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  1. TheWho87

    Doctor Who

    Classic Doctor Who comes to Twitch for seven-week marathon From May 29th until July 23rd on Twitch Presents they are showing full stories from An Unearthly Child through to Survival, here is a full list of stories and air times for US and UK.
  2. I hate coming in here when you just have to wait for everything to load, can we please use spoilers for long posts. Anyway as posted above by @Y2JFan111 WWE's Performance Center now has a website with a full roster pages for trainers and wrestlers, specifically those who have not poped up on NXT yet all with HQ images, I have saved every one (specifically those not in NXT) and will be making pics and will likely put out a mini pack update this week, for those who want the site the link is https://www.wweperformancecenter.com/
  3. I guess this also means he's out of "retirement".
  4. It should be there, the best fix I can give is to re-download the file.
  5. DAMMIT!, I double checked and I still fuck up! Are there any front on shots of the world title like the rest?
  6. Nope, I only cut a few every month and most are updates, the next picture pack update will be around July/August.
  7. Here is the update for May, no big changes this month, just the usual updates and improvements you'd expect, added a few new workers to the data including two of the debuts from the Greatest Royal Rumble (FULL LIST HERE). I have also recently branched into Discord to see if that's something that might help the discussion on improving/updating the mod, it's focused on all the mods I have on the go but with a focus on the main real world mod, don't expect too much as I'm still figuring it out, here's the invite if you want to join. Enjoy Database: May 2018 Graphics: May 2018 Workers: January 2018 Graphics DLC: DLC 1 (October 2017) Graphics DLC contains loading screens and pictures of non wrestlers cut on the same background used for workers. Frequently Asked Questions Why is [Promotion] closed when they are active? Due to how slow the game runs with more promotions active, I have included active promotions but have them closed, to identify these they have their opening date and closed date the same. To activate the promotion simply remove the closed date. They may also have their titles histories included, if they do you need to go into "Title Lineages" and remove their most recent record (identified with a "= -" or "= - #" before their record name). You can then activate the title (all closed promotions titles are retired) and then set the champion if they are under contract. Helpful Guidelines Personality Templates How to Install a Mod and Picture Packs in TEW 2016
  8. It would just make more sense to kill off Apu rather than recast, considering that the stereotyping is more than just the voice. In that same regardless it might be best to kill off every character in the series and start from scratch since they all play off stereotypes and if you can't have one, you shouldn't have any of them.
  9. It's not hard to do, go into the editor and clone WWE and then make the two brands, then you just have to move contracts from one brand to another, male sure all promotions are in an alliance (in my mod I already have a WWE Universe alliance) and they can trade talent.
  10. Nope and there are no plans on doing that, although WWE and NXT are seperate promotions in the database.
  11. Considering both myself and Fleisch are putting out our post superstar shake up updates on Monday then there isn't an update out there unless you change it yourself. Next up WWE and NXT are already seperate promotions in our databases so you would have to clone WWE to make the two main brands then clone it again to make 205, you would need to assign each promotion an owner and booker assuming your not running them with a player.
  12. There is a search function on the main page, click that it opens a new window and you can type what you want to search.
  13. Technically it's not a full pack for everybody in the database, but I'd say it's around 80%+, it's just the problem of finding good pics for some people, I'd rather have someone in the data without a pic than keep them out hunting for pictures of them. I guess I put them in an earlier pack, here they are in that order.
  14. Most were added after the last worker pack, most of them should be in this download I put in the wrestler thread, I'd advise against just dumping them into the worker folder since some are under names that may not work with the database. Download: TEWPICUPDATE17

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