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  1. Los Camp and MCR are fucking great tho!
  2. No clue why it thinks my top genre is indie, as I mostly listen to punk, rap, or folk. Those top songs are "now THIS is podracing" and "near death fail comp (must watch til end)" by Mom Jeans., "Words That Rhyme With Different, Etc" by sports., and "To The End" and "Front Row Seats" by Graduating Life. It's been an emo year apparently.
  3. 1. Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas 2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3. The Good Place 4. Agents of SHIELD 5. GLOW 6. Arrested Development 7. Last Week Tonight 8. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 9. A Series Of Unfortunate Events 10. Silicon Valley Best New Character: ughhh I'm going to have to think about that
  4. The past few times I've gone through Parks and Rec I've completely skipped over the Louie CK episodes, which is easy for me because Ben is one of my favorite characters on the show and he and Chris don't show up until Louie's character has already moved to...California?
  5. But what if I find Nick Kroll suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper grating?
  6. The Curren$y x Freddie Gibbs x Alchemist album is good!
  7. A Kaiju Big Battel JRPG was released today, I'm gonna at least check out the demo but figured there might be interest here.
  8. Well this is more 'The Music' in Graps but...
  9. Ehh, there's only a couple songs I find myself skipping when I put the whole album on (the XXX and Minaj features are the two that come to mind), but it is definitely way too long, I tend to start from Mona Lisa and then skip towards the end of the album when I don't have the time for the whole album.
  10. i don't think i'll ever understand how people could not like gina look at that queen
  11. IIRC she got stopped at the US/Canada border the other day and now has a situation like Mike Bailey where they can't come into the country for five years.
  12. fuck eminem, fuck mgk, open mike eagle is putting out a new project and here's the first song noname is so fucking smooth. she killed it once again.
  13. The best thing that ever happened to me while jamming with some kids -- my friend and I (who played together as a band) came in to jam with this guy because he wanted to play a show before he moved away and joined some commune. There was someone else there playing as well, and at the end of the sesh he came up to me and was all 'oh hey, you were pretty okay on the drums; what instrument do you usually play??'
  14. Speaking of Captain Lou, here's Kimya Dawson, Aesop Rock, and Daniel Bryan (background vox) singing a eulogy for Captain Lou.
  15. I had no idea who they were, was rewatching that Noname one (also one of my favorites) and it linked into this and they are amazing.

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