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  1. Melo has signed with the Blazers. Glad he's getting another chance.
  2. Tyrone

    The 2019 Music Thread

    New FKA twigs album MAGDALENE is stellar!
  3. John Collins has been suspended 25 games for HGH.
  4. I finished Charles Burns's Black Hole in two sittings, and would highly recommend it. The graphic novel's a decent length, and the plot is about a mutation passed through an STD. Stephen King's newest book The Institute has been collecting dust on my shelf, so I figure I'll read that next.
  5. Time for Golden State to shut it down.
  6. On the bright side, he'll be playing against the Spurs tomorrow night.
  7. R.I.P. John "Pops" Witherspoon

  8. RJ is really good! Maybe the Knicks found their gem and won't screw it up? *wishful thinking*
  9. I'd say it's more Christian rap than a gospel album, with the exception of opening track and one other IIRC. I like gospel music and occasional Christian rap and this really sucked. I didn't love Ye, but this is a big step down from that even. Follow God's dope, though.
  10. I might have liked Midsommar even more than Hereditary, which I adored. I'm hoping the director's cut will be out on blu ray at some point! Horror's in a really good place right now, IMO, with Ari Aster, Mike Flanagan and Jordan Peele.
  11. Ye's ear for samples remains top notch.
  12. Gimme LeBron vs. Kawhi in the WCF, please and thank you.
  13. It's wild and extremely sad how many people are learning about Black Wall Street for the first time 😞 Great that the show is telling the story to a huge audience, though. I've not finished the graphic novel just yet, so I'll hold off on the premiere, but I had to catch the first five minutes to see the riots recreated.
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