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  1. holy shit this new denzel curry ep is so fucking good you guys
  2. Sam is Marc Maron, right? He's the only person I could live without. Everyone else so far (four episodes in) has been lovely.
  3. Hmm, this one I disagree with. If anything, I think its more an example of a show bouncing back after a lackluster season. And I think the chart reflects that pretty well. In fact, when you trend the whole series instead of season-by-season, the line is practically straight. I mean, obviously its an opinion so I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying my opinion is backed up by the silly website.
  4. Am I imagining things or did a bunch of really key people leave the band, like with pretty much just Eugene with a new band being the new Gogol bordello Edit: yeah, a lot of original people left over the past few years, too bad the new incarnation isn't as good
  5. Man, I'm real glad Lil Ugly Mane didn't actually retire.
  6. I had no idea this was happening but if Psychonauts isn't on this list then y'all failed miserably.
  7. I would also recommend checking out some audiobooks, there's really good ones out there. My favorite is the His Dark Materials trilogy, which is superbly acted with a full voice cast and narration done by the author of the books himself. Really brings the world to life.
  8. it's okaaaaaaay after season four, but those first four seasons are definitely the best
  9. Nicki has never been one of my favorites or anything (peaked with her verse on Monster imo) but checking out her twitter feed and seeing so many "okay, I'll pay that for you" tweets really did make my night. Good on her.
  10. ...does it have to be tuition or will student loans count too?
  11. That new Guardians movie was pretty good. Too much Baby Groot for my liking, though.
  12. All Time: Buffy, Community, Arrested Development, X-Files, Twin Peaks Current: Lady Dynamite, Great British Bake Off, I dunno probably SVU or something
  13. The Thing is, brother, we can't make any PROGRESS in the cube if you don't go vote for which mafia game you want to play next.  --HH

    1. Maxx


      This kind of terrible branding is why mine is currently losing.

    2. LittleDaniel


      i used my backstage pull and buried you HH

  14. told you man, i watched that shit hours ago and i still feel weird