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  1. Baddar

    The Horror Thread

    Candyman has been postponed until September.
  2. Baddar


    It might take you a while to catch up with Eastenders tbh.
  3. If it gets cancelled and City are denied the chance to make the greatest PL comeback ever, it'll be so harsh on them.
  4. Baddar


    Gogglebox is decent. Some of the families/pairings are much better than others but still.
  5. TLOU 2 has been delayed again, this time indefinitely.
  6. They mentioned the format during our Europa tie with Brugge. It's odd.
  7. I've been on nights this week so haven't had chance to put more time into Days Gone since last weekend. I'm well into the 2nd half of the game now and it's really fun to play. Granted, a lot of the Bounty/Ambush Camp missions feel a bit samey, but I'm engrossed in the story and the characters are quite memorable. It's also on the PSN sale at the moment and you can spend £25 on a lot worse.
  8. Eddie Howe has taken a "significant" voluntary pay cut - the first PL manager to do so. Also, one for @Jimmy
  9. Will we get an MK Dons 2020 instead?
  10. Baddar

    The Horror Thread

    In the last week to 10 days, I've seen Ready or Not, The Hunt and The Invisible Man. All good, but I think I liked Ready or Not most out of the 3.
  11. If it's the same as it's been for the last 10 years or so, it'll be a case of downloading a file and placing it in the correct folder, then reloading the skin from the settings.
  12. Will have a look at this at some point. Quickly realised that I share a birthday with Bruno Fernandes though. 😍
  13. You'd need an Xbox but the newer Forza games have split-screen.
  14. I think I prefer Days Gone to RDR2 in all honesty. There are things Rockstar have done better, and it does feel a lot more polished but I'm enjoying the story and world of DG more.
  15. Sky Sports are reporting that Odion Ighalo has been offered a deal worth 400k a week to stay at Shanghai Shenhua. What happened to that wage cap?
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