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  1. I have been on EWB for far too long and it's generally a good place, but EWB memes can really have a deleterious effect on life sometimes.

    1. SeanDMan


      Example: Watching The Mandalorian, and there's Werner Herzog. He tells me "Bounty Hunting is a complicated profession", but I wait for him to add, "and you know what else is complicated? Wrestlemania".

      But he never does. :(

    2. HarshMillennium


      That’s the way the cookie crimbles 

  2. It seems like such a disconnect to have Mike Babcock and Kyle Dubas on the same team. It would be like having AOC and Mitt Romney as running mates. Loved the Yotes and Flames line brawl the other day. More people need to horse collar Calgary Flames from behind.
  3. That was pretty fucking rad.
  4. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    they should void his contract with Pittsburgh and make him play for Miami
  5. Just heard two women talk about how sad it was that Cherry lost his job and it was political correctness gone madz so if you want to know his target audience, it is forty to sixty year old white women.
  6. I mean, we don't know that for sure. Sometimes after a body is dead it can still release gases which makes voice like whining noises.
  7. Leafs are on pace for more points this year than last year so I dunno what you're whining about. As for Cherry it's amazing THAT got him fired. That is one of the more innocuous racist things the man has said. I mean he argues against people wearing visors and thinks that the soft, visor wearing europeans should be more manly, like the good ole Canadian boys with no teeth and scrambled brains. The fact that poppies is the hill he died on is very strange. Still, has been inevitable for years and it was always baffling that it never happened, so now it has. Worlds still turning.
  8. "So, the whole movie has been building up to her exploring what it means to be a Jedi..." "Okay." "So she flies the Millennium Falcon to this deserted island, real isolated, nothing around for miles but ocean..." "I'm with you so far." "She climbs the rocks, and there's a man, in black robes, watching her intently. She offers him her lightsaber." "Right, so far so good..." "He pulls off his hood. 'Hi, I'm Derek Jeter, welcome to All-Star Baseball'." "...who the fuck let you guys in here!?"
  9. I was pretty skeptical when I saw promotion for this show, as I really dislike when shows try to be "topical and relevant" by being "this time, the while male is to blame!" (part of why STD bugs me so much) but the writing and the scenario just seems very believable and plausible, and I really like that, like in the original source material, there really isn't a good side here; look at Red Scare. It's a realistic scenario where you see violence leads to violence leads to violence and the only outcome seems to be more violence in the future. The only thing everyone can agree on is that Jeremy Irons is creepy and gross. My only real issue would be the soundtrack, it's good, but it seems weirdly out of place. Watchmen has a sort of weird retrofuturistic vibe to me and the music does seem to be on the side of too futuristic, or the score does anyway. The licensed music works fine, really appreciate "Unforgettable" coming back, that was probably one of the best scenes from the film so good to call back to it. I do really like the score, it reminds me a lot of the score for The Social Network for obvious reasons, but I feel like it will be much better listening on it's own whereas it very much fit the vibe of the story in TSN. So far so good and I am aboard.
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