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  1. Done all that and pictures still aren't appearing. I see the pic packs in the editor but when I select them nothing appears.
  2. Feel like an idiot here, but any reason as to why the picture folder won't show? I copied into the right folder just not coming up when I try and edit the database.
  3. Cheers for this man! Got a couple question though with regards to pictures. Basically I'm completely new to TEW and have been messing about with this mod but I can't seem to get pic packs to work. Do you or anyone else have a link to a decent real world one and how I would go about installing it?
  4. Probably very easy to find but I'm pretty new to this so I thought I would ask here. Is there a split data for the beginning of the WWE:ECW era, so around june 06? Thanks in advance

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