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  1. He could have been throwing people off, as he could no longer be considered an athlete. As for astronaut, I've listened to a bit of And the voice does fit.
  2. I've heard rumblings that Rhino could be The clues do seem to fit. I'm still laughing at Nicole's (or was it Jenny?) Suggestion of Vince Gill. Such a stupid guess. I'm with you on Astronaut. The latest clue kinda leads us away from who he thought it could be.
  3. I agree with listening to the entire Beatles catalog. Every music fan should do it at least once in their life. For me, when I listen to them, I can never listen to just one album. It usually ends up to me listening to them all, and in order.
  4. If he has his life together, that could be a major pick up. But after 4 years off?
  5. Neil Diamond not only wrote I'm A Believer, but he also recorded it. I'm not a huge fan of it, liking the Monkees version better.
  6. New York Knicks owner James Dolan has tested positive for coronavirus.
  7. @JMarushin I hear it in her voice. She's not quite going all out, but her tone of voice is a giveaway, to me at least. I don't agree with Frog, I think it's a boy band member, but agree with all of the other guesses.
  8. I'm convinced that Night Angel is
  9. I'm glad other people remember it. Even after finding the trailer online, nobody I know has ever heard of it.
  10. Does anybody remember a movie called Rock-a-Doodle? Released in 1992, part live action, part animation.
  11. Yea, I was thinking that it was a pretty decent selection. Besides that game from 1997, that should never be allowed to be shown to anybody.
  12. What classic games do they have on there? Is there a list of them somewhere?
  13. Jason whitten to the Raiders. Rivers to the Colts.
  14. Four Brooklyn Nets players have tested positive for Covid-19. One showing symptoms, the other three not. Edit: Kevin Durant is one of the players that tested positive.
  15. I don't like that Buckner trade.
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