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  2. Random Music Thoughts

    So Muse did a cover of Thriller.
  3. Star Trek Discovery

    What if... Now hear me out... What if these were scripts that were written by the mirror universe writing staff, and now that they can't go there anymore, the prime universe writers had to step in and try to fill in the blanks. That would go a long way to explaining the drop in quality.
  4. Star Trek Discovery

    You know, I liked the way they were developing the Abrahms universe but... you know how it is, they found a better one.
  5. 2018 MLB Thread

    I feel like baseball is missing a stat. A single is much more valuable for some guys than others. You should have a stat that combines on base percentage plus stealing percentage to determine how valuable you are at both getting on base and moving yourself into scoring position.
  6. 2018 MLB Thread

    I feel like when you're talking about a hitter you should be talking avg, obp, and risp. Risp is a thing right?
  7. 2018 MLB Thread

    To be fair, rbi does have a place in analyzing players. Having an atbat with runners on is different than one with the bases empty; you will see different pitches and different alignments and you will need to adjust to that. Some people are really good at doing the same thing all the time, and some people have the skill to adapt to changing circumstances around them, not to mention the clutch ability to deal with the pressure of those situations in late innings or late in the season. Its an intangible, one that is easy to miss just doing statistical analysis. RBI is a very shallow stat but it's not entirely worthless.
  8. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    It looks like the plan is, give the ball to number five and have the gut with the swastika yell and wave his arms.
  9. Star Trek TV

    Yeah, anything with Mirror Universe Space Nazis is okay in my books.
  10. Star Trek TV

    Oh, well, it's like the r/daystrominstitute rule: saying "it's just a TV show, let's not speculate" is fucking boring. OF COURSE the Klingons being just "dark skinned dudes" was because they didn't have the money to do anything fancy to make them look different. I think changing their appearance in TNG made them a lot cooler looking and I didn't mind the augment virus as a sort of nod to the fans to explain the differences.
  11. Star Trek TV

    No I know all of that, what was the debate?
  12. Star Trek TV

    What debate is that?
  13. Star Trek TV

    Easily the best of the Ferengi episodes although a lot of them set a low bar, but yeah this was harmless fun, and Iggy Pop is hillarious. A nice, fun break from the serious later season stuff, a good comedy episode. This episode is terrible. This is good but Far Beyond The Stars tells the same story better. This was a lot of good, silly fun. There's a few interesting moments but as stand alone stories these episodes are sort of eh. Not a great episode, it sets the stakes pretty high but it's mostly forgettable and the Dominion get a much better introduction through the combination of "The Die Is Cast/To The Death" than it did in The Search. This one was pretty fun. This is a fun episode but it's something I'd never recommend on it's own to a non-fan, it's something that you get so much more out of as a fan. Especially the reference to The Great Tribble Hunt.