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  1. Download Festival 2010

    Make sure you all watch Enemo J on the Red Bull Stage on Sunday. That's my band
  2. (Un)Official Metal Thread

    www.myspace.com/enemoj That's my band, 'Enemo-J'. Check us out if you like, We've been likened to Sepultura/Soulfly, American Headcharge, Raging speedhorn etc etc. We've got 2 general release records, available on Amazon / Play / iTunes / HMV etc etc (or if you look hard enough, there are torrents around...but shhhhhhh!) Albums are called: "The Angels Will Return For Us" and "Live By Wish, Not By Hope" Had some good support slots in the past and coming up (Napalm Death, Reging Speedhorn and we're supporting Sylosis in March). We've gigged a fair bit over the last year just trying to get back in to the swing of things after a major lineup change (only 2 original members, of which I'm one and I left the band for 5 years before I rejoined last year!). We've also been put forward for Download Festival this year, so that'd be nice! If anybody likes what they hear then let me know, always interested in feedback (positive or negative)! Sorry, I'll stop pimping myself out now........
  3. Bloodstock Open Air: 2010

    This is literally just round the corner from me (in fact my band actually played the festival one year, terrible experience, won't go into detail) but the fact that I'm so out of the loop with 'metal' bands coupled with my general dis-interest in metal in general means I'll probably give it a miss. I have a few friends in bands trying out for the unsigned stage, and a lot of friends I imagine will be going as fans too so I may even get dragged along.
  4. Sooo, my band has a music video...

    Cool video man, I can defo see that on Scuzz. now....THREAD HIJACK~!!!1 This is the latest video for my band (Or the band I've just rejoined after a 6 year hiatus, hence why I'm not in the video) Enemo J - Quail Boy Generic americanised metal ftw!
  5. 360 and PS3 owners, what are your console's top 10 exclusives?

    Am I talking out of my arse or was metal gear solid 2 (maybe even 3) released on the original Xbox? If so, I wouldn't give up on the hope that when it's ran its course on PS3, MGS4 may be announced for 360.
  6. So, how do you feel about...

    Deftones have always been up there in my list of favourite bands, but thinking about it now I haven't actually listened to them (bar the odd song here or there) since I was at college 7 years ago. I'd still class them as a favourite, and think they were certainly the most 'mature' and long lasting member of the 'nu-metal' scene. Muse are good but tremendously overrated by many people. And I also happen to think 'Showbiz' is their best album.
  7. Your Big Gay Face II

    I found it hilarious that with Moira Stewart being up there, the code I had to enter on Megaupload was 'ITN' :lmao:
  8. Music that pumps you up?

    Boy Sets Fire - After the Eulogy. This song wins the thread.
  9. Degrees of Separation

    Who's new album sounds suspiciously like a bunch of Beatles B-sides...
  10. Degrees of Separation

    ...who was in the smashing pumpkins with Billy Corgan....
  11. Recommend me stuff

    Beep Beep have always reminded me of Blood Brothers. And if you're just after some generally disjointed, quirky, yet totally rocking tunes I would also suggest Cursive.
  12. The Punk RAWK Thread!

    That deadkennedy dude reminded me why I stopped getting into discussions about punk music Anyway, rvdwannabe, from what you've mentioned i would suggest that straight up punk rock maybe isn't for you. I myself listen to very little of it nowadays. I've kinda branched out into hardcore/post hardcore. Here are some bands I would suggest to you.... Comeback Kid - Try 'Broadcasting..', it's there newest album, lots of singalong gang chorus parts. BoySetsFire - 'After the Eulogy' is a mighty fine album, but i would suggest you would like the title track or 'our time honored tradition of cannibalism' Glassjaw - Not so punky, but they definitely have their roots firmly in new york hardcore. Get anything of their first album 'everything you ever wanted to know about silence' Norma Jean - Not really punk at all, much more metal but they clearly have hardcore influences. Check out anything off 'redeemer' first of all, its their latest and most accessible album. (In all honesty I would have recommended these bands no matter what you said, because they're all awesome )
  13. The Punk RAWK Thread!

    Well, what is it you don't like about it?
  14. The Punk RAWK Thread!

    I seem to remember The Swinging Utters having a kinda Irishy Folky influence on their sound. Although I haven't listened to them for about 10 years so I have no idea if that's actually accurate, or what they sound like now. Maybe you could check them out though.
  15. The Punk RAWK Thread!

    I've seen a shit load of punk bands in my time, and none have put on a better show than Less Than Jake. I saw them for the second time on my 18th birthday, they signed my CD at a signing before the gig, and I shared a bong with Roger after the signing. Cool guys, they offered to get me up on stage at the gig later that evening. Unfortunately I'd drank like 6 litres of cider and smoked an 8th of weed by then, so spent most of the gig being sick on my brothers girlfriends shoes. Still, good times!