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  1. Superheroes in EWR/TEW

    I think what you want is the 9000-verse for TEW, there isnt one for TEW16 but I think there is one for TEW13 so you can always convert it.
  2. The key point is that it airs the edited versions of Raw and Smackdown, if it was the only deal for the region I'd let it slide till they start airing full shows but they air the full episodes live on another network, thats the main deal and that should be the one included.
  3. Tha's one sadistic bitch!
  4. Looking for roster suggestions

    The idea is to add MMA fighters into the wrestling world, I already have Lesnar and Riddle down and I think all but King Mo are in my database, I also have Rousey down as well. Because it's going to be worked then it allows retired fighters an opening.
  5. I'm working on an alternate real world mod, I have three promotions that need to have their rosters specifically created for the mod and I'm looking for suggestions for the who I need to create for these rosters, the downside is two are MMA related and thats not a field I'm into and the third I'd just like to get a varied opinion on. I don't need stats just some names that may work well for these promotions. Caged Warriors This is going to be a worked version of UFC, they will have a weight split and a womens division. Bushido This is going to be an Antonio Inoki project, so it's going to be like his IGF but more focus on the MMA matches, I think it would be something similar to Pride, they will only have a weight split. Vivid Wrestling Entertainment This is going to be a heavy risque womens promotion and the only logical way I thought you could do that would be to involve adult performers. Any suggestions?
  6. NWA Request

    Leather Rebels have the license to replicate the NWA titles and on their site have their current belts if that helps - NWA World (Big Gold) - NWA World (Domed Globe) - NWA National - NWA North American - NWA Junior Heavyweight - NWA Tag Team - NWA Women’s
  7. TEW Graphic Requests

    They will be coming out again in my DLC graphics pack which will have some non wrestling celeb pics, but you can find all the loading screens in the spoiler
  8. Nintendo Megathread

    Nintendo have lost their minds and are selling a strange wire you have to connect to a wall with the New 2DS XL for some strange reason.
  9. It was pointed out on GDS thatI forgot to make the title changes in GFW, it's a minor oversight but since I want this is the first release after the big cleanup I wanted it to be sorted, I've updated the link in the main post, it just fixes the current champions in GFW.
  10. Unfortunately I don't keep a list on workers added and I know a few got renamed so I wouldn't recommend importing, none of them were big names beyond a couple of the NXT rookies so you are not really missing out.
  11. Here is the update for August, the good news this month is that the overhaul of stats and pop has finished, I plan on going through and fixing rosters and popularity but it won't require the time like before, I also want to go through and tweek some promotions products and hopefully set them up a bit better. On top of that I've added some new workers and promotions, mostly adding people I had cuts for that were not in the data. Another big update this month is the updated worker picture pack, finally got to clear my cut picture folder so everything in there is all the images I have, there is still around 1,500 workers with only placeholder images and I plan on reducing that for the next update that will be in a few months. As usual I've done the typical updates for the month and made changes that have been posted in both threads. Enjoy Database: August 2017 (V2) Graphics: August 2017 Workers: August 2017 There is a small mistake with the worker picture pack where you need to rename Awesome_Kong to Amazing_Kong, I am not reuploading 72MB for one incorrect file name. Frequently Asked Questions Why is [Promotion] closed when they are active? Due to how slow the game runs with more promotions active, I have included active promotions but have them closed, to identify these they have their opening date and closed date the same. To activate the promotion simply remove the closed date. They may also have their titles histories included, if they do you need to go into "Title Lineages" and remove their most recent record (identified with a "= -" or "= - #" before their record name). You can then activate the title (all closed promotions titles are retired) and then set the champion if they are under contract. Helpful Guidelines Personality Templates How to Install a Mod and Picture Packs in TEW 2016
  12. Does that mean Bullet and Worker (II) can be remove from Chikara along with Silver?
  13. I wont change it for August but I'll work on it for the next update, I just want to make sure I don't miss anything, would I be correct they wrote off Soldier Ant (Drew Gulak) when they removed his antenna, also a viable candidate for changing to an alter ego. I'm looking to release the next update at some point today.
  14. Due to the fact some Chikara wrestlers pull double duty on shows I like to keep them seperate unless a gimmick is fully retired.
  15. Nintendo Megathread

    It's still a big map, just easier to handle and get around when it;s smaller.