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  1. Been a while since I put one of these out, 544 pics, a little mix of everything, updates for WWE, the whole MYC roster and a lot of British guys. One downside is that I've been sitting on this pack for so long I've recently changed my filename format to be easier for TEW so this has a mix of underscores and spaces, but all names are who they should be. Enjoy. Download: TEWPICUPDATE21
  2. Yeah you can't be in two alliances at once, I've tried, they cancel each other out.
  3. Every 9 months may be a bit too much, I try and aim to look into main pop every 2-3 months but thoer things pop up and tends to be a bit longer.
  4. Add to that the logical burnout from constantly working on one thing all the time, that's why I do all these other variant mods. There are two real world mods available, I'm not forcing people people to use mine. In regards to getting paid for this, I have thought about doing a patreon, but then I didn't want to be that kind of a Sol Campbell.
  5. Yes and no, there is 49 active promotions in the database and I am but one person and cannot follow everyone of them to a level to keep up with every change personally, that's the whole point of these threads. I try and update pop every few months but sometimes things fall through the cracks.
  6. Maybe because things like this only get brought up when complaining about workers not being over, rather than suggesting pop increases if they are noted, a key example this month was Impact who have had a complete pop overhaul because it was brought up. I guess I'll look through NJPW now.
  7. You do know you could import him from the October update
  8. Here is the update for October, there are two key updates this month, the first is with tag teams, after finding out that a team set to "none" is considered a default setting, I've set teams from inactive promotions and inactive/incomplete teams from active feds to "none" this should make things easier in the long run although you may have to add some teams back into promotions if you run them but this set up should make that easier, I'm going to look through each fed and add in missing teams over time. Along with this I removed a lot of the stable/faction teams with no experience, this mostly affected Dragon Gate and the Bullet Club, I'll add back any notable teams over time. The next big update is with the new workers, I've been working on a side project using this data to make a British wrestling scene, as part of this I added a lot of workers (FULL LIST HERE). Other than that I think it's just been the typical updates and changes posted in the threads. One thing for future notice, I'm going to be reworking my picture pack for the next release in January, put simply I'm going to convert it to the common file naming system, "Their Name.jpg" instead of "Their_Name.jpg", this is simply to allow other graphics packs to be used with the mod since the only reason for the underscore was uploading to Photobucket, something I no longer do. All mods for 2018 will still use the underscore system but I'll rename the pack and convert over for 2019. Enjoy Database: October 2018 Graphics: October 2018 Workers: August 2018 Graphics DLC: DLC 1 (October 2017) Graphics DLC contains loading screens and pictures of non wrestlers cut on the same background used for workers. TEW Mods by TheWho87 are now on Discord Frequently Asked Questions Why is [Promotion] closed when they are active? Due to how slow the game runs with more promotions active, I have included active promotions but have them closed, to identify these they have their opening date and closed date the same. To activate the promotion simply remove the closed date. They may also have their titles histories included, if they do you need to go into "Title Lineages" and remove their most recent record (identified with a "= -" or "= - #" before their record name). You can then activate the title (all closed promotions titles are retired) and then set the champion if they are under contract. Helpful Guidelines Personality Templates How to Install a Mod and Picture Packs in TEW 2016
  9. Can you wait till I release my mod?
  10. I'm basically at the point of waiting for Monday to release, threads have been done, titles have been mostly done (still waiting on results from the weekend) and a few other bits and pieces have been done. So now you wait...
  11. Since this is being set up for January 2018 and El Bantero/Mac Master will be the champ, would Bantero have the same gimmick as Mac?
  12. A smallish update this time but I thought best to get this out when I finished the roster of Channel Islands World Wrestling to see if @Skummy could suggest any changes I missed before putting them into the real world mod, also who was the world champion at the start of the year? An updated download link in the first post.
  13. Another update, completed 12 more rosters and a few more workers for other promotions, so far added 261 workers for thiss into the real world mod as well. Updated link in the first post.
  14. I've updated the first post with the current set up, along with a downloadable preview with the active promotions and their current roster states.

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