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  1. B2W2, as Pokemon games, were kinda dull and samey, but what I loved about them was the weird stuff they included. That city you could control, the movies you could star in, the World Tournament with all the gym leaders/notable trainers, I would love it if SuMo included any of those.
  2. Yeah, the owner of the 9000verse mod updated it for TEW2013. Here you go!
  3. Of course, when he goes Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, that shoots up to godwhydidyoudothistousakiratoriyama
  4. I am watching Vince Russo compete against Jervis Cottonbelly in Quiplash.

    What is my life?

  5. I just hope Bethesda got Obsidian to help them work on the story. Not that Fallout 3's was bad, but New Vegas was that much better.
  6. It has always been okay to watch.
  7. Well yeah, after a few years' development and all the time they saved not coming up with original characters, the game had to be at least playable.
  8. Just from watching the nL stream last night... the game's not bad, per se. It's a decent foundation, and the dev team had some pretty good ideas I'd love to see implemented in the WWE games, but calling it competition to said games is like saying any given lower-level indy is competition to the WWE. But yeah, $25 is fucking ridiculous for how many limitations this game has.
  9. I'm pretty sure the blacksmith has a shop area where you can buy equippable amulets that essentially reward you with the ability to re-spec. The first one's free, then they're like 300 gold per thing.
  10. The ME3 ending was just fine, and while DA2 was repetitive at points, it was a pretty good game. Not before the Extended Cut it wasn't.
  11. They've already been pushing it to the limit for like two years now. Yeah, I think a lot of people tend to forget just how limited multi-platform developers were with the last generation of consoles given that the Xbox didn't use blu-rays. You either had to make a game that could push the Xbox's limits while missing the PS3's, or make a game that could push the PS3's but would take like three discs to play on the Xbox.
  12. From the look of the game - at least from what I was able to glean from newLEGACYinc's release stream - it's decent enough. I don't have 2k14 anymore, and I'm only planning on getting 2k15 on 360 to hold me over 'til the PS4 version releases, so I don't really care all that much. What was interesting though is a crackpot theory someone came up with that almost sounds kind of plausible: the old-gen version of 2k15 was intentionally kneecapped as a means to dissuade consumers from buying it (and thus allowing them to cut support earlier, as opposed to THQ keeping the franchise supported on the PS2 up through SvR 2011). Literally everything that's been announced that had some sort of fanfare or interesting reaction has been for the current-gen versions of the game with the exception of Who Got NXT, which is basically another take on the Attitude Era/30 Years of Mania/Showcase gameplay anyway. Like I said, it sounds absolutely batshit, and it'd basically be 2K, WWE, and Yukes basically throwing away money and potentially customers... but it kinda makes sense. Or at least, I want it to make sense so I don't start thinking that the current-gen version is equally as gimped.
  13. I do. I'm fucking awful at it, though. My Supremacy-themed civ got to -19 Health and the ability to produce lame spider-robot cannons last night before I gave up.
  14. So, not that it was any surprise at this point, but Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, and Bo Dallas at the least have been confirmed for 2k15 as of today.
  15. Given Square's business strategy over the last year or so regarding the Final Fantasy franchise, I'm starting to give up hope that we'll see remakes/remasters of the post-IV/pre-X series.
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