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  1. Download Festival 2010

    Wolfmother has pulled out according to the website, Killswitch Engage are their replacements. Prefer Killswitch myself, so not too disappointed about it.

    There really isn't much to it, just standard kart racing fare. If she liked Mario Kart then I can't see why she wouldn't like this.

    Was thinking of picking this up. Just a quick question though, is it possible to have 2 players splitscreen and then both race against others on Xbox Live?
  4. Aliens VS Predator

    Didn't see an existing thread for this, so thought i'd start one. The demo was released last week and it seems to be getting some pretty mixed reviews, mainly due to the fact that it only features online deathmatch and finding a game has been problematic, especially on PS3. I downloaded the demo on the 360 and I was impressed although the graphics aren't as good as seen in some recent games. I'm particularly looking forward to the 3 seperate campaign modes. It might not end up being a classic, and maybe the online modes wont compare to those seen in CoD, but I think it will be enough to keep people entertained for a while. Thoughts?
  5. Battlefield 1943

    I crashed a plane attempting to take off, it was rather embarassing . I might be on later, or tomorrow if you wanna add my gamertag (in sig).
  6. Battlefield 1943

    I have got it but not played it much because of the servers being down during its release, but I enjoyed the little time I played it even though i suck at it.
  7. Fight Night Round 4

    I'm really enjoying this game although I got to 'Superstar' level on Legacy Mode, wasn't concentrating and pressed retire by accident. Now I have to start all over again
  8. Fun PSX games?

    Destruction Derby was pretty good and alot of fun
  9. Lord of the Rings:Conquest

    My bad didn't see this lol
  10. Lord of the Rings:Conquest

    Anyone played this yet? I downloaded the demo on xbox live wasn't particularly thrilled with it. For those unaware its by the makers of Star Wars Battlefront (which I loved), so I was looking forward to it based off that. What do you lot think of it? Worth a buy?
  11. Fifa 09 Online Tournament (Xbox)

    Can be, add us
  12. Fifa 09 Online Tournament (Xbox)

    Same here, i've only been playing Fifa since christmas after being a Pro Evo guy and I'm finding it hard to adapt (still no excuses for my poor display). In my game against AD it just seemed as if i was running into his players and basically giving them the ball.
  13. Fifa 09 Online Tournament (Xbox)

    Understatement...I was absolutely shocking. You should have scored at least 15
  14. Fifa 09 Online Tournament (Xbox)

    I have a feeling i'm gonna get destroyed here, should have thought my team choice through a little more