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  1. "Houston, we have a problem with that draft pick."
  2. Cool, both of them are free to play if you want to play multiplayer. I won't be again until later tonight (almost done at work) but we can work something out.
  3. If anyone feels like playing either of the Starcrafts I'd be keen for a game.
  4. Still have one?
  5. What benefit is Conclave, besides making your council a giant pain in the ass?
  6. The next patch is going to overhaul the new societies and tweak their balance and interaction with religions.
  7. That's a different movie, Power Bottoms.
  8. Try to hit up yard sales, garage sales etc. A lot of end consumers might be sitting on gold and haven't done the research that a professional shop will do to price things.
  9. The ability to control your allies in war is so super fucking handy.
  10. Yeah, Satanism has big downsides if you get caught, but if you pace yourself it's way overpowered. Much easier to abduct and sacrifice your way to power than to use plots for sure.
  11. Way to go dummy.
  12. I don't think the Patriots are eligible to try and break any sort of college teams streak, let alone face off against a women's college.
  13. Did you keep Jerusalem? Also, you are gonna seize The Papacy, yes?