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  1. Hey @Cheeky Hughes, Man City got a bit lucky with some of those dodgy ref decisions in the first half huh?
  2. Tokyo Jungle was fun! Just a shame I had a Japanese copy so my understanding was always a little limited.
  3. As usual my character in such a game is a sneaky, snipey, pretty smart, extremely charismatic weakling. And, just like Fallout 3, I couldn't get into the game at all first the first half dozen hours..... .....and then last night I just spent two hours building a pub and getting to grips with settlement building and I love it again. Will the NPCs use the space I made?
  4. I legitimately discovered half a dozen bands I now really like because of EWB Eurovision. Oh La La and The Do are just two of them.
  5. My favourite Japanese bands are primarily Polysics and Melt Banana. I also enjoy Capsule, some Perfume tracks and Special Others. I had a huge Scandinavian post-rock phase that I went through. My favourite bands from that wide genre include Sigur Ros, Amiina, Efterklang and Múm. You then also have Bjork of course, and Mew. Oh La La was a cool French band that someone used for a Cube Eurovision game and I loved them and got their CD. Air are a well known French band who I've enjoyed for a long time. Stereo Total are great and are French/German. I also like The Dø who are French/Finnish, Royksopp, Karin Dreijer, The Knife, Robyn, Karin Park and Frida Sundemo. (Not my favourite Melt Banana songs but I love that two Japanese musicians got a big bunch of rock and metal heads to this state.
  6. I did mine on Facebook. I R TRENDMAN. I believe I only included albums from '96-'98 or so when I had a part time job so could buy my own CDs, but before going to uni in '99. "Third Eye Blind" by Third Eye Blind."Polythene" by Feeder."Blur" by Blur."OK Computer" by Radiohead."1977" by Ash."You've Come a Long Way Baby" by Fatboy Slim."Garbage" by Garbage."Mezzanine" by Massive Attack."Pure" by 3 Colours Red."Gran Turismo" by The Cardigans.
  7. *raging nerdfury*
  8. Chloe's the best thing about Uncharted. Claudia Black is the best thing about everything.
  9. It's only a few hours at least.
  10. Dishonoured 2 is tooooough. Only on the island hospital level (2nd?!) and struggling to progress without half a dozen guards suddenly all charging me down. Still, stealth kills are always really enjoyable as that is how I tend to play. I paused to play and complete Firewatch. I really enjoyed the story and the emotions it evoked.
  11. That was enjoyable. " Spurs haven't lost a Premier League London derby at White Hart Lane under Mauricio Pochettino (W8 D4 L0). "
  12. Let me just tuck my trouser legs into my socks.
  13. Pff, I've scored goals like that at school and when I used to kick around with mates.
  14. First time we've been 3-0 up away from home since '97! 4-0! After the second I said it could be seven today.
  15. I loved Dishonored. Dishonored 2 is pretty tough to play successfully in a sneaky way so far. Loving the touches (a guard advanced slowly on me, throwing rocks off the ground at me as he came.....and when I did kill someone I took their arm off first). Not 100% on the graphics yet though - feel more PS3.5 compared to supposed PS4 screenshots I've seen.