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  1. http://screenrant.com/batman-solo-film-ben-affleck-18-months/ Fingers crossed.
  2. Nope, I haven't actually. This is pretty much my first introduction to the character in this form. I've always been aware of a Bat-Woman, but not this version. Have you read the new DC series?
  3. Fair enough. I might actually get this, I skipped '16.
  4. It's hardly a new feature though, is it? It's just something saying something else. A new feature to me is completely completely new, like the introduction of team talks, agents, etc.
  5. I had a friend once who called it "Air Con" in front of a group. Some planes have lethal air conditioning systems.
  6. 1,000+ new features? I find that very hard to believe.
  7. Nice to see Charlie Austin back on the score sheet regularly.
  8. Oh he's allowed to be crap for England. They are all crap.
  9. Perhaps it's because he isn't carrying Rooney.
  10. Fair play to whoever did that. It actually looks like a real article.
  11. brenchill

    The Flash

    Not another bloody Speedster
  12. I think it was a joke about Steven Gerrard, club legend, slipping and costing them the Premier League title.
  13. I just finished reading the latest Detective Comics story and wow, so so good. Can't wait for the story to continue in Batman #8. They have done one hell of a job on making Bat-Woman a bad ass character.
  14. Suicide Squad and Detective Comics are definetly the best of the Rebirth bunch so far. I just finished reading Suicide Squad #2 which contains an awesome Captain Boomerang backstory and also the return of...
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