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  1. OK, lets make one thing clear. Please consider PaigeTurner's updates as the official ones, I cannot provide month to month consistency but I decided to post an update I started making three months ago. Here is what I did: 1. Updated ages , wages, stats - everything I have some clue of, with the help of videos found in internet, opinions on forums and so on. For some workers, it was impossible to find any info about their age - in those cases I managed to estimate those workers' age by their look, experience in the ring and so on, 2. Updated lesser indy promotions rosters&champions to make them as accurate as possible. 3. Deleted inactive/retired workers - majorly those who retired due to health issues or were inactive for a long time, for example 4-5 years. 4. Added a lot of new workers, who weren't in the update before. Especially, I focused on those who are young and promising, or are title holders in lesser indy promotions. For some of them, it was impossible to find anything about their age, so I needed to estimate it. So, here it is: https://www.sendspace.com/file/wh8igu Cheers! Strato
  2. Does anyone know how to delete inactive japanese promotions? These should be deleted: Battlearts PRIDE World Japan Pro Wrestling Wrestling Marvelous Future Would be glad for help.
  3. AzamDean, Good to hear someone's taking the role. Good luck to you. I cannot provide consistency to update the data every month due to family duties and working >10 hours/day. Usually, I have a time for EWR during Christmas break and similar longer periods off work. Helmz, Thank you conker8, Done, will be seen in final release of Jan update reyjey.styles, I'm familiar with cagematch, It's great source for promotions, rosters and belts data. One more thing, I'd like have your feedback on the following: 1. Should CMLL and AAA be National instead of Cult? In real world, both of them easily reached this level. In EWR, promotion needs >80 over main eventers to survive at this level, and this requirement is hard to met by AAA and CMLL in the game. 2. Sponsors section seems a little bit outdated, can you have any suggestions which sponsors should be removed or toned down with their payment? 3. Do you know any method to delete non-existing Japanese and MMA promotions from the game? Thanks,
  4. For now, I consider it a beta-version. Ages are updated to start a game in January 2017. Some WWE and Lucha Underground changes are made. However, there is one main reason I'm still not satisfied with this update to release it "officialy". I don't follow promotions other than WWE and Lucha Underground so I don't have any knowledge what changed in them since November (last Paige Turner's update). When it comes to ROH, I can at least find a lot of information in internet, but what about f.e. AAW, APW, WXW-C4? These small, local promotions, are complete mystery to me. I'm thinking about deleting them and adding playable version of NJPW, which is making fans all over the world recently. I'm posting this because I'd appreciate your feedback very much - what can be done/improved to make a better 2017 data update for EWR? Here you can download my latest work: https://www.sendspace.com/file/kzxnu7
  5. Great job with this update. My suggestion - worker's age needs general review. It seems that age attributes were not touched since November 2015. To fix this, all workers born in November, December, Unknown, January, February, March, April, May, June and July should have their age increased by "1" to fit August 2016 scenario. The same goes for staff, Cheers!
  6. OK, I admit, that alter egos like those mentioned by mkpunk, should stay in. I'll start adding them back before the next month's release of this update.
  7. It's no problem, I can add workers back on request. If you have more names that should be brought back, just give the list. For now (with Darius Carter back), I have 1820 wrestlers in the update. I can easily add some more without affecting time required to advance days/ load new game. Well, you need to sacrifice something if you want to have a less bloated update. I made a decision to delete almost 4000 workers. Hard decision, but wthout it, lean version (or the less bloated file) would have never been made. I know that feedback is not always positive, but I accept it and I respect other people opinions.
