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  1. I've been putting on older Jeopardy episodes while I clean. Netflix has a collection of all the season premieres, and wow was it really jarring to go from Trebec at the start of one episode saying "hey y'all, up until this point we kicked people off after they won five episodes, from now on we're not gonna bother with that" and then half an hour later, at the start of the next episide, he introduces Ken Jennings who at this point has already won 38 games. I didn't realize Ken Jennings followed so shortly after that rule change!
  2. oh! donoteat1 is great! it's one-half cities: skylines, one-half history of us city-planning
  3. contra says some dumb shit sometimes (see: her twitter account) but makes good videos, philosophytube and hbomberguy are lovely, love shaun, I think those are the only people I follow who are considered "lefttube"
  4. well i mean this has to be the best spot for this, right?
  5. Did you listen to the Bat Brothers episode of Judge John Hodgeman?
  6. Seems like a pretty accurate list tbh. I agree with GoGo that Yeezus is too high. Though honestly I think it you switch that out with 808s then that's fine, that album was way more influential Also, I noticed that almost every artist I've never heard of is from Mali, so apparently I'm missing out on some good shit from there.
  7. seriously how did i not know about this, that sounds like it was made for me, i'm gonna have to check that out later
  8. Yeeeeah Lauren Lapkus being involved (the person who delivered that line) is one of the reasons I'm excited, I dunno if I could watch a movie centered solely around Galifinakus. I like him, I like his standup, but I dunno if I could do a whole movie of mostly him.
  9. i was skeptical of a between two ferns movie, but I'm definitely gonna check that out!
  10. It's worse than we thought... Review: ‘Joker’ is a Dangerous Film That Will Incite Lonely White Men to Try Stand-Up Comedy
  11. just to make it really, really clear from the jump, since it seems like the chuds are coming out across the interwebs -- if you think that gamergate was about anything other than misogyny, you're either a) a misogynist or b) a huge fucking idiot
  12. LittleDaniel

    The Punk Thread

    The sound person at my friends album release show said they sound like Rainer Maria check them out!
  13. and he's doing an album launch in baltimore like five days after i fly outta there, i'm so disappointed
  14. The classic quote from Michael Eisner seems appropriate here. "We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make history. We have no obligation to make a statement. But to make money, it is often important to make history, to make art, or to make some significant statement…. In order to make money, we must always make entertaining movies, and if we make entertaining movies, at times we will reliably make history, art, a statement, or all three. We may even win awards…."
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