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  1. Thanks a lot for those two! They look awesome but what is the web link for the avatar? I've never seen Cena like that anywhere in the web. Thanks a lot again.
  2. Hey guys. I need a banner for my e-fedding character. The pic base I use is John Cena IN A SUIT. He is Italian and in the mob so the colors would have to be the Italian colors of white red and green. the text on the banner should say "The One Man Job" Sebastian Mandadi. I also need a small file size avatar. Just of Cena's face or something. Thanks a lot for anyones help. all credit will go to whoever helps in my signature.
  3. yeah it is their off year i agree. their time is over and its time for someone else to dominate in the playoffs.
  4. hmmm you have left me with some things to wonder about. ill be back on this thread at the start of the playoffs
  5. cpnfused the hornet for the magic haha i always do. how can you say that STAT plays horrible. he was the West player of the week last week. he had 38 points against houston, and 13 rebounds. haha. thats crazy for you to say that. just because shaq isnt in his prime, doesnt mean he cant defend and guard. this team IS winning.
  6. they've won 7 in a row and Amare stats have improve, this whole team has improved so i dont know how you can say that the trade hurt the Suns. im amazed. its working. they are the hottest team right now. in the case of lakers vs suns you have (when bynum is back) gasol vs amare bynum vs shaq kobe vs raja odom vs hill farmar? vs nash look at those matchups. i think they favor heavenly toward the suns. add diaw in there when shaq is out. tis great. derek fisher goes in where? new orleans does have less playoff experience, but they play in the east. you have to factor that in.
  7. ahh... the rockets arent winning anything and neither is the lakers. Kobe's team has no playoff experience. just him and Odom. i say its the Suns this year. look at all that playoff experience on that team! STAT is unstopable, nash can find someone who is open with a blindofld on, and SHAQ DADDY, thats all i need to say. look for suns vs. new orleans with the suns in 6 games.

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