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  1. Yep. I never thought it was about the money for Kaepernick, he always made it seem like it was about actually making a change and proving that the NFL and its owners was in the wrong. Reports are saying that its between $40 and $80 million so I don't blame him, but I've lost respect for him.
  2. So...nothing changes but those two are richer and the NFL is a little poorer?
  3. About time. Still won't be enough to keep Davis. I wonder if it was in respond to him not trading Davis?
  4. Nah. They will sneak in. Clippers aren't going to make the playoffs, I can easily see the Jazz not making it either. LeBron will go on a tear after the All-Star break and pull the Lakers into the playoffs.
  5. WWE Raw 2 is actually a pretty fun game.
  6. I never said it was the smart or right thing to be hoping. But, it's the only thing I can figure why they would do it. The Broncos fan I work with is really excited about it, telling me that Flacco is a great QB and will work wonders with the Broncos.
  7. Maybe he's hoping that Flacco will turn into Manning for a couple seasons? That Denver will turn into the team that old QBs go to win that final championship and retire?
  8. Pooker

    Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime confuses me every time I use it. It takes me forever to actually figure out if a show is included or if I still have to pay for it and on one of the shows that it said was included, it told me it couldn't be played on my TV for one reason or another.
  9. Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala, who both made fun of Rudy Gorbert for getting emotional over not making the All-Star team, are both conveniently "injured" for tonights Jazz/Warriors game.
  10. Despite hearing some bad things about it, I started to watch Enterprise last night. It's a bit odd and, honestly, I don't get why they felt the need to do a sequel. But it's kinda cool to see the beginnings, I guess? Anyway, I'm enjoying it through the first three episodes so far.
  11. Y'all can finally get the dream team of Lebron and Melo!
  12. Its a shitty situation that he's going through with Turkey and I really hope