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  1. Still got our two 100%ers though! They're going to be a tough catch after all the dropped points so far. Results to come later or tomorrow.
  2. Told you guys - a bandwagon doesn't always work out!
  3. Got Mewtwo on my 2nd attempt! Gonna try for some more on Sunday in Cardiff.
  4. Fulham 2-1 Watford (Sat 12.30pm) Crystal Palace 0-0 Newcastle (Sat 3pm) Liverpool 3-0 Southampton (Sat 3pm) Brighton 0-2 Tottenham (Sat 5.30pm) Arsenal 2-0 Everton (Sun 4pm)
  5. Week 1: Doncaster (W 3-0) Week 2: Portsmouth (W 4-1) Week 3: Arsenal (W 3-1) Week 4: Sunderland (D 1-1) Week 5: Chelsea (W 4-1) Week 6: Exeter
  6. Doesn't bother me as I'll be playing single player first anyway. I think by calling it a Beta in November, they're basically accepting that there'll be issues.
  7. So there's no online at launch? Did I read that correctly?
  8. Seems whatever Ronaldo did will probably get overturned. Not much contact apparently. We're lucky to be 2 up. Pogba's first was a beauty. Dalot has looked good going forward.
  9. Mountain to climb for Spurs in the group now. Positive result required against Barca next.
  10. Oooo, almost. Sturridge instead of Firmino for Liverpool tonight. Inter win it!!!
  11. Messi has 2 as Barca are coasting against PSV. Apparently the 14th CL campaign he's scored in. Edit: He has his hat trick now, 4-0.
  12. Yeah I don't think any of the English sides have 5.55pm home games. Much better 2nd half here. Spurs just as likely to get another goal as Inter are to equalise. You there tonight BTW @DavidMarrio?
  13. But apparently, viewers in Asia won't have to stay up as late to see the top European sides when it comes to the early kick offs. 1-0 Spurs, deflected Eriksen strike.
  14. Well its 6.55 in a lot of other countries so they won't be too concerned about the UK. I've got BT so I'm happy I get to (potentially) see two big games a night instead of having to choose between them.

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