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  1. But that's the thing though, I figured it was a timing thing, but the game never tells you when you should be attempting the steal/when to press the button. Am I right in guessing that when you're marking someone, and they're bouncing the ball on the spot, you press the button when it's mid-air (after leaving his hand and before returning to his hand), or at the moment of impact it hits the floor or? It does seem to be luck for me so far, especially because once or two I've stolen the ball when the player has two hands on it.
  2. I caved and got NBA2k20, but still not sure how to tackle/steal/whatever the basketball terminology is, after I had NBA2k16 too. Like, I've tried going on to the tutorials and it tells you press Square... which is all well and good, but it doesn't give you any tips on how/when to do it. I'm not a fan of how they changed the shooting from "stop the gauge in the zone" to "stop it at it's maximum". I'm trying to hit shots relatively near the board, getting near to full gauge, and it missing more often than not. Also, how do you pass the ball to someone to run on to? Like, if you're on the break, I find if I pass the ball to the open man on the run, it passes to him in that spot, and he gains control of the ball on that spot. It's not one fluid motion of passing it to someone, them controlling it in their stride and continuing on.
  3. Wales 2-1 Italy, from the Euro 2004 qualifying campaign when Wales made it to the playoffs. Wales 2-0 Andorra, the last game of the Euro 2016 qualifying. Wales had already secured qualification, so it was just a celebration if anything. Wales 2-1 Slovakia, in Bordeaux for Euro 2016, Wales' first match in a tournament in 50 years. Amazing atmosphere, it felt like a home game, don't know why I paid for a seat because we were all stood up the whole match. There may have been slight tears during the national anthem. Mexico 0-0 Wales, in the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, this was a World Cup 2018 warm up match (obviously Wales didn't qualify), and not a lot happened, but it was a good holiday. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea, from earlier this year, when Chelsea where absolutely shit, only Hazard was decent when he came on, they didn't deserve to win, and Cardiff got completely fucked over when two players were at least 5 yards offside for one of their goals. That essentially relegated Cardiff. And countless other Wales home matches and Cardiff City home matches.
  4. Spiderman is a fun game but it won't last you very long. I had it at release in early September, and completed it to a platinum trophy on my first playthough about 2 weeks before RDR2 came out, so took me about 6 weeks - but that's not be playing every day, sometimes only on weekends for a couple hours. Having said that, I am currently on my second story playthrough now, so it does have replayability if only because the gameplay is fun and the story is fun.
  5. Saw two gigs this week: 1) An Evening with Brian Fallon, 25/2/19 - support by Craig Finn of The Hold Steady @ Tramshed Cardiff I absolutely love The Gaslight Anthem, and their 59 Sound reunion show was possibly my best gig ever, but I was apprehensive going to this; didn't know what to expect with the fact that it was acoustic and would somewhat focus on his solo stuff and didn't know if he'd be able to hold the room with his stories. But in actuality, he was a lot a of fun! Seeing Gaslight twice before, they didn't really engage with the crowd much (first time was for Get Hurt tour, so I guess they weren't really in the best place), but on his own, he was really relaxed, spoke well, (spoke A LOT), went off on tangents but was interesting and fun to listen to. The literal first thing he said was "half of you could die and it would still be a better gig than last night... but I hope you don't". Topics include; How he's not going to sing loud punk songs when he's on his own and it's an acoustic show so stop shouting, he prefers British TV to American, USA doesn't need guns because Luther doesn't have guns, sorts things out and has a sweet coat, and getting everyone to tweet Noel Fielding as they did in 2014 on the Get Hurt tour (Fielding was playing a gig in Cardiff the same night during that show) and more. According to the setlist, he was due to sing about 14 songs, but he was talking so much he only did about 12,. However he did do a piano version of The 59 Sound with everyone singing which was fantastic. Only downside was the two pricks yapping all the way through stood in front of me, and repeatedly shouting Bruce Springsteen things at him, despite he said it can be a bit annoying.. The guy next to me respectfully told them to be quiet, which they took it as "we're just trying to have a good time". Said pricks also thought it was hilarious that he shouted "#borntorun" for us to use in his Noel Fielding tweet, despite that he didn't actually have a twitter himself!!!! HILARIOUS!😒 As for Craig Finn, he was okay. I liked his stories, but his songs sounded the same, like they had the vocals had the same pattern and rhythm. 2) Fatherson, 2/3/19 - support by Vistas @ Clwb Ifor Bach This was technically the third time seeing Fatherson (and second seeing them with @JeReindeer by chance), after seeing their final song supporting Lonely the Brave, and them then support Lonely the Brave & Mallory Knox. They are by no means my favourite band but they are good live and a good way to spend an evening for only £8. Sold out crowd and great singing, I would recommend watching them. The support Vistas were also pretty good too, and will definitely give them a listen when they get a chance, I remember really liking one of their songs.
