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  1. Favorite Youtube Channels

    nahhh didn't they change it back today after everyone was angry?
  2. General Television Thread

    taskmaster is amazing! i'm a little worried about the us version, but, like, if they stick to the format it should be fine. i mean, they even did a show with tv executives or something instead of comedians and that was still funny.
  3. What Did You Watch Today?

    Oh man season five of Angel is great. Probably my favorite season of the show. I kind of hate Angel (the show, not the character) towards the end of season three/beginning of season four, but I think its worth pushing through to get to that ending.
  4. What Did You Watch Today?

    Buffy season six is the best Buffy season! And that puts you at about season three of Angel, right? Have you seen it before?
  5. General Movie Thread

    We ordered ours a few days after the price was reduced. Ours was the day that they lost all the orders for, so while people who ordered after us got their cards we were still waiting. But, after that its been great! Although I fully don't expect it to last very long, its too good a deal. Also, in movie news, I'm so excited because the excruciatingly long (21 minutes) Frozen Christmas short is being removed from showings of Coco this week! Now I can finally go see Coco!
  6. Official Rap Thread (Reprise)

    oh also i meant to post this yesterday but forgot: ma$e put out a diss track on cam'ron, a guy he has known since they were kids, and my favorite line is "i ain't gonna talk about the time you fucked your sister." uhhh, pretty sure that counts as talking about it...
  7. Official Rap Thread (Reprise)

    all in favor of replacing "reprise" in the new title with "remix"?
  8. The Punk Thread

    you're not punk, and i'm telling everyone.
  9. The Punk Thread

    woah hey before Lint's last post this thread went almost a month without any 'tent, what have y'all been listening to? i've been on an emo kick lately so i've been listening to a lot of Now That's What I Call Music Vol 420, a split between Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Mom Jeans, and Pictures of Vernon. another good little ep that came out last month and that i've been really vibing with is Commander Salamander's Gross October, especially the titular song.
  10. I know Skummy said to remove Max Smashmaster's knee injury earlier, but you can actually just go ahead and set him to retired or remove him or whatever the procedure is.
  11. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Nah, I was completely put off when I realized I was playing a shooter.
  12. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    I got the orange box deal from steam years ago, before I knew what the games were. Portal was amazing, obviously, and then I started playing Half Life 2. I was sooooo into it for about fifteen minutes while I wandered around the dystopian city. Then someone gave me a gun and it became a shooter and I hated it so much. Also, I liked that ridiculous Wrestlemania game for Gamecube where the story mode was basically "go kill a bunch of construction workers."
  13. Great British Bake Off

  14. The Punk Thread

    I prefer Fugazi's first two eps over everything else. Zen Arcade is definitely the right choice for Husker Du though.
  15. What Did You Watch Today?

    Just got back from watching Stronger. Great acting from pretty much the whole cast, and I can't think of a movie that does a better job showing pain. That said, didn't care for the movie overall. Pacing issues combined with the plot itself not doing anything for me.