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  1. Yoshi demo is so much fun!
  2. Can we get Gordon and LaVine back in the dunk contest? EDIT: Hamidou Diallo
  3. Siakam should be an All Star. I'll be shocked if he's not a finalist for Most Improved.
  4. GTA V was instantly forgettable.
  5. Fultz is gone from Philly. Looks like AD and Conley are staying put.
  6. That stings. Oh well, Milwaukee are my most preferred non-Raptors squad in the east. Hope we look into the buyout market at least if we won’t make trades EDIT: Marc Gasol to the Raps! Can't believe we actually found someone who would take CJ!
  7. Kinda out of nowhere, but the 2000 reboot was a lot of fun.
  8. According to Shams, Porter and Markieff Morris are both gone, but Wiz plan to keep Beal.
  9. Otto Porter, Jr's going to Chicago for Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker. Are the Wizards finally blowing it up? I just really want Beal on the Raptors
  10. The Kings are for real. Wish the organization had gotten itself together when Boogie was playing
  11. Dirk can barely run down the court. Pretty sure this is it for him. No problem at all with honorary All Star nods for vets. I just hope D'Angelo gets voted in to substitute for Oladipo.
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