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  1. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2017: The Voting Thread

    I finally got Netflix! Let us all rejoice. I doubt Black Mirror can be added as the 2017 episodes aren't released until the very end of the year. Soo................. 1. GLOW 2. Star Trek: Discovery 3. Doctor Who 4. Rick and Morty 5. Brooklyn Nine Nine 6. Stranger Things 7. The OA
  2. What bands do you hate?

    .....Yeah that was extremely out of order. DEFINITELY not a mistake.
  3. The Grand Tour. (Top Gear is dead).

    I think the only celebrity thing Top Gear ever did that I actually liked was when they got a new reasonably priced car so invited celebs down for the day and some hung around before or after their laps. Rick Wakeman was playing songs on a rubbishy keyboard and I love any Wakeman TV appearance.
  4. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Spamming Johnny Cage's package check got me a load of wins in MKII on Amiga.
  5. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Speedball 2 was great. Often in those games what ia missing compared to now is the depth of leagues, or customisation, or playable teams or whatever that we're obsessed with now. Back then you'd get something like 8 teams and one play option but the gameplay was amazing. I remember the PC game Manchester United in Europe. All you did was play through the old format European Cup, UEFA or Cup Winners Cup as Man Utd...that was it. You could edit players names to be you and your mates though and that made it amazing at the time.
  6. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Locking the butler in the walk-in freezer on TR2 was always a winner.
  7. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Most old games ARE terrible. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2, for example, are borderline unplayable. The only games that tend to stand up somewhat are the witty point n click games (Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max etc), the better strategy games (like Rollercoaster/Transport Tycoon) and the games that are just legitimately, utterly playable and FUN (like the Sensible Soccer games).
  8. PSVR

    Played it for maybe 45 mins last night. Used the Move controllers and teleporting which really helped with motion sickness although removes a little immersion. People have praised the archery (you basically do archery motions with your hands) but it's really tricky. I was standing last night and although I stood on a cushion to ensure I didn't lose track of where I was, I ended up facing totally away from the PS4 and camera and so motion sensing all went wafty. However, I'm feeling more positive after that. Negative is the graphics, just too raggedy still which kinda hurts my eyes a little as they're trying to focus. I think it shows what CAN be done on VR though with the sheer vastness of the world (it's an actual proper full game and not a 30min-4hr VR game) and Fallout promises to be a better experience and one I'm looking forward to a lot.
  9. PSVR

    Upsettingly Skyrim was pretty nauseating to play. It was pretty cool when it loaded up and you're there in the cart, heading to execution. Turning and seeing people right next to you always makes me jump too! The dragon was ridiculous though and I imagine that some of those caves, tombs and dungeons are going to be pretty freaky at times and dragon fights will become pretty epic. Big enemies are going to be much more impressive. I found it pretty....blurry....raggedy with some of the textures, which is unsurprising really as it's basically a port of a 6 year old game never made to be closely looked at. Still, it's decent enough to draw you in. I liked that you just had to look at an item to be able to press to pick it up - means it's easier to search for items or to pick them up quickly. Back to the nausea though, apparently the more you play VR the better it gets, but I've struggled with a couple of games (albeit the most famously nauseating). It's the movement. It makes my eyes hurt, headache, feel a bit sick. They darken the edges of the screen when you move to try and allow you to focus more on a point, however folk are saying that the main movement issues of VR are to do with not being able to subconsciously see your nose, the fact that the screen doesn't blur as you move your head, unlike your eyes blurring in real life to keep your brain sane. Also, all the inner ear liquids and brain input just get confused. You can change movement settings to teleport which looked a bit rubbish in videos but I might try that, or increase the darkened edges when moving. Games like Super Hot I can play for an hour or so (although it gets my heart pumping and can be frustrating!) and some of the other less movey games too. I'll keep you posted as to whether more play means more comfort. I got to the torture chambers when escaping the dragon so not very far before getting headachy and sick. I'll give it another go tomorrow and see.
  10. PSVR

    You NEED the camera. You don't need the Playstation Move controllers, although some games do need them and they really add to the immersion in others. I had the Move controllers already because I had them for PS3 and you can use those.
  11. Board Game thread

    Not yet. Punched it. Read the (very simple) rulebook. Can play it single player if needed and you can even "save" it and put away for another day which I like.
  12. Board Game thread

    Very very happy with my Boardgamegeek Secret Santa present this year. Minimum spend is £30, I've done veeeery well with one of the top games off my wishlist. 😍😍😍
  13. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    It's EA. EA are pushing loot crates, micro and macro transactions like their lives depend on it. It's poison. I don't like the richer people get to have a "superior" experience in a game than a poorer person once they've both bought it. It's like the passes at places like Alton Towers that you can buy to jump queues, without being disabled. All the rich families swanning around getting on rides quickly with their dollah dollah.
  14. Board Game thread

    Networks was fun. Quite light for the length potentially.
  15. PSVR

    Traded a bunch of PS3 games in to get Skyrim VR today.