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  1. European Football Thread

    It's that time of the year again! Benfica beat Nacional 3-1 to complete a 13 game winning streak, conquering our first three-peat in 39 years and shattering the league's point record (previously held by Mourinho's Porto team). Here some photos of the celebration of our 35th championship win:
  2. European Football Thread

    Last tuesday it was something like 29ºC during the afternoon (If you don't know whether that's hot or not, google it).
  3. Summer Transfer Window Thread 2015

    Meanwhile, it seems like Kevin-Prince Boateng failed a medical, as he was about to join Sporting.
  4. European Football Thread

    In what could become one of the biggest shakeups in years for this league, it seems like Jorge Jesus is leaving Benfica, after back to back League wins, and six years as coach, for Sporting Lisbon. I don't even...
  5. European Football Thread

    2nd consecutive league win for Benfica. It's the first in 31 years that we win two in a row.
  6. Champions League 2014/15

    Should have made them run a little more... I'm more afraid about our match against them, this Sunday, than I was before...
  7. European Football Thread

    How has Nani been at Sporting? Are the rumours in Portugal saying they'll sign him permanently in the summer or that he'll be back at United/go elsewhere? Not the one that got asked the question, but I'll take it... Nani has been playing really well for most of the season, and Sporting have depended greatly on his ability to get something out of nowhere. Tonight he was nowhere to be seen, during the whole match, but it was a very tactic game, with some very high pressure at midfield. But yeah, how we managed to get a draw out of all that nonsense we did for most of the match... Goes to show how uninspiring was Sporting's performance too.
  8. Both sides just look so childish in all of this... So, she was away from the computer for three hours, but after the firing message she answers right away... Yeah... Not digging it. They were assholes but she comes across as a really annoying person to work with.
  9. Lindsay had basically abandoned the Nostalgia Chick character long ago, so that was to be expected.
  10. WWE 2k15

    Since newgen consoles seem to lack the feature to transfer music to their hard drives, it comes as no surprise...
  11. I think it was a good move from the Spurs... It was not an expensive signing and he has some nice potential.
  12. About Mangala... He is really good, but I don't know if he will do great in a top european team. I always found him to have some positioning issues. When Fernando was in form, Mangala looked much better than last year when Fernando was clearly thinking about leaving Porto and couldn't care less. That happened because Fernando always did a great job covering the center backs.
  13. Bebe to Benfica confirmed... Oh joy!