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  1. Tottenham group is pleasing. I think it's basically the same group that some online papers were saying would be the best outcome.
  2. They just so happened to coincide with my time in Japan where there were only 3 channels that had English language programmes that weren't news or sport: Fox Japan, Mystery (Monk, Midsomer Murders etc) and another drama channel that had stuff like Law and Order. The Finder was a spinoff from Bones and had Michael Clarke Duncan in it before he died.
  3. I enjoyed the half-seasons of Mental and The Finder. Neither lasted beyond 13 episodes.
  4. The first two series of Lie to Me were brilliant but in the third series Tim Roth became too larey, argumentative and looked drunk all the time. Also the stories got silly.
  5. House produced some brilliant TV and some truly amazing episodes (particularly the double-header where House is trying to trigger his memories to work out what happened with the bus crash. That was some of my favourite telly). The start of series 6 in the psych hospital were very good episodes too and I'd agree that I think after that it never quite reached those same heights again. However it would have been a shame to not see those episodes. They could have worked as a finale though, as a Christmas special or something.
  6. They're actually ok to have on in the background on nights where I'm not tired yet but can't really concentrate.
  7. Like Family Guy and American Dad on ITV2 (was BBC3) for 3 hours every night.
  8. It's cos series 1 always has to be smart. Series 2 ups things a bit to keep people hooked and get the show re-commissioned....But then after that they decide "hey, now we can make a longer arc!" and series 3-5 is always a longer story about chasing a serial killer or something and relationships get more confused because they figure they have more time to sort it all out.
  9. Sometimes I like the idea of a programme being much shorter and contained. Of course success and monies mean that they won't be. For example, Heroes as a single series is magnificent. Burn Notice as a 3 series arc is brilliant. Prison Break running 2 series would have been great. I didn't enjoy series 3 of Mighty Boosh as their characters became far more polarised and I hated the whole crimping thing.
  10. I only have Alien Isolation on PS3 but it's LUSH. Pretty much the only game that actually makes me feel scared and not just a bit jumpy. Looks great, brilliant gameplay, pacing, plot, sense of aloneness, very faithful to Alien which is my favourite of the film series anyway.
  11. Unless the damn crossbar derails it again.
  12. Razer was my favourite, especially early on, but they started fiddling with it too much (except the self-righting mechanism which was cool) and it lost its edge.
  13. Talking Heads are magnificent. Tina Weymouth is a great bassist.
  14. I've been listening to Savages pretty much all the time in the car recently. Proper, proper band.