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  1. With Chelsea close to signing that Bakayoko fella, there's rumours Man Utd are about to sign Matic and/or Fabinho.
  2. Januzaj Hope he does well if we do indeed accept.
  3. True Blood always comes to mind when this kind of topic comes up - it was so good for quite a number of seasons, but by the end I was glad it finished.
  4. Her complete meltdown was hilarious. Sorry Srar.
  5. Jose Mourinho is a dodgy bastard too, potentially, with a Spanish prosecutor filing a claim against him for suspected tax fraud.
  6. England behind already.
  7. 3 clear now, Koepka. I'll win £30 if he holds on, so commence collapse in 3, 2....
  8. Parma secured promotion back to Serie B yesterday, just a few years after bankruptcy sent them down to the fourth tier.
  9. Could've gone either way 2nd half. Pickford going from penalty hero to dropping a bollock and almost handing Sweden the win near the end was typical for a goalkeeper.
  10. Great start for Carabao.