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  1. If they allow the split season, they should be called the Tampa Bay/Montreal X-Rays, and the mascot can be medical machinery. Honestly, it's just time to move them out of Tampa. The proposal calls for both cities to build new stadiums, though they would each be 66% of the cost that was indicated, instead of one stadium at 100% of the cost. It's just straight up dumb. What they should do, is formally announce the move to Montreal and keep the first half home games in Tampa Bay until the new stadium is built in Montreal. Then they can just be the Montreal Expos, and happen to play about 40 games or so in Tampa Bay. If the old stadium in Montreal is good enough for Exhibition games, it's good enough for a chunk of regular season action, so long as the new stadium is being built.
  2. If you're okay with digital, Marvel Unlimited and Comixology are pretty solid. Unlimited gets you a whole slew of back issues and I believe maybe even a discount on newer issues, but if you can wait 6 months, those go up as part of the back catalog. If you're thinking physical issues of books, most major comic shops have shipping options if you can find one in your general area... or I believe you can order directly through Marvel and DC.
  3. I am told that Good Omens is worth a watch. Not sure what's on Sky. For Netflix though... Kim's Convenience, Dead to Me, Santa Clarita Diet (even though they cancelled it), Good Girls and Easy are all worth watching if you haven't yet. Oh, and Schitt's Creek.
  4. What do you have for streaming services?
  5. I feel like there are a lot of teams in the Pacific Division that believe they aren't as far away from contending as the numbers would show. There's been a lot of chatter from those fans about how the Flames weren't as good as the numbers would indicate, but I think they're fooling themselves... and Vancouver is one of those teams. Very good young players, but I think they're putting the cart before the horse here and moving a first rounder was a poor choice. Miller is a very good player though, so if they do break through and it gives them a post-season berth, then it will have worked out. Calgary has needs, for sure, and one of those big needs is proven playoff performers, but you have to play 82 games to get to the playoffs, and Calgary didn't fluke into their regular season record. It looks like Michael Frolik and TJ Brodie are on their way out, but I believe that Treliving is holding onto both until he exhausts his options on James Neal. Personally, I feel like Neal will have a bounce-back year wherever he plays, but he isn't worth the cap hit he accounts for, and the Flames need the cap space, so Frolik or Brodie (possibly even Hamonic based on reports) could be packaged with Neal to a team with good cap space, to make it more worth their while to take on the full brunt of Neal's contract. Tre's also been kicking tires on goalies, because once we re-sign David Rittich, he's the only NHL guy under contract. Mike Smith isn't coming back, and that's best for both sides. So it's possible, again, that Frolik, Brodie and possibly Hamonic are going to be dangled there. If there's a way to make it happen, I think Ottawa is a good landing spot for Neal... but there's also Philly, Colorado, Columbus, New Jersey and Winnipeg who were sitting under the salary floor as of this morning. Realistically, all of those teams could be a good place for Neal to try and rebound. Cam Talbot has been linked to the Flames in rumors of late, but Philadelphia brought him in specifically to play with Carter Hart, so it's a tough one to envision happening, but he is a UFA, so he controls his destiny. Even if he was interested, a Bobrovsky signing in Calgary would essentially mean that Frolik, Brodie and Neal would all HAVE to be dealt. Moving anyone else out to make that signing would be a bad move, unless it's Hamonic. Not that I want him out of Calgary, because he's awesome, sticking up for his teammates, playing a hard game and on a decent contract... but steadier goaltending would counter-balance the loss of someone of his stature, especially as there are 8 NHL ready defensemen in Calgary under contract currently, and Oscar Fantenberg likely to re-sign, making that number 9. Varlamov is a UFA in Colorado, and despite his decent numbers last year, lost the gig to Grubauer. If he is willing to sign a cheaper deal for a year or two, he'd be a good guy to have split games with Rittich, but again, it would depend on what kind of dollars and term he's looking for. I don't think it's worth bringing anyone in on a long-term deal unless they are considerably better than Rittich. The best option, I believe, is to bring in someone on a short-term deal, whether it's a veteran who is slowing down a bit but can still play 35-40 games, or someone who could potentially break out as a number one guy. Rittich both needs and deserves the opportunity to continue improving his play, and it would be criminal of the team to not make sure that he's getting half or more of the starts next year, performance pending.