  6. Was strolling through a hilly area off a path and came across a random guy's tent. He tells me I shouldn't be here and to keep going. I try to defuse the situation whilst still going. He has a go at me again, so again I try to defuse as I carry on. He pulls out his gun. Not wanting to lose any morale by killing him, I pull out my lasso. I lasso him. He falls on the floor. He starts shooting at me from the floor. He dies. Figured he shot himself. No. He fell over onto his own campfire and set himself on fire. I looted his corpse and camp and went on my way like he wanted.
  7. So I killed the Legendary Bear, but didn't really know what to do with the belt, because apparently I have to sell it to a trapper? But I hadn't found him so I was just logging it around for ages, until I found that if you dump it in camp, it triggers a mini cutscene where he stores it "somewhere safe". I've now found the trapper, but the pelt is nowhere to be found? Is it gone?! 😢
  8. Next time you're riding through the woods at night, get the lantern out 😍 Does anyone know how to get the Double Action Revolver & Stone Hatchet that you unlock in GTA Online actually to use in the game? Or is it that you get them on RDR Online?
  9. I had no idea you get an extra costume for the secret photos?! I'm on either 48 or 49 of 50! I'd have thought that given that, it would count towards platinum, but hey hi, nevermind!
  10. Finished Spider-Man to 100% platinum on Friday - little surprised that you don't need to do all the benchmarks and secret photos etc to get platinum but whatever. Fantastic game. Act 3, in terms of the missions seemed to go quick, like I wasn't expecting to fight the last 2 main bosses in missions directly following each. And now I do sort of understand and agree with the suit choice thing at the end, mainly because I didn't like it graphically, but it makes sense story wise (personally I only played as the standard costume anyway). The last 2 bosses played exactly like old school Metal Gear Solid 1/2 bosses which is always fantastic. A sequel would be most welcomed.
  11. I'm Welsh too... 😞 Maybe Cymbols is just J Jonah Jameson in disguise? I'm not a Marvel nerd and have only really seen first Avengers, Guardians 1 & 2, and the latest Spiderman (plus the first two Spiderman films with Tobey Maguire), but the game is fantastic. For me, Spiderman is easily my favourite superhero, but mainly because of the 2000 game and Spiderman 2 game because they were so fun to play.
  12. I started playing GOW a couple days before as it's the free game this month, saw they have a 100 combo trophy, and both combat systems are combo based and quite button mashy so one bled into the other.
  13. I was playing a Taskmaster challenge and got a 98 combo, only failing because I ran out of opponents. So I tried again a few times but failed. Today I was doing a Fisk hideout and got a 99 streak and run out of guys, so replayed it and got 97. So I tried again, adamant I was going to get that 100+ combo trophy... And I finally did it, I got the 100+ combo! Buttttttt no trophy?! Because it's actually God of War 3 that has that trophy. Not Spider-Man. A different game entirely. 😏
  14. Checked and it was in his emails. I played it for a chunk first and enjoyed the swinging but felt it was sort of lacking a fluidity and seemed a little slow. But after taking a break and playing again a few hours later, I didn't realise that during the course of play, the speed, fluidity and reach all increased. That break served me well to notice that. As for the story, I've just completed the mission where Miles Morales is formally introduced, and I'm enjoying it so far. It FEELS like a Marvel Universe Spiderman movie, but in game form.
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