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  1. Will be watching tonight's episode tomorrow when I get home after cricket. However, I agree with Skummy about Moffat vs RTD. Yeah Moffat's got carried away in Who machina and suchlike and making companions the centre of the universe...and I definitely hope Bill stays as the "eyes, ears and mouth" of the viewer......but I'd hapily take Moffat over RTD all day long. ESPECIALLY when it comes to two-parters. I also agree with everyone who loves Bill. Seriously, the stuff she says, like referring to the Dr as "Dr What" in a radio trailer....or asking all these slightly silly questions/making statements that just make perfect sense but were never asked/said, it's just spot on. I find her extremely likeable as a character.
  2. Liverpool have gone back to the green and white quarters! Robbie Fowler flashback!
  3. Fourth. That's the best result of my favourite song that I can remember.
  4. Ours is really good. She's a brilliant singer and the staging was great.
  5. I phoned up for the sexy milkmaids! It was a great song!
  6. I did quite like it. Azerbaijan's is the best so far.
  7. ....But it really isn't though. I know I totally go into Eurovision from the wrong angle though, so always admit that I'm so far off the pulse that it's not even funny. I'm not very good with pop generally, nor good time music or festival joy music.
  8. Poland always get votes cos of the Polish living around Europe. Norton commented on it earlier. Bet on them getting a top 6 or something.
  9. There were only three decent songs in the first semi: Belgium which was streets ahead, Iceland and Finland. Iceland and Finland were eliminated while Belgium was the last to be put through. If she'd not made it to the final I'd have joined UKIP. Also, she was well nervous and shy. Made it better. Love her voice.
  10. 1.
  11. I like these new suggestions.
  12. When I find something new I really like, I proper obsess over it for a while. My current obsession:
  13. We'll all still be able to watch Sanchez in the Premier League next season....albeit for Chelsea.
  14. The only team I think can BEAT Chelsea on the run-in is Everton. They're on some great form and will be at home. Three of the teams Chelsea are playing are pretty much on the beach already. Honestly, winning the league would be a dream come true, but it's still Chelsea's to lose. We're playing incredibly right now and are just about to break our Premier League records points tally, but I'm still looking back as much as I'm looking forward and counting off the games and the teams below who can no longer mathematically finish above us. Beating Arsenal at White Hart Lane to ensure we finish above them would be wonderful though.