  6. Predators clear up some cap space and secure two second round picks and a couple of young defensemen in exchange for Subban. Not a bad deal for them, considering his drop off in production. The Leafs paid Carolina to take Marleau. They received a 6th Round Pick next year from the Hurricanes in exchange for Marleau at full salary, a 7th Rounder next year and a 1st Round Pick next year (unless the Leafs have a top 10 pick, in which case the 1st is deferred to 2021). If Dubas doesn't get his RFA's all locked up after this move, it's going to look really bad, as he gave away a first rounder to get Marleau's contract off the books. The Canucks also acquired JT Miller this morning from the Lightning in exchange for Marek Mazanec, a 3rd Rounder this year, and a conditional 1st Round Pick that is tentatively next season's. I would imagine it also has Top 10 pick protection or something, but the details weren't fully there yet. Mazanec has only ever played NHL games for the Predators and has an .895 save percentage through 31 career games. He's still young though, but he's headed to Tampa's system, where he probably won't emerge as a full time NHLer based on their depth chart.
  7. Wait... are they making a Fallout series?
  8. Spencer Knight going to Florida at what, pick 10? That's a huge shocker. Great goalie, but if there was ever a position in hockey where you can't really count on high picks being cornerstone players, it's goalie. I figured he would be taken in the first round still, but I thought he might be taken after 20.
  9. This isn't necessarily TV news, but it features someone we talk about a lot here. NoHo Hank has been added to the cast of the new Bill & Ted movie.
  10. That really depends. If they are Contract Renewable or Arbitration Eligible players, you have some wiggle room. They may want $31 million a year, but guys who are Renewable can be renewed for a one year deal at a cost of their current salary + 10%. They won't necessarily be the happiest about it, but it gives you extra time to clear out salary. Arbitration eligible players can ask for big dollars, but at the end of the day, you can set an arbitration rate for a one year deal that you think is fair, they will do the same thing, and a judge will rule on which side is most correct and that's what your player will make. Typically, if they're on something like a $4 million a year deal, I'll bump it up to $4.4 when I offer arbitration. Though, if they performed exceptionally well, I might go a bit higher. Both ways only secure the player for an extra year for you, but they're very good ways to give yourself some time to clear out salary. Especially because you'll know what their asking price was on a new deal and how far away you are from being able to afford it. So you'll be able to make moves that clear up that space you need, or cut ties with players you don't think are worth what you'd have to give up to sign long-term. Now... if all four guys you have a straight up Free Agents, you'll have to look at your budget to see how much money you're making per week, because you can gauge how much you'll have to work with in the off-season that way. Franchise budgets do get pretty big, but I'd bet that you won't be able to afford four guys making $30+ a year. When I have to move out a really good player because of financial constraints, what I'll do is take a look at what positions they're playing and see if there is someone else on my roster who is ready to take over for any of them. If there is, it makes the decision on who to let go a lot easier, and typically I'll spend a good fifteen to thirty minutes going through the other rosters to see what the best possible return is. If I have guys ready to step in, I'll move out a big contract for high potential players with decent stats at positions where I have a need for prospects. When there isn't someone ready to step up, I'll take a look around the other rosters and see if I can't swing a deal where I send my major leaguer to another team in exchange for an MLB player and a prospect or two. For instance, in my Jays franchise, I just recently traded away Luiz Gohara, who had won the Cy Young twice for me, and won 20 games three times. It was a tough call to make, but he was making $20 million a year, had a couple of years left, his stats were degrading and he had the highest ERA on my starting staff. It seemed like the writing was on the wall that he was on the downslope of his career. I had two other guys in my starting rotation who expected to be the ace, and one of my long-relievers was a starter with a good ERA, WHIP and K/BB ratio. I didn't have anyone in the minors that I wanted to bring up to fill his spot in the bullpen, but I just so happened to check up on a New York Mets team that was leading their division, but with five starting pitchers