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  1. The best one was the mom who had no idea how to even turn off the TV.
  2. Probably one of the greatest things that has ever happened in the NBA. A team not knowing what player it was trading for? Brilliant.
  3. Pooker

    NFL 2018

    And of course, Kittle doesnt get a catch in the second half and doesnt get the record. Got the victory tho!
  4. Pooker

    NFL 2018

    George Kittle has 210 receiving yards at halftime. The record for a tight end in a game is 214. Edit: Just to make it seem like I didn't totally post at the same time as @DFF, I'll also add that Kittle has the most receiving yards in a single half by any player since 1991.
  5. They're nothing without Booker. But, they're on a good track with him, Ayton, a top pick this year, and having Igor as their coach. Two games after being fined $15,000 for criticizing the referees for not respecting small market teams, Rudy Gobert is ejected three minutes into tonight's game after arguing some very questionable calls against him
  6. Pooker

    NFL 2018

    I don't know what he expected after making that tweet. If that's not a "fire me now!" Moment, I dont know what is.
  7. Pooker

    NFL 2018

    Kareem Hunt has now been accused of a third assault, this time against a male at a night club in January.
  8. Pooker

    NFL 2018

    Yea, did not see that coming. Thought they would wait until after the season.
  9. If the rumors are true about the Wizards wanting to make a run at Durant during the off season, I dont think the asking price would be too high for Beal. Jazz deal would be perfect for them. A first round pick, an expiring contract, and a center that could dominate that position in the East.
  10. Nobody is trading for John Wall. His contract is way too horrible for anybody to want to take on. It won't happen, but I wish the Jazz would make an offer for Beal. Something along the lines of Rubio/Favors/Exum and a first for him.
  11. The Jazz have traded Alec Burks and 2 second round picks to the Cavs for Kyle Korver. I fully expect us to rattle off 15 straight victories and be on top of the Western Confernce by the end of the year.
  12. Pooker

    NFL 2018

    I dont know, a lot of what makes Smith so good is his ability to manage a game. He doesn't throw deep often, and while he can run, it's not a big part of his game. If he heals up correctly, he will still be the same player as before.
  13. I'm just hoping the Jazz get back on track. This has been an extremely frustrating season so far.
  14. The Jazz and Sonics battles in the mid 90s was right when I was just getting old enough to really know what basketball was and how it was played. I used to hate the Sonics, especially Payton and Kemp.

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