play the team event for some of us. Run the other during solo event either thursday or friday. 2) Run one on Thursday and one on Saturday into Sunday. This allows people to do it more during solo events, where there is more of a focus of people trying to do the best fkr themselves where as during team events after certain marks we know we dont have the effort to always hit a certain point and some might stop playing Or 3) Just run them whenever possible and deal with what we get and go from there risking the times especially between team and solo events when some of us are alot less likely to get full charges or even a bit over half charged
  10. Just did the math and realistically if we wanted a set schedule we can only run 2 a week. It is 2.5 days for one of these and thats if you find an opponent right away. So 3 of them would be 7.5 days and we would always be changing the schedule around then since its longer than a weeks time.
  11. Got my third Ult Big E. A pro and a single now. Great. Was hoping for a pro but oh well.
  12. Personally Id say aim for Friday due to weekend and people having time after work to finish grinding maybe?
  13. 1435 points to each Hitmen member in just over an hour and then comes finding out what rewards each of us gets
  14. As far as pulling the weight, well now you have more ways to help judge wont you? Goes from 1 event a week with POSSIBLY upgrading cards depending what the person has as some have a higher climb towards struggling to replace than others, to what looks to be four events a week. Id argue it should be evident for atleast a greater than 50% participation on average then? Either two solid TBGs and some effort in either the third or the team event, or a team event and a TBG solid participation with atleast ok participation in a third? While looking to promote people, it comes down to how much do you trust them and also I would look at the schedules to see who could help out where. Like you know you wanna start one around when a solo event starts so you need someone who can reliably do it between 3-4 EST/8-9 GMT time. Mondays you want anywhere after say 2 PM EST/7 PM GMT. Saturday would most likely turn into give or take by 5-6 EST/10-11 GMT time to maximize it for us all.
  15. Why not start one monday, start one thursday and then start one saturday? This way we get team event to boost, gives us first day and third day of normal events to boost?