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  1. The Calgary Flames are now 3-0 under Geoff Ward. After scoring last night, the Flames are also now only 10 Tobias Rieder goals from securing a playoff spot, independent of how the rest of the team is playing.
  2. I didn't think the Jays would get Wheeler, but hot damn does it hurt to see him off the board. Does that leave Michael Pineda as the best rotation arm still available that won't be over $100 million? He's good, but I think I would rather have someone that can start the season with the team.
  3. Jays tendered a contract to Matt Shoemaker. I am very happy that they did that. Yeah, he's a bit of an injury risk, but he was great in the limited time he played last season and will still cost less than market value for someone who has the potential to impact the team in the same way. It's also been reported that the bidding for Wheeler has reached the $100 million mark... and the Jays are still involved. That speaks volumes to their willingness to spend when it makes sense. It sucked to miss out on Grandal and Moustakas, but they both ended up being given more on their deals than the Jays would be comfortable with. That's okay too, because we have two catchers, and every infield spot except for 1B is spoken for already. Moustakas would have been a very big upgrade, but it would have come at the expense of Tellez, and for the price he commanded, the idea of signing him made less sense. Wheeler, on the other hand, is still a young arm and would be contributing still during the team's believed contention-window. He's also a starting pitcher, which the Jays desperately need. I don't believe he ends up in Toronto, if only because it would probably take a massive difference between a Jays top-offer and the second best deal he gets to sway him to join a rebuilding team in the AL East. If the team does make a big splash this off-season though, I think the best bet is on Wheeler.
  4. Bill Peters has resigned as coach of the Calgary Flames. Geoff Ward will coach the team on an interim basis until they find someone to take over. Peters' apology didn't seem all that sincere, so even though I believe very strongly in second chances, and that people grow over the years, I am still happy that he is gone. It also didn't help that he had physical altercations with players while in Carolina more recently. If I am Treliving, I'm on the hunt for someone with a new school approach. Not necessarily someone who will treat the team with kid gloves on, but someone who understands better how to get the best out of the modern player... and someone who isn't afraid to juggle lines more aggressively when the team is slumping. I also think, that before any moves are made in regards to trades this season, they should have a coach in place who can get some time with the guys on the roster and make his own assessment of what the team needs and who doesn't fit in with the plan. Whatever they do, they have to set this next coach up for success. Geoff Ward and Martin Gelinas will be able to hold the fort just fine with what they have. The players have a ton of respect for both guys. It's going to be important that they don't rush the decision.
  5. They did do that. Treliving said that Peters is not currently with the team. Geoff Ward will coach the team until they make their decision, and they do not take the allegations lightly. Tree also mentioned that they want to do right by both the accused and their accusers, and that they won't comment on specifics until they have done all of their research. It's not like they're just trying to sweep it under the rug and hope that people stop caring about it. They aren't the Houston Astros.
  6. I am happy that the Flames organization and the NHL are taking the time to really put the pieces together before they act on anything, but it's looking increasingly more like the only option is to fire him. With all of the allegations, if they don't fire Peters, I'll be disappointed in my team. He was a good coach for us, but looking at the results this year, I think he's lost the team anyways. They could have just fired him right away, citing the team's performance through the first chunk of the season, but kudos to them for investigating before reacting. These situations need to be taken seriously every time, but it is absolutely worth it to do some digging and figure out what's true, what isn't, and what is somewhere in the middle. If this is the type of guy that Bill Peters is, I don't want him on our bench anyways. Give the reigns to Geoff Ward for now and start looking for a replacement. They have to look at the new generation of coaches though. Find someone who can actually relate to and get through to these guys in a respectful, but demanding, way.
  7. If you never played it on the PS2, the Kingdom Hearts series (main games especially) is fantastic. I haven't had a chance to play 3 yet, but the first game is easily one of my all time favorites, and the second game is pretty freaking awesome too.
  8. That's a good fit for both sides. The Jays not getting Grandal kinda sucks, but looking at it, that amount of money for a free agent when we have Jansen and McGuire on the team right now would be a dumb move when they really need to be going out and getting good arms. I think we got priced out of this one. Not because the team doesn't have the money to spend, but more because it just didn't make sense to spend that money with the position not being a desperate need. If Jansen can get his bat going, he'll be great. His defense is superb. McGuire has a good bat, but doesn't have the same defensive capabilities as Jansen. They'll make a good pairing at the major league level next season for us.
