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  1. I thought for a second you said "appealing send-off". Imagine if, for the last episode, they dropped everything that was going on in King's Landing and just did an hour long Adventures Of Bronn.
  2. Here's how I think everything will play out.
  3. ...pee tape is real?
  4. There's going to be a Game Of Thrones conference at E3. There will be tankards of wine, pork and salt fish, even a live band! Please disregard the doors being locked behind you.
  5. It's best in small doses, but it was sick fun when it was around. So right now I'm catching up on American Gods, Star Trek Disco, and Game Of Thrones. So much better than a few months back when all I had to watch was Star Trek Voyager.
  6. You think that's weird but have no problem with a guy named Saturday playing hundreds of Sundays and Mondays without issue.
  7. I think we can ALL agree that a Stanley Cup final between the Avalanche and Hurricanes (both #8 seeds) would be a natural disaster.
  8. Really didn't like the episode where they went to 31 HQ. Lots of issues with it.
  9. I'm iffy on season 2 of Disco so far but I was iffy for big chunks of season 1 so I'm going to stick with and see if it goes uphill. Chrysreviews pointed out that Pike looks like Mitt Romney and now I know why I find him so oddly familiar.
  10. Hey, Cersei said she wanted an elephant.
  11. I am still all in on the blue jackets.
  12. don't say that until after they have aired the brienne and tormund love scene
  13. yeah I actually grinned like an idiot at that. I am big and ugly so I empathize with someone who feels big and ugly.
  14. I feel really creepy with watching Bran staring blankly at things, that makes me way more uncomfortable than anything else they've done this season. I get both sides of the arguement but I thought they did what they did pretty tastefully and for the sake of the character it makes sense.
  15. Leafs got away with one. Absolutely interference on their go ahead goal, that the goal stood was brutal.
  16. Happy birthday you sexy beast you.

  17. Anybody good at Chrono Trigger? I am stuck at the black tyrano.
  18. There's no punting in baseball!
  19. Everyone can just walk from the casinos. Walking around in Vegas is super easy, even for a fat guy. If you get tired there are escalators every few blocks to help break up the work!
  20. Hey, Overlord has feelings man.
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    NFL 2018

    Go away GhostMachine, no one likes you!
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