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  1. Gabriel

    The Punk Thread

    Cancerslug just released a new compilation that covers the back-end of their time with their drummer who recently passed away. If you're into GG Allin, you may dig Cancerslug. He was a huge influence on Cancerslug's Alex Story, who also fronts Doyle with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein from the Misfits. Cancerslug is easily one of my favorite bands. I really dig Alex Story's lyrics and voice, and it has hints of different genres of music that I enjoy, such as horror punk, outlaw country, metal and more, but it's really its own kind of thing. Here's one of the, uh, less vile tracks.
  2. Apparently, the Jays couldn't find any takers for Freddy Galvis before the deadline, even just for a middling prospect, so they put him through waivers to clear up more playing time for Bichette and Biggio... and Galvis, who is having a career-year at the plate, was selected off waivers by the Reds. On the one hand, it really sucks to lose a 29 year old veteran that's been contributing the way that Galvis has this year. On the other, by losing him through waivers, the Reds are now on the hook for his full value through the rest of the season and the contract option/$1 million buyout. It's a move that stings a bit, but hopefully clearing up that money means that the Jays will re-invest it in pitching come the off-season. The offense has proven that they are formidable, even at their young age, so it should be priority number one at this point to bring in pitching. I'm not saying they should hand out $100+ million this off-season, but there's absolutely no reason for them at this point to not be kicking tires on younger arms through potential trades or finding those guys in free agency who are good enough now, and young enough to continue to grow with the team. If they can sort out the pitching this off-season, with the offense that we have already, there's no reason why we can't be aiming for wild card contention as early as next season. More likely though, they hand out a couple of one year deals to guys who probably won't be brought back beyond the season, try to see which prospects break through, and let the team suffer through another season of mediocre to sub-average pitching. They absolutely should not be in "win now" mode, but there's no reason beyond saving money that they shouldn't be aggressive in trying to fix their pitching situation for the beginning of next season. There will be some guys available through trade and free agency who fit what the team is looking for.
  3. The first season especially was good, of Sons of Anarchy. I enjoyed the whole thing, but it really fell off the rails when it became obvious that it had an originally planned ending for the Shakespearean story they were telling, but then the show just kept going.
  4. Yeah, Big Mouth getting three more seasons is well deserved. It's also probably one of the cheaper Netflix originals for them to make in comparison to the viewing numbers it receives. I loved Santa Clarita Diet, and it absolutely still stings that it got cancelled... but there are a lot of other things they could have done to keep it running, as opposed to cancelling other shows that are doing well. For instance, it completely boggles my mind how much international content gets brought to Netflix Canada every month, when you compare it to how much North American content gets added. Are the viewing numbers for all of those Bollywood or Japanese movies they've added worth spending that money when it could have been used on something else, like extending the life of a Netflix Original series, even if only for one more season to wrap things up? I feel like Netflix as a company is in a weird place right now, where they're really trying to push original content, but they aren't REALLY trying to push it, you know? They spend a lot of money on a lot of things that aren't bringing new customers to the service, while allowing content that they own to just fizzle out with alarming regularity. The content they own is what they should be earmarking most of their new content funds to, if their end goal is to entice people to sign up or binge-watch that content. How often they've cancelled an original show without allowing the creators/writers to actually bring it to an end is ridiculous. I mean, why not even just give them a smaller budget to wrap it up and do it with a shortened season or even just a feature length episode? It makes it difficult for my wife and I to invest in the new Netflix Original content, because we're afraid that we're going to get attached/drawn into it, only to have it cancelled suddenly... and I imagine that we can't be the only people like that... so Netflix is essentially now just perpetuating the failure of their own shows by giving people a reason to be hesitant to watch new content, which in turn could lead to the cancellation of said content because not enough people watched it, or watched it within a certain time frame, to make them believe that the financial investments in those shows are worth having additional seasons. At this point, when we start a new original show, we look for that message that tells us that another season is incoming. If that message isn't there, and we aren't ridiculously hyped to watch it, we'll wait and see what happens.
