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  1. Aaron Rodgers sold his soul to the devil. Can't convince me otherwise.
  2. I would love to try some of that chicken. I wonder what makes it so good.
  3. As far as I could tell, the official release came out last night (midnight for the Brits).
  4. Cool. So getting off Steam allows for me to get the beta as well, correct?
  5. So I'm assuming I can still pre-order this and still get the beta right? What site should I go to or is doing it straight on Steam good? I wanna get a game going before this weekend
  6. 3 Personal Fouls on a EMU TD allowed EMU to kick off from Charlotte's 20. That is the highlight of the year for Eastern.
  7. So as Meacon said, yes I am a member of the SC State staff. I can confirm that this ( did in fact happen. I can deny though that I went to Dabo personally and tapped. I will never let the ACC (which includes Notre Dame) go over me.
  8. Nakamura/Crews/Nia Jax confirmed
  9. A great shot from last night that I don't see no one really talking about
  10. As a TV production nut, last night's episode was amazing. Just everything about it was done magnificently. Spoiler about next episode
  11. Yeah, I will just start watching at the 60th minute until the knockouts
  12. Episode 8 spoiler
  13. @Blue Rosler since everyone forgot about us yesterday, Happy Birthday man

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    2. Meacon


      I thanked you both on Facebook. I consider that double points, because I was wishing the real yous a Happy Birthday, not the masked nicknamed/avatar yous on EWB!

      Wished, not thanked. <_<

    3. Blaze09


      @Meacon¯\_(ツ)_/¯ well you get any points Lineker would have got since he didn't even wish me HBD on my own status

    4. Lineker


      I was barely on here over the weekend!