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  1. What Did You Watch Today?

    Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. It was okay. The dialogue towards the beginning felt more like I was watching a televised play, but it settled into its medium by the end. Enjoyed it though.
  2. Blade Runner 2049

    I'm gonna go see this in a couple days, but first I want to rewatch the original. Joey has never seen the original at all, while I've only seen the theatrical release. Should we watch the final cut version from 2007 before going to see the 2049?
  3. Great British Bake Off

    Finally caught up on the last two weeks after being out of town -- couldn't cheat on Joey and watch it without her. But yeah, that spoiler mirrors my thoughts exactly; I was super happy with who got star baker and devastated at who left. Although, I can't fault the decision, it really did seem like they were struggling throughout the episode.
  4. What Did You Watch Today?

    I finally got around to seeing IT. Holy fuck that was a good adaptation. It probably helps that I read the book in middle school, so its been long enough that I don't remember everything (although I did start chanting "he thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts" along with Bill), but yeah, great job. My roommate, who never read the book or saw the tv movie, thought it was really good too.
  5. General Television Thread

    This looks soooooo much better than season ten. I didn't even realize they were making a new season!
  6. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    I hope not. Here's the EW snippet about it from back in August.
  7. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    This is exactly the reason that my complete Marvel watch-through came to a screeching halt while going through Iron Fist season one. But yeah, ABC has said that SHIELD is coming back "this winter." Luckily Inhumans only has an eight episode run, so that means that the earliest AoS will be back would be around the end of November. But it'll probably be December anyway. Pretty sure it was originally announced as returning in, like, January, so at least we'll get it a little sooner? Or hey, maybe Inhumans will be a gigantic failure and they'll rush out episodes of an actual good show!
  8. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    ugh I was just looking up when Agents of SHIELD is coming back and apparently its not until they're completely done airing Inhumans? Bah!
  9. Ewr 4.2 - FLI features

    I'm pretty sure they aren't asking for, like, an actual roster or anything, just the roster that existed in the original 4.2 data?
  10. Favorite TV Show themes

    Would you say it has more of a Dancey Reagan or Floorgasm vibe?
  11. Great British Bake Off

  12. Random Music Thoughts

    mbdtf is the best album of all time. no joke on nothing.
  13. Go vote for the next Mafia game in the place where we vote for the next Mafia game so we know which Mafia game to play next.

  14. Random Music Thoughts

    Those first two albums (especially the first) are fucking great! Can't fuck with anything beyond that though. But, shit, I still love Bullets and put it on pretty regularly.
  15. Official Rap Thread

    Open Mike Eagle's new album is, as usual, great.