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  1. I really wanted to like the Jay Electronica album but all the NOI anti-semitism got to be too much tbh I enjoyed Conway the Machine x The Alchemist: And also this is just a fun video that just came out for a song off of Dreamville last year
  2. Oh hey, a youtube channel I like did a wrestling video about the importance of crowd interactions in wrestling
  3. I'm not 100% convinced that's Carole in the first picture but the wardrobe is v v v on point for her
  4. Ahh yeah I'm on a family plan for spotify premium, you probably do need to have it to download stuff
  5. Can you get the spotify app on your kindle? I've never had one so I'm not sure. But I know you can download songs/albums to your phone when its on wifi through spotify, so maybe you can do that through kindle as well?
  6. it wasn't mentioned at all in the show, but in the 911 call you do hear his coworker using he/him pronouns. this is from the reporter/producer of the podcast about it
  7. Yeah, basically everyone in that show was fucking awful -- including the director, since he continually misgendered and deadnamed Saff (the one who, uh, to avoid going to spoiler tags lets just say you'd remember his story from the start of ep 2). Definitely couldn't look away though, finished it today. I've also been watching a looooot of documentaries about cults lately so basically the whole time my alarms were going off for Doc Antle. But yeah, Carole definitely did it. And James and Jeff totally set up Joe (though fuck Joe for a litany of other reasons lol).
  8. The new Waxahatchee (fmr P.S. Eliot) is pretty good! I still prefer the sound of her earlier work but this is a nice, chill, folksy album that is very welcome at the moment.
  9. ...animal crossing looks real boring... Like, I'm happy that its bringing such joy to people right now, but a friend of mine keeps trying to convince me to buy it and, like, its 60 bucks to pay off your landlord and catch bugs. I've lived in enough shitty housing that I do not need that experience thank yoooou
  10. aww there's fun stuff on the first half of rain dogs! i love tango til they're sore especially from the first half, though i would agree that the second half is better
  11. Lol honestly I thought that one was just okay compared to WNUF, but it also is a gorier kind of horror than I usually care for (though admittedly I haven't watched it since it came out in like 2014) Its nice to see a baltimore indie film not made by john waters known by someone outside baltimore though!
  12. Nice! Have you checked out any of the director's other work? A friend of mine has done some art work for at least one of this other movies (The Call Girl of Cthulu) which is how I found out that the sequel is shooting soon.
  13. Has anyone here seen WNUF Halloween Special? They're about to start filming the sequel!
  14. I love horror but don't watch that many movies in general, so I'm gonna try going through the recommendations on here. Really liked The Ritual, even if as someone living in the woods I also hated The Ritual.
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