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  1. Still 15 minutes left to save a pretty ordinary Easter Sunday....oh wait a 3rd Everton goal.
  2. I won a day. My life is complete.

    1. TheFutureKeithExperience


      Some day I plan to win an entire week with the help of Carlito, Nathan Jones, Michael Tarver, Bam Neely and Knife Sanchez.

    2. HarshMillennium


      What was the comment? 

    3. Noah


      If you see the comment you'd better run for cover  Harsh you don't need a weekend lover.

  3. I'm a bit nervous about the potential result of the Crystal Palace vs Bournemouth game. We cant lose sight of the top 10, even at this early stage.
  4. Im assuming BT Sport thought the writer needed his face attached to the article. He didn't.
  6. http://sport.bt.com/football/ferdinand-united-chiefs-cannot-let-current-situation-continue-S11364298770833
  7. Craig Foster on SBS's football panel was saying that he'd not bother watching United before the last half hour or now probably the last 10 because it's like we don't try until we are running out of time and/or are behind. Jose's going on about 'an offside goal' and 'an own goal' then something about an offside that shouldn't have been. Michael Bridges (Leeds legend ) on the SBS panel said 'the last time I heard that many excuses from someone, it was when my son didn't do his homwork.'
  8. Gazz? Bit harsh. He just needs a less competitive country.
  9. Well Gazz is the most decorated manager on this board but it has been said he's not the coach he once was and maybe the game has just passed him by.
  10. Pretty sure on the next phone in on MUTV they hosts will be 'if we'd won the last couple of games, nobody would even be talking about a crisis.'
  11. Don't most of the people on this board usually hate West Ham?
  12. I think Bam Neely could challenge Michael Tarver.

  13. Seeing as Optus and SBS have the Australian broadcasting rights, I only get to see Utd live when SBS, a free-to-air station, get to air one of their games. Such as tonight. Not good timing, with that start. Anyway, early goal conceded aside, it definitely makes a refreshing change from the mutv pre-game analysis and the mutv radio commentary that I've been forced to rely on since 2016. Actual genuine discussion about the issues surrounding the club and commentary that never gets ott at times.
  14. It's the cool thing to hate anything superhero that Disney is involved in and part of that is big upping anything superhero Disney is not involved in, regardless of quality.
  15. Watching the live Reserves game vs Norwich and they had Jose's press conference at half time. Unsurprisingly every question was either directly about him vs Pogba, or indirectly about it. Indirectly as in asking if the disruption is making preparation for the next game more difficult.
  16. I know delving into the murky world of online comments is a fools game but some of the people talking about the trailer are real morons. 'I can't wait for the last good X-Men movie before Disney ruins the franchise. ' Seems to be a lot of variations on the above comment floating around. Like the Fox X-Men franchise is free of crap.
  17. It really raised the var for Football management sims.
  18. Granted its an official club channel and you'd expect no different but MUTV seemed to be focusing more on how well our last 2 opponents played, rather than anything being wrong with our team itself. Paddy Crerand wouldn't shut up about how good Wolves were for example.
  19. I really need to check out Discovery to find out for myself if it's as shit as the other people I know say it is, or as good as you guys say it is. Strangely enough I'd probably be the most disappointed if I just found it to be average. Like I expected Fan4tastic to be horrifically bad but it was average and that was disappointing. Average is just dull.
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