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  1. Birth of TNA mod?

    There is not currently. A May or June 2002 mod would be a lot of fun though, to be able to play from the beginning of TNA and try to avoid making the same mistakes.
  2. Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Thread

    Daniel Bruhl was wasted so badly. Helmut Zemo is a way better, more intricate character than was shown. They could have named him literally anything and the character would have been the exact same, but they called him Zemo and wasted one of their better villains by having him be nothing like his namesake. EDIT: Not that I'm biased or anything...
  3. WWE 2K18

    That's what happens when you take days off.
  4. WWE 2K18

    Online and Offline players seem to have the same basic complaint... being that neither is really focused on enough to really improve when the title is released annually. Online players seem to think 2K doesn't give a shit about them, but often fail to realize that offline players quite often feel the same way. Truth is, they just don't have the resources to make significant changes to both sections of the game when they force the annual release window. They either need to dedicate more resources to the game, extend the developmental process, or just understand that they will receive this type of backlash from all sides. Essentially, the WWE 2K series is a dude with multiple wives, who thinks everything is great... but none of them are satisfied and eventually that's going to cause some pretty significant issues if it isn't addressed. That another Wrestling Promotion with decent resources hasn't tried to create a more fan-friendly wrestling video game blows my mind... especially when you consider where the industry is at right now. If New Japan or Ring of Honor could partner with a decent developer/publisher to put out a wrestling title, I feel like it would do quite well, especially if they limit how much money they spend on licensing, give us a solid creation suite and focus on the gameplay. There's no reason why a TEW styled video game wouldn't work in this climate. 2K frequently touts Universe Mode as one of the biggest reasons why players buy their game. If that's true, it means that if there were another game that offered good gameplay, and better simulation features, storylines and more... that game would do well, especially if it comes in at a discounted price point. People pay $80-plus Canadian to buy WWE 2K... a broken game that takes several patches to get up to release standard, and has little development year-to-year on the things that we tell them we care about. If there was an alternative that wasn't so obviously niche (Fire Pro World), and was priced at $40-$60 Canadian, I am confident that it would be a success. Add in DLC sales too, and they could do quite well in today's market place. Imagine buying a New Japan video game for $20 less than WWE's... which isn't an annual title... instead just offering up consistent DLC packages of new performers, arenas, promotions, etc that want to be involved. Pay $60 for a game that plays like TEW on the back end, but offers up a modern take on the old Wrestle Kingdom gameplay... and then give us optional add-ons packs at $10 a pop like Rock Band does, and it becomes a consistently easy way for them to promote their product and make some extra cash.
  5. Sony Megathread

    That was actually a planned Kinect game before Microsoft killed support. Beating the game unlocked the Weapon of Choice video from Fatboy Slim, which, if scored 100% would grant the first user to do so the life-force of Christopher Walken.
  6. If it hasn't been fixed yet, the Tate Twins are not correctly set as a tag team in the September update. It's listed as Brent and someone else, not Brent and Brandon.
  7. The 2017/2018 NHL Thread

    I would hold on. Seems like he really wants Manson for some reason, so let him make an obvious overpayment, or stay the course. In regards to regional blackouts, I haven't had cable television for years now, so I'm not sure really... but as a Flames fan who has lived in BC most my life, I have nothing but complaints about the fact that they do that. I understand why it happens, but if I'm paying $100+ a month for cable/internet, and the only way for me to catch the majority of the games I actually want to watch is to spend another $200-$300 for a premium service. As it stands, it's cheaper for me to have no cable, internet only and subscribe to the NHL GameCenter package. Being that I am a typical Canadian making less than the national average, it's hard to shell out that cash all at once, so in recent years I have been subscribing monthly when I know I will have time to watch the games, and during the playoff race.
  8. The 2017/2018 NHL Thread

    For a keeper league, I always recommend looking at term. Manson and Tyler Myers are basically a wash in terms of offensive output right now, but I trust Anaheim over Winnipeg in terms of team play. Myers has elite level potential, but that's always dangerous to take a guy like that when they aren't performing up to that hype, because that lack of performance could be the thing that puts a hard cap on just how good he can be. Myers has more potential to break out, but he also has more potential to flake out. Manson is a more consistent choice, that gives you term on a team that complements him very well.
  9. The 2017/2018 NHL Thread

    I'd probably hold on to Manson. Anaheim is a more stable, consistent team usually. Especially if this is a keeper league.
  10. The 2017/2018 NHL Thread

    We are only three games into the season, but the Flames are 2-1 and the biggest question mark that we had (goaltending) seems to have been answered nicely. I was hesitantly excited by the addition of Mike Smith over the summer, as he was consistently strong for a consistently weak team in Arizona for so long... but his numbers didn't reflect a massive upgrade over Elliott and Johnson. Well, through three games, Smitty is 2-1 with a 1.68 GAA and a .957 SV%. Smith's numbers will not stay that high all year. Career bests are 2.21 and .930, both in his first year with the Coyotes organization. If he can match those numbers, or even come close, the Flames are going to be a very dangerous team this year... AND we still have the debut of Jaromir Jagr to look forward to!
  11. Nintendo Megathread

    I am so happy to be playing Contra III again. The mini is the best. N64 Mini for next year is needed.
  12. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    I believe they said Spring 2018 is the release window for the game on PS4, but that if it takes longer, we shouldn't be surprised. They do Twitter Q&A's on a regular basis and the PS4 version is always asked about.
  13. WWE 2K18

    I think the thing that has people up in arms the most about the roster/dlc reveals is that we gained current day stars, but the amount of legends has decreased and the Season's Pass definitely feels like it isn't as good as 2k17's. The game is going to do fine, but it would have been nice if they talked to us a bit about why Rick Martel is the only legend added this year (not counting Batista and RVD), and why the Season's Pass content seems lesser, but is still priced the same. It's 2017. Educate and inform your customers. I will pick up the game, but I will wait until I can do it at a dirt cheap digital price. I don't feel like 2K deserves my $80+ this year, so I'm capping it at $40 for the base game and the DLC. That's what I'm willing to pay for what they've announced, so I will wait for that. The thing that can make me change my mind though is if Universe mode really did receive a massive upgrade. I doubt it, though.
  14. WWE 2K18

    There were 2 versions of Surfer Sting in 2k17. Sting '88 and Sting '91, which, aside from their appearance, I believe were exactly the same.
  15. WWE 2K18

    I feel like they have the right intentions, but they miss the point a lot on what we're looking for. Each character in the game should have two attire slots, with entrance/victory settings being separate for both if you want. Then you get Finn Balor and The Demon King in one slot, because other than his entrance and attire, everything else is the same. Edited attires also shouldn't take up a CAW slot. That's some bullshit, right there. Instead of giving us five versions of Sting, realistically, we only need 1 Surfer Sting with two attires... 1 Crow Sting with 2 attires... and then Wolfpack Sting and modern Sting could probably be in the same character slot as well. His moveset didn't change a whole lot. Transparency would also help out a lot in regards to their customer relations. When they just keep porting over characters, it makes no sense to the fans when someone was in last year's game, but not this year. If they were a current WWE superstar last year, and have since left the company, that kinda makes sense. But let's use Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman as examples. They were in 2k17, and were literally just ported from 2k16... but as of right now, they're not listed as being in 2k18. It would really be nice if 2K could let us know why. With the legends in particular, the amount of them shouldn't be decreasing unless contracts for usage have run out. Even then, it would be great of them to just come out and say "This specific character was not included with this year's game because of contractual reasons. We will continue to try and remedy that for future installments of the game, but you can enjoy the other returning superstars and this year's new additions"... some shit like that.