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  1. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    I believe that I read that your max cap for stats can be raised. I can't remember how, but the idea is that you want to strategically choose what you're doing, so that you don't wind up in a position where you are so good at one thing, but can't do enough other stuff well to really succeed.
  2. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    So this is the first time I have ever bought a game digitally before release. Am I supposed to be able to download it already? I've got a 7.796 GB download running, but it's not supposed to be available yet (and that seems quite small for the full game).
  3. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    My local store bungled up a trade-in I did last year for the game. I had some money down on a Switch, and then I traded in a bunch of stuff to put towards both my Switch pre-order and MLB 17. Apparently, they did it wrong so I got extra credit I shouldn't have and I have been waiting since to be able to cancel my Switch reservation. They told me that it's going to be taken care of here soon though, so at the very least, I'm going to get my $50 cash back from the Switch deposit (which I would have liked to have gotten, but the whole mess and then work related issues made it less of a need for me)... add to that the fact that MLB 17 is digitally $30, and if I get that $50 back, I'm not out any extra money... well, my dumb ass just convinced myself to buy MLB 18, because it's $50 I "didn't have" before, plus the $30 I was already going to spend.
  4. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    I am actually quite intrigued by the phases and how that might change the franchise mode. I guess my decision will come down to whether or not I bonus this month. If I bonus, I'll probably just spend the $80 to get The Show 18. If I don't, $30 for last year's game isn't too bad. Though, I may just end up talking myself into getting 18 anyways, because I sometimes let my irrational brain take over.
  5. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    Reading through this year's changes to Franchise, I am probably going to just re-acquire The Show 17 to get my Franchise fix. I had it on disc, but wound up trading it in to get my wife something. It's pretty inexpensive on the digital store right now though, and may even have a temporary price drop when the new one comes out.
  6. MLB The Show - General Discussion

    Expansion or Relocation through Franchise mode could be added. Re-signing players during their final contract year, instead of having to wait until free agency would be nice. Finding out that your star player is going to test the market because he's not happy with finishing outside of the post-season, would add layers to the trade deadline as I would probably want to try moving him to get some kind of return, as opposed to letting him walk during free agency and hoping that my compensatory draft pick works out. 4 and 6 man rotations being a legitimate thing in the game would be nice, as well. Proper stat tracking for guys outside of the MLB would be nice too. I'd like to see how minor league guys did stats-wise in previous seasons. I adore The Show, and Franchise is the only mode that I play. I could honestly be okay with what they have now as long as they keep making tweaks and fixes, and getting me updated rosters, new commentary, etc.... but if the above things were to be added, that would make me so happy.
  7. 2018 MLB Thread

    I know we probably don't have room, but I'd love to see Lind brought back to Toronto.
  8. The 2017/2018 NHL Thread

    The Flames have been having a tough time getting pucks in the net lately. On the net? No problem. Past the goalie? It's like pulling teeth. They made a big mistake by playing Mike Smith immediately after bringing him back from the DL tonight. David Rittich has been hot the past two games, was well rested and available to play in the middle of a huge push for playoff contention... so let's play the guy who hasn't played in a month. Sure enough, Smitty got lit up for four goals on the first eighteen shots. Would Rittich have fared better? Tough to tell, but they put a cold goalie in a big game, while the backup has been playing A-grade hockey. Boneheaded decision.
  9. NHL 18

    Just increase the goalie sliders favorably for the computer if you feel like Pro is where you should be at in regards to generating chances. It's going to lead to unrealistic shot totals and scores, in the sense that you will out-shoot your opponents regularly 35-10 and finish the games with a score of 3-2... so your goalie stats will be absolute shit compared to the rest of the league, but if that doesn't bother you, it will allow you to stay on a level where you can create those openings, and see final scores that are more appropriate.
  10. NHL 18

    It's a hard habit to get into, shooting low, especially when you have the view so that you're always going up the screen. But if you can do that, vary your shots and start creating more open space by getting the AI to move around more, you'll find more success in scoring.
  11. The 2017/2018 NHL Thread

    I absolutely hate the outdoor games. I think they compromise the integrity of the season by being played in severely different conditions than the rest of the games. Of course, I also hate 3 on 3 overtime, shootouts and that damn EDMonton music.
  12. NHL 18

    I was getting crushed early on whenever I would make a pass, but once I started skating around more, it got better. You absolutely need to get the other team moving around in order to create chances, otherwise you will have to rely on game exploit goals or just hope that you can score on the rush by picking an open spot on the net. Are you using manual or auto shot aim? Auto makes it difficult to pick those open spots. Manual can be difficult to master, but when you see a five hole open and score, or pick the top corner, blocker side on a guy who has left that open... man, does that feel good.
  13. NHL 18

    I find that the best method for scoring is to take your time and look for open spots on the net (if you have manual shot aim on). Moving the puck around creates openings, and sometimes you can get their defense to make a mistake and leave a man open for a one-timer. Make sure to move around with the puck too, don't just pass it around. Movement changes their defensive coverage, which will help create openings as well.
  14. The 2017/2018 NHL Thread

    To be fair, Mikael Backlund was highly touted after his junior career, but struggled really early on as a pro and was labelled as a third liner at best. He's now one of the top two way forwards in the league. Rychel has the ability to do a lot of good things. People also seem to undervalue the benefit of having guys who are solid bottom six forwards. Your top two lines can be great, but if when you put out your bottom six, you're getting thrashed, it won't matter. (See Flames, Calgary - 2017/18 Season)
  15. WWE 2K18

    Men on a Mission is going to be a breakout team for your division!