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  1. I'm not sure if it's the same in the States as in Canada, but a lot of the Shudder exclusives are fantastic. Channel Zero is a cool anthology series. Each season is a different story. For movies, here's a list of stuff to check out if it's available. Housebound (you're stuck in a house with your family that you hate... oh, and there's ghosts too) Hell House, LLC (1 through 3... if you like cinema verite stuff. Not terrifying really, but interesting throughout) Lords of Chaos (a fictionalized account of the history of the band Mayhem with Rory? Culkin absolutely killing it) The Ranger (punk rock flick with a charismatic villain that reminds me of Patrick Warburton) Cold Skin (creature feature about two guys stuck on an island that takes some weird fucking turns) You Might Be The Killer (Fran Kranz from Cabin in the Woods and Allyson Hannigan) Mandy (Nic Cage being fucking awesome) Wolf Cop (if you like ridiculous shit) Mayhem (Samara Weaving is just the best) Digging Up the Marrow (Adam Green being fucking awesome. Mockumentary about a dude who claims to have found the home of monsters) Dread (Clive Barker story-turned-film. Psychological, not supernatural) Antichrist (Lars Von Trier doing Lars Von Trier things) Tucker and Dale Versus Evil (if you haven't seen this, but like horror comedies, you're missing out) ...and there's a whole slew of other, more well known films that are available on the service
  2. He couldn't keep up with the pace of play early with the Flames, and I think that got into his head. He wasn't getting many chances early last year because he didn't gel with either of the top two lines, so was relegated to third line duty and with his confidence shaken, when he finally started getting chances, he just couldn't pull the trigger. As much as I dislike Edmonton, I'm happy to see him bouncing back. Neal's a good player, and seems like a good dude.
  3. I missed the game last night. How did the Canucks do?
  4. I'm actually happy that Calgary lost that first game last night. I feel like the regular season was too easy for them last year, and that's what killed them down the stretch. To have the adversity right away of having to deal with a loss to the team that out-performed them in the first round of the playoffs should be the kick in the ass that they need to really hunker down and understand that there are no easy games.
  5. I haven't seen that yet, but I'm excited to watch it. I've heard good things. It's just crazy to think that DC banked on this huge cinematic universe, corner-stoned by Batman and Superman, which by all rights should have worked... only to have their "lesser" heroes be the ones to deliver the goods.
  6. Shudder uploaded the first episode of the Creepshow revival to their service yesterday. It feels so much like watching Tales from the Crypt that I absolutely adored it. Tobin Bell guest-starred in the first story of the first episode, and Greg Nicotero is one of the minds behind the revival. That said, I'd love it if someone brought the entire Tales from the Crypt to a streaming service.
  7. Star Guardians of the Galaxy Wars. I'd be totally up for a movie bringing the two franchises together in some way, as long as it's done well. Feige hasn't given me any reason to doubt him to this point, so I'm interested to see where this goes.
  8. I thought it was pretty good. I didn't go out of my way to see it, but it hit Crave a month or two ago, so I watched it with my wife. We laughed. We enjoyed the action. Who would have guessed that the best Post-Nolan DC movies would be Aquaman and Wonder Woman though? To get ahead of it, I'm not counting Joker, because it has just released, and wasn't treated as a superhero film at all. It could have been any movie about a guy in that situation, who does what he does. That's not to say that it might not be cool to see a Joker movie like that... just that it doesn't "fit" as a superhero flick, and is more of a traditional drama/thriller.
  9. It's allegedly because Kevin Feige wants to use the character in the MCU-proper, and the MCU and Marvel TV are two different groups who were supposed to play along well, and just haven't really. I'd rather see him in the MCU anyways, so I'm okay with that. I've seen people complaining because they're afraid the character is going to be gender or race swapped, because Kevin Feige is apparently the worst and is basically PC Principal. Honestly, I don't care. Choose which version of the Rider they want in the MCU, and hire the best actor for the part. I don't care what color their skin is or what they identify as sexually. So long as the character is written well and the product is as good as the rest of the MCU, I'll be a happy man.
  10. The Flames signed Matthew Tkachuk to a three year deal with a cap hit of $7 million per season. The final year of the deal is actually worth $9 million, which means that his final year as an arbitration eligible player will mean that his qualifying offer will have to be at least $9 million. It's a good deal for the Flames and Tkachuk both. He becomes our highest paid player, but doesn't destroy our salary cap. It allows him to really drive home what he's worth over the next three seasons as well, knowing that the salary cap is expected to see a significant increase between now and then due to the new North American television deals and the Seattle expansion team coming into the league. Oh, and Big Save Dave has allowed just one goal on 40+ shots through the exhibition period here so far. If he can stay healthy this year, he could be the first legitimate number one we've had since Kiprusoff.
  11. I can't speak for any other regions, but during my time running an EB Games location, I can safely say that MLB: The Show outsold PES and FIFA combined by an outrageously large number. I can even say that in the five years I was there, I probably only moved (at most) twenty to thirty copies of PES. FIFA did a lot better, but usually during the summer time when all the tourists were here and the foreign exchange students moved into their Canadian homes. The Show didn't come anywhere near out-selling NHL or Madden, but if those were Tier 1 sports games... The Show was Tier 2, and the football/soccer games were easily the lowest selling of the bunch. Speaking to other store managers at our conferences, it seemed very similar all across Canada. So, people bitching about PES most likely already purchased it because they were a die hard fan, or were upset because it's a sports game they have absolutely no interest in. Because The Show is more popular in Canada (and likely in other regions) than PES, it's likely that is why there isn't the same backlash to a sports title being included. Sports games are perfect for those services to use as free game fodder though. Annual release cycles hurt the sales anyways, and the money to be made really is in the online modes and micro-transactions. So, if for instance, next year they dropped NHL free on Plus or Gold from day one... yeah, they'd lose sales of the game, but they'd have a bunch of online players geared up to spend big right out of the gate, because they'll feel like the value they're getting is worth the money they want to spend to enhance their online experience. Of course, then you'd have people like me who would just happily take the free game, never touch the online stuff and play franchise only... giving the companies zero dollars.
  12. I am enjoying it, but it's definitely been a step down from the first season. EDIT: I'm four or five episodes in now.
  13. Me too. I usually get it on release day, but there were too many issues this year at launch, so I waited, and then I didn't have the expendable money to make it a reasonable purchase... and now it's going to be free! I'm so happy. Good timing too, because I'm at the point now in my franchise on 2018 where Vlad Jr is the only remaining player who started the year in Toronto's system. I'm excited to get to see the new features like in-season contract extensions. It's going to make it so much easier to figure out who I want to trade away at the deadline, who is sticking around for next season, and what holes I'll need to plug.
  14. Me either. I had the worst overall record, unsurprisingly, but I'm going to finish either 9th or 10th, which I will absolutely count as a victory this season.
  15. Wow, look at Sony go, still supporting a console from two generations ago.
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