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  1. All five points came from Portugal's televote.
  2. I love this when his sister is singing. She's the composer by the way, and a very recognized singer already.
  3. WE WON!
  4. Well, it seems like we are finally going to win this.
  5. Top 5: Italy Portugal UK Moldova Croatia Honorable mentions to Bulgaria and France. Top 3 Worst: Germany Israel Spain
  6. The Bulgaria song is ok, but I wouldn't put it in my top 5.
  7. This poor girl always seems like she was held hostage or something.
  8. And I just hate this song.
  9. Yeap, was quite surprised as I barely heard anything from that song before, and I liked it more than some of the more hyped songs.
  10. The UK song was nice. Top 10 I think. Well, I've never seen Frozen, so it kinda makes sense.
  11. I also enjoyed the Croatian singer. It was like an old Disney song. And the spanish song was as bad as I thought from the preview I saw a few weeks ago.
  12. I'm portuguese and I would probably vote for Italy, but I do think our song is good, just not my style for a show like this.
  13. So you'll probably enjoy Portugal's song.
  14. Yeah, the Italian song is just great.