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  1. Eriksen to Inter has been agreed.
  2. @It's Pronounced Zoom-E @Yorkshire Owl
  3. I'm not sure if I can make TBA but I'll see what I can do.
  4. Brighton have signed Mooy from Huddersfield permanently.
  5. Man City 3-0 Fulham Newcastle 2-1 Oxford Southampton 1-2 Tottenham Coventry 1-1 Birmingham Reading 2-1 Cardiff
  6. Was always likely with the potential of 3 games in 6 days looming.
  7. Going out with 10pts is unfortunate.
  8. I was at the 4-3 derby game where he made his OT return - never heard such a negative reaction for a player. If he came back, it would be hilarious to see a new signing get that kind of reaction.
  9. Mallorca went out, so no trip to Magaluf for Barca.
  10. I'd go along with that. Not that United are decent with money.
  11. He's averaged a little more than one every 3 games for Sociedad which is alright, but if Spurs are paying anywhere near his €70m release clause, they're paying too much.
  12. I've been saying all month that if Ole isn't on at Ed and the owners to make sure we bring in reinforcements, it's going to ultimately cost him his job. He'll be the one taking the fall if results like this continue. We are lining up in games where, aside from Martial and at a push, James, there's literally no goals in the team.
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