  5. Which is why I wish they'd move to a two year dev cycle while still putting out a game every year. Just alternate between a modern game with only current stars one year, and a legends game the next.
  6. EA's NHL 19 was a free game with Games with Gold and Access is available on Xbox One, so I wouldn't say that Access coming to PS4 will stop EA games from being free with PS Plus.
  7. I'm more of the mind that they just got rid of one bad situation in exchange for another, while also giving up a reliable arm in Biagini. If the prospect coming back wasn't Derek Fisher, but was someone with a similar upside who had remaining options, it would make way more sense to me... but like I said, Fisher specifically puts them in a situation where they either trade one of Gurriel, Grichuk or Hernandez (Teoscar's probably the odd man out there), or they risk losing Fisher for nothing by waiving him for the purposes of letting him play in Buffalo... or they trade Fisher anyways.
  8. The Blue Jays sold REAL low on Aaron Sanchez, and I think that was a huge mistake. I get that they seem to value Derek Fisher very highly, but they traded a LF prospect, a serviceable reliever in Joe Biagini, AND Aaron Sanchez in exchange for... a LF prospect. Not only that, but Fisher is out of options, which means that he'll either be on the team next year, be put through waivers with the hope that no one takes him, or he'll be moved. We already ran into this problem with Dalton Pompey this year, being a guy that the team values greatly, who is out of options and was forced through waivers hoping that no one would claim him. Pompey's minor league assignment had more to do with injuries, but still... now we're entering the end of summer and next season with yet another outfielder out of options. It's especially bad considering that moving Gurriel away from Left Field would be disastrous, Randy Grichuk's contract basically dictates that he has to be our starting Right Fielder, and Teoscar Hernandez has pulled a Gurriel with his play in Center after completely bombing in Left. So that makes Fisher a fourth outfielder unless they move one of those guys or make the mistake of trying to put Gurriel back in the infield. Sanchez was, according to all reports, not enough for the trade to go through, so Biagini and the prospect were added to make it happen. I firmly believe that we could have gotten more for him in the off-season, or allowed him one more season to try and turn things around, improve his stock or earn an extension. If his agent wasn't the notoriously difficult Scott Boras, I'd say that the Jays should have kept Sanchez and moved him to the Bullpen for the remainder of this season to help him get back into his groove. He's looked good the first couple of times through the lineup this year, but can't seem to get things together enough to string together quality starts. So put him in the pen, let him get his confidence back and work out those finger issues, and then try him again as a starter next season... of course, Boras flat out said that he didn't want Sanchez out of the rotation no matter what, and it probably would have caused issues there, but I still think it would have been a more productive move for the team, and could have improved the return on Sanchez in the off-season. I'll be really happy for Derek Fisher to prove me wrong, but as of right now, that deal is just hard to stomach.
  9. Report I just read said that the Mets are likely looking at Stroman as a replacement for Sydnergaard, believing that what they gave up for Stroman is less than they can get in return for Syndergaard, and thus, not actually impacting their farm system negatively. Of course, now that the idea is out there, I would expect other teams who have interest in Syndergaard to hold off on offering a better return. I mean, if I'm sitting on the opposite side of this, trying to acquire Syndergaard, I'm looking at the Mets as a team desperate to move this player. You can't dangle a guy like that, keep him, and not have it negatively impact the relationship. They basically have to move him now, so why would anyone offer them anything crazy? Someone might, to try and make sure that they don't have competition for his services... but I feel like moving Syndergaard will either net them a similar return to what they gave up for Stroman... or someone will be desperate enough to blow them away with an offer... BUT, I feel like the former is considerably more likely at this point. On the Jays front, I'm okay with the return for Stroman. It's not a fantastic return, but it makes sense. I'm excited to see if either of these guys get a shot at starting down the stretch here. I mean, why not? The team is desperate for pitching, so why not give these guys the opportunity to jump some spots in line when the season doesn't really matter? Hell, someone might pull a Jim Carey (NHL) and completely shock everyone.
  10. I guess they're hoping for 16 or so wrestlers at launch, with more promised via DLC post-release. I definitely think this is going to be a fun game to play, but I hope that there is something substantial for a career or story type mode to keep me playing. Fire Pro on Switch would be great also... and there's the CHIKARA video game being worked on that looks like a ton of fun as well.
