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  1. https://youtu.be/5IcqE8kT3KA Seriously now.
  2. "Do you see that mountain off the in the distance? It's made of rocks. Rocks that were forged in a volcano, thousands of years ago." "...holy fuck." "Todd Howard has done it again!" "I can't WAIT to see those rocks in VR."
  3. Lothor the black and blue.
  4. SeanDMan

    NFL 2018

    Well, not so much Eli and Rivers exactly.
  5. Here's what's going to keep you up at night; was this you, fulfilling your destiny as an Irish terrorist, or was this you, fulfilling your destiny as an Islamic terrorist?
  6. Oh that would be awesome, I tried to watch the Stream yesterday but the gameplay kept hanging.
  7. Hey, it's cool if he leaves his quarterback on the bench. He can have the running backs throw balls, I need all the help I can get.
  8. Holy shit. So Bethesda were so shackled to their bad ideas that they brought back the Minutemen to help you be the wastelands janitor again. But wait a minute, how could they do that? The game isn't supposed to have any human NPCs. Don't worry, Todd made it just work. You can now trade with and get quests from friendly companion computer terminals! ...someone needs to confiscate this franchise and give it to someone talented again.
  9. To be fair, dude was at a bit of a size disadvantage, that embankment was probably gassed. Not really surprising he'd end up on his back after a single lake takedown.
  10. And drink a Coors light, because Budweiser ain't paying him shit.
  11. Literally just about to post that. The guy was a quote machine.
  12. Fucking hell Zibanejad have a game why don't you.

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