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  1. Awards were handed out tonight. Giannis is MVP, Gobert DPOY, Luka is rookie of the year, Bucks coach is coach of the year. Lou Williams won sixth man of the year for the third time. For once, the NBA got all the awards correct.
  2. Was just reading an interview with Rudy Gobert and he was asked about the French player the Pistons drafted. He had this to say...
  3. Was thinking the same thing, @GhostMachine. Jazz picked up three players at the end of the draft. Never heard of any of them, but look like they show some promise after looking at highlights. Will be fun to watch them during Summer League. Surprised that nobody drafted Tacko Fall. I could easily see him having a better career than Bol Bol. Outside of getting Zion, I thought the Pelicans had a great draft. That's how you start a rebuild after trading a superstar. On the other hand, are the Suns trying to become the new Knicks?
  4. Trades can't be completed until the new league season begins, this year it's on July 6th. Teams can agree to a trade, but that's it. Its stupid. The Knicks made the correct pick! It's a miracle. @The Chiksrara Special I want Bol Bol on the Jazz, backing up Gobert. I'm hoping the Jazz somehow trade back into the first round to get him.
  5. Rubio is a free agent. Jazz management told him a few weeks ago that he wasn't a priority this summer.
  6. The Jazz have traded Jae Crowder, Grayson Allen, Kyle Korver, the 23rd pick, and a future first to the Grizzlies for Mike Conley.
  7. Oh, I agree with that point, 100%. My point is, that if they insist on going after another max player, they won't have the cap space to even fill out a 9-10 player rotation, let alone get to the 13 players the NBA requires. And if they don't go after another max player, you're looking at a team of LeBron/Davis/Kuzma and a bunch of ring chasing vets and scrubs. And they won't be any better off this year then they were last year.
  8. Pretty sure that the NBA requires a team to have 12 players on a roster, at least. I know teams have had less dress for a game, but always have at least 12 players under contract. And disregarding that, 3 of the players currently under contract haven't played much, if any at all, NBA basketball. So, basically, if they managed to sign another max contract, you're looking at a roster of LeBron James (doesn't like playing full seasons, is getting older), Anthony Davis, whoever they sign for the max, Kyle Kuzma, and a bunch of scrubs/nobody. Sorry, but that team isn't doing anything in this league. And that's a problem for the Lakers. Edit: Got curious after posting so I looked it up, the NBA requires a minimum of 13 players to be under contract. So you're looking at signing 7 more players using very little cap space and the MLE.
  9. So the Lakers currently have 6 players under contract, after the deal with the Pelicans. If the deal is completed the first week of July, Davis has a trade kicker that increases his salary. That will leave the Lakers with $25 million to finish signing their team. If the deal is completed the last week of July, the trade kicker doesn't happen, and the Lakers have just enough to sign one more max player, then go into the luxury tax to finish signing their team. Absolute craziness that a team can even put itself into that kind of position. I'm sure the Lakers don't mind going into the luxury tax, especially if they some how manage to win another title in the next three or so years (doubtful) but it really leaves them in a bad position after Lebron decides he is done there.
  10. I'm sure they will get the same ring chasing veterans that seem to sign wherever Lebron is playing. But it won't help in the west. They might finish top five in the west, but won't do much else.
  11. Not a bad haul for the Pelicans. Figured it was coming soon. Lakers are going to be a force next year. Until their bench comes in. Then they will suck.
  12. Guardians of the Galaxy.
  13. I feel the same about the Jazz. Bunch of talk out here about going after Tobias Harris, D'Angelo Russell, or trading for Mike Conley, but in the back of my mind, I know we're going to end up with Jeremy Lin.
  14. Jimmy Butler has declined his player option and will enter free agency.
  15. Due to not feeling well last night, I missed the game. Happy for the Raptors and their fans. Bummed out for Klay Thompson. Really happy got Jeremy Lin. This summer is going to be really interesting now. Does Kawhi stay with Toronto? What kind of contracts do teams offer to Thompson and Durant? And next season...is a team lead by just Curry and Draymond Green good enough in the West?
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