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  1. I doubt it, but does anyone on here play any H1Z1?
  2. Question on the events preceding the show and the last episode.
  3. Krone

    2015 NFL Season

    QFE. Grew up watching the guy sling the pigskin around and gained an appreciation for how he handled himself on and off the football field. Truly a one of a kind athlete and I second the motion of it being an honor watching him for all those years.
  4. Krone

    2015 NFL Season

    I'd love to see Cam win the Super Bowl, but I really think I'd much much rather see Peyton win one more time and ride off into the sunset. What a storybook ending that would be.
  5. Krone

    2015 NFL Season

    Well in any event, I'm on the fence with Lewis. He's got the fail-safe because Dalton wasn't playing but his playoff record more than shows they can't win in crunch time. It depends if Cincinnati is okay with being consistently good and losing primetime games all while hoping they can pull through one of those times or if they want to go out and find themselves a new coach. The Reds suck so the only thing the city has to look forward to is football and their team keeps choking games away when they need them. Pacman and Burfict though, that's what I really call into question. Giving up thirty yards on personal foul penalties but I've always been of the mindset that those calls go on the players shoulders and not the coach. There's no way Marv didn't tell his guys that this shit couldn't happen and for Burfict to do that followed by more Pacman tomfoolery, that just comes with the territory of having those types of players. Maybe Lewis doesn't have the respect from his players who knows, but that was their game to win and more than anything those three players cost them that win. But enough of that, how about the grapefruits on Big Ben to step back into the game and lead those guys down the field like that. Interesting to hear his diagnosis and if Antonio Brown will be a go against Denver next week.
  6. Krone

    2015 NFL Season

    A risky run play? It looked like a simple iso up the middle to a guy who had three fumbles all year. Not saying he never drops the rock, but in at least field goal range and a first down away from potentially locking the game up - what else was he supposed to do? Ain't gonna pass it there. Geo was knocked out of the game. Take a trio of knees? That'd still give the Steelers well over a minute to play with. Sure they'd be up by four but with Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant as big play threats, why not just play the odds and hand the ball off.
  7. Krone

    2015 NFL Season

    I completely disagree. End of the game, you have to have your best players out there - especially in the playoffs. I'm more than sure he addressed his worries with Burfict prior to that last drive, if not before and during the whole game. While his record is pretty shit in the playoffs, they should've won with a backup QB in. Hill fumbling, Burficts hit and Pacmans actions were the three reasons they lost that game and none of those can be blamed on the coach.
  8. Krone

    2015 NFL Season

    Pacman grabbed Joey Porter who's now a coach for the Steelers by the jacket. Either way, incredible ending there. From Burficts pick, to Hills fumble. Big Bens return, I mean better storylines than the WWE! Even if Pacman let that go and just Burfict got the flag, Cincy still had a shot to keep the game in their favor. I feel bad for Cincinnati, but man, you kinda deserve losing for doing that shit.
  9. Krone

    Fallout 4

    Swans Pond was a pain in the ass before I hopped in my Power Armor with a Fat Man and Minigun. Laid waste to him real quick.
  10. I adored the GTA series for it's open world. 3 was good but felt really small whereas Vice City felt the same size but had a nice mixture of side missions and what have you. But San Andreas will always be my favorite one just due to it's sheer size and ability to see all the different environments. Oblivion and Skyrim from TES franchise were amazing too just because of how immersive it was. Granted in an RPG like that, you can also level up a plethora or skills and spend hours on end not only doing that but hunting for that one incredible piece of loot. I would rank Oblivion over Skyrim just because of the overall feel of the game, from it's character screens to it's story. Not to say Skyrim wasn't unbelievable, but Oblivion always holds a special place in my heart. Personally, I prefer open worlds just because as has been said, you can really get your money's worth out of it and enjoy a lot of different aspects. Whether it's seeing cool sights, finding that hidden treasure, fighting off enemies, or leveling yourself up, I always felt entrenched in this huge fictional world with more stories than just the main quest.
  11. Played some of the BETA on the XB1 and I second the graphics being amazing. Loved playing around with the sniper, but it's so frustrating when you don't have the jump pack unlocked and there is just people flying all over the damn place and you're running through valleys and crevices. With that being said, Walker Assault is unbelievably one sided. Seeing Darth Vader just deflecting bullets was pretty badass though.
  12. Career mode does look really good, and I haven't played 2K but the match star ratings in the upper left hand corner is exactly what I was hoping they would add. I can only imagine how good the career mode will get over the course of the next few years as 2K always (as evident with NBA) seems to up the bar higher and higher.

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