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  1. Nintendo Megathread

    Just got paid, so I went to go buy Kirby. Sold out everywhere
  2. March Madness 2018

    Michigan/Houston was amazing. What a shot!
  3. March Madness 2018

    Incredible. They murked Virginia.
  4. March Madness 2018

    There goes Ayton and Arizona.
  5. savagebeast82@hotmail.com

  6. Nintendo Megathread

  7. Impact graphic request

    Hello! I'm looking to get a graphic made for an interview series called Impact Statement. Size, font style, etc., is all up to the creator, all I'd ask is for the graphic to be green like this Thank you to whoever fulfills this request!
  8. Nintendo Megathread

    The Kirby demo is out
  9. Comic Book Films & TV

    I liked episode 4 a lot more than 3, overall I'd say the show has been pretty good so far. I gave up on Arrow three episodes in and never tried with Supergirl or Legends, so I'm enjoying keeping up with a non-Flash DC series. Only nitpick with it so far...
  10. Which aunt viv was better?

    First Vivian without a doubt, she called Phil on his BS and was a strong, independent working woman. Second Viv was a loving mother, but faded into the background.
  11. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Crazy amounts of bricks in the 3-point contest. Even Klay didn't do that well. EDIT: Mitchell had a great dunk contest! Pretty good competition overall.
  12. What Did You Watch Today?

    The Shape of Water. Terrific film.
  13. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Right on cue... Hood's traded to Cleveland. Utah gets Rose and Crowder. Shumpert's gone to Sacramento to for George Hill. EDIT: And Wade's traded to Miami?!
  14. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Isaiah Thomas and Channing Fyre have been traded to the Lakers for Clarkson, Cavs 1st (not the Brooklyn pick) and Nance, Jr.