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  1. Really hope Siakam makes the All Star team.
  2. Possibly my favorite BoJack season, which I think I say every year now Really need to get around to watching Sabrina.
  3. Boban is in this. I'm already sold.
  4. Somehow more brutal than X...
  5. CZARFACE x Ghostface Killah is out on Feb 15
  6. Happy Death Day was a lot of fun
  7. Yoshi's Crafted World comes out in March
  8. If Beale Street Could Talk is really, really, really good.
  9. Tom Thibodeau has been fired
  10. The Messenger was really, really good.
  11. Double post... But I received a free code for buying a Switch Online membership. It's for an online jersey and online Squidkid V shoes in Splatoon 2. Enjoy! B14Q61S75Q88Y6BM
  12. First time ever playing a Smash Bros. game. Love it EDIT: Also, my friend code is SW-0157-9657-0115

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