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  1. Your five favorite bands

    ......ah I'll go Sigur Ros to cover those nights when I'm gazing into the vast expanse of night sky that isn't ruined by light pollution.   So that would be: The Kinks, Pixies, Blur, Melt Banana (or Polysics) and Sigur Ros......Although I'd miss PJ Harvey. Bah.
  2. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    That early Ben Foster save is stonking. If it had been de Gea, Courtois, Hart, Cech or Lloris then the commentator would have been drooling far more than he was.
  3. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

      At my age I'm on 4 viagra a day so my dick's constantly hard. Posting gifs just adds to the tingling.
  4. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    ....and Aguero was offside for his goal. ....Mahrez for £400k. Total bargain.
  5. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    "Newcastle 1-0 West Brom Posted a This game should probably be dead and buried by now but Newcastle's wastefulness means West Brom remain within a goal of pulling level. Andros Townsend looks to give the home side a stronger grip on the game but his mazy run sees him take the ball out of play for a goal-kick"     Sounds familiar.....
  6. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    This is ridiculously frustrating. How we haven't scored this half or at least had a penalty I don't know. We ARE being amazing though. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAS! We really really deserved that.
  7. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    Ugh Gomes can't KEEP saving everything surely Davies is having a stormer running into the box from left back today. Lamela's looking good too.
  8. Your five favorite bands

    As for the rest of my five, I'll go for The Pixies. Although Surfer Rosa is 90% of what I need from them. Again, if I can get a bit of fermented booze on the island then even better. On the drive home from a gig, whether it's gone well or badly, I love to put this on in the car as loud as I can bear.     I love The Pixies. They're a big influence on the band I'm in (along with Pavement, Sonic Youth etc) and, after a gig, being told "you guys sound like The Pixies" was one of the very best compliments I could have heard (along with another night where someone called us the Kent Sonic Youth which was wonderful). They're noisy but they're melodic. All their songs sound different but are clearly theirs. You don't get bored after a few songs as they don't all sound the same. Love that.   Screw it, I'm gonna clog up the thread with more videos.         Also, the guitar in this is glorious. Joey Santiago has never been a maestro on the guitar but he knew what he could do and bloody hell he did it well.   As for my other three, probably Blur and Melt Banana. Just gotta think about the fifth.
  9. Your five favorite bands

    Oooooooooooooooooooh I love this question.   A lot of the bands I'm listening to now and would be current favourites....I'd probably bottle out of and not take the with me. Weird that, still that probably shows my classic favourites. Also, I could take a band who have one album, or a band who have like a dozen. Far more choice for those. Let's see who I'm certain of....   THE KINKS. Without doubt I'd take The Kinks. With regards to albums, Village Green Preservation Society is a stone cold classic. Muswell Hillbillies is brilliant and great too.....and then you've got singles like Sunny Afternoon, Days, Waterloo Sunset, Lola, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Ape Man and their early stuff like You Really Got Me.   Kinks gotta come. God save the Kinks.   In fact, every night on that island, as the sun was setting and my chance of rescue was gone for another day, I'd pump out Sunny Afternoon and sit back with a fermented coconut drink.      
  10. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    Transworld sport at like 7am on a Saturday morning was the best thing ever. Loved that. Yeah I think it was late morning and then there was a Bollywood film on afterwards or something.   Of course I'm old enough to remember the tail end of the wrestling on ITV with Big Daddy and all that. It had peaked by that point though with the super heavyweights (Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks) which actually killed the whole thing as a spectacle. WWE should take note - people loved the big guys but it was the cruisers that kept it alive.
  11. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    I used to watch kabaddi when Channel 4 used to show it in the late 80s/early 90s. There's no rivalry like East Bengal vs West Bengal.
  12. Which ones have you read?

    I've read Plato's Republic and large chunks of Canterbury Tales but that's about it. I studied English Lit to A Level but the kind of books we read there were pretty different to these.
  13. Crusader Kings II

    So I got this over the Christmas holiday, just the base game, no add-ons yet. Chose to take a tiny little area of Sweden as a 4 year old lad with my dad helping to run things. Get to 16, get married to a well-bred looker. Have a few girls and a boy. Wife dies in her 30s so get a new good-looking well-bred wife, marry off my first daughters as my second wife births another few kids.   All this time I've been dribbling along with just one county as the other got taken off me by the new King of Sweden. I have no real idea of what I'm doing and how to grow and then it turns out that I'm favoured in the Swedish court....and then the new Swedish King dies and suddenly I'm the King of Sweden!   Sometimes a situation happens in a game where you suddenly have far more to worry about in very little time and I find that kinda difficult....So I freaked out and haven't played since.
  14. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    Well we ARE challenging for the title so we need Leicester to start dropping points. Indeed, if we beat Watford and Man City and Leicester draw and lose against City and Arsenal then we'll be top!