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  1. @Cloudy TKz#1896, but I'm EU so I don't think we can do anything WoW together. Man, I dunno. I've mained Ret through WoD and I'm pulling much worse numbers than I was throughout WoD raids. My guild got to Mythic Killrogg and I was pulling easy over 100k dps, nowadays with ring I'm lucky to maintain anything close to that. I'm hoping that the Artifact Weapon will improve it somewhat, but if not I might end up going with the Warrior alt I've got at 100. I adore Pally but I just think the rotation needs more umph. I think they expected the buffs we get to even it out but they're not really doing that job very well. How's everyone liking Demon Hunter? It's a fun class, a bit too squishy for me but that mobility is lovely.
  2. Hot tip for leveling through the pre-patch: do invasions. They've nerfed the balls out of it (yesterday I went from 10-16 on the Fire Mage I'm leveling) but you can still get about a levels worth of exp from each one, at least in the lower levels. It might drop off a bit more towards Pandaria/WoD, but then once you reach WoD you can buy the exp potions and literally finish the expansion in 2 hours. It's awesome. I had the Fiery Warhorse drop from Kharazan the other day whilst running it for illusions. Was psyched, I think that's the only rare mount I've had drop thus far.
  3. Bloodborne is victorian horror, not fantasy. They're two pretty far removed settings from one another.
  4. Eh, I went into Bloodborne knowing that hype and not caring about Dark Souls and it delivered on every front. I think you need to remove yourself from the hype entirely in cases like these. Helped that I played it like a year after release when the hype wasn't quite as in your face. I'd probably agree that Bloodborne is my game of the generation thus far.
  5. Basically every Marvel villain outside of Loki is about the same level of writing. I'm really not interested in getting into an argument about this, but it's pretty universally agreed upon the Marvel films have villains with barely any focus. My point isn't that Enchantress was better than any of those, just that if you took that exact same villain and chucked her in a Marvel film as the villain, it'd be pretty par the course. I think the only thing that did bore me about the film was the sheer amount of Rick Flagg. Dude was super boring and the focus was on him way too much. I think the film would have been better served with him being kidnapped and taken out of action early on and just going all in on Deadshot being the lead.
  6. I kind of adored Suicide Squad. It was a weird little film and it had it's problems, but the performances brought it through for me in the end. I didn't mind the main story either - I think if this was Marvel film people would've been a lot more forgiving. The main villain and their plan was no less developed than Malekith or Ronan for example. I dunno, I liked it, I'd love to see more. Boomerang kind of stole the show, which is not something I thought I'd say about Jai Courtney performance.
  7. It won't be covered until Issue 9. Gotham and Gotham Girl are fine, I think it'll be worth it once King kicks in with whatever their connection to Strange is.
  8. It's soooo fucking good. Like not even in a homage way, it's an awesome original series on the whole. Love it so much.
  9. Lawrence of Arabia and 2001. I keep missing my chances to see them on a cinema screen and don't really want to settle for a 32inch TV.
  10. Not really. Play of the Game is pretty messed up at the moment too, there's characters that can get an insanely easy play of the game (Torbjorn turret, Bastion, Junkrat ult), an easy but kind of deserved Play of the Game (Mercy res x4), then there's the balanced POTG's and a few characters that are basically destined to not get one (Symettra, Zenyatta). Overwatch tries to be more about rewarding working together than doing well alone, it's why you can't see your team mates kills and deaths. POTG is a really cool system, it's just a shame some characters that can be crucial for the overall win but won't ever get see a POTG based on how they support the team. (Good example, Zarya's ult can set up a team kill if you used correctly, but it'll never be the Zarya that gets the kill credit, that'll go to the Hanzo that ults based off the Zarya ult).
  11. 1. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) 2. Batman 3. Batwoman 4. Dr. Doom 5. Thor (Jane Foster) 6. Nova (Richard Rider) 7. Agent Venom 8. Nightwing 9. Reed Richards 10. Wolverine
  12. Gonna go ahead and just say that Spider-Gwen, Silk and Spider-Women are all totally different characters and heroes and outside of the fact they've got Spider based powers (which at this point is as common a trope as super strength in Marvel) and they're all pretty awesome and different. Spider-Gwen also exists in a different reality. I feel like people are focusing way too much on the big titles and bitching about them, rather than supporting the titles are actually doing well and are well written. Sure, Bendisverse is full of stupid bullshit, but of course it is. It's Bendis. If you're going to complain about Marvel doing nothing interesting, I don't think it's fair to ignore stuff like The Ultimates, New Avengers (pretty much anything Al Ewing is involved in basically), Moon Knight (Jeff Lemire), Black Panther, Dr Strange (Jason Aaron again), Karnak (Warren Ellis), Mighty Thor, Ms. Marvel, Old Man Logan (Jeff Lemire), Power Man and Iron Fist, Punisher, Scarlet Witch, Silk, Spider-Gwen, Squadron Supreme, Venom: Space Knight, Vision (Tom King!). There's tons of great comics coming out of Marvel right now. And people complain about Old Man Logan, Mighty Thor and All-New Wolverine on the basis of them just being gender swaps, but the stories they're telling are awesome. There's a lot more happening in Marvel right now than the big names and even some of those big names are pretty good. Just need to know what to read rather than going for the big heroes, because they're usually written to please everyone and then they please no one. (All-New Avengers, Iron Man, Amazing Spider-Man come to mind). Though DC is killing Marvel with Rebirth and it's been totally earned. Batman, Superman, Detective Comics, Titans, Wonder Woman to name a few are killing it both critically and in sales.
  13. It feels like one too many at this point, but I actually love Jason Aaron's Thor and Taylor's Wolverine... But then this is Bendis and Iron Man is a pretty boring hero itself, it's Tony Stark that makes the character interesting. There's a reason no one in the history of ever has really given enough of a shit about Rhodey to warrant a War Machine run. He's had like one run that made 20 something issues? Also do we really need this story of young genius inherits main hero title when it's already being done in Totally Awesome Hulk? I dropped Bendis' Iron Man already, so I don't think I'll bother with this.
  14. Best Magneto run is far and away the one from Marvel NOW. If you liked the start of First Class with Magneto hunting down Nazi's, it's like a more extreme version of that.
  15. I kind of doubt we'd see it, if they go film with Ghost Rider it'd be a bigger name, if they go Netflix it'd be a less well known one. Though I guess they did cast Shane...