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  1. Gabriel

    WWE 2K19

    With Universe, I'm finding that the roster I need to fill out the most is 205 Live. It's too bad that we can't adjust in-game wrestlers' sizes, because it would have been nice to move guys to 205 who are on the cusp of the division. That said, it's not been too difficult to find good Cruiser CAWs, and it's going to be really interesting to have a 205 Live roster that is about half WWE guys, and half indy guys. Of course, there are a few people I can move from RAW, SmackDown and NXT, but I don't want those guys to necessarily be stuck on 205 Live simply because there aren't enough other guys to fill the roster.
  2. I wouldn't be shocked if they move Iron Fist to the Disney Streaming Service. A third season likely wouldn't debut until it launches anyways, and it would be under the watch of Kevin Feige and company. Based off of what we know about the Marvel/Netflix arrangement, it's entirely possible for them to just move it to a different network or service, and with the critical acclaim that season two received and the interest that people seem to have in where the story is headed, I would doubt that Marvel just puts this toy away. They'll just move it to a newer, better toy box.
  3. Gabriel

    WWE 2K19

    So, they got rid of the ability to choose where you're downloading stuff... by which I mean, it used to be that you would download a CAW and have to select what slot to put them into, and if I recall correctly, I was able to download better versions of CAWs into the slot for their old one, and not have it affect my Universe mode. Has anyone figured out if there is a way to do that this year, or am I stuck deciding between inferior CAWs and having to start fresh with them in Universe if I download a better one?
  4. Honestly, it blows my mind that PSN doesn't have the ability to add items to your wishlist on the PS4 store, view your list exclusively, and also send you notifications when games on your list drop price (either permanently or via sale). I know I've definitely been late to drop $10-$50 on a sale game and then just never picked it up afterwards. But if they notify me every couple of weeks about games I want being on sale, and I am only dropping half price or less for games, I'm more inclined to purchase more.
  5. I am honestly shocked that no one has tried to force the Leafs hand by submitting an offer sheet. Nylander's an RFA right? There's gotta be a team out there with the cap space to do it, and it seems strategically like a good move. You either get a top end prospect who is already contributing heavily at the NHL level, or you put the loaded Maple Leafs in a cap jam by forcing them to match an offer that would probably be more than they're hoping to spend.
  6. It sounds like it's a sequel, but not necessarily a direct sequel in the sense that Gunn won't be forced to use specific characters due to their involvement in the first film. It sounds like he has been given the go ahead to do basically whatever he wants, within reason, to help fix the franchise. I wonder if Batista and Gunn would be interested in using the Bane character. He has a history with the Squad, and they're probably going to need a field leader with military expertise.
  7. Gabriel

    WWE 2K19

    I started picking up CAWs to fill out my 205 Live roster for Universe. Buddy Murphy (whose absence is still just mind boggling) and Mark Andrews were the first two, and then I found a sweet Maxwell Jacob Friedman as well. He's a little over 205, but I'm going to roll with it and have him be a cruiser to start, and then maybe move him around later. EDIT: I am running tournaments to decide who goes into Universe mode as Champions for each brand, and I'm doing the Universal Title tournament for RAW right now. Rollins beat Elias in a competitive, but obvious win. Then I played as Strowman against Dean Ambrose, and I had him down to purple body and dark red head damage... he took the fight outside, so I choked him out on the floor with the Standing Head and Arm Triangle, rolled him into the ring, and got caught with Dirty Deeds. I kicked out, managed to hit the Running Powerslam, but Ambrose somehow managed to kick out. I went for the Running Powerslam again, but he reversed it. I reversed out of the Dirty Deeds, and then he rolled me up for the win. Very fun match, no reason to complain really. I would have won if I took him into the ring for the Triangle, or if I did it again instead of the Powerslam. Where I did end up getting frustrated though, is in a match between Brock Lesnar (me) and the Undertaker. I hit him with seven F-5's, loads of the Triple Powerbomb and Suplex City signatures, and countered the Tombstone three times into one of my own. He kicked out of EVERYTHING. His head damage was grey. I don't think I've ever seen that. I'm probably going to have to nerf his attributes to better reflect where he should be at. I'm terrified that if I don't lower his stats, that he's going to be unstoppable in Universe.
  8. I am really hoping to hear about new game boards as DLC. We tend to play a LOT of Mario Party when we have it, and four total boards is fine, but we'll have seen them all a hundred times by the end of the year.
  9. I had to explain to my father in law, several times during the game, why it's not okay for a stadium of non-Native Americans to be doing the chant and chop. Then he went off about how all these teams are going to have to change their names, the world is too sensitive, and the names don't even really matter anyways. So I asked why it matters if the names change, and he got all mad about it. I feel like we'll see most of these culturally insensitive names change over the next ten to fifteen years, but the older generations are still holding onto their closet racism and fighting it with what energy they have left. Personally, I'm hoping for this: Let's get a Pixar and Drew Carey connection going in MLB.
  10. You're right. We all have shitty people who go to the games. I'm happy to hear that the Oakland organization reached out to the fan, and I was told that the Yankees may have actually tried to reprimand the fan who assaulted the Athletics fan. I really appreciate that. This doesn't change that the Yanks and Sox are still AL East teams though, so they are forever the enemy. The Braves game tonight was really good, though, which was especially a treat to see them pick up the win after a crazy fun Maple Leafs/Blackhawks game tonight in the NHL.
  11. Gabriel

    WWE 2K19

    Does anybody know if characters can be edited so that they qualify as Cruiserweights if they aren't already? I don't have the PS4 on right now, so I can't go in and check...and I'm making up my rosters for Universe on my computer.
  12. Gabriel

    WWE 2K19

    A friend of mine sent me a download code for the game, which was an awesome surprise. The career mode has been fun so far. I'm loving that there's an actual story, and it's made for a much more enjoyable experience than previous games. Something I'd like to see them do next year, if they can, is sign on some independent wrestlers to populate the career mode. Especially because I'd love to be able to extend the non-NXT/WWE part of that. Obviously, the goal will be to get there, but I think it would be awesome if you could do it in a variety of different ways... like impressing WWE early on and signing with NXT, putting the work in from the ground up... or becoming an independent sensation, holding championships and wrestling around the world, and then making it to NXT as one of their lauded faces in the crowd, where you get interjected into a big story right away because of your past success.
  13. They do a really good job of putting together collections for full stories. I tend to just read through entire runs, so I do get frustrated when I go to look at a book, and then notice that a bunch of it is missing, but like I said, there's that suggestions email address. They tend to have a good amount of collections up at all times though, and for major arcs that span multiple different books, I'm not sure if there is a way to cruise through the story chronologically if there isn't a collection, but I've been using the Marvel Wikia page, which has lists for all major events of which issues to read from what books, and in the proper order.
  14. Gabriel

    WWE 2K19

    Are the default rosters all out of whack, or did they just place inactive (at the time) workers on random shows?

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