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  1. All very good points, @Jasonmufc. And I agree with it all. But it begs a question that I have been asking for years that nobody has been able to answer. If lebron is so good, why is it so hard to build a great team around him? They've tried everything...big men, lots of shooters, his buddies, revamping the entire team...so why cant lebron get it done with the group of guys the Cavs surround him with? Why does he need to play with two or three other superstars in order to win it all? Is Lebron too good?
  2. Would it surprise anybody if he did? If he wants to get up to six titles or even to surpass Jordan, it would be his best way to.
  3. Really? I was thinking the opposite. Good for them. Owens talks this big game and he's been crying about not getting into the Hall for how long now? He finally gets in but doesn't want to go to the ceremony? Fuck that. It's because he wants the entire spotlight on himself and doesn't want to share it with anybody. And this is coming from somebody that loved watching TO play.
  4. He doesn't. I'm sure he's already thinking where he is going next. Houston? Philly? Golden State?
  5. Highlights on Youtube, my friend. And the Summer leagues start up a week after the draft! Not that there is anything wrong with the WNBA. They play some damn good basketball there.
  6. So when do we start making guesses as to where lebron is playing next year?
  7. Green is the worse. I like the Warriors besides him. I just wait for the day that somebody knocks him out.
  8. I would feel bad for Pistons fans, but I would love to see them hire Kenny Smith as head coach.
  9. Is it time for the draft yet?
  10. As much as I wanted Houston to win, it does make me happy knowing that Chris Paul still can't get into the Finals.
  11. A team lead by Love and George Hill isn't going anywhere, even in the East.
  12. Cavs in 7 as well. NBA has to have its marquee match up.
  13. Looks like Paul is out for game 6.
  14. James Harden, while he is a extremely talented scorer, knows how to exploit the rules better then anybody in the history of basketball. And plays no defense.
  15. JJ Watt is an amazing human being who deserves all the praise.

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