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  1. Goddamnit I wrote that joke and then my ISP died. Have your fucking upvote you filthy flames fan. When I know, you will know. Currently down: 1. Me 2. Maxx 3. Hatfield 4. Lowerdeck 5. Crab Person 6. Ruki 7. Fucking Gabriel 8. Stinko Malenko 9. Sloppy Slogger
  2. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    Antonio Brown accepted a Twitter invite to the training camp for the Vancouver Canucks
  3. Yeah, that's a great idea, let's have an even longer draft.
  4. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    there's no way he makes it as an NFL quarterback, none of his friends went to his birthday party.
  5. So who else wants in? So far we have: 1. Me 2. Maxx 3. Hatfield 4. Lowerdeck 5. Crab Person 6. Ruki Should we tag everyone from last year?
  6. That's waivers. The issue I have was what Gabriel suggested last year where players dropped and added inactives, so if a guy didn't have games on Wednesday, you drop him and add him back before his game on Thursday. Thats way too gamey for me. There has to be an inbetween compromise I would think.
  7. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    Hoyer joins the horseys.
  8. Daily lineups doesn't work for me. It's one thing to have bench spots and IR spots for fantasy football because you have 2-3 days where you have games. The NHL has games 7 days a week, I don't have time to go in and swap people in and out every day. I want this league to be a casual thing where we can kind of set it and forget it. I'm not saying daily lineups is bad or not fun, but it's not the kind of fun I want. If you guys really want to do it that's okay, I just won't run (or join) a league that requires that sort of commitment. That said, I'd be open to exploring the way waivers work.
  9. So it's (probably even past) time to start thinking about fantasy hockey. Couple of questions for you fine folks and, of course, sign ups if you want to play. We gotta throw this thing together sort of fast but that's okay, all the ladies say I am one of the fastest men around. So let's do.
  10. Want go again? Can renew league.
  11. Saturday is a stupid busy night for me so BPA will work so we're good to go on time.
  12. I am not going to be at a pc for a few days so k and bpa me please sir
  13. I won't be on a computer until tomorrow night so take a flex bpa and a def plz
  14. I've got a free copy and the following DLC: Crusader Kings II: Conclave Crusader Kings II: Monks and Mystics Crusader Kings II: The Reaper's Due Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India Crusader Kings II: Charlemagne Crusader Kings II: Way of Life Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods If anyone wants a key.
  15. I can't say why you like it. There's a lot of good parts of the show and it's entirely possible for some people to enjoy something while still seeing flaws in it, and it's possible for some people to not really see or want to see flaws in something they enjoy. And if you like it, that's great, and it doesn't really matter why and I won't say you're stupid for enjoying it. But there are definitely people who the show panders to, who don't realize it's pandering to them, and don't critically consider what they're watching. A wise man once said, of marketing, "if what they're giving you is an empty vessel, and it is marketing, then they must consider you to be an empty vessel, and you should just be aware of that". The point of Star Trek is to draw eyes and sell products via the commercials and tie ins, and if the way they decide to do that is a show that insults your intelligence then they don't consider themselves to have an intelligent audience. Again, it's possible to enjoy something by ignoring elements about it you don't like. But that doesn't mean those elements aren't there.
  16. If Russel Wilson is still on the board I will take him, otherwise you can bpa for me.
  17. Just finished a rewatch of Disco 2 with the SDMSO, and I disliked it as much on the second watch as I did on the initial run. It would be one thing if it was just all awful all the time, but it has moments of awesome that unfortunately are ruined by moments of baffling stupid and plot holes wide enough you could jump a starship through. I get that I'm not their target audience, they want that Marvel audience that can just turn their brain off, eat their popcorn, and buy the action figures, but as long as that's the show they want to make, my enthusiasm for Star Trek is at an all time low. And I watched Nemesis. In theatres. On my birthday.
  18. Sweet, keeping the streak of me having Zach Ertz every year alive. Now all I need is Russel Wilson and I can repeat last years great successes!
  19. I won't be at a computer for about twelve hours so you can go again crab man and if HC gets online he can make picks for me.
  20. I will take Todd Gurley and Robert Woods.
  21. I won't be on a computer at all today so if we hit my picks cheese can make them for me
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