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  1. This looks so wrong.
  2. I really have no desire to join mixer. I already have both tinder and grindr.
  4. Must have been a tough sell, convincing yourself to like me more.
  5. I am excited for the Daniel Bryan cameo.
  6. I can't believe he was 52. Guy seemed like he was stuck in his late twenties forever.
  8. I mean the practical effect of being a eunuch is a huge nerf to fertility, and it's possible to nerf women's fertility IRL so.
  9. I guess it depends. It's a game where you can rape, torture, mutilate, execute, incest, and have satanic orgies... Buts it mostly all text based, so if she is a slow reader you could just close any offensive content before she can read it.
  10. "Houston, we have a problem with that draft pick."
  11. Cool, both of them are free to play if you want to play multiplayer. I won't be again until later tonight (almost done at work) but we can work something out.
  12. If anyone feels like playing either of the Starcrafts I'd be keen for a game.
  13. Still have one?