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  1. So not one of my teams got a good result overnight. I suppose at least in Brighton's case, like I said before, Newcastle winning kept Huddersfield from catching up to us.
  2. He'd make a good lawyer after he retires.
  3. On one hand I'd like Newcastle to lose because I'd like Brighton to win the Championship but on the other hand I'm looking at Huddersfield in the chasing pack and they're making me nervous.
  4. It's frustrating to again not be able to take advantage of 2 teams above yours playing.
  5. #Pogmissedchance. Are we still doing those?
  6. A winner in the 10th minute of extra time?
  7. This is actually pretty true because I know my special move was kicking people in the shins. Much more fun than actually trying to play the game.
  8. Ibra penalty attempt saved.
  9. Switched over to MUTV (because I'd rather their half time analysis than sbs's). Bojan pretty much said the same as you, that Mings did a bad football thing but Ibra's experienced enough to know better than to react as he did.
  10. I Commentators said the same.
  11. 1-1. Ibra avoids being sent off, commentators say he's lucky and they're right.
  12. Don't you mean Paul Scholes? Or was that your 'friend' that made the recognition error?
  13. We get first place back, only to then play and lose to Newcastle next game. Lovely.