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  1. Song is pretty bad, but fun Degrassi nostalgia.
  2. Tyrone

    E3 2018

    Spidey looks incredible!
  3. Tyrone

    E3 2018

    That reminds me, I really need to finish Dying Light.
  4. Tyrone

    E3 2018

    Is We Happy Few on PS4, too?
  5. I think he'll be Denzel's pal, I don't think he'll be Denzel.

  6. Tyrone

    E3 2018

    I'm hoping for some news on the new Yoshi game
  7. His name is Bruce, right? What a stupid name. You have nine months, and you come up with Bruce?

  8. Ye is pretty damn wild. Ghost Town and Yikes are my favorites so far.
  9. Will get to Ye eventually, too focused on Daytona right now. This album is amazing and the sample on Come Back Baby

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