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  1. I'm okay with the idea of a kickstarter unconnected to Telltale, featuring people from the existing WD creative team, which is something I've also seen people call for but throwing money at telltale itself, after how everything went down? Eh. I'd fear, instead of hiring back the previous team, telltale management would instead just hire the cheapest available options, release a half-arsed couple of episodes and give the majority of the donated money to creditors.
  2. There's people out there that are actually willing to donate money to Telltale to finish the season. People are strange.
  3. I move to have Sol Campbell replace cupset via the word filter. Also @MexicoJack
  4. I loved USM 2. Tried the demo of 98 and didn't like it as much but whether it could have grown on me is irrelevant, because I never saw it for sale anywhere. Sure I could get it for nothing nowdays but it's too late really. USM 2 is hardcoded in my brain as my retro fix and FM is obviously my modern game.
  5. Noah

    NFL 2018

    Well this has been a shitty week or so for me and my favourite sports teams worldwide. I'm now willing to start taking bids from EWB'ers, to follow teams of their most hated rivals so I can curse them as well.
  6. Steve Borden should play the joker.
  7. Noah

    WWE 2K19

  8. I think I heard alternate universe Joker.
  9. Watching the highlights of the youth tournament match between the two teams as I type this. "United will find out what young boys of Switzerland are really made of."
  10. If the heel Doink theme plays while he's on camera, I'm sold.
  11. It sounds like Gazz embarking on a new career as a Sheldon Cooper impersonator. Which seems like a limited shelf life job, seeing as people are already sick of the real thing.
  12. Im well behind. I bought season 2 really quickly but felt the need to replay season 1, saving the other out of Doug/Carley and this time convincing Vince to come along with everyone else in 400 days(essentially when I started season 2 I felt like I wanted 2 saves of it active, my original save and one with alterations to my original narrative to see what differences it'd make) but just like with replaying Splinter Cell Double Agent (finished the PS2 version but when I bought the next game in the series, I realised the differences from the PS2 version of DA to every other version meant I'd probably need to play the PS3 DA to get back on the real Splinter Cell timeline)I got bored at a certain point replaying too familiar bits and stopped playing.
  13. I am the Walrus, goo goo g'joob. Change my mind.

  14. Noah

    WWE 2K19

    Insulting Ziggler is a bad idea, he may quit and do stand up.
  15. Saying that we beat young boys sounds wrong somehow.
  16. Arizona smells funny. Change my mind.

  17. Noah

    WWE 2K19

    The only unlockable characters from a tower mode should be Akeem or the Big Bossman.
  18. Downloaded the free first episode of the Batman Telltale games first season, because I saw both seasons on sale. Absolutely loved it. So of course the sale was over by the time I'd finished the episode and the scotish heritage in me wont let me pay the extra $30 USD it'd cost compared to the sale price.
  19. Noah

    WWE 2K19

    I'll reunite 3MB, throw in caws of 3 Count as well and have a massive 3-way battle of the bands.
  20. The nerve of JTH thinking he has the right to a life outside the ryland effect section.

    We don't not pay you to comment on wrestling, we not pay you to tell us 'Who can challenge Michael Tarver?'

    1. Augustus Gloop

      Augustus Gloop

      Knife Sanchez gave me permission to travel outside The Ryland Effect. Take it up with him.

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