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  1. The one time I like that, strangely, is in the Tour de France games on consoles. When you go "into the red", the edges of the screen start going black and you hear a heartbeat. Which is pretty much how I've ever experienced it when I've ridden too hard and can't keep the effort up in real life - everything starts going black around the edges, you can hear your own heartbeat and taste metal.
  2. Catherine. The game is split into two parts: Evening where you're at a bar and the storyline unfolds while you drink and talk to people and then in your character's dream where you are climbing a huge crumbling wall while dressed only in your pants. There is plenty of weird stuff in the game but the craziest is that each night you're chased up the wall by an enormous, grotesque version of what your character has been thinking of that day - whether it's your gf, a foetus or a baby. All horrifying.
  3. Let's all admit the awesome. I have this album somewhere.
  4. They're struggling to fill the stadium as it is, without a dozen getting lifetime bans every week.
  5. Di Matteo looking more and more like a "Chinese" James Bond villain from the Connery era.
  6. Lamela reminds me a lot of Van der Vaart and Keane in that he's got excellent vision, wants to be at the centre of creating play and makes really smart runs into space which are all too commonly ignored or missed by the other players on the team. Those two players would also get frustrated by those around them too. That's not to say that any of them were/are the "best" players in their teams, but their vision for movement and making runs was/is incredible and often overlooked by pundits and critics as they wouldn't get the ball. As an aside, all three have been my favourite Spurs players during their time with the club. Love that kind of vision/movement thing.
  7. Son legitimately NEVER passes to Lamela. Ridiculous.
  8. That's Arsenal's style this season. They're the 3 minute hand job behind the bus stop.
  9. Both are a wonderful way to spend the lunch break.
  10. Spurs and Liverpool are the sexiest teams this season. I can't comprehend how this has happened but it makes me and my brother happy.
  11. Aguero diving, Stirling going down like he's been shot after a little loose cuddling....City are not being allowed to play the way they want to and are getting frustrated. Also, I can't see this game ending 11v11. Otamendi is a yard slower than the Spurs attackers and Sissoko, Wanyama, Lamela and Rose are really getting stuck in. Also, the way Sissoko totally did two Man City players down the right wing, including putting the ball one side and running around the other side as he ran into the box is pretty much one of my fave things I've seen this season. ...and that play leading up to the penalty was glorious. Love this so much.
  12. Gentrification mate. Gentrification. Go back to your £7 pints and £1200 a month one bed hipster flats.
  13. Behave son. You think I'm one of them guys from Medway/Sittingbourne/Sheppey/Gravesend/Ashford/Maidstone/Thanet/Dover/Folkestone..........Oh I see your point.... But nah, I'm Faversham. Us and Whistable are well posh innit.
  14. My dad randomly picked up the first series of Treme on DVD. Is it worth me borrowing off him when he's done with it?