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  1. Dallas officially has no back to back home games this season. A first in team history.
  2. @Maxx mine should be set...app is seemingly screwing up as go into it, shows all blank and then when go to edit someone and back out when shows no option it then fills everyone in how I had put them.
  3. Loved watching that Nats Phillies game. As someone who has defaulted to the Phillies when it comes to baseball, I had slowly been gaining more and more interest over the years. This past offseason made me buy in even more. Watching tonight, I knew to expect alot of hate for Harper and got what was expected. Watching him go off Scherzer was amazing and that bat flip...well radio shall be interesting tomorrow for sure.
  4. So as someone who is slowly getting through the shows with his other half, what is the proper order after Defenders season 1? I know shall eventually hit a brick wall but have enjoyed DD 1 and 2, JJ 1 and LC1. About to slog through IF1 just cause shes a completionist.
  5. Does that shock you in an instant gratification society? I cant wait for if the Phillies fail to win the World Series this year to hear the meltdown of the fanbase saying Harper wasnt worth it.
  6. Damn just saw this so missed out
  7. Sorry never had responded before...can you just finish with best available for whatever needed for me? I am lost at this point trying to figure who to take
  8. Sorry folks I've been completely inactive for awhile. Just got home from hospital today, stomach bug caught me and was seriously dehydrated due to it. Anything I can do for catching up lemme know as I am clueless at this point here for what's what while catching up on so many other things.
  9. Players Union is alot better than ours honestly. We wish we could get rid of ours and get them to be ours, but alas. Only good perks are getting damaged stuff and things that are not fit for sale due to mistakes for super cheap before they destroy the rest, and also now able to get codes for 40% off orders on Fanatics website. If it wasnt for incentive pay, and also unable to land a job somewhere better, I would for sure have left already
  10. We are unionized which doesnt help either in terms of getting proper pay for our work...there are people here 10+ years dont make $13 an hour...
  11. It's so nice seeing his contract and knowing he is making 10 million times more than I am lucky to make in a weeks time working to help make all these jerseys they all wear
  12. @Maxx to add onto Witten, DeMarcus Ware is now asking if he should come out of retirement as well and return to Dallas and play more.
  13. Just heard from the Fanatic that it's like 30 this year and 26 for the next 8 or so and ending at about 22 for the last 3 or 4.
  14. Well thank you Bryce, you just got me overtime for the next week if not more now. Orders already coming in.
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