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  1. Season five is sooooooo good and definitely making my list and more people should watch it because I tried to get my girlfriend to and she quit after like three episodes of season 4.
  2. I got Woody Guthrie as my number 1 artist of the year and then the rest was most rap and emo shit. Oh! And my top artist of the decade is Sufjan Stevens which is hilarious to me because I don't ever listen to him except when I need to sleep.
  3. Is this the one that's like "Laaaaaaaast Christmas, I gave you my heart" etc etc etc? But yeah, I already didn't like Christmas and then I worked retail for years and year and now I'm a soldier on the front lines of the war against Christmas, so sure, can probably manage it.
  4. I've never heard of this person, but (according to the "Controversies" section of her wikipedia article) she has recently been accused of plagiarism and made a pretty tasteless joke comparing towels to turbans?
  5. But you could, like, not though? It seems like its causing you some grief.
  6. Why do you listen to the radio?
  7. LittleDaniel

    NFL 2019

    Yup, fuck racists.
  8. Alan Moore on superhero movies:
  9. EarthGang killed it on Colors last week.
  10. Anyone else watching His Dark Materials? I'm uhh really disappointed in it so far.
  11. I love Vox's newish series, Missing Chapter, which is a show covering history that doesn't get talked about much. Today's episode is on the Lavender Scare (think, Red Scare but for LGBTQ) and in particular the Johns Commission in Florida.
  12. The Alt-Right Playbook makes wonderful videos outlining the ways the alt-right works.
  13. Oh nice they talk about Black Wall Street in this? I've got to wait a little while to check out the show (need to figure out the HBO login), but in the meantime here's a "fun" video talking about Black Wall Street.
  14. Maybe Cloudy is trying to covertly talk about HK/China and forgot which children's star Xi Jinping looks like?
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