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  1. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    I've been watching football for a long time. Seen a lot of games. Watched some pretty crazy things happen. But tonight is the first time I've ever seen a false start called on a kicker.
  2. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Grabbed and pushed away.
  3. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Marshawn Lynch just got DQ'd against the Chiefs. Came off the bench during a scuffle and put his hands on an official.
  4. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    I think what you mean is that you ended up with no luck...
  5. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    There's a difference between your team signing/trading for somebody that helps you win a title verus you and your friends getting together and making a deal to play on the same team. And if you remember, Kobe and Shaq didn't get along very well. I can't believe I'm defending him. I've never liked him.
  6. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Man, I thought that I was the biggest Kobe hater around, but I was wrong. What makes Kobe better then any of those guys you listed, outside of Jordan, is his determination and how competitive he was. Most players improve during their career but what Kobe turned himself into from what he started as, is simply amazing. He never had to team up with his friends to win a title. He never took games off. Never slacked off during the regular season. The stats might be in Lebrons favor, but I would take Kobe over him any day.
  7. EWBFF Courtney Brown League

    Same to you, @HC. Rivers will at least make up some for losing Rodgers. Better than anybody on the free agent list.
  8. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Jazz looked great tonight against the Nuggets. Little shaky in the first half but pulled it together in the fourth and the defense looked great doing it.
  9. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Just to prove that Jazz fans aren't totally worthless, a shrine to Gordan Hayward has appeared at our arena in Salt Lake City. A few of his jerseys, some candles, people praying.
  10. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    That's about it. The only thing I would change is maybe putting Kareem in instead of Shaq. Either way, that still puts Kobe in the top ten.
  11. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    The only thing that LeBron has over Kobe is the ability to get his teammates involved. Other than that, Kobe is so much better than LeBron. I'll agree that Kobe isn't in the top five all time, but I can't name ten players better then him and I hate Kobe.
  12. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Who drinks beer out of a straw?
  13. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    They happen a lot more than people think. Hayward, Paul George, that college player a few years ago. If a leg lands wrong, it's gonna snap.
  14. NBA 2017-2018 Season

    Hayward's done. That is nasty. Holy shit.
  15. Hell yes. I'll never forget those Jazz teams. If it wasn't for Jordan or that lockout year, we would have a few titles at least.