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  1. @GA!
  2. 30 million and Chris Smalling going the other way apparently. @Kaney your thoughts?
  3. Bit belated but boo. Mean. Luckily for you, that @9 to 5 already told you off.
  4. It seems Ivan Koloff has now died.

    Man it's been a bad couple of days for wrestling deaths. :(

  5. Does anyone hate Ezekiel? Even the aforementioned bad review still singled the character out as the lone highlight in the episode.
  6. Speaking of Deep Space 9(I'm posting this in here, rather than find another star trek thread and bump that), there's a documentary seeking funding via indegogo. Nearly 260 thousand dollars raised already with less than a week gone. 25 more days to go. Edit:- Already passed the 260k mark in the 10 minutes since I posted this!
  7. What's been the general reaction to the episode? The first review I saw yesterday, absolutely savaged it. The second thought it was brilliant. Colly enjoyed it to. So does Walking Dead win 2-1 then?
  8. In my Universe news, I moved the Club to SmackDown to be with AJ because I didn't have immediate plans for him and now I do(Club vs Arn Anderson/Larry Zbyzsko feud? ). I moved Mojo to Raw to be with Ryder and Aries to Raw as well because NXT has too many top stars and he'd get lost in the shuffle(feud with Bulldog over the European title maybe). Tye stays in NXT for now.
  9. Didn't we have a Nile Ranger diary in the cube at one point?
  10. Apparently he's never lost a premier league game that he's scored in. Something like 46 games now.
  11. Sometimes you want to go, where everybody hates your face

  12. I saw a headline which said "Michael Oliver nigh on perfect with every call and wasn't phased by man Utd crowd after Pogbas needless handball"