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  1. Jose on a pole match between you and @stokerino
  2. I have now officially gone past the 100 hour mark playing Darkest Hour on steam. Now I'll try being Italy in 1943. I mean things were going okay for them at that point irl right?
  3. I really want to buy Rimworld at some point but I fear the curse of the lets play/streamer. What do I mean? Well it'd be the 3rd time I'll have bought a game via being introduced by either lets play videos or live streamers and I found both of those other 2 games way more fun to watch than actually play myself after I'd bought and played them for a while.
  4. For me I'm a little wary of a future where the only option is multiple streaming services. Even putting aside the problems inherent with Australian internet, I like too many damn sports and if we added up every streaming service I'd need to subscribe to (plus any entertainment related streaming services I might theoretically need as well) I'll probably end up paying more a month than I would for one pay tv subscription which at one point, not so long ago, got me pretty much everything i needed in one convenient location. Granted not anymore, because Optus got the rights to live Premier League from Foxtel and I'm barely able to see live PL these days because of that.
  5. If you were a history teacher I'd hate to be there when it got to be time for you to talk about the Australian-Hungary Empire.
  6. Jose's Dungeon of Doom vs Contemania.
  7. I follow MVP on twitter and he was watching the UFC and retweeted that.
  8. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if we'd have given Giggs the job at United whenever that came up, as it did a few times after Fergie retired. It always mystified me how he always seemed to be a better option than anyone else in the world for some fans. I don't imagine it would have worked out as well as some thought.
  9. Giving Jose a 3rd go almost doesn't sound too terrible now I bet.
  10. Ruki sat on EWB and broke it.

    1. Ace


      The joke wasn't funny on Facebook, and it isn't funny here. 🙄

    2. Noah


      I disagree, it's even funnier here.

  11. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-07-07/steve-ditko-spider-man-and-doctor-strange-co-creator-dead/9953270
  12. I have a sci-fi/comic book friend and I've found it interesting how his opinions on things are pretty much the polar opposite of EWB. -The Nolan Batman trilogy is bad, tries too hard to be serious and isn't comic booky enough. -Star Trek Discovery is a bad show and not true Star Trek. So I fully expected him to think Last Jedi was bad and he thinks it's the best Star Wars movie since Empire. I guess you can never tell who'll like what.
  13. On an unrelated note, I am now planning on getting into shape so I can play in the XFL.
  14. They've kicked villains out of that villain pub before, for displaying less heroism than Loki has shown in recent movies.

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