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  1. Both of these are a yes from me. Prison Notice series 1 was intense, uneasy and excellent. Series 2 was a cool variation because of the on-the-run angle.....and then it went downhill. I LURRRRRVE Burn Notice series 1 and 2. Really loved how it was fresh because of the setting, concept and how Michael would voiceover to give you that insider information about what he was doing and why. Also Bruce Campbell is gold. Series 3 was decent enough but the usual multi-season problems kicked in - the "overarching story" took more centre stage and the cast started to balloon out a bit too much. After series 3 it went wrong quickly. My oldschool pick is 'Allo 'Allo. While later series start to struggle badly from cast changes (for various reasons) and over-reliance on catchphrases and repeated jokes, the first two series in particular and also third series mostly, were excellent. Very very funny, quite riske and smart.
  2. Not a joke as such, but Frank Skinner's Absolute Radio podcast is my favourite and week in week out he comes up with moments that make me laugh out loud....Usually when I'm listening to it on my headphones in public.
  3. Love it. Love it.
  4. I'm less excited about next week's episode. Although I love the old British soldiers, not a fan of the Ice Warriors or the effects of that weapon they fired.
  5. ...So Michelle Gomez is now 50 and I still fancy her.
  6. I've JUST started watching this episode, but surely it's not a fluke that Bill's hair is swept over to look like Winston Smith's in 1984. The overalls are basically the same. Very lush set-up with the whole "truth" thing. Looking forward to the rest of it.
  7. I hate Nike kits. I hate that badge. Under Armour were brilliant. Now we just get the generic cheaply-made, half-hearted Nike hand-me-downs. Sigh.
  8. I just went and saw Melt Banana at Ramsgate Music Hall. <3 <3 <3 I also went and bought a t-shirt and badge off them but I totally bottled any decent conversation or photo request because I'm horrible at meeting my faves. So so so so so so so so good. Although I was the only one getting excited at their old stuff (yeah, I was THAT guy at the gig) and I totally marked out when they played their cover of Monkey Man which is my favourite Monkey Man cover of them all. Melt Banana, I salute you with love.
  9. Next week's episode looks better than this week's, but at least it did build nicely and had the fella from My Parents Are Aliens and Bluestone 42, which is always a winner. Bill's comment about whether the aliens were zombies was excellent. It totally followed up on a thought I had after them needing to be "invited" and showed again that she's the voice of the audience.
  10. Will be watching tonight's episode tomorrow when I get home after cricket. However, I agree with Skummy about Moffat vs RTD. Yeah Moffat's got carried away in Who machina and suchlike and making companions the centre of the universe...and I definitely hope Bill stays as the "eyes, ears and mouth" of the viewer......but I'd hapily take Moffat over RTD all day long. ESPECIALLY when it comes to two-parters. I also agree with everyone who loves Bill. Seriously, the stuff she says, like referring to the Dr as "Dr What" in a radio trailer....or asking all these slightly silly questions/making statements that just make perfect sense but were never asked/said, it's just spot on. I find her extremely likeable as a character.
  11. Liverpool have gone back to the green and white quarters! Robbie Fowler flashback!
  12. Fourth. That's the best result of my favourite song that I can remember.
  13. Ours is really good. She's a brilliant singer and the staging was great.