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    Pens and Papers

    Three level mines and the barbarian will be my start. It will be a few weeks from now.
  2. Hook

    Pens and Papers

    We started with six, and people managed to drop in and out and now we're at 8. I could drop it to 8 Level 11s easily. Would that change your numbers?
  3. Hook

    Pens and Papers

    So you think they need more? What would you give them?
  4. Hook

    Pens and Papers

    indoors. They are on an assassination mission.
  5. Hook

    Pens and Papers

    It's always my goal. I don't want to overwhelm them and get a TPK. We're too close to the end of this. Almost a year in and the campaign is almost over. They can't die prior to the big bad.
  6. Hook

    Pens and Papers

    Question for DMs. I will have ten level 11 adventurers, would it be too much for them to have a boss fight against a level 15 Orc Barbarian and two level seven Warriors?
  7. Got it. You got the Claus Co building. I really wanted it but never got it.
  8. Been playing for a long while, but I have been losing neighbors. Could use some more. I am themadhooker
  9. Wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work, I am currently running a diary off of this right now. Few things that needed to be changed. Haku needs to be on an open contract with WWF as he was in the Royal Rumble. You have Big Bully Busick and Nick Busick both listed. As far as I can tell, they are the same person. I see a few piddly arguments about the experience of Demolition and the Killer Bees, but those are small things. I think the first two are the ones that need to be fixed.
  10. Well, I believe, and a quick look on Wiki backs this thought up, that David was dead by the start of 1985
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