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  1. @Chris2K
  2. When you kill someone in This War of Mine the depression it causes in characters is just far too much. It's bad enough when you have to steal from them. I managed to survive through without any kills. In fact I never developed any weaponry and learnt how to run and escape pretty quickly!
  3. Dream sequence is epic beyond epic. Got chills when she put the headphones back in. Final decision:
  4. I pretty much know what the last major decision I'm about to have to make is going to be.
  5. ....When you look forward to making time, turning playing a game into an event. Ok then Chapter 5 - sock it to me.
  6. Look, as far as I'm concerned, we've gotten I reckon four properly decent episodes each Capaldi series, without depending on the quickly-tiring Weeping Angels, which is better than it had been. Listen, Time Heist, Mummy on the Orient Express, Darkwater in Capaldi's first series. Under The Lake, Sleep No More, Face The Raven (which would have been the best Clara exit option) and Heaven Sent which is my favourite episode in years and years in Capaldi's second. I have to put up with Zygons, Daleks and general shite most weeks but I still tune in in that hope that it's going to be one of those creepy, weird and bedtime kiddie horror stories that rock up from time to time (see: The Silence, the Impossible Planet, that kid in the gasmask, first couple of Angel episodes, the Labyrinth, the creepy dolls house in the cupboard, anything with animatronic faces that suddenly switch to evil....) I don't care about the lore or the cheesy humour. I just want that moment where I go ".......woah".
  7. .....And it f**king is him as well.
  8. Just getting to the end of Chapter 4 I think .....and I THINK, after a pretty hardcore reveal chapter I think I've just gone further and put two and two together.... Anyway, I'm sure I'll find out soon. Staggering game. Emotionally totally on it.
  9. I've played AC 1, 2, Brotherhood, 4 and the new London one. Of the PS3 games I like Black Flag the most I think. I played a LOT of Fallout 3 and, after taking ages to get into it, loved it. New Vegas I just couldn't get into. Fallout 4 is cool. Seems harder though.
  10. The drive with The Truth and arriving in a whole new city was brilliant. Suddenly you really had moved out of street gang warfare into a whole different world.
  11. AND you could play as a team of Super Furry Animals on one of the Actua Soccer games.
  12. I'd love a Spurs/Arsenal final. We've got the toughest possible draw there though, but we did Chelsea earlier in the season so it's possible.
  13. Just seen the trailer for the interactive movie Late Shift. Anyone thinking about getting it?