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  1. I finally bought a Switch. Been really enjoying Mario Odyssey, which feels so much like Mario 64. The Mega Man Collection has me wondering how I managed to finish the first three games when I was a child, but is enjoyable. I'm looking forward to The Fracture But Whole, and am hoping that Stick of Truth gets a physical release, as they already said it's coming one way or another. I'm hoping that Mario Maker winds up on the Switch as well... and I wouldn't be upset if Fire Pro makes its way there too. Has there been any talk of the eShop returning? Or what's its replacement? Will I be able to purchase older games and play them on my Switch? I'd love to dive back into some n64 stuff like Mario, Wave Race and more... but I've been out of the Nintendo loop a little and have no idea what the online service will allow.
  2. That's a cool way to do Edit Sharing, but I hope that it's easily traversed for English speaking fans. I'm assuming that the English language part hasn't launched yet as the game isn't out for another 16 days here.
  3. He would also be an insurance piece in case they don't want to promote Guerrero Jr and don't re-sign Donaldson (if he isn't traded). Drury, Aledmys Diaz and Yangervis Solarte battling it out for third base in spring training wouldn't be the worst case scenario for us next year, but I'd rather have Vlad or Donaldson starting there.
  4. Gabriel

    WWE 2K19

    If Fire Pro can get us a management mode that tracks stats, feuds and the such... the amount of hardcore fans who abandon the 2K series may be enough to cause them some issues, but the big question is how they would react to it. Instead of giving us what we want, it's much more likely that 2K would remove a bunch of stuff, and then brag about how they are new additions to the next iteration of the game. Except, they already do that. I enjoy the gameplay in the 2K series enough, despite there being obvious errors that need fixing, but the restrictions on CAWs, and the broken Universe mode are frustrating as hell. Seriously, just give me a mode where I can choose from a bunch of stories that have branching paths based on match outcomes to assign to a feud... and the ability to turn off ring announcers (to avoid the god awful announcements for CAWs) and I'll be happy. I also am aware that Microsoft and Sony have restrictions on additional content, but I feel like download limits should literally just be how much hard drive space you have left. It would also be great if they actually tried to expand the legends roster, as opposed to removing a couple and adding one, and then making characters who were previously in the game Pre-Ordr Bonuses and/or DLC. Ignoring everything else about the games, it's clear that Spike Chunsoft is concerned with making a game for the fans, and 2K is concerned with getting as much money as possible for as little effort as they can expend.
  5. Happ slides solidly into the three role on most contenders. His numbers this year are worse than they should be because of a shitty Jays defense. He won't have that problem on a different team.
  6. Apparently the dude who owned the Fire Pro Arena domain got into some trouble, but he's not involved in running it or anything, so they are moving the community to distance themselves from him. That's my understanding from the tweets and everything.
  7. While I don't have an answer to your question, I pre-ordered the physical copy with the full intention of trading it in later when the trade value and digital price are similar. I really just wanted the Almanac and any other cool little things came with the game. The guys at my local store didn't know what the game was, but I explained it to my buddy and he's really excited to give it a try sometime, even though he isn't a wrestling fan. Just telling him about the customization made his eyes light up, especially when I mentioned how many Simpsons edits I've seen.
  8. I know it's doubtful, but I really hope that additional content continues to roll out, adding in more of the guys from New Japan, and then maybe extending that relationship so that they can bring in Ring of Honor, Rev Pro and CMLL. I know these guys can all be made, but official versions will include things that edit makers just can't. Have they mentioned if there's a limit on PS4 Edits yet?
  9. Season 2 of Jessica Jones was the first one that I had any trouble getting through. Season 2 of Luke Cage is going much more easily for me.
  10. Do they still have that Griffey fellow? I heard he's a really good baseball. We'll take him for Roger Clemens. Or maybe the Indians still have that Vaughn guy, you know, Wild Thing. He might be an easier trade target, but they gotta make sure he wears his glasses, that damn punk.
  11. They can have JA Happ for the last half of the season in exchange for Clint Frazier, Domingo Acevedo and a couple more prospects. Then we will re-sign Happ in the off-season to essentially come out of the trade with all of the players. I actually hope that Happ isn't dealt if there isn't an overpayment. I'd rather they just re-sign him and have him mentor young arms for the rest of this throwaway season than trade him for whatever.
  12. I love the DH rule, because when I was playing baseball, I couldn't hit worth shit... but ask me to induce ground balls or back guys off of the plate? No problem at the lower levels. Aside from that, I don't really care too much about whether or not we have the rule, because I don't play anymore, so I don't have to argue with league officials that my development as a pitcher is being hampered by my inability to focus on that specifically... even though I just didn't want to hit.
  13. Yeah, and it should be the same price or less for everything as people will be paying for the PS4 version which includes it on disc. I only bring that up, because a lot of people who have it on Steam can't seem to do math and keep freaking out about how PS4 users are getting the love, and PC users are being screwed over. Not the case at all.
  14. Even with Tavares gone, the Islanders have a lot of really good young talent. With Tavares gone, they have a fuck-ton of cap room to try and minimize the damage. James Neal is still on the board, and if they aren't working on an offer for him, they're missing the ball. Speaking of Neal, the Flames have the cap space to make something happen there, and I feel like he'd be a great fit for the locker room if he's interested in playing in Alberta. Neal beside Monahan or Backlund would be insane.
  15. Dubas will have to get creative with trades and free agency in the coming years to hold onto the core, but Tavares for 7 years instantly makes this team one of the most dangerous in the league. Other teams will be able to take advantage of the cap situation in Toronto over the next few years by offering up cheaper prospects or veterans in exchange for guys who won't be able to be fit under the cap. Upcoming RFA's in Toronto will be eyed heavily by teams with cap flexibility moving forward, and that's pretty exciting. I am so happy that my Eastern team upgraded this heavily. Toronto is going to be fun to watch. Now if only my Flames can make a significant addition to plug a hole or two.

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