with abysmal ERA's. They had the best bullpen in the league at the time though, and I managed to send Gohara and his $20 million per year to New York in exchange for reliever Andrew Hurd, who led all their pitchers in ERA and was only making $2 or $3 million, plus two A level infield prospects with contact over 60 and power over 70. Neither one of those prospects is even 23 yet, so if I can develop their fielding skills better, that's a hell of a deal. Of course, checking in on Gohara, and his ERA went from something like 5.32 with me, down to the high 3's by the end of the season. Hurd killed it for me though, and now I have more room in the off-season to sign my star short-stop to a big money deal, and should still have enough left over to re-sign everybody I want to keep. Worst case scenario is that I'm a little bit light on funds and can't get everybody signed, but in that event, I usually just start trading away guys making the most money who didn't play on my Jays team the previous year in exchange for cheap prospects. It's very rare that I run into an off-season situation where I can't afford to keep someone that I want, because I tend to make those decisions well ahead of time and make the corresponding moves necessary to ensure that I don't have to worry about other bidders on my players. I'm over a decade into my MLB 18 franchise, and I've only lost one player to another team during free agency, and it wasn't even like I didn't offer him a boat load of cash... I just think that I didn't offer enough of a boat load of cash to make the offer more enticing than going to a team where he was guaranteed to be the star player... while I had two prospects just underneath him on the depth chart that were basically ready to go, and only being kept in the minors because I still had the other guy. And that's how I lost Randall Grichuk.
  11. Start a Fantasy Draft and take him with your first pick. If he gets taken before it gets to you, then restart the Fantasy Draft and try again. OR, turn on 30 team control and draft for all of the teams to ensure that you get the pick that you want.
  12. We picked up on Kim's Convenience when we saw it on Netflix and it reminded us of Fresh off the Boat, which we haven't been able to keep up with because it's not streaming on something we have currently. It's such a good show though, and I'm stoked for more to land on Netflix.
  13. After getting embarrassed in the first two games against Houston, the Jays were up 11-0 when I last saw the score, showing that with a little consistency from their bats and a decent effort from the starting pitcher, they're still a dangerous team to play. Games like this will be few and far between for them, but they are super important as a reminder to the fanbase that things aren't really as bad as they seem, and that the future actually does look bright for the team. That said... it's scary to know that the Yankees just added Encarnacion to their lineup of ridiculous power bats, especially when our starting rotation has been more bad than decent this year.
  14. Quick update: TNA's 2003 workers have been added. Ring of Honor is added as a playable promotion with their roster from June 2002-onward. I am going to be adding Pro Wrestling NOAH next, as they were the only option given any votes. After I add NOAH, I'll be adding 2003 workers for ROH and 2004 workers for TNA. Locations used for TNA and ROH from June 2002 to the end of the year are available currently. If anyone wants it, I have a zip file for everything completed thus far, but with only two promotions, I'll only be uploading that if someone asks for it. After I finish adding in NOAH, I'll also be using iDOL's gimmick file to assign gimmicks to all of the workers. (There are currently 315, so it's not a massive task). I'm sure that I'll be adding new ones and removing things as I go from the gimmicks file, but that seems to be the best way for us to proceed currently.
  15. That used to bother me so much, but mostly because I had a decent chunk of customers who had moved here from the UK. Some of them were cool about it, understanding that it's cultural differences or the market is different or whatever... but there were a few who just absolutely sucked. I can remember one guy in particular just laying into me about the fact that the game he wanted was half the price if he bought it over in the UK, and I just let him yell for a minute and then told him that I don't set the pricing, that it sucks and that there wasn't anything I could do aside from empathize with him. I think it was Fallout 4, because I can remember a lot of people being pissy about how long it took for that game to get a significant permanent price drop. I think our used copies of the game were above $50 for more than a year.
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