  11. The Flames avoid arbitration with David Rittich by signing him to a two-year deal worth a total of $5.5 million. Anything under $3 million per season would have been reasonable, so this is a good deal for the team. He was steadier than Mike Smith last season, despite fading a bit down the stretch. He did have a lower body injury that he played through, though, as well... so that probably contributed to his decline in the second half. Even then, the team played more fearlessly in front of him than they did with Smith in net, which opened up the offense a lot more. Cam Talbot is a good bet for a bounce back season as well, and he knows what his role is on the team, mentoring Rittich and stepping in when necessary, so there aren't a lot of worries there. Rittich has shown improvement every season he's played at the professional level, and ranked among the best in terms of 5 Vs 5 Save Percentage last season. He's a good guy for the team to get behind and cultivate as a number one, and his teammates absolutely love the dude. I believe this leaves us with between $4 and $6 million, depending who stays on the opening night roster, to re-sign Mangiapane and Tkachuk now. We already knew that the team would have to move some money out to get Chucky taken care of... but until the dominoes start falling and the other big name RFA's sign with their teams, I don't think Treliving needs to panic in regard to getting Tkachuk's deal done. He should be doing everything he can to move money out before he gets backed into a corner, for sure, but it's looking like there's still time for him to try and get the best deal possible on whoever he sends away. Michael Stone will likely get bought out before Thursday's deadline if they can't make a trade prior to then. Buyouts aren't ideal, but it would be a better move than holding onto him and then having to move someone like Brodie, Hamonic or Frolik in a bad trade just because we need the cap space for Tkachuk.
  12. If the Mets want Stroman, but Syndergaard is more likely to head to San Diego to make it happen, that's just dumb on the Jays part. Syndergaard has an extra year of controllable time over Stroman and is a bit younger. Why they aren't in on Syndergaard is just ridiculous if this is true. If New York is willing to move him to acquire Stroman, the Jays should be doing everything they can to make that swap and pick up a legitimate major league arm that fits slightly more in line with the age group of the rest of our core. Instead, if this happens, Toronto probably ends up with a group of prospects coming back that won't have the same guarantee they could get from just doing the swap and acquiring Syndergaard. Yeah, we have to look a year or two down the road when it comes to acquiring pitching, but there's no reason why they can't be getting someone who will be part of the team at that point, but still be able to contribute at the major league level right now.
  13. I read that they asked for those players separately though, as in, not Stroman for Torres AND Garcia... but Stroman for one or the other. That said, the Yankees have been looking at Ken Giles as well. I hate trading in-division, but if we can get Torres and Garcia both out of New York, I'd be okay shipping off Stroman, Giles, Sogard, Hudson, Galvis and anyone else that they may want who isn't considered a locked-in piece for the Jays. I'd even be really excited if we could manage to get JA Happ back from them, because we're going to need major league arms still. Of course... Garcia is their number one ranked prospect. He's probably not going anywhere. Torres is a really attractive player because of team control, his age, and his output thus far. I can't see the Yankees moving him either, unless the return is ridiculous. Sure, they need pitching help right now (60+ runs against over a six game period, right?), but there are other arms on the market that wouldn't cost them either of those players.
  14. I tossed on the first episode of Titans today, finally, because I couldn't get New Japan World to work on my living room tv and didn't want to go back to my bedroom to watch... and I have to say, it's much better than I was expecting. I'm hoping that the show continues to impress me. Ever since Smallville, I've been hesitant to watch these types of shows because Smallville didn't interest me whatsoever, and as much praise as it gets, I don't think that I could enjoy Gotham as much as others do because I want my superhero shows to be about superheroes doing superhero things, right? Maybe that's what is sticking out most for me about Titans. The action starts right away, and it's clearly about powered people doing comic book type things, as opposed to just trying to live a normal life. Like, if Titans was just a season worth of build up to Robin finally donning the suit and doing something, I'd probably give up pretty quick or just not watch at all.
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