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  1. That's due to the conversion. Technically, mods that are converted should work fine, but the personalities mostly seem to end up being negative because of the algorithm used to determine personality traits in 20 based on what was set in the TEW 16 version. An easy fix if it's tanking your backstage area is to go in and mass edit all personalities to Professional or just get rid of them entirely, though that does also nullify some of the better aspects of the new game. Mod makers, when converting data, will need to go through and adjust personalities for all of the workers to bring it up to date with the new game. It's a hell of a task though, and can take some time. I'd say it probably takes me twice as long to work on my data as it did in TEW 16, but it's also more rewarding because the game world and characters feels a lot more fluid and interesting.
  2. Good luck with the 2002 mod here, man. I have been working on one for awhile too, but I'm not as far along as you are. When mine gets to a point that I have data in it that you may need, feel free to use some of that. I believe that we established here on EWB that mods are free to use as a base so long as you aren't actively trying to undermine another mod maker. Regardless though, anything I release under the All Elite Mods banner will be free to take from. I won't be just taking anything straight from your mod, but if you're cool with it, I'd also like to be able to use some of what you have. I tweak everything that I import to better suit my ideas of people's stats and the like, but it's nice to have a base piece of data to work from as opposed to just building everything from scratch. If you need help with anything specific, let me know. I may not be that far along, but in terms of rosters and the such, I can help you out with that and just keep those notes to the side for myself, because I'll be adding as many possible workers and promotions to my database as I can. So again, if there's a specific company that you're looking for info on right now, let me know and I can help you out with that.
  3. After I get the first beta out for my 2002 mod, I will work on a Mod Extension for the BC scene for sure. After I finish adding everyone that I'm wanting to from Thrash, I will send you the data so that you can add in whoever it is that you're wanting to add to the standard database. I suppose it's worth noting that Invasion Championship Wrestling isn't so much a promotion as it is a series of charity events. They usually do four or so shows a year, and have no championships of their own. It's mostly wrestlers from the Okanagan, a few wrestlers from the Vancouver area and a special guest or two. Michelle Starr's All-Star Wrestling is also fantastic, based on the coast.
  4. I have 23 people on my list to add to the game currently. Realistically though, there are 16 of them who need to be added to the database who are regulars with the company, including the owner, who also wrestles.
  5. I am going to be adding a whole bunch of workers from Thrash Wrestling in BC to the database for a personal game. Would you like me to send you the information so that they can be added to the database for future updates? Also, if you're interested in adding another BC based promotion, I can keep you updated on them moving forward. They run shows regularly where I live and operate out of the interior of BC. ECCW and most other companies in the province are mostly Vancouver-area based. Black Dragon is probably the biggest name that works for them as a regular, but they have brought in larger names like Silas Young recently.
  6. A whole slew of ECCW talents have left the promotion after it surfaced that Jeff Duncan (The Natural) is a sex predator and had been getting away with it for quite some time to the knowledge of a lot of people. Judas Icarus vacated the ECCW Championship and quit. Ravenous Randy and Andy Bird are both out... and quite a few more. I don't know how ECCW comes back from this. If you end up removing them, there are other BC based promotions that could take the spot, but I would probably hold off until the situation plays out a bit more. EDIT: Scotty Sweatervest, Travis Williams, Fergie and the Voros Twins have all also pulled out. As I see more names making the announcements, I will let you know. The allegations seem to be mostly about previous management and others, but I would consider adding some kind of dislike relationship between all of the talent who are leaving and Scotty Mac, who currently owns the promotion, because they are ripping him apart for the "statement" that the company released, and there have been some rumors that he was fully aware of what was going on. The Natural was also accused of these things a few years ago, and it was swept under the rug and he was allowed to remain with the promotion, and that seems to be a point of contention for a lot of the talents who are bailing.
  7. I guess I would probably recommend adding the appropriate attributes (Scumbag, Horndog, etc) to the workers that make sense. Man, what a whirlwind few months we've had.
  8. There's a rumor going around right now that an NHL team has had multiple players and personnel test positive for COVID-19. I miss hockey for sure, but if they can't even make it through the beginning stages of re-launching without having issues like this, they should probably just wait it out until there's a vaccine and all players and personnel can be vaccinated.
  9. Zayne, I'm not really sure what his gimmick is exactly. From what I've seen, there isn't really much of one beyond being a standard indy flippy guy. Steve West could probably be put down as a Follower of some type, as it seems like he's been hitched to Drexl. The Natural is... he's a manager that seems like he models himself after guys like Bobby Heenan, but I haven't seen anything that would suggest any type of gimmick beyond looking like that one uncle that we all seem to have at a family reunion who thinks he's hot shit. He's a pretty generic heel manager. Ricky Gibson, you can probably remove from ECCW unless he's been advertised for future events. He worked shows for them last July and October, but I wouldn't consider him an ECCW guy. If you add DEFY, you should add a working relationship between them and ECCW, as that's how he ended up getting booked in BC and they do share a lot of talent and send guys back and forth. Jaxon Stone, I can't remember anything about him. Again though, unless he's booked for future shows, you can probably remove him from ECCW as he's another guy who just does the occasional show for them. He worked Ballroom Brawl, but his most recent appearance prior to that was 10 months previous.
  10. I don't have the game loaded, but here are gimmicks for people who worked Ballroom Brawl for ECCW.
  11. I can try and get you the ECCW stuff this weekend. I've watched their most recent show and try to follow them because they're the closest "bigger" indy to me. I've also seen the majority of their roster in person at one point or another.
  12. I typically list workers under whatever name they would use outside of WWE. If there isn't one, I use their real name. TEW 20 makes this so much easier too, because I believe if you search under workers for say "Strowman" and he's listed as Adam Schurr, it will still show up.
  13. In my own work, for active areas I keep it to the areas where the worker has worked (excluding foreign shows for companies like WWE) and places where they are headed to work within a calendar year if it would impact potential simulations. As for potentials, I always just set them all as random to ensure that no two games are identical. Some older workers may stay relevant longer, and some younger workers who people hire assuming that they are a sure-thing may plateau well below their expectations. I like that as it forces the player to really put an effort into developing those talents like a Prince Devitt, whose initial stats may be better than most debuting workers, but could easily wind up being a bust in any given game depending on how they are developed by the player and/or AI companies.
  14. and it is now officially the longest running live action sitcom in history. I remember when I first started watching it, because I had a customer who went off about how awful it was and how it would just be another one of those flash-in-the-pan shows that gets popular because it's edgy and then just dies out because there's no substance. So I decided to give it a go, and I fell in love with it. I think my favorite episode is still the one where the gang all thinks they're dying, but it turns out that they're just alcoholics and are going through withdrawal.
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