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  1. Just a quick update on the Sporting situation. So, on Saturday the club's president said that the "players were indirectly responsible for what happened to them" and on Sunday they obviously lost the cup final. It is expected that today some of them will start the process of getting out of their contracts, as it seems like the relationship between the players and the president is broken beyond repair, and the president refuses to leave the club.
  2. Well, officially no one was suspended over the weekend, but there were strong rumors that the managerial staff had been suspended prior to the meeting with the players. This situations was boiling for weeks ever since there was a clear conflict the players and the president after the match with Atletico. Once they started winning matches, things seemed to calm down, but as soon as they drew Benfica, there was clear tension between the manager (who put himself on the players' side of the conflict) and the president. When they lost with Maritimo in the last match and with that ended third, things started to escalate. There had already been some insults thrown at the players that night at Maritimo's stadium, the airports and even at Sporting's own stadium. The following day, the president public ally asks the players and staff to go to the stadium for the meetings where as far as was known, the staff was almost suspended, with intentions to terminate them, but because the players threatened to go on strike for the cup final, everything "stayed the same". Now this is where things get kinda crazy. Yesterday, the president asked for a new meeting in the club's training grounds around lunch time, but he missed the meeting. Even though there had already been issues over the weekend, security was left on a "normal" level, and 50 dudes get into the training grounds and attack the players and the staff. The president and the "sports director", who are pretty hands on and are many times even on the bench during matches weren't there either. After the whole shitstorm he records a message about it and says pretty much that "These things happen". In the meantime, the sports director has been taken by police today due to a possible corruption scandal both in football and handball.
  3. A dude singing a slow-tempo song with just a few lights behind him won the contest last year.
  4. Yep, the top two was pretty awful.
  5. How awful has it been for native English speakers listening to some of the presenters' English tonight?😐
  6. It seems to be one of the favorites to win. I just don't get it.
  7. I swear I've heard the beat from the Czech song somewhere...
  8. I really liked the movie. I think it was really well built and moved everything forward in a way that wasn't seen since Empire (which isn't saying much).
  9. GoN_


    I still hold hope that Black Siren eventually turns and we have a decent shot at a new Laurel/Oliver dynamic.
  10. Barcelona have signed Nelson Semedo from Benfica for 30M€ + 5M in variables.
  11. GoN_

    Crash Bandicoot

    I had never played the first one past the first boss (I believe it was either loaned to me by a friend, I had some kind of demo or I got it way after I got a PS2)... I had no idea it was this hard. Maybe when I get to 2 and 3, which I played much more as a kid I will come to the conclusion that it is not the game's fault and that it is just nostalgia and me being a worse player now than when I was 10 years old. I just got to the lab, but I had a such a bad time with some of the levels (basically all of the ones everyone has been complaining about). If it wasn't for the ropes on High Road, I think I would have gone insane.
  12. Because for many people the games were pretty good.
  13. Does someone here have a Steam Link? Do you recommend it?
  14. So, New Zeland is up 1-0 over Mexico at half-time...