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  1. I don't use the default angles, I added Teh_Showtime's fixed version of the default angles that makes them work better with the new TEW system. http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=547749
  2. What kind of numbers were your shows getting overall, cause I could drop the show requirement down a bit to be more lenient for the start of the game.
  3. Also check through the product requirements, that may help get your numbers up, aiming for the targets required by the product. The key thing for WWE would be storylines, you need to have them for all you top matches, that's why I've put the show requirements low to allow you to get them going before getting booted off TV, just checking you need to hit a minimum of a 50 rated show for broadcasters to be happy, which from feedback from someone who played WWE for a couple months was an achievable challenge for them, I could drop it down to 40 though. Although there is the other "quick fix" of just boosting pop, I do admit I rate pop low and for some they like the realistic challenge from that, for others things like running WWE can be hard, which I can agree with, the thing is WWE can pull steady numbers but I'd argue it's mostly from the fact their talent is on 3 levels, the main talent, the ones you forget are there and then the homogeneous lump of everyone else in this middle ground.
  4. Pretty sure I set their requirements low enough that you didn't need to worry till you negotiate the contracts.
  5. If I was to close ECCW I think ASW would be the first alternative for that area. Those logos were the active promotions for the region that I didn't already have. EDIT On the whole WWE/EVOLVE note, since it's seems to have been confirmed WWE bought out EVOLVE, I'll look into making DEFY active and setting up their roster to replace EVOLVE.
  6. I'll look into adding a few of them to the mod, I'm not going to shut down/switch promotion till things get active again unless they openly shut down like Chikara or bought out like EVOLVE. Adding to that maybe you'd be interested in these, I'll look into adding them to the mod at some point too. Also if you want to use the mod as a base for an all Canada active mod feel free, I wouldent mind seeing something like that, or for any other region if someone is willing to do it, I've got the BritWres one in the pipeline myself.
  7. How many you adding cause I could look into adding the info to the mod, their mostly on cagematch so not that hard.
  8. Reset the search filter, it's an odd feature but it tends to "save" the search filters, I tent to filter promotions to being active for ease of search while editing.
  9. Call it breaking reality but I'm not putting in any blocks or time outs due to covid, if that was the case I'd have to make it so only 5 companies would be active.
  10. So here is the update for July, after last month now most of the big companies have their gimmicks set up in contracts, there are still some missing, mostly for lower level promotions that I don't follow too much so if you can help, this is a list of promotions I need gimmicks for. Then there has been all the fun and games going on the past month, firstly Chikara is now closed down, I know there has been a change in management with Progress, but until they start running shows again because right now we don't know what's going on and who's doing what. Then there is the allegations, I've added some changes, probably missed a few, if you notice anything missing just mention it, there was far too much to follow to get it all in and as I mentioned I was not really following it too deeply so things may have been missed. Other than that a few workers added (LIST), mostly workers from Gatoh Move and that large fellow that's in NXT that they had as the big ninja. But other than that just the usual updates for the month, nothing too dramatic, if something was missed mention it and I'll fix it for next month. You may notice there is no updated graphics this month, two reasons, firstly I don't think I added much beyond a broadcaster logo, and secondly I'm overhauling the belt folder, long story short I'm getting new belt cuts and renaming the pictures to be more accurate to the pics, for example I'm splitting the WWE, WWF & WWWF titles under their respective names, same with Impact and TNA, most pics should still work bit I do think I changed a couple, I'll also be removing the placeholder images from the pack (Those black "No Pic" ones) and including belts that are not featured in the mod, when finisshed I'll likely do the same with the other folders areas of the pack, basically adding more options and turning it into a multi use pack. Enjoy Database: July 2020 Graphics: June 2020 Workers: June 2020 Worker Expansion: June 2020 Worker Expansion contains pictures of wrestlers holding titles, along with non wrestlers cut on the same background used for workers. TEW Mods by TheWho87 are now on Discord Frequently Asked Questions Why is [Promotion] closed when they are active? Due to how slow the game runs with more promotions active, I have included active promotions but have them closed, to identify these they have their opening date and closed date the same. To activate the promotion simply remove the closed date.
  11. You sure about that, I know Quack got a bit protective with guys using Chikara gimmicks outside Chikara, case in point Jervis, how much do you think he'll be willing for someone to continue Chikara, he'll why did he not step down and appoint someone to run it? I'm still gonna keep their spot open to another Chikara type promotion if one pops up.
  12. Anyone know if there is a 1999/2000 EWR mod with NWA Wildside as an active promotion?
  13. Considering Chikara is now dead, does that also now make their gimmick kayfabe dead too? Guess I'm gonna have some fun turning them from workers into gimmicks.
  14. I'll add them to the list. Also anyone who likes the big gold belt, there will be multiple generic variants with multiple metals and belt straps, nearly 50.
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