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  1. Everyone can just walk from the casinos. Walking around in Vegas is super easy, even for a fat guy. If you get tired there are escalators every few blocks to help break up the work!
  2. Hey, Overlord has feelings man.
  3. SeanDMan

    NFL 2018

    Go away GhostMachine, no one likes you!
  4. SeanDMan

    NFL 2018

    I hate to be that gaw, but caw mahn, this focking Rams guy over 'ere, fucking outta come to Southie some tom, see how tough he really is.
  5. I'm split when it comes to athletes. On one hand, they are absurdly overpaid when you have people making $7 an hour and they want another 6 or 7 million a year or they'll stay home. On the other hand, when you look at the value of a sports franchise, the thing that draws the most money is the players. Sure, the owner takes a risk spending money assembling the team but with revenue sharing in baseball you have to be a clown or a criminal to post a loss. And I have even less sympathy for the owners because it's not like any of them are building stadiums anymore, they get the city and state to do it for them. So in terms of revenue generated, the more that goes to the players and the less that goes to the owners the better.
  6. Episode 2 of Season 2 of the Orville is great. It's a sort of a sequel to the transgendered baby episode in season 1 and deals with compulsory behaviour (and given it's Seth McFarlane it's not super surprising what the compulsion is). DIscovery I will probably watch tonight.
  7. I've started constructing a fan theory in my head that when John Wick eventually dies he'll be replaced by Shadow Moon and things will get a little bit weirder.
  8. Rewatching early Star Trek: Voyager. Nelix: Doctor... Are you programmed to sing? *Doctor gives him a dirty look*
  9. To take their side a little, this will technically be the first time they release both games: Square was getting a big chunk of the profit last time. I think they should include Contracts as well because it would be a better value, and because Contracts essentially retells Agent 47 so you never need to try and play it. But I paid $60 for Blood Money and if I had a PS4 I'd probably do it again.
  10. SeanDMan

    NFL 2018

    Let's be real though, that hair is rediculous.
  11. My favourite episodes of sci fi, Star Trek especially, are ones where you can sit down afterwards and have a conversation. I think with "It's Only A Paper Moon" can start a conversation about the idea of PTSD from people who have experienced trauma and about the expectation from society in general that people "suck it up" after their trauma and get back to work, as if these things didn't scar us for life. It's an episode that hits on lots of different notes and IMO is the perfect conclusion for Nog, to go from "Heart Of Stone" to "Moon Of Paper", he's finally become a beautiful little soaring butterfly. He's then around during the finale episodes but IMO this is where his story wraps up.
  12. SeanDMan

    NFL 2018

    Gretzky is an interesting discussion we should probably have elsewhere. See posts, others.
  13. SeanDMan

    NFL 2018

    Ah man, they flushed Toilet Bowles?
  14. Okay well, on one hand, Deep Space Nine probably has the strongest finish of any Trek series. Starting with Penumbra, episode 17, there are nine episodes which conclude one after the other - entirely serialized and it's the conclusion of basically everything the series has been building up. So there is a bit of filler to open the season. On the second hand, Episode 7x10 is "It's Only A Paper Moon" and you have to be a monster to not like that episode. Are you a monster?

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