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  1. Actually, Crash Bandicoot will also be a remake (or remaster).
  2. A group of teams from Brazil's First Division (so far I've read Sao Paulo, Corinthians, Santos and Palmeiras as being the subscribers) have agreed to: 1) loan players to Chapecoense for the next season, for free 2) request that for the next 3 years the FA protects Chapecoense from being relegated to give them time to rebuild. That would mean that if they finished in the bottom 4, it would be the 5th from the bottom that would be relegated.
  3. Marcelo Boeck, a Sporting Lisbon goalkeeper out on loan on Chapecoense didn't travel with the team because he wouldn't start for the team and had his birthday was yesterday (reports say that he requested to stay for the birthday with his family). So he basically was saved due to having his birthday on that exact day and being a replacement on the team...
  4. Yes, everything I read from Brazilian guys is that people really liked them, because they grew in incredible fashion, and still, they treated their opponents very respectfully every in their town (again, a really small town). Add to that the fact that for such a small team, they had already got to the South American Cup quarter finals last year (lost to River Plate) and the finals this year (beating Independiente and San Lorenzo). What I read was that the pilots reported an electrical issue and requested an emergency landing. They ran out of fuel on purpose, to avoid the aircraft to explode (which is basically the reason why there are survivors).
  5. They were flying to Colombia to play the first leg of the South America Cup Finals. They were a small team that got recently promoted (2 or 3 years ago) to the Brazilian First Division. It is just awful.
  6. Alchemy -> Potions -> Snape -> Slytherin -> Draco Malfoy It's pretty obvious, isn't it?
  7. https://www.facebook.com/copa90/videos/1053392781412529/
  9. @ The Sun
  10. HELL YEAH!! We actually won a match!! And we are playing a final for the second time in history...
  11. Except we haven't played anything like Greece. The only game where we were anywhere close to that was against Croatia. But carry on with the circle jerk.
  12. HELL YEAH!
  13. Don't know whether or not this is true but... Just leaving this here because it is quite awesome...
  14. HELL YEAH!