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  1. As much as it sucks for my teams to be losing (Jays and Calgary Flames), I get almost more excited about the trades, prospects coming back, new faces being brought in, culture change and all that... than I do about my teams performing well. Maybe it's just that I love the business of sports so much. Donaldson and Happ are both gone this year. Hopefully they can swindle someone into taking Morales too. Donaldson moving out would probably give us our first look at Vlad Jr at 3B in the majors too... which would be hella-exciting.
  2. The Orioles should play Toronto exclusively. Then maybe the Jays would have a chance.
  3. If you're using a salary cap, I'd protect Simmonds based on his lower hit. If he has a bad start, I'm sure you could ship him off to one of the expansion teams for a low cost player who might have good upside potential that they don't see. Or, if you guys are allowed to strike deals to keep the expansion teams from drafting specific players (or encourage them to), I would trade Zibanejad in exchange for them taking your shittiest player or worst contract. At his age, with the expectations that everybody had for him, it should be easy enough to convince a new player to take a chance on him, even with that albatross of a contract.
  4. I would leave either Zibanejad or Wayne Simmons unprotected. Zibanejad is replaceable, and as much as I love Simmons, his style of play will see him regress as a point-producer at a faster rate than most of the guys you have. Sheary really should be kept away from your expansion draft. Basically anybody who plays for the Penguins is capable of having a massive season just because of who they get to play with and learn from.
  5. I feel like Disney made a mistake by not just rolling with the idea of a new Star Wars film every Christmas season. They threw Solo to the wolves, putting it out around Deadpool, Infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp and all of the other big movies we've had this year. They couldn't have seriously expected a performance much better than this, right? I mean, they've got to be smarter than that. I haven't seen Solo yet, but I keep hearing that it's a paint-by-numbers Star Wars flick, minus the Jedi, and that just won't work to draw people in when they have so many other, more intriguing options. Rogue One was a perfect standalone film, and I was hoping they would continue that trend with Solo, but it sounds like they missed the ball. I would probably have made an effort to go see it if it came out at Xmas time, but I haven't had the chance to go see DP2, Avengers or A Quiet Place yet, and all three of those seem like way better options than a half-assed Han Solo movie.
  6. I had money down on the physical version at EB Games already, but I was hoping to use that for a PSN card so I could get the game digitally instead... but I REALLY want that New Japan Almanac. I mean, I guess I could just snag the game digitally when it goes on sale, and trade in the physical copy at that point. It's also disappointing that North America doesn't get that sweet LIJ inspired Fire Pro shirt.
  7. Spawn isn't the protagonist. Todd MacFarlane has stated that the movie won't be about him. That it's going to be more of a horror film, with this boogeyman lurking in the shadows who a lot of us happen to know as Spawn. So in that sense, it would be like A New Hope focusing on the origin of Darth Vader as opposed to Luke Skywalker. Vader was the boogeyman, but he played a much larger role in the narrative than anybody could have thought just by watching that first film. Spawn, the boogeyman, will be a huge part of the movie, but it's not about him. I'm sure that potential sequel skeletons have been put together, and I wouldn't be surprised if his origin is explored there. This is not a superhero movie. It's going to be a dark, detective thriller that dives headlong into horror. The first one made the mistake of trying to be too much of a superhero film. The CGI didn't age well, but for me, the biggest problem with the original film is that it wants to be a superhero flick and provide us with this triumphant protagonist, but it's also trying to respect the horror side of it all, and it falls flat on both fronts. Spawn should be horrifying from the start, with flickers of heroism as we start to get to know the character, and he gains more control over his powers and turns on the forces of Hell.
  8. I am fully behind Vegas in the final. Ovechkin is super talented and has done a lot of good for the game of hockey, but he rubbed me the wrong way with his arrogance and reckless play early, and I can't get over that. On the one hand, I like to see that he's being rewarded for playing at such a high level for such a long time... but on the other, if he never won a Stanley Cup, I'd probably prefer that. Let's go Vegas!
  9. Is there really too little talent to round out the teams we have when there are free agents like the ones who are still available? Honestly, I think the biggest issue is with encouraging teams to make those signings. Teams should be rewarded for trying to win, even if they finish last. From the perspective of the teams, if I'm expecting to finish last in my division, why would I throw a bunch of money at a veteran star who won't be a difference maker enough to jump to first or second? As a fan, and for the greater good of the game, it still hurts me to see teams actively shed payroll and replace star players with known scrubs because they don't think they can compete. Even knowing that the game is a business and understanding why it happens, it still hurts when Miami hands out cash one year, fails and then trades everybody away for absolutely nothing because attendance didn't go up immediately and they didn't win enough. Maybe change the way the draft works. The number one pick goes to the team with the most wins in the season after the game where they were mathematically eliminated from the post-season. A reason to continue pushing for the absolute best out of a lineup, regardless of situation.
  10. The Atlanta Braves released Jose Bautista already. They said he's welcome to re-sign and play in AAA, but Joey probably thinks he can get on an MLB team still.
  11. I decided against that one, but TrackMania Turbo is a lot of fun.
  12. You can access the original cut by going to the Trailers & More menu.

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