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  1. TEW16 Real World Update: August 2017

    Some Chikara notes, hopefully somebody like Skummy can give them a once over to see if he agrees with everything. Add: Rory Gulak (face, default gimmick) Remove: Argus (hasn't appeared since KOT 2016) Hype Rockwell (written off in secret season) Jigsaw (made one appearance in 2017 on a nostalgia-based show) Kodama (change name to Louis Valle) Orange Cassidy (hasn't appeared since last October, might still be caught in a net) The Swamp Monster (same as Orange) Trent Seven (will be appearing at KOT next month but will be a one-off appearance, so either remove him and Tyler Bate this or next month) Tyler Bate (see above) UltraMantis Black (retirement) Create: Scott Holladay -- Announcer/Color, below average announcing and color skill, 31 years old Turn Face: DUSTIN Icarus (change gimmick to Avenger (Wholesome)) Mark Angelosetti Obariyon Turn Heel: Race Jaxon (change gimmick to Ravishing) Add tag team: Hermit Crab/Rock Lobster/Cajun Crawdad (No name for the teams, but these three team with each other fairly regularly. Hermit Crab and Rock Lobster have teamed with each other the most, so they would have like F+/E- experience while Cajun would have F-/F with both others) Injured: Max Smashmaster (knee injury) Managers: Sydney Bakabella manages Max Smashmaster Stables: Delete all except The Legion of Rot (updated roster below) and Team Big Deal The Legion of Rot (Hallowicked, Frightmare, Kobald) The Furies (Ophidian, Icarus, Fire Ant, Obariyon, Solo Darling, Travis Huckabee, Ashley Vox, Demi Exo) Xyberhawx2000 (Nytehawk, Razerhawk, Sylverhawk) Broadcasting: Remove deal with Smark Mark Video Ideally they'd have their own streaming service, Chikaratopia, tiny size in the US, Canada, and UK. If they can't have that because they're too small, then I don't think they should have any broadcasting at all. Announcers: Mike Quackenbush and Scott Holladay (I'd also increase Quack's announcing to above average, he is more of a straight announcer than a color commentator) Investments They run shows out of their dojo, The Wrestle Factory, so that should be set up with around a 200-300 capacity. ------------------------------ That's all for now!
  2. Official Rap Thread

    even fucking better
  3. hey here's a picture of Kanye West

    He claimed he was going to release at least one other album last year, but I'm glad he took a little Kanye rest.
  4. hey here's a picture of Kanye West

    Well yes, you did do it wrong because everyone knows there's no more parties in LA.
  5. Official Rap Thread

    Yeah, I got really into them in the last week. I wasn't a big fan of All American Trash so I stayed away from Saturation until a few days ago, god damn is it a good album though.
  6. Official Rap Thread

    booty tape out, y'all.
  7. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

    well okay i know i'm super behind the times but i just finished the new season of agents of shield and holy shit, that last eight or so episode run was fucking great dystopian future. this show has really found its legs (finally), i'm glad i've stuck with it, its turned into a good (but stupid) sci fi show.
  8. Random Music Thoughts

    okay so the thing that GA relayed says that Kool AD, Open Mike Eagle, and Swet Shop Boys are listed under the genre "escape room," the fuck does that even meeeeean?
  9. Random Music Thoughts

    Apparently 18% of the content I've streamed is a genre called "Escape Room." I've never even done one of those, much less, I dunno, listened to the soundtrack to one. But it does know I like to get turnt, so heyyy I guess it's not all wrong. Also, looking at this, it seems like its only based on really recent data. Like, the only date mentioned for any of the stats are July 5, so it seems like its based on just the past week. Also, some of the genres (besides Escape Room) are kind of silly. Like, it says that I listen to 34% rap, 26% "pop rap," 24% hip hop, 18% underground hip hop, and finally 16% folk punk. That's 118% right there, and there's plenty of stuff I listen to that doesn't apply to any of that. Oh, but all the data can't be super recent, because it thinks my favorite artist is Sufjan Stevens. When Carrie and Lowell first came out, I fell asleep to it pretty much every day, but haven't really listened to it lately. I dunno, its interesting and all but I don't know how good of a job it did telling me what I like.
  10. Official Rap Thread

    I prefer the swet shop boys ep to their actual album, but both are great!
  11. Official Rap Thread

    The visuals in this video are amazing (minus the fake blood)
  12. Official Rap Thread

    holy shit this new denzel curry ep is so fucking good you guys
  13. General Television Thread

    Sam is Marc Maron, right? He's the only person I could live without. Everyone else so far (four episodes in) has been lovely.
  14. Which TV Show Fell Off the Hardest?

    Hmm, this one I disagree with. If anything, I think its more an example of a show bouncing back after a lackluster season. And I think the chart reflects that pretty well. In fact, when you trend the whole series instead of season-by-season, the line is practically straight. I mean, obviously its an opinion so I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying my opinion is backed up by the silly website.
  15. 2017 Music Thread

    Am I imagining things or did a bunch of really key people leave the band, like with pretty much just Eugene with a new band being the new Gogol bordello Edit: yeah, a lot of original people left over the past few years, too bad the new incarnation isn't as good