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  1. ahaha I was just coming in here to post that, FAO: @El Hijosh del Ice Cream @GoGo Yubari @Sousa
  2. look at this adorable thing one of my instructors made
  3. ahh that's fair. though, i feel like the magic of taskmaster is it just brings out the best in all of the people on it. like, the reason i haven't watched more that like half the first episode of this series is because i didn't really care for someone in the cast, but i know i'll go back and fall in love with them because its happened every time so 🤷‍♀️
  4. aw I like what I've seen of his stand-up, why? I'm not even sure why I came into this thread, I'm so behind that I haven't even finished the first episode of this series yet
  5. Hmm, okay, so, the Mountain Goats. They have such a wide discography, its really hard to choose one song. Do I go with something from their days of it just being John Darnielle, do I go with something newer that shows off the whole band, do I go with something from their wrestling-themed album because this is ewb, etc etc etc. No. I'm going with a slow acoustic song from the album where all the songs are named after bible verses because I think it really does a great job of embodying John's earnest storytelling style.
  6. what about something like bandcamp (if you aren't already on there)?
  7. Any recommendations? I'm way too busy to listen to a 25-track album right now.
  8. ughh this slays me, there's a bunch of songs that I had on an old ipod that were slightly different versions of stuff that I can't find now that the ipod is busted. it doesn't help that one of the artists i'm thinking of just goes by 'Madeline' which can make googling a bit difficult.
  9. I like the 1944 version of Woody Guthrie's 'This Land is Your Land' that includes the verse: There was a big high wall there that tried to stop me; Sign was painted, it said private property; But on the back side it didn't say nothing; This land was made for you and me.
  10. Yeah, I tend to listen to one album by an artist obsessively for a while before moving on to another. So, there's so much new music out there to me. Like, pretty sure I've heard Tom Waits' Rain Dogs a hundred times but haven't listened to a single other album from him. So, there's that, music that's new to me. Then I also like to pay attention to new-new music, mostly in punk and rap as that's where my interests are mostly now. It also helps having friends in bands, I can always look into the people they're playing with if they seem cool. And like Puke said, I love being there when shows start, never missing opening acts, because you never know when you'll see a fucking awesome band. Like, I remember when I saw Titus Andronicus open for Los Campesinos on one of LC's first US tours. I don't know if their first album was even out yet, but the show was close enough to their ancestral homeland of New Jersey that a bunch of their friends/fans came down (I think it was their first night on the tour) and it was a great time.
  11. LittleDaniel

    The Punk Thread

    https://opendoorrecords.bandcamp.com/album/support-kids-at-the-border-benefit-comp Good bands, good tunes, good cause. (ranges from hardcore to emo to ska to everything in between)
  12. LittleDaniel

    The Punk Thread

    Mom Jeans. new album Puppy Love is great if you're into emo-revival.
  13. Also, fuck, IDK has been on a roll lately.
  14. MUGGS X DOOM is grimey as fuck and I love it.

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