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  1. The lovechild of Jon Snow and Ramsay Snow?
  2. Never lost a game as a Mets manager, that is pretty stellar.
  3. Since Babcock was fired Leafs are 1st in the NHL.
  4. Depends. What is your culture/religion/government? Same of your liege. Best way to make money is tributary wars. Probably can't do that if you're a vassal of someone. Second best is raiding. Most likely not available for you. Can run a retirement home. That's pretty gamey and it doesn't provide reliable income, but it does provide income.
  5. That shot kinda makes Driver look like he's gonna grow up to be Nien Numb.
  6. Good for him, I liked Crow so it's good that he's learned. This is just a great story.
  7. Holy shit Bettman works fast.
  8. Terrible news. Really good actor, he was great as House as well.
  9. The thing that was coming was racism.
  10. I have been on EWB for far too long and it's generally a good place, but EWB memes can really have a deleterious effect on life sometimes.

    1. SeanDMan


      Example: Watching The Mandalorian, and there's Werner Herzog. He tells me "Bounty Hunting is a complicated profession", but I wait for him to add, "and you know what else is complicated? Wrestlemania".

      But he never does. :(

    2. HarshMillennium


      That’s the way the cookie crimbles 

    3. Sousa


      Holy shit. This is the best possible Ethan.

  11. It seems like such a disconnect to have Mike Babcock and Kyle Dubas on the same team. It would be like having AOC and Mitt Romney as running mates. Loved the Yotes and Flames line brawl the other day. More people need to horse collar Calgary Flames from behind.
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