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  1. I have all the arkham games on steam, but have around an hour in Asylum and an hour in City. I recently restarted Asylum and hope I can finally get into it, since I have a steam link and can play it on my telly.
  2. Thanks for the update. I know these things move slowly, but since nobody posted here for a month and a half I was afraid it got lost in the shuffle. Happy to know it didn't.
  3. Don't want to be that guy, but is this project dead?
  4. The rumour is Modric, Mbappé and... Varane.
  5. So Barcelona just crushed Real with a 5-1 win at Camp Nou. And if there were any doubts, Lopetegui is pretty much finished. It sure seems like it was worth it to ruin Spain's World Cup for this.
  6. I think Croatia might be trying to emulate Portugal's run in Euro 2016 and draw their way up to the World Cup.
  7. England could and should have been able to kill their hopes before the 1-1. They seemed to have this pretty much in the bag and then they concede a goal from nowhere and completely lose control of the match.
  8. After those last 5 minutes by France, I sure hope whoever wins the second semi final takes this.
  9. I think I'll be happy with any possible outcome for this World Cup, now. I would clearly prefer either Croatia or Belgium to take it, but I think the only team that would leave a poor taste in my mouth if they won would be Russia.
  10. If instead of it being a fair play advantage, if it was a goal advantage that had Japan go through, would you think any different of what happened? While I did not like to see that, they did play according to the rules, and they played a "calculated risk". They did nothing in their match, but if by any chance there was a Senegal equalizer they would be gone in pretty ridiculous fashion.
  11. Against who? We have never played against Japan in any world cup (we have played against both Koreas and Iran, but never against Japan). Hell, I have no recollection of we ever playing against Japan at all.
  12. This Korea team looked pretty bad in their first two matches but they looked like a million bucks in this match. I just don't get how unbalanced this german team looks all around in this world cup. I had them as the clear cut favorites just like four years ago, but I've seen nothing from them in any of the three matches that makes me think they can win this.
  13. It is quite shocking seeing this German team play and comparing it to the team from four years ago. The team itself hasn't changed that much to justify such a drastic decline in their game.
  14. I think pretty much the same as the rest of the world, really... They are dickheads, but Pepe is by far our best center-back (even if most of the time we are horrified by the sight of him possibly losing his head and getting sent off). As for Quaresma, people just think of him as an idiot with a butt-load of talent. Now if you ask a Porto fan, chances are he will simply tell you that they are awesome. I think the missed penalty was a good call, but he lost control of the game there. From that moment on, Iran only tried to get a penalty or a red. I think Ronaldo could have been sent off, even though I don't think he wanted to really elbow the other guy. I think there should have been a penalty on a William charge over one of Iran's players and I totally don't think that last penalty should have been called. Can't say I pity Iran after that second half. They tried their best to play the ref. Oh here's something a Portuguese "meme maker" did after the shit Pepe pulled with Morocco:
  15. I can never stop thinking how good Quaresma could have been if he had Cristiano's drive. That man is pure talent.
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