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  1. As a huge pro cycling fan, I wouldn't give SPOTY to Froome. Definitely not Wiggins. On the track it would have to be Kenny or Trott to be fair.
  2. I bought one 2016 album this year. It was "Adore Life" by Savages and it's magnificent and brilliant and awesome. Oh I also bought albums and EPs from bands we played with this year. Some of them were very good.
  3. Yeah GT music blame falls on my shoulders.
  4. I watched all 3 episodes of Reassembler, with him methodically putting stuff (lawnmower, guitar, phone) together from all the separate parts, while gently talking into the camera about how fascinating it all was. Absolutely delightful telly.
  5. AC2, Brotherhood and 4 were all better than the first, but seriously, I totally bought into the original Assassin's Creed. The setting was brilliant, the sight of the first city asyou crested the hill on the horse was breathtaking and a number of the assassins were very nicely done. Also a lot of the concepts were amazing. That said, future games did of course improve pretty much everything, but then I DO love a flawed, but "different" game (eg Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Remember Me, Mirror's Edge). As for Watch Dogs, I totally bought into that too and although it started wel I agree that it lacked some of the promise that was originally set out for it. After a while I found myself thinking "I wish I was playing GTAV instead" and at that point I switched back to GTAV and didn't play it again.
  6. You'll have died of dysentery long before then.
  7. Just found this.
  8. As a collection of bands and songs: Gran Turismo. "Everything Must Go" by Manic Street Preachers (Chemical Brothers remix), "As Heaven Is Wide" by Garbage, "Lose Control" by Ash, "Sweet 16", "Tangerine" and "Chicken On A Bone" by Feeder....In fact this game introduced me to Feeder and although I went off them in later years, their Swim EP (and re-released version), Polythene and Yesterday Went Too Soon are amazing albums. Also, GT3's intro "Just A Day" by Feeder It hyped me to play the first few times I loaded it. Gran Turismo had some amazing '90s tracks in the games and linked to the games. Other very strong contenders are the Wipeout games or Race Driver: GRID with the UNKLE remix of QOTSA's "No-One Knows" as the intro.
  9. Third time at "Britain's best small venue 2016". Yays.
  10. The one time I like that, strangely, is in the Tour de France games on consoles. When you go "into the red", the edges of the screen start going black and you hear a heartbeat. Which is pretty much how I've ever experienced it when I've ridden too hard and can't keep the effort up in real life - everything starts going black around the edges, you can hear your own heartbeat and taste metal.
  11. Catherine. The game is split into two parts: Evening where you're at a bar and the storyline unfolds while you drink and talk to people and then in your character's dream where you are climbing a huge crumbling wall while dressed only in your pants. There is plenty of weird stuff in the game but the craziest is that each night you're chased up the wall by an enormous, grotesque version of what your character has been thinking of that day - whether it's your gf, a foetus or a baby. All horrifying.
  12. Let's all admit the awesome. I have this album somewhere.
  13. They're struggling to fill the stadium as it is, without a dozen getting lifetime bans every week.
  14. Di Matteo looking more and more like a "Chinese" James Bond villain from the Connery era.
  15. Lamela reminds me a lot of Van der Vaart and Keane in that he's got excellent vision, wants to be at the centre of creating play and makes really smart runs into space which are all too commonly ignored or missed by the other players on the team. Those two players would also get frustrated by those around them too. That's not to say that any of them were/are the "best" players in their teams, but their vision for movement and making runs was/is incredible and often overlooked by pundits and critics as they wouldn't get the ball. As an aside, all three have been my favourite Spurs players during their time with the club. Love that kind of vision/movement thing.