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  1. Gabriel

    EWB Musicians

    I decided to write my wife an album as a Valentine's/Birthday present this year, after VerbalPuke helped me out last year and got her a song, which she enjoyed. I'm mostly done with the lyrics, so I'll need to move on to trying to write the music myself soon. It's going to be tough though. I have no concept of music theory. I'm a self taught bassist, and I'm okay when I play other people's stuff, but I've never tried to write anything on my own. I also really suck at guitar, so that will be interesting. I'm going to try writing some basic shit on the guitar, but if all else fails, I'll revert to my bass and distort it for a fuller sound.
  2. Most places that sell used retro games will have copies of Mario 64. Some of them are outrageously priced, so be careful looking around if you do. I had Mario 64 on the Wii when the Wii Shop had Nintendo 64 games available to download, but they've since shut down the online portion of that. You should be able to get a Nintendo 64 for $50-$100 depending on where you go though. I've seen good copies of Mario 64 sell for as little as $30, but as much as $200 in some shops.
  3. They need to ease into that stuff. I'm more than happy to see the sequel be like the rest of the MCU movies, but have it push some of the boundaries for horror. There is definitely room (and a market) for Marvel Horror in film, but up to this point, if it says Marvel on it, it's a safe bet that you can just take your kids and go see it without knowing too much about the movie. Could you imagine the backlash they would receive from people who weren't following the news when they went to see it and got a horror movie that has Dr Strange in it, as opposed to a movie that resembles the first one with some horror elements? I really want to see a full on horror Dr Strange movie, but they need to introduce those elements a little bit at a time. If this were a brand new property for them, like say, Blade... and they shied away from that, then I could see people getting upset about the creative direction. I have read that if New Mutants does well enough, that Marvel and Disney are going to see that as proof that they can take their characters further in that direction. So, go see New Mutants in theatres if the reviews aren't terrible.
  4. Spoilers for Mandalorian ahead.
  5. Calgary traded Frolik to Buffalo for cap space (and a fourth rounder).
  6. I had a glitch last year where Teoscar Hernandez won a gold glove.
  7. And there's the impact signing they needed. So, Ryu, Anderson, Roark, Shoemaker and Borucki/Thornton are the rotation as of today. Much improved over last season, though it would have been fantastic if they kept Stroman. Jays are still in on David Price as well, but there are now other teams involved, so the cost could be too great. Still though, Ryu, Price, Anderson, Roark and Shoemaker to start the season would be lovely. Now we've got a decent amount of guys starting in Buffalo who are on the verge of being major league guys and/or have major league experience... plus Nate Pearson is this year's Vlad Jr.
  8. The Jays signed Travis Shaw to a one year deal worth $4 million. He's a good bounce-back candidate, and is versatile as a defender, so I think it's a solid pickup. Apparently, they're still in on Encarnacion as well, which would mean that Rowdy Tellez is probably the odd man out, starting the season in Buffalo if Edwing gets picked up. They are also in discussions with the Red Sox about what the cost would be to acquire David Price, who pitched to a sub-3.00 ERA and a 9-1 record with the Jays during his brief stint in Toronto. The off-season started out slow for them, and there's been a ton of discontent within the fanbase, but they've made some really good pickups so far. Nothing mind-blowing, but they've added some guys who are upgrades over who played last season, and they're giving the young core a chance to be more competitive. A more impactful signing or acquisition would be beneficial to the confidence of the core group, but overall, I'm very happy with the off-season they've had so far.
  9. The Jays have reportedly made very competitive offers for Hyun-Jin Ryu and Edwing Encarnacion. With the additions they've already made, and the development of the kids... if they can pull off those two signings, the team is destined for much better things this coming season. I mean, that's still not the playoffs, but progress is progress.
  10. I think that a defined Salary Floor should be instituted, for sure. Even if the teams that need to reach it do so by signing their younger stars to more money earlier in their careers, as opposed to spending on free agents, it's still a win for the players. Young stars are taken advantage of too much with Contract Renewable and Arbitration status, not to mention Service Time.
  11. They probably figure that they aren't going to contend this year, and holding onto Kluber would have run the risk of him having a poor season or getting injured and diminishing the return... or worse even, making it impossible to deal him. I love the business side of sports, but it's also a major pain in the ass as a fan, because you see teams giving up on their season before it even starts... especially in leagues where parity isn't as prevalent as it is in a league like the NHL. Clase was primarily a starter before he got to the majors, so there's still plenty of time to see if he works in that role for the Indians. He could also turn into a hell of a closer if he's developed properly.
  12. Cleveland is thinking about money, really. Kluber is under team control for one more year after this one, but it's an $18 million option. So they dealt him away for a speedy outfielder who hit a respectable .249 last year, and a top pitching prospect who had an ERA under 2.50 for Texas after skipping over Triple A entirely. He didn't play a lot, but those numbers and the potential he has at 21 is hard to pass up. It's also likely that they deal away Liriano, who they would be priced out of re-signing anyways.
  13. Without spoiling anything... episode 7 comes out prior to the release of Rise of Skywalker, so it's coming Wednesday I believe... and then episode 8 comes out afterwards. My belief is that is done for a reason. So I wouldn't worry any.
  14. Not a bad start. Maybe a bit of an overpayment, but we knew that was going to have to happen for them to bring in any legitimate starters. The term is good too. He will be able to give the team solid innings over the course of the year. If he bounces back from last season, this could be a major steal for them. If he provides what he did last season, it's still better than what we had in Toronto. So the rotation now looks like Roark, Chase Anderson, TBD, TBD and TBD. They say they are wanting to get at least one more starter added. Keuchel would cost a lot, but would be the best possible addition. Happ and Price are more likely, given that they could be had for very little, and the Jays have a decent stockpile of position prospects.
  15. Which is totally fair. I feel like they have an offensive potential this season that could overcome regular defensive shortcomings... but if they don't have a rotation good enough to limit the damage against, I feel very strongly that it would be detrimental to the development of the young core. If I were betting, I'd put them at fourth in the AL East to finish the year. They could wind up in last if the pitching is atrocious... but with the potential that they have on the team, and the results we've already seen from the lineup, I do believe that they could be in the hunt for a Wild Card spot as late as August if they get the pitching they need. More so than immediate results, I think you have to look at the development of the core group of Jays players. As management/ownership, you absolutely cannot allow them to become used to a losing culture. Look to the NHL and the Edmonton Oilers. Look at how long it has taken them to steady the ship, and how many franchise altering prospects they brought in along the way who fell by the wayside or never reached their full potential. It's great to have one of baseball's top ranked prospect groups, and it's even better to see them breaking out in the Majors... but you need to be careful with how you cultivate them. They need a guy in the rotation who can be counted on to course-correct every five games if necessary. Plus, it's not like they're spending much money right now anyways. Half the team is making peanuts. So bring in that course-corrector.... that guy whose addition shows the young players that management believes in them. At worst, they pay a bunch of money for a guy who gives the team the belief that they can win when he's out there, and it helps with their development. At best, he pushes them a little further along the rebuild by allowing those young players to have that swagger and that vote of confidence from the team. Whether it's Keuchel or someone else. The Jays cannot allow their rotation to be as abysmal as last year, and they absolutely have to do something to show the young players that they believe that they can win now. Winning now isn't the necessary end-game here. What's important is that the team legitimately believes that they can compete with anybody, whether or not the results are there, and that they aren't playing behind a rotation that can't break the losing trends that will inevitably happen. They need guys on the mound who can stop a downward spiral before it gets out of control.
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