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  1. My favorite wrestling game ever is that one for Gamecube where you beat up security guards and fought on a barge in the middle of the ocean.
  2. I was so hyped for the first ten minutes of Half Life 2, but then they gave me a gun and I immediately lost interest. Also, these sports games we're talking about...y'all mean the Backyard Sports series, right? Those games were great.
  3. Easily one of my favorite books I ever read for a class in high school, although its been far too long so I should revisit it soon. Here is a google drive full of books/other media to read for Black History Month. I've been flipping through it a little while I'm at work, going back and forth between reading some of the Black Marxist writings and the General History of Africa series, but there's lots of great stuff in here!
  4. Yeah, I never read past the first book when I was younger but the Netflix series was absolutely delightful.
  5. I liked the original cut better but yeah, holy shit is the beginning of the season a drag thanks to the format.
  6. Has anyone been watching the Young Justice revival on whatever DC's streaming service is called? I've been wondering how people are liking it, but I'm also trying to avoid any spoilers. I'm hyped for it; I looooooved the first two seasons of YJ, but I don't really care about anything else on the streaming service so I'm waiting until the whole season is released to check it out.
  7. I've been watching a lot of PBS Eons lately, quick little educational videos about the evolution of life on Earth. I'd recommend starting with their Journeys Through Geologic Time series (which is annoyingly backwards in that playlist, so start with A Brief History of Geologic Time and work your way up).
  8. I'm currently rewatching Sabrina as I originally watched it without my girlfriend but recently convinced her to give it a shot. The atmosphere, the set design, hell the whole aesthetic of the show is so good. So is the acting and the casting, love it love it. Its just too bad that the writing is kinda shit, eh?
  9. IIRC season two, especially towards the end, was when I felt like the show really hit its stride!
  10. Green Book is a film about race relations in America (co-)written by this guy: And directed (and co-written) by this guy: Which is kind of all you need to know.
  11. Watched the first two books of the final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events last night. Ugh, this show is so fun, I wish this wasn't the end.
  12. What do you mean come home? He never left, he just mostly hangs out in the private forum where we hoard all our epic mods. Did you...not get the invite?
  13. Its one of those shows that I feel like I'll get around to watching eventually. I just this summer started watching TNG; sometimes I take a while to come around.
  14. I still haven't come up with someone I want to vote for as best new character, but I did realize that the worst new character for me by far was the combination of the building super and his kid from Jessica Jones. I liked this season more than others seemed to, but yeeeesh I hated them.

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