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  1. I love a bet on the football, and I'm far too careful with money to bet silly sums, but the advertising of betting is far too much nowadays. There are new ones cropping up every week with free bets to entice new customers.
  2. People are actually suggesting that PP have done this as a "cop out" because of all the negativity surrounding the design of the other one, ignoring how PP does marketing.
  3. Turns out it was part of a PP campaign to remove sponsors from the front of shirts.
  4. I made a start on Days Gone at the beginning of the week, putting about 3 hours into it. It's my kind of game. I like open worlds and needing to loot for supplies. Zombies have been done to death, sure, but there's plenty of variety in them here at least. But, I still can't decide if I like the gameplay or not. The hand to hand combat is good, but the shooting just feels weak to me. Moving around feels a bit clunky too.
  5. This. I know you were kidding but there's a handful of their forwards/midfielders who would slot into the CAM role when Ramsey is injured (so a good portion of the season, then).
  6. I think Juve are covered pretty much everywhere now.
  7. De Ligt to Juve for £67.5m is done.
  8. Huddersfield wore their new kit last night. If it's a joke, they're going all the way with it.
  9. Trippier to Atleti is one of those FM transfers that happen every so often and don't seem realistic in the slightest. I think he'll do well for them.
  10. Tbf PES has far more licenses these days than just those individual clubs.
  11. People are saying it breaks the rules of how big a sponsor can be on a shirt, so must be fake.
  12. That was my first thought. It surely can't be real. It will get people talking though and ultimately that's what PP will want out of it. Edit: Although now I've read the press release on the Huddersfield site and I'm not so sure.
  13. Noted EWB member @Arjen Robbenson
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