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  1. I quite like the lass from Let's Play - Rebecca Keatley. The mum from Topsy and Tim is preddy but too middle class for me. My favourite is Ferne Corrigan from My Pet and Me.
  2. I hate Bing. He promotes bad, whingey and selfish behaviour in kids and I can tell when my eldest has watched a few episodes. Also, what's with the carers? Are they an underclass of less developed slaves who are forced to look after the master race, or is the programme suggesting that as you get older you are merely a subserviant, wasted away shell of a being?
  3. ....Hey Duggee. I don't care if it's a little cartoon for Pre-schoolers. It makes me legit laugh. It's well worth hunting down and watching a few episodes. They're only like 5-10 minutes a pop.
  4. High stealth (with perks) and high marksmanship means if I pick my targets correctly I can take down the toughest of a group with one shot using the stealth bonus and then clean up the weaker enemies with following shots. The only time I switch out of bow is when a pack of fast moving types (generally creatures like bears) all come at me at once. So my sword/shield skills also get some powering up. Behind stealth and archery my next biggest skill is charisma. Huge discounts, great deals, far less hassle. Although I HAVE found that charisma is used far more in Fallout 4 which is great - I'm able to get extra money for tasks and solve problems without a fire fight a lot of the time.
  5. #5 "GREED" by FUGAZI Since I joined Tiny Ghost in 2014 I have been on a voyage of discovery, learning of all the gaps I had in my musical education and understanding what bands influenced the band's noise when I first joined. Fugazi are an important band. Very. Greed and Waiting Room are my favourite songs but I think, overall, I find Greed more magical, immediate and intense. That's also why I've posted a live video. #6 "THERESA'S SOUND WORLD" by SONIC YOUTH Sonic Youth are another huge band influence. Blame our guitarist who's a decade older than me and learnt everything he knows in that pre-grunge, post-punk era. Kim Gordon's a fantastic bassist and I like how every song sounds different and that they try different things out to get the sound they want. That said this is my favourite because I love quiet-to-loud, distortion and post-rock style builds.
  6. The first two little missions I didn't enjoy. I briefly thought that the whole game would be kind of on rails like they were but then got to London and properly realised that they were just tutorial levels - not very good ones at that, but I guess they did their job.
  7. I picked up the London Assassin's Creed as it's cheaper on the Playstation Store right now. While I feel that the series has lost its charm, I'm hoping there's still some game there. I've just got to London and run through a mission there. It's veeeeeeery pretty and has some cool ideas, but I don't think the climbing is as smooth as it could be, the camera can get confused and sometimes they seem to jump in the wrong direction to what I tried to make them, so a bit glitchy. However, I am willing to give it time and get involved. Every AC game I've played (1, 2, Brotherhood, 4) I've completed.
  8. But a) they didn't bid enough, b) the player didn't want to come....Neither paint Arsenal or Wenger in a good light whenever he says it.
  9. That West Brom managed to keep that quiet shows that Berahino should realise how lucky he was.
  10. The first episode of The Wire was so different to anything else I'd watched before I really struggled with it. From the second episode on though I loved it. Series 2 was a battle for a few episodes at the start but after that I loved the pacing and how it progressed. Farscape is my favourite programme of all time. Depending on when it was first watched, though, a few of the early episodes were mixed around a bit which makes some of the underlying plot development between characters a bit weird. Also, "I.E.T" is a horrible episode and you either hit it second or fourth. For me it really starts to hit a rhythm on episode 6 "Thank God It's Friday, Again", although the Premiere is very strong.
  11. #3 "BONE MACHINE" by PIXIES I'm doing this one now before I think about it more. I'm a huge Pixies (original Pixies with Kim Deal) fan. Surfer Rosa is one of the best albums ever made. Doolittle is great too, but as with Alien/Aliens, the general consensus is wrong. Alien is better than Aliens and Surfer Rosa is better than Doolittle. Now, Doolittle has Tame, I Bleed, Debaser and Wave of Mutilation among others...But Surfer Rosa has Something Against You, Broken Face, Gigantic, Where Is My Mind?, Vamos.....and Bone Machine. Please picture the scene. It's 21st March 1988. "Don't Turn Around" by Aswad is number one in the UK charts. He's just knocked "I should Be So Lucky" by Kylie which in turn had replaced Tiffany who had replaced Belinda Carlisle. Later in the year there were to be number ones from Bros, Yazz, Phil Collins and Enya. I am 7 years old at the start of the year and 8 by the end of it. The charts are all pop. All of it. Ok, have we filled our heads with that? Punk gave way to post punk which was pushed aside by the new wave band wagon which fell apart as Stock, Aitken and Waterman steamrolled everything. But wait, what's this? *Insert Surfer Rosa. Press play. Track 1* I am in a band. We are often likened to Sonic Youth and Pixies. When someone says to me "you guys are like the Pixies" it's the greatest compliment. #4 "GROOVE IS IN THE HEART" by DEEE-LITE In all honesty I need this played at my funeral. Utterly love this song. Always have done since it was released. It's got everything.
  12. Oi oi. A few years back now I posted 100 songs I loved. I think a number of people did their own lists off the back of it. Well, I refuse to stagnate over time and want to do another list right now. I love lists, I love music. The only thing about my increasing age is that I'm more likely to look back than look forward, but still, some lush songs around. Let's get started. #1 (in no order) "RUNNING UP THAT HILL" by KATE BUSH I'll agree that Placebo's cover is actually pretty good but this last year I've really developed an appreciation of Kate Bush thanks to a decent documentary and some research of my own. Kent girl so one of my own etc etc. I legit think that this is her best song. The dancing showed massive self-belief/lack of care about what "the business" thought. I just think it's a song that'll stand up 50 years from now. It's timeless. Her voice is amazing and my co-worker (who is basically my best friend nowadays) reminds me of her 'cos she'd dance like that too given half the chance. Kate Bush is brilliant and the more I learn about her the more I realise that she just did her own thing on her own terms and did it amazingly. #2 "THE ANSWER" by SAVAGES Gonna be honest, only discovered Savages in the last 12 months. Then bought their albums and realised that I'd stumbled onto something seriously special. In my mind Savages are the best band to arrive in the last few years. Huge energy, great musicianship, brilliant songs. This is my favourite though and is backed up by an excellent video. The Answer is gloriously relentless. It makes me drive too fast in my car though.
  13. I like Capaldi. I think he's done a lot with what he was given and has Doctored some of my favourite episodes.
  14. Hurt was a brilliant actor.
  15. Every action scene/zord scene in the English-speaking version was from the Japanese original, just overdubbed. Only the unsuited scenes were acted by the US actors. CSAMH - thinking he's ruining childhood memories since 2017 when in fact everyone knew it anyway.