  8. NXT made as a brand in WWE with following rules: Wrestlers who have a profile on wwe.com and appear regularly on NXT TV, are now active workers Wrestlers who don't have a profile on wwe.com and don't appear on NXT TV (but can appear on NXT houseshows), are developmental workers. WWE NXT added as a tv show. Main Event deleted to keep 3 tv shows rule valid. Several workers&staff&relationships added. I understand your point with NXT wrestlers' stats not improving. However, I've already raised some of them (f,e, Chad Gable, who is providing good wrestling everytime he competes in the ring). Also, worker can be brought back to developmental if there is a need to bump his stats a little bit. Also, the main reason I made NXT playable, is the popularity of this show. NXT is red hot right now and I believe many people would like to book it. My only concern is that there is no way to book NXT Takeovers, due to limited number of PPV's. As for main eventers getting upset - well, they have Raw and Smackdown to show up on, so their morale should be fine. In real world, Cena is very rarely featured even on Smackdown. Thanks for all feedback and suggestions. Cheers!
  9. Here you can download the EWR November 2015 Lean Update: https://www.sendspace.com/file/xl23hg Some changes added, but still a lot to do. Suggestions are always appreciated. Cheers!
  10. I added a poll to the topic. I'd like to know your opinions about how NXT should be handled. Honestly, I prefer to keep it inside WWE but create a roster for it and add a TV show.
  11. I'm all about a good teamwork. Well, you have a point. I tried to avoid other companies hiring "WWE Production crew/ executive officers" by ticking "unsackable", but I'm aware it wouldn't work for smaller promotions if they, for example, go out of business. So, I'll reconsider this and perhaps keep this method only in WWE. However, staff section needs general overhaul - for now, there are loads of inactive announcers and referees, and there's a lack of road agents and trainers. I decided to move them to staff. In lean version of an update, with relationships and tag teams sections drastically reduced, it's not much effort to add those workers back if they appear again as active wrestlers/ on air authorities participating in angles.
  12. I know that there's a similar project going right now, but for me it only proves a fact, that people got tired of very large and inaccurate update, and are looking for something more user-friendly and more concentrated on mainstream wrestling. I had several attempts to make lean version of Bill's update but was never succesfull due to the lack of time. Unfortunately, making such a thing requires you to go through 6000 records of workers, check info about them on internet, and workers section is only the beginning. Honestly, I consider my update as a prototype, a beta version. There is still many things to do, especially in staff section. Promotions like WWE, AAA, CMLL, TNA, even ROH, have from several to hundreads staff workers that are considered "production staff". It's impossible to reflect this in EWR by adding separate staff workers because the game was not designed to work this way. Global promotion needs only 3-4 production staff. For WWE, I already introduced the production workers representing a whole group of people (like "WWE Executive Officers"). I'm thinking of doing the same for other big promotions. Also, AAA and CMLL seem really out of place. I believe they deserve to be national, according to their popularity in Mexico, but I changed them to cult, because national promotion requires main eventers with overness 80+. And lets say, I raise overness to low 80s for CMLL's main eventers: Atlantis, Negro Casas, Rush and so on. That would be on pair with WWE's upper midcarders like Dean Ambrose. Believe me, if Atlantis ever appeared on WWE's programming, he wouldn't generate any reaction from crowd and none would have an idea who this guy is. Even considering that Atlantis is a major draw in Mexico. So I decided to leave mexican wrestlers' overness where it was, but instead, I moved AAA and CMLL to cult level. My original plan was to make AAA and CMLL touring promotions like japanese ones, but (shame) I have no idea how to do this technically. I'm not good at programming and game's file editor does not provide such an option.
