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  1. I mean, if you're clearly not good enough to do them and you don't outgear them, it's possible that content might be for later on?
  2. Breath of the Wild is wonderful. I've never cared for Zelda but this has real potential to be Game of the Generation so far. It's only competition for me is Bloodborne. Just really an incredible experience, just exploring the world is such a joy. It's like a whole new breed of open world. I've got it on Wii U and it runs fine, I'm a bit of an FPS nazi so the drops can be a bit of a bummer, but for the most part the experience far outweighs the issues. It's mostly bad when it's raining, you run into the odd drop otherwise but from seeing my friends Switch version, it doesn't look like it's much better on that either.
  3. You can't really comment on the delivery until you've seen the film though, surely? And it's not just a thing in the comics, Steve Trevor washing up on Amazon Island is the Wonder Woman equivalent of Krypton exploding or The Wayne's being gunned now. It's like an integral part of her origin.
  4. How much game do you think there is to it, Ruki? Like, how many hours am I going to get out of this? Is there much in the way of post-game type stuff, like collect the super rare monster or beat the ultra hard boss?
  5. Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman has been a thing for a pretty long time. It's not really tacked on. EDIT: It's also a pretty big part of her origin...
  6. I started watching Fairy Tail after starting and catching up on the Manga a few months ago. Pretty great! I love the Naruto/Bleach/One Piece type anime though, so I figured I'd probably like it any way. Anyone watching the current anime, is there anything looking to fill the big ol' gap Naruto/Bleach are leaving? Seems the days of 400+ episode animes are disappearing, which is shame because I've always liked that. Even now that I'm an adult with a full time job, girlfriend, social life, gym and serious World of Warcraft addiction, I'm still enjoying having 700 episodes of One Piece left before I catch up more than 24 episode series that I finish. I'd even take an FMA run of 50-60 eps.
  7. Oh good, we're hitting the reset button on Iris/Barry... again.
  8. What, Detective Comics? Yeah, one of my favorite of the lot since Rebirth.
  9. You ever read Batwoman: Elegy that collects her run as the lead in Detective Comics pre-New 52? Or her New 52 run? So good, such an awesome character.
  10. @Cloudy TKz#1896, but I'm EU so I don't think we can do anything WoW together. Man, I dunno. I've mained Ret through WoD and I'm pulling much worse numbers than I was throughout WoD raids. My guild got to Mythic Killrogg and I was pulling easy over 100k dps, nowadays with ring I'm lucky to maintain anything close to that. I'm hoping that the Artifact Weapon will improve it somewhat, but if not I might end up going with the Warrior alt I've got at 100. I adore Pally but I just think the rotation needs more umph. I think they expected the buffs we get to even it out but they're not really doing that job very well. How's everyone liking Demon Hunter? It's a fun class, a bit too squishy for me but that mobility is lovely.
  11. Hot tip for leveling through the pre-patch: do invasions. They've nerfed the balls out of it (yesterday I went from 10-16 on the Fire Mage I'm leveling) but you can still get about a levels worth of exp from each one, at least in the lower levels. It might drop off a bit more towards Pandaria/WoD, but then once you reach WoD you can buy the exp potions and literally finish the expansion in 2 hours. It's awesome. I had the Fiery Warhorse drop from Kharazan the other day whilst running it for illusions. Was psyched, I think that's the only rare mount I've had drop thus far.
  12. Bloodborne is victorian horror, not fantasy. They're two pretty far removed settings from one another.
  13. Eh, I went into Bloodborne knowing that hype and not caring about Dark Souls and it delivered on every front. I think you need to remove yourself from the hype entirely in cases like these. Helped that I played it like a year after release when the hype wasn't quite as in your face. I'd probably agree that Bloodborne is my game of the generation thus far.
  14. Basically every Marvel villain outside of Loki is about the same level of writing. I'm really not interested in getting into an argument about this, but it's pretty universally agreed upon the Marvel films have villains with barely any focus. My point isn't that Enchantress was better than any of those, just that if you took that exact same villain and chucked her in a Marvel film as the villain, it'd be pretty par the course. I think the only thing that did bore me about the film was the sheer amount of Rick Flagg. Dude was super boring and the focus was on him way too much. I think the film would have been better served with him being kidnapped and taken out of action early on and just going all in on Deadshot being the lead.
  15. I kind of adored Suicide Squad. It was a weird little film and it had it's problems, but the performances brought it through for me in the end. I didn't mind the main story either - I think if this was Marvel film people would've been a lot more forgiving. The main villain and their plan was no less developed than Malekith or Ronan for example. I dunno, I liked it, I'd love to see more. Boomerang kind of stole the show, which is not something I thought I'd say about Jai Courtney performance.