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  1. Watched Silence last week and loved it (probably in part because of my own experience having grown up around Jesuits and ignatian spirituality.) If I had watched it before making my ballot, it probably would've taken my number 10 slot (sorry 20th Century Women). Certain Women got high on my ballot mainly on the strength of the third act w/ Kristen Stewart and Lily Gladstone. I would've wanted The Handmaiden to place higher, but I'm just glad it made it at all. Probably my favorite Park Chan-Wook movie, although I've only watched 3, so take that with a grain of salt.
  2. All-time (no particular order): 1. Deadwood 2. The Office (US) 3. Freaks and Geeks 4. Neon Genesis Evangelion 5. The Wire Current: Better Call Saul The Good Place Game of Thrones The Americans Rick and Morty
  3. 1. Moonlight 2. Arrival 3. Certain Women 4. Manchester by the Sea 5. Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) 6. La La Land 7. Hail, Caesar! 8. Hell or High Water 9. The Handmaiden 10. 20th Century Women
  4. 1. Dragon Ball (keep in mind, not Dragonball Z) 2. Rugrats 3. Adventures of Pete and Pete 4. Hey Arnold! 5. Johnny Bravo 6. Teen Titans 7. Powerpuff Girls 8. Samurai Jack 9. Justice League 10. Boy Meets World
  5. Scrubs. Season 7 especially was pretty bad. But season 8 was a good end to the series.
  6. Embedding isn't really working for me right now, so i'll just post links to videos. Gun to my head, I'd have to choose between the openings of Freaks and Geeks ( ), Cowboy Bebop ( ) and Cheers ( ). Cheers is in there mainly on the strength of nostalgia. Some of my most vivid memories from when I was younger involve watching Cheers on VCR with my mom (I'm just guessing that it was on VCR, not really sure). I remember I memorizing the lyrics of the song, and always trying to copy the face of the kid in the last picture of the credits.
  7. I really love Scrubs, but why do you think Louie is a pile of shit?
  8. Hmm, at this point, is the "vote for everything rule" still necessarily? If the purpose of the rule was to make sure that all match-ups had some votes, you don't really need it anymore, since at this point, almost all of these shows have a good amount of supporters. It'd be a shame if a really close match-up ended up being decided by a "didn't watch either, flipped a coin" vote. It's your tourney though. Votes sent!
  9. EASTERN BRACKET 1) Community vs. 4) The Office (U.S) 3) The Walking Dead vs. 2) Seinfeld CENTRAL BRACKET 9) Game of Thrones vs. 4) Breaking Bad 3) South Park vs. 15) Sons of Anarchy MOUNTAIN BRACKET 1) The Simpsons vs. 4) The Sopranos 14) Louie vs. 2) Scrubs PACIFIC BRACKET 1) Arrested Development vs. 13) The A-Team 6) Futurama vs. 2) The Wire From the votes so far, looks like The Wire isn't making it to the next round Well, if it goes out here, at least it's to Futurama, another show which I love.
  10. MOUNTAIN BRACKET 1) The Simpsons vs. 8) House 5) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia vs. The Sopranos 6) Firefly vs. 14) Louie 7) 24 vs. 2) Scrubs PACIFIC BRACKET 1) Arrested Development vs. 8) Mystery Science Theater 3000 5) Parks & Recreation vs. 13) The A-Team 6) Futurama vs. 3) Friends 7) Twin Peaks vs. 2) The Wire
  11. Hmm, this is where things start getting hard. Eastern Bracket Community vs. West Wing How I Met Your Mother vs. The Office (US)- This one was kinda tough, and both shows have had their ups and downs, but in the end, I have to go with the Office here. Right now, I'm enjoying HIMYM more, but overall, The Office wins out. Blackadder vs. The Walking Dead Frasier vs. Seinfeld Central Bracket Lost vs. Game of Thrones- There was a stretch of time a few years ago when I was addicted to Lost, and even now, it still holds a special place in my heart. Game of Thrones is really good too, but one season of quality TV isn't enough for me to vote it over Lost. Monty Python's Flying Circus vs. Breaking Bad Fawlty Towers vs. South Park Freaks and Geeks vs. Sons of Anarchy- Please please please don't let Freaks and Geeks go out here. It wasn't a show that changed the face of television or pop culture. All it did was depict high school life better than any other piece of pop culture I know, with all the humor and all the awkwardness that comes in that stage of life. F&G could be hilarious one second, poignant the next, and then back to hilarious in an instant. I've only seen season 1, and the first episode of season 2 of SoA, and I liked what I watched, but for me, F&G deserves to go to the next round.
  12. Pacific Bracket Arrested Development vs. The IT Crowd- I caught a few episodes of the IT Crowd on an airplane before, and I enjoyed it, but it's not beating Arrested Development for me. Mystery Science Theater 3000 vs. Chuck- I love the characters of Chuck too much to vote against them this early. MST3000 is really funny (my impression from the clips I've seen), but when Chuck is firing on all cylinders, it's as good as any TV show around. Parks and Recreations vs. Curb Your Enthusiasm- I can see why so many people like Curb so much, but wasn't really my thing. I'm not averse to awkward humor, but didn't like it that much, although I only watched the first half of the first season, so maybe it gets better. P&R on the other hand is great, and the cast is just so damn lovable. Also, RON SWANSON. Angel vs. The A-Team- First match-up where I have never seen an episode of either show. I'm a Joss Whedon fanboy though, and Angel is on the list of shows that I really want to watch, so my vote goes to that. Futurama vs. Red Dwarf- Hopefully this doesn't end with me getting lynched, but I have to say it. I like Futurama more than Simpsons. Simpsons is wonderful and hilarious and is a pillar of quality television, but I don't have the same sentimental attachment to it that I do with Futurama. And I don't have any attachment with Red Dwarf at all. Friends vs. The OC- The OC gets lumped in with a lot of other bland (imo), "teen drama" type shows like 90210 and One Tree Hill, and not without good reason. It does have a lot in common with those kind of shows, but I thought that The OC had more heart than most of them. I would vote The OC over Friends on the strength of its first season alone. I like Friends enough, but not enough to vote for it here. Twin Peaks vs. Six Feet Under- Six Feet Under is one of the more underrated HBO dramas I think, not really getting the acclaim I feel it deserves. It's probably one of the best shows ever when it comes to talking about death, as it should be, since it's about a family in the death business. I haven't watched Twin Peaks yet , from what I've read it seems like something I'd like though. The Wire vs. The Prison Break- I was addicted to Prison Break when it first started, but it really should've ended after season 2 I think. After that, I just lost interest. The Wire on the other hand, was 5 seasons of perfection. It's insane, it went on for five seasons, and as far as I remember, there was never a bad episode. Not to say that it didn't have it's missteps (there were, but few and far between), but nothing that really brought the show down. It's one of the best pieces of pop culture ever, and should go all the way to at least the final four.
  13. I didn't determine the bracketing, the nominations did! If I did determine the bracketing, The Tick would have gone up against something besides current ratings juggernaut, Zombies Zombies Zombies. Also, wow, the rare septuple post from ruderrocket. You having some formatting trouble? Yessir, sorry. I'll keep my formatting simple next time.
  14. Edit. Double post, sorry.