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  1. I'd rather we got a manager in who at least tried to make England play all pretty and not dour and gritty. Really the dream would be Hoddle returning but that's never going to happen sadly.
  2. Gen X is often seen as being around '61-'81. I squeak into it as I was born in 1980.
  3. Nirvana's "Come As You Are" and Blink 182's "Adams Song". For anyone who didn't know this (although it's quite well known apparently). "Take your time, hurry up. The choice is yours, don't be late." vs. "I took my time, I hurried up. The choice was mine, I didn't think enough"
  4. I like getting CDs from charity shops. Great for filling out gaps in my collection and trying out stuff I'm vaguely interested in and don't mind paying £1 for.
  5. There were loads of empty seats as it was. They can't afford to keep getting fans banned.
  6. Standard Charlie Adam second half sub appearance. Time to take off two players we don't want shanked. Lush second half so far. All Spurs, Stoke have totally capitulated. .....Yep Kane off after scoring. Good sub.
  7. Lots of McLusky again recently on train trips to work in Canterbury.
  8. The Time Tunnel from the '60s, which had some similarities to Quantum Leap with regards to leaping into places to sort things out for people, ended with them "leaping" onto the deck of the Titanic and a synopsis is shown in a "next week" thing but there never was another episode and so it is never resolved and they are frozen on that deck forever.
  9. It's upgrading our back-up midfield I think ahead of Champions League. That's why I don't mind him coming, I just think it's too much money. Anyway. With regards to midfielders who got game time, we've sold Alex Pritchard, Nacer Chadli and Ryan Mason as well as loaning out Clinton N'Jie and Nabil Bentaleb. Pritchard would have struggled to get game time anyway, so that's no loss, but otherwise you've got four guys who WOULD get cup games, rotation games, would have played Europa. With those gone you have Lamela, Eriksen, Alli, Dier, Dembele, Wanyama, Son which is lovely lovely. Seven guys to fill what will often be a five man midfield. You've then got guys like Carroll, Winks and Onomah who are fine for League and FA Cup games and 70 minute Premier League substitutions, but shouldn't be played in the Champions League or the big league games. So all you need is two of the seven main midfielders injured at once and the bench, if not the first team is weakened. N'Koudou looks like a great prospect but I think we were right to get one more experienced midfielder in just to play the numbers game. In the Europa League we would qualify from the group stages with our second team out. In the Champions League that won't happen. Lamela, Eriksen, Dier, Dembele, Wanyama, Son, N'Koudou, Sissoko will cover all that. We've sold or loaned out 5 and brought in 3. Also: And in response to all the "har har Sissoko is an Arsenal fan...." posts on Twitter, one commenter makes a good point, when replying to how Tottenham fans will take to him. "Same way Arsenal took to Bergamp even though he is a self confessed Spurs fan that time. Not comparing players, of course. Sissoko is a pro footballer, scored against Arsenal last year too." Same way Arsenal took to Bergamp even though he is a self confessed Spurs fan that time. Not comparing players, ofcourse. Sisoko is a pro footballer, scored agaist Arsenal last year too Same way Arsenal took to Bergamp even though he is a self confessed Spurs fan that time. Not comparing players, ofcourse. Sisoko is a pro footballer, scored agaist Arsenal last year too
  10. I think Sissoko will be fine. Spurs have had their eye on him for a while. Although I think we paid over the odds, I trust what Poch has been doing. Since he came in we've been making a string of "Moneyball" signings - young players will the most completed runs, successful passes, tackles, with pace and an ability to play pressing football. I think it serves us better than blowing £50mil on a marquee name, as exciting as that would be.
  11. Institutionalised racism? Oh wait he's at the Met Police NOT Chelsea....
  12. Right then. Sissoko. I don't mind him as an extra body. That's fine. With a bundle of back-up midfielders going (Chadli being the one I'm a little sad about) it felt that an injury or two left our bench looking short and with three cups, league etc, I was happy to get one more. Y'know, even ok that it's Sissoko as a backup (cos he's not better than Lamela, Eriksen, Alli, Dembele or Dier for a start). However £30mil upsets me.
  13. Tottenham group is pleasing. I think it's basically the same group that some online papers were saying would be the best outcome.
  14. They just so happened to coincide with my time in Japan where there were only 3 channels that had English language programmes that weren't news or sport: Fox Japan, Mystery (Monk, Midsomer Murders etc) and another drama channel that had stuff like Law and Order. The Finder was a spinoff from Bones and had Michael Clarke Duncan in it before he died.
  15. I enjoyed the half-seasons of Mental and The Finder. Neither lasted beyond 13 episodes.