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  1. Brandon Ingram has been suspended four games, Rondo three games, and Paul two games for the fight last night. Meanwhile, Thabo Sefolosha is currently serving a 5 game suspension for smoking pot. Glad to see the NBA has its priorities right.
  2. Just finished season 5 of Deep Space 9. Probably my favorite season of any Star Trek. Hopefully season 6 keeps it going.
  3. Sorry, but I gotta disagree. Sucker punching somebody is never hilarious. Ingram should have a pretty harsh suspension, IMO. As should Paul and Rondo. There's no place for that kind of crap in this game. Its disgraceful.
  4. Crazy brawl in the Rockets/Lakers game tonight. Rondo spits on Chris Paul, Paul eye gouges Rondo, both players throw and land punches. Brandon Ingram tries to sucker punch in the middle of it. Hopefully the NBA suspends all three of them for quite a few games.
  5. With the way the East is this year, they could probably finish in the top 4. Which sucks for them, because what they really need to do is trade either Beal or Wall and rebuild.
  6. What a hell of a game. Not even mad we lost.
  7. The Jazz just dropped 81 points in the first half against the Warriors. Insane.
  8. A disagreement with management is what they're calling it. Had to be something major to be fired after 24 years.
  9. The Jazz announced today that they have fired the guy who has played our mascot for the last 24 years. With all he's done for the Jazz, the fans, the community, and to his body, it's a shock. I know its not news that anybody here probably cares about or that it has nothing really to do with the actually game of basketball, but the Bear has always been a highlight to watch at Jazz games.
  10. And the Rockets suck!!! I've missed basketball.
  11. I think I got excited for them once during the D-Will/Boozer/Okur years.
  12. I'm super excited for the season to start. I haven't been this happy with a Jazz team heading into the year in a long time.
  13. I'm happy to be beating Steeler Nation with my top two scorers being Roethlisberger and Brown.
  14. Pooker

    WWE 2K19

    That's cool that they're letting Scooby Doo be a commentator this year.
  15. Pooker

    NFL 2018

    I don't normally like Suh as a player, but that was great.

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