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  1. Arrow

    I still hold hope that Black Siren eventually turns and we have a decent shot at a new Laurel/Oliver dynamic.
  2. Summer Transfer Window 2017

    Barcelona have signed Nelson Semedo from Benfica for 30M€ + 5M in variables.
  3. Crash Bandicoot

    I had never played the first one past the first boss (I believe it was either loaned to me by a friend, I had some kind of demo or I got it way after I got a PS2)... I had no idea it was this hard. Maybe when I get to 2 and 3, which I played much more as a kid I will come to the conclusion that it is not the game's fault and that it is just nostalgia and me being a worse player now than when I was 10 years old. I just got to the lab, but I had a such a bad time with some of the levels (basically all of the ones everyone has been complaining about). If it wasn't for the ropes on High Road, I think I would have gone insane.
  4. General Gaming Thread

    Because for many people the games were pretty good.
  5. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Does someone here have a Steam Link? Do you recommend it?
  6. FIFA Confederations Cup 2017

    So, New Zeland is up 1-0 over Mexico at half-time...
  7. E3 2017

    I think it was a really strong conference but I doubt I will get anything besides South Park.
  8. Summer Transfer Window 2017

    According to Benfica's press release it will be 35M€ + 10M in objectives.
  9. UEFA Champions League 2016/17

    The best goalscorer in six champions leagues is actually useless. But I really loved the nickname. It's really impressive to be butthurt after over 10 years.
  10. Summer Transfer Window 2017

    Ederson is really outstanding. Hope we can find a way to replace him like we did with Oblak.
  11. Arrow

  12. Eurovision 2017

    All five points came from Portugal's televote.
  13. Eurovision 2017

    I love this when his sister is singing. She's the composer by the way, and a very recognized singer already.
  14. Eurovision 2017

    WE WON!
  15. Eurovision 2017

    Well, it seems like we are finally going to win this.