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  1. LittleDaniel

    The Punk Thread

    Ughh I wasn't planning on going back to Riot Fest this year because its just too big of a festival for me to really enjoy the way I wanna, buuuuut Bikini Kill...Against Me playing all of Reinventing Axl Rose AND Transgender Dysphoria Blues...so many others ughhhhhh...
  2. If you love Bojack Horseman, support its artist's in their attempts to unionize. https://www.cartoonbrew.com/artist-rights/an-inside-look-into-the-bojack-horseman-crews-struggle-to-unionize-173542.html
  3. i feel like that describes 99% of double albums tbf
  4. I listened to it for the first time all the way through the other day (because I wasn't gonna get Tidal for it) and it was pretty good but I wish I knew to skip the second amendment cowboy song in the middle??
  5. Yeah, Guardians 2 is in the same 'we saw it together recently enough that I dunno if we need to see it again" pile as Ragnarock for us -- if we have time we'd watch it again but if not we're gonna skip it.
  6. Now that people have seen it, do y'all think we'd be missing anything too drastically important if our abridged re-watch order was Cap 1 => The Avengers => Winter Soldier => Ultron => Civil War => GOTG1 => Ant-Man => [maybe Raganrock and Homecoming because I really like them but Joey definitely saw them]=> IW => Ant-Man & the Wasp? The Ant-Men being included because a) I thought they were fun and b) unlike most of the other origin stories my girlfriend didn't see that one. But I also never ended up seeing Infinity War in theaters because I was waiting to get caught up and don't want to miss out again, so I'm worried about adding toooo much stuff to the list. Also, I had one (major) thing spoiled for me about the movie, so I was wondering...
  7. The New Negroes with Open Mike Eagle and Baron Vaugh is great.
  8. The New Negroes with Open Mike Eagle and Baron Vaugh started last week and it is wonderful and y'all should be watching it. Also, so I basically can't stop listening to Tia Tamara since I heard it a few weeks ago. It's so dumb, but so, so fun. (Doja Cat being of the 'person who made that cow song last year' fame.)
  9. What do y'all recommend for a quick(ish) rewatch in preparation for Endgame? My girlfriend only saw a couple of the MCU movies here or there -- I didn't realize it was so bad until we were watching Captain Marvel and
  10. Speaking of, has there been any update on the Buffy reboot?
  11. Lizzo is a national treasure and her new album Cuz I Love You is so good.
  12. I got tired of basically everyone else in BROCKHAMPTON so I'm glad to see him put out something on his own again!
  13. The creeper 20-something who was dating the teenage Hae who Hae reportedly was going to see that night and whose alibi for the night in question comes from his mom? Random violence? Crooked ass Baltimore pigs? The dude who found the body? I don't get the idea that Adnan is the only choice here.
  14. Yeah the new Martha is lovely ❤️
  15. Its funny, I watched that with Joey and we both came away with very different impressions. Neither of us had any prior knowledge of the case. Joey came away thinking that Adnan was definitely guilty and that Jay's story added up when you took into account that he was selling a lot of weed at the time and so, of course his story changed over time -- at first he was trying to hide that from the cops, but when it became clear they didn't care about that in wake of a murder he complied. On the other hand, I took that same information and went, 'yup, I could totally see the cops, especially Baltimore police, using the weed charges as a way of blackmailing Jay into testifying exactly how they wanted him to." The bit from his interview where the cops go like 'so where did you two bury her?' 'On the side of the road.' 'The side of the road where the big white barriers are?' 'Yeah, exactly, where the barriers are' sounded like he was being fed information. Either way, quite enjoyed the docu-series; I didn't realize just how close I lived to all that! The crimes took place in Woodlawn, and when I was college I lived right on the line between Catonsville and Woodlawn, a couple miles from the edge of Leakin Park where Hae's body was found.
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