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  1. Tried to copy and paste it from yahoo didnt work made new topic so this is trash so can be moved to arcives.
  2. It is A-Rod, Mariano Rivera, and Andre Either for Miguel Cabera, Alex Rios, and Grant Balfur I have the 3 players listed on the right side. I am worried becuase injuries to A-Rod And Rivera and i think Rios is better than Either but before i make up my mind i would like input from others.
  3. Yahoo! My Yahoo! Mail Visit Yahoo! Sports Welcome, bigonemitch [Sign Out, My Account] Fantasy Home Sports Home Skip to Content Skip to Section Navigation Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball if(window.yzq_d==null)window.yzq_d=new Object();window.yzq_d['S7sHKEwNBlc-']=&U=12akq5evr%2fN%3dS7sHKEwNBlc-%2fC%3d-1%2fD%3dM2%2fB%3d-1%2fV%3d0';if(window.yzq_d==null)window.yzq_d=new Object();window.yzq_d['SrsHKEwNBlc-]='&U=12aao235l%2fN%3dSrsHKEwNBlc-%2fC%3d-1%2fD%3dMH%2fB%3d-1%2fV%3d0';<LI class=first ">Sports Home Help Rules Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball Main Navigation baseball '09 baseball '09 Navigation Overview Get Another Team Message Boards Leaders Premium Add-Ons What's New Fantasy Profile League League Navigation Overview Team Stats Messages Email League Managers Rosters Transactions Trading Block Record Book Dues Scoring & Settings Commish Tools My Team My Team Navigation Roster Edit Lineup My Watch List Edit Team Settings Add Players Drop Players Trade Players My Player Notes Matchup Players Players Navigation Player List League Leaders Player Notes Position Eligibility Injury Reports Can't Cut List MLB Roster Changes Stat Corrections Research Research Navigation Overview Transaction Trends Who's Hot MVPs Lineup Analysis Matchup Ratings Favorable Matchups Trade Log Player Ranker Scouting Report [*]Draft Central Draft Central Navigation [*]Overview [*]Draft Results [*]Draft Analysis [*]Pre-Draft Rankings [*]Draft Kit [*]Mock Drafts [*]StatTracker [*]Fantasy My Teams and Leagues <H6 class=my-teams>Baseball</H6> [*]• Carolina Crush - Rookie League 2009 Other Games [*]Baseball [*]Tourney Pick'em [*]Basketball [*]Hockey [*]Auto Racing [*]Golf [*]More » My Team Section Navigation [*]Roster [*]Edit Lineup [*]My Watch List [*]Edit Team Settings [*]Players: [*]Add [*]Drop [*]Trade [*]Notes <H1 id=ysppageheader style="VISIBILITY: visible">View Trade</H1> Stat Sub Navigation [*]Stats [*]Average Stats [*]Split Stats [*]Ranks [*]Opponents [*]Matchup Ratings [*]Research [*]Today [*]Last Week [*]Last Month [*]2009 Season [*]2008 [*]2007 Note: This trade will be reflected on the lineup for Tuesday, Mar 24. If you've set your lineup in advance for future dates, please note those changes will be reset to match your lineup for the day players are added. <H2 class=tablehead>Ol' bait n Switch (Players to Trade)</H2> RankingsTrendsBattingBattersOpp: 3/21O-RankRank% OwnedH/ABRHHRRBISBFPCTAVGOPSÁlex Rodríguez (NYY - 3B) 391299%154/5101041543510318.970.302.965Andre Ethier (LAD - OF) 1317587%160/5259016020776.991.305.885 RankingsTrendsPitchingPitchersOpp: 3/21O-RankRank% OwnedIPWSVKHLDERAWHIPK/9RWWIN%SV%QSMariano Rivera (NYY - RP) 741599%70.26397701.400.679.816.545.9750<H2 class=tablehead>Carolina Crush (Players to Trade)</H2> RankingsTrendsBattingBattersOpp: 3/21O-RankRank% OwnedH/ABRHHRRBISBFPCTAVGOPSMiguel Cabrera (Det - 1B,3B) 62799%180/61685180371271.989.292.886Álex Ríos (Tor - OF) 435097%185/63591185157932.988.291.798 RankingsTrendsPitchingPitchersOpp: 3/21O-RankRank% OwnedIPWSVKHLDERAWHIPK/9RWWIN%SV%QSGrant Balfour (TB - RP) 3017931%58.16482141.540.8912.656.750.8000
  4. Double Post By Accident.
  5. I doubt their is any updates since i can recall on their website awhile back they talked about copyright issues and all related to future updates, i think WWE tried to sue them or something.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantasy_baseball hard to explain read description here much easier on us all.
  7. just wondered if anyone wanted to join my league it is on yahoo and is called rookie league 2009 user id:138411 anyways would love to see some fellow ewb people their to compete with. PS it is a ROTO League
  8. any good boxing sims out their? Preferably freeware
  9. Great Work on this guys! If waited longer would seen HCF is now closed down so i guess that changes in next update but i applaud your work in all fight historys and stats as i know how time consuming that is as i was almost finished on my on update before you put out TOS4 anyways thanks alot!
  10. you will love the game hank it is great and yea i wish i had maxdrive i have codebreaker hard to find CB saves that work. BTW 20 pages just from starting a thread beacuase i was mad at gamestop wow
  11. will us version not work in euorpe? i mean dont most people speak english? and when i last checked amazon they had no tracking informaiton on my package hope they didnt lose it!
  12. ok im in college my house is like hour and half from here my game is in the ups hub and i found which one i went to try to go get it and even made up bullshit why i needed it and no they cant do shit for me when my package is right fucking their in warehouse WTF!!!!!! i so hate ups and gamestops suck their like we dont even know when or if we will get it WTF is up with that becuase i was going go buy a copy their and just save the amazon one god i hate people anyone else had this big a fucking mess!
  13. My game is at ups hub but i cant get it since they dont know what hub it is at wtf! otherwise it will be at my mom's mon. and i will be their tues. in other news gamestop is full pricks and fucks no one know shit and i hope they burn the fuck down at this point becuase they jacked their price up on them as well to $19.99 instead the $14.99 so their is my rant! has anyone had any luck with this game?
  14. i ordered off amazon after calling every gamestop and gamecrazy as well as checking out all chain stores like walmart and target. Amazon said will get it mon. guarented.
  15. the ship date for gamestop changed to today 11/15 but no stores i called have it yet and they dont know when getting it god i hate fucking gamestop! anyone know if gamecrazy has it their one near my dads so if they had it i was going send him and see him this weekend.
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