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  1. Hi there mates. This is a video recorded by me on my new youtube gaming channel. Hope you like it, that you join the game and that you add me (ViciousLothario) for a couple of battles. If you like to watch some gameplays, game review's, just subscribe to my channel. Give me some likes and comments on youtube are apreciatted so I can win a lot of money playing games in order to buy a new computer for better videos. That really sounds weird. Anyway soon I will have gameplays of different roleplaying games. The Elder Scrolls: Legends is extremely fun and the story mode is very well designed. I think that it has more tactic than Heartstone but I'm afraid that it won't have that much of popularity. Just take a look. The game is free-to-play currently in open beta. Download it on the official site https://legends.bethesda.net/
  2. Well, I have two requests. If anyone can do something I would be extremely grateful. Type - Banner Text - WWE: Revolution | Are you Ready for Revolution? Font - ---- Images - Triple H, Undertaker, Batista & Jack Evans Colours - Light blue, white, silver... What do you think is better. Size - 800*250 Sidenotes - --- Type - Logo Text - WWE: Revolution Font - ---- Images - I will leave this to your creativity Colours - Light blue, white\silver. Size - 200*200 Sidenotes - Here I leave it to the "Master of Graphics" decide according to his creativity.
  3. http://worldstarsofwrestling.com/ This is a Portuguese Federation...
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    Ehk :/. It isn't bad..
  5. Just to say that, Portugal Rullez. It was a great match. Portugal dominate the game, and came out with a good result. Just started with the right foot. In this Euro my bet goes out to Portugal!