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  1. By chance does someone know and have the data for the time period right before Hogan/Bischoff showed up in TNA (and ruined it)? Thank you
  2. By chance could I get new Seiya Sanada, Alpha Female, Tigre Uno, and Willow, on kyky. You all are awesome. Thank you.
  3. New Undertaker, Solomon Crowe, and other new NXT peeps on kyky please?
  4. Yeah... when you click on the image to save it (the larger, actual version)... still has bandwidth issue... Dang. EDIT: I was able to COPY your images into MY photobucket and save them from there. Thank you.
  5. And I don't know who these people are. If someone can help me I'd appreciate it. All I know is they work in the UK and may do shows with some of the guys above since I got them from the same place but couldn't put a name to these guys. I wish I got to these when I had the chance. They were really good cuts and wanted a lot of these. Any ideas on when these will be back up?
  6. By chance does anyone have the gimmick generator floating around? Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. No way Jericho should be upper midcard... shoot id actually make him non-wrestler for now.
  8. Decent sized request: Preferably all new... Daniel Bryan with WWE Title CM Punk with World Heavyweight Title Dolph Ziggler with WWE Intercontinental Title Damien Sandow with WWE Intercontinental Title Jack Swagger with WWE United States Title Paige with WWE Divas Title
  9. NXT notes; Make Scott Dawson heel, redneck if not already. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady as face. Raise Enzo charisma to at least 75. And fonz if not already checked. Make Sylvester LeFort rich snob maybe...
  10. Would love new pics from all the NXT guys if possible. Especially Bayley, CJ Parker, Sami Zayn
  11. PTP tweeners for now... NXT notes Sami Zayn gimmick to Foreign Star CJ Parker gimmick to Fun Babyface or Cool and needs Fonz if not already checked Bayley gimmick Obsessed Fan and Tweener, maybe...
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