  9. It's early in the season, and Calgary is close to where they were at this time last year, but I think something is coming. David Rittich has been excellent this season, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the team's record. I think, aside from Tkachuk, Andersson, Valimaki and Rittich, the team should be looking at potential returns for everyone via trade. This group is just too content with losing, and they don't battle hard enough until they're behind. I really believe that one deal may help reinvigorate the lineup, so there's no need for a full tear down... but if Monahan, Gaudreau or Giordano bring back a return that addresses the needs of the team in a big way, that helps them win now, Treliving shouldn't be shy about pulling the trigger. He can't let this team slip away from him for nothing like the Flames did when Iginla's window was closing. EDIT: Elias Lindholm should be added to my no-trade list.
  10. The Jays aren't necessarily shopping players, but they are listening on offers for position players right now. From what I can tell, only Guerrero, Bichette and Biggio are non-starters in regards to trades. I really like Rowdy Tellez, Danny Jansen and Gurriel Jr... but if they can make improvements to the rotation by moving those guys out and they spend to bring in better positional replacements... or if they can make improvements to the positional players by moving those guys and spend on the rotation, I'll be a really happy guy. Apparently, they're in on Mike Moustakas and Yasmani Grandal, who would both be huge improvements in the field and at catcher. Grandal makes Jansen or McGuire expendable, despite their youth and potential upsides, and the catcher that doesn't get traded would do well to be the back-up to Grandal. Moustakas can play any of the bases, so he would give us good depth and he's a left handed bat, which would really help take some of the pressure off of the core group. In an ideal world, I'd love to see them grab both those guys and keep Tellez to play DH/1B, with Moustakas floating between first, second and third to give Tellez/Biggio/Bichette/Guerrero some off days without sacrificing at bats. I also really want them to keep Gurriel in left field. Other than Gurriel and Grichuk, the rest of the outfielders can go. I'd also like to see Matt Shoemaker and Ken Giles return to the team... but we'll see what happens going forward here. I'm expecting to be disappointed by some of the guys who end up with other teams before spring training, and disappointed in the lack of notable additions... but Atkins and the Jays are saying that there's money to be spent and a willingness to pull the trigger on significant deals.
  11. Has Disney announced when Hulu will be available in Canada yet?
  12. I have found hitting to be much more difficult this year than last, with a lot of my wins in franchise being very close games, and me being forced to strategize more because I'm not hitting dingers like crazy... and then I play a game today where my Pirates just absolutely explode on the Braves for 22 runs, with 8 homers. I also played two minor league games prior to that, hitting one home run and scoring 6 total runs between the two games. Part of me wants to adjust the sliders to avoid these, but I also know that I've been struggling in comparison to last year's game with consistent hitting, so I'm thinking it's more just a lucky game than anything else. My Pirates are sitting at the top of the division, but like I said, most of the games I've played have been very close, and I've been losing more this year than last.
  13. The story mode to Mario Maker was pretty cool, but the downloading of levels is not as easy as it should be, and most levels that get uploaded are just frustrating as all hell.
  14. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 should be a good multiplayer grab for you if your boys are into superheroes. If you can find a copy, Super Bomberman R is really fun as well for multiplayer. The bulk of the games worth getting will revolve around Mario though, for sure. Kart and Party are both tons of fun. Odyssey is a great ode to Mario 64 and can be played multiplayer with one person controlling his hat. The Switch comes with two Joycon controllers that can act as one controller when both connected physically to the Switch or physically to the Joycon gamepad holder. Depending on what types of games you end up with, I'd recommend either a second set of Joycons for up to 4 player support, or a Pro Controller, which is more in line with the Xbox style controller. I definitely use that for most single player games. Nintendo Switch Online is pretty cheap, allows online play for games that support it, but also will give you access to a catalog of NES and Super Nintendo games. The collection rotates titles in and out, but it's still pretty cool. Other than that, no backward compatibility at the moment. There are rumors of Nintendo 64 games being made available at some point, but they've been rumors for awhile and nothing has happened yet... so, grain of salt.
  15. I haven't had that in this year's game... but once in MLB 18, I finished the year and was headed into the post-season, and for whatever reason, the CPU kept five or six guys from my expanded roster and sent a bunch of guys down to the minors who had been on my major league team all year. I ended up getting knocked out in the ALDS. Two of the guys they kept were depth options at starting pitcher who were over the hill and had been absolute shit in the minors all year for me. It's the only time I've come across that happening. Every other year in game, it always just keeps the guys that were on my 25 man roster prior to the expanded rosters in September.
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