  13. Here you can download October 2015 update (LEAN version) - DATA only https://www.sendspace.com/file/1nb9a8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Generally, I took Bill's September update, that is posted on this page, and started to do following modifications: I've majorly reduced the number of workers. My priorities to delete were: 1. Non-wrestlers, not hired by any promotion and inactive for a long time. I left only some of the retired major stars like Stone Cold or Edge. Just to give a loophole to make them authority figures. Old mexican&japanese stars turned into non-wrestlers were also deleted. 2. Old Japanese female wrestlers&non-wrestlers. First of all, I have no idea why they were in the game at the first place. I left only a couple of Japanese female stars but only those who are competing nowadays and are quite popular (according to their in-game overness and cagematch profile). 3. Japanese wrestlers with low overness and not signed to any japanese promotion. 4. Wrestlers with very low overness and terrible stats. There were hundreds of them in the game (including a lot of australian wrestlers). 5. Wrestlers who are officially inactive according to cagematch or are active but haven't competed for a long time. 6. WWE - I moved some non-wrestlers to STAFF and deleted Linda McMahon 7. Very old staff workers. EWR would retire them asap anyway so there is no sense to keep them in. Also, some staff with very low talent and not contracted to any promotion. 8. Relationships. With the exeption of the most obvious ones like Triple H-Stephanie. 9. All alter-egos. They don't serve a purpose in the game. If want to know more about a wrestler, you can just google him and check his other names. Other changes: 1. I totally rebuilt WWE's staff system. EWR expects you to have only about 3-4 production workers in global promotion. WWE in Bill's update has tens of them. We all know the result - if you start new game with any other promotion than WWE, and proceed to the next day, you'll observe WWE firing almost all of their production workers. This game was not designed to have so many staff in one promotion. So, I totally changed the conception. In real world, WWE has hundreds of workers of different roles. There is no sense to add each one separately to game's staff section because EWR was not designed to work that way. To fix this, I deleted all executive officers, low and mid level managers, backstage support workers, all media staff - generally all production workers who are not on-screen characters. Ring announcers, backstage interviewers, who are on-screen characters, are left as separate production workers. Instead, I created "one" worker named "WWE Executive Officers" and the second named "WWE Production Crew". I think it's ok since the owner of WWE is "WWE Board of Directors". If owner can be a group of people, then it's legal to have the same rule with production staff. The rest of the production staff are on-screen characters like Eden Stiles. 2. I toned down stats for a large part of workers. If there are hundreds of workers with stats like brawl 70+, speed 70+, tech 70+, playing an indy promotion becomes a joke (90% match quality boosts overness even by 10 points - in a very short time your roster is as over as in global promotion). Also, toned down stats will help you reveal workers who are really best in class at the moment. In some cases, I raised stats, for example Zack Sabre's tech is now in 90' (he is considered the best technical wrestler in the world). 3. Unticked "shooting" for former football/rugby players and former generic amateur wrestlers. I kept "shooting" for workers who either have mma record, or were very succesfull in fighting sports (like having black belt in karate or winning titles as amateur wrestler) 4. Unticked "superstar look" for generic looking workers. I prefer this perk to be more prestigious. Only guys that really stand out, like Randy Orton or Roman Reigns, are worthy to have "superstar look". 5. Unticked "menacing" for many workers, who in my opinion, are not menacing at all. Still to do: 1. I want to increase the number of relationships. 2. Workers section - I plan to add more tough enough competitors. For now, I only have Joshua Bredl. 3. Perhaps I deleted some wrestlers who are potential big prospects (I deleted 4000 people after all). Well, I'm eager to bring such workers back. 4. Stats still need a lot of work. I think making them as accurate as possible for 1800 workers is the most difficult part of dealing with this update. 5. I estimated Dario Cueto's age to 38 years. Couldn't find any information about his age in internet. Perhaps someone knows how old is he? 6. Many more. If you like this conception, feel free to give me suggestions, perhaps I'll continue posting lean version of monthly updates. But just to make it straight - I'm not as democratic as Bill - I'll never listen to ridiculous suggestions like "tick superstar look for Daniel Bryan" Cheers!
  14. I'd like to play this scenario but starting just after Wrestlemania 14. Could please suggest public image for WWF and WCW? I'd like to know your opinions. Also, Bill Goldberg was way more over in April than in January. Is overness boost to something like 85 sufficent for him?
  15. Thank you Bill! There is a problem occuring while selecting OVW in File Editor - Promotions. Game crashes. Anyone know how to fix it?
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