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  1. I think I missed her out, confusing her with Zeuxis.She will be added for next month, if you want her now, clone Stephanie Vaquer, add a weak mas and set her birth and debut from Cagematch. That's what I've done to add her.
  2. I think for their size in TEW they want more popular workers, its a downside of how I set up WWE because to me a lot of their roster is stuck under a glass ceiling, it's trying to balance reality with how TEW wants to work.
  3. There is no way to replicate All In, which is why it's not included (although the event logo is in the graphics pack).
  4. My bad I think I made that way too simple - Retired is intended for wrestlers who no longer wrestle but continue doing other non wrestling roles (manager, announcer, road agent, personality). - Non-Wrestlers are anyone who does non wrestling roles (manager, announcer, road agent, personality) but does not wrestle. - Out of the Business and Deceased can't be used in any way in game.
  5. Info on non-wrestlers activity is a pain to follow unless you are specifically following them. I guess some can be moved to out of the business.
  6. They were all updated, I spent 5 days going through every one although I can't give a list of exact changes cause some did and some didnt need it but it's safe to assume every single on was changed, if you want to update them yourself go into the new gimmicks and give everyone a - before their name but don't add a space for example -Cowboy, then import them in and then manually check each one against the one in the data and delete the one imported in, this is what I did and will do when I get round to the gimmicks in the other mods of mine.
  7. You should just be able to import them in, there wouldent be any clashes, although the only way to update the old gimmicks would be manually and I should know cause I have four other mods I have to manually update.
  8. Here is the update for August, a few bits of big news this month, firstly WWE NXT: United Kingdom has been added to the data, they are still a work in progress, in my tests WWE tend to call up who I've set as owner/booker (Regal & Brookside) and from some of the footage they have put out it seems like they are using the same announcers as NXT but since you cant assign them to two written deals it's all about making it the best we can. Another big update this month has been gimmicks, they have had a complete overhaul and have had a few new additions, I'm open to adding more sso any ideas/suggestions would be help. Other than that it's been the typical additions and changes I do every month, there have been some new Chikara additions this month so anyone who can lend a hand with a Chikara overhaul would be helpful.The full list of workers added can be found HERE. I've probably missed something but as usual I've updated what was posted in the threads. Oh and before I forget, enjoy this months new worker pack! Enjoy Database: August 2018 Graphics: August 2018 Workers: August 2018 Graphics DLC: DLC 1 (October 2017) Graphics DLC contains loading screens and pictures of non wrestlers cut on the same background used for workers. TEW Mods by TheWho87 are now on Discord Frequently Asked Questions Why is [Promotion] closed when they are active? Due to how slow the game runs with more promotions active, I have included active promotions but have them closed, to identify these they have their opening date and closed date the same. To activate the promotion simply remove the closed date. They may also have their titles histories included, if they do you need to go into "Title Lineages" and remove their most recent record (identified with a "= -" or "= - #" before their record name). You can then activate the title (all closed promotions titles are retired) and then set the champion if they are under contract. Helpful Guidelines Personality Templates How to Install a Mod and Picture Packs in TEW 2016
  9. Size wise yes, you may have to rename some files for them to work with EWR due to it's limited filnename sizes. On another note found some pictures I was planning to cut in another folder, so you can all enjoy these!
  10. I'm going to be releasing an update on my pic pack with my next mod update so here is my most recent batch of cuts so I can clear my folder, mostly a mixed bag. Enjoy Download: TEWPICUPDATE20
  11. Finished the typical monthly updates, going through the threads and updating title histories, going to hopefully get the update out tomorrow, and there will definatly be an updated worker pack released along with the update.
  12. The problem there is broadcasters have a limit on the amount of promotions they can work with, before I had these internet broadcasters set up worldwide but take for example pivotshare who do all these promotion networks, if they get to their limit they won't allow other promotions to join, and many promotions went straight for them at the start of the game, it also cut down a loophole to get promotions global pop over quicker.
  13. TheWho87

    Doctor Who

    I saw the chase and immediately thought "London 1965", then I realised you were talking about Bradley Walsh.
  14. TheWho87

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    Well this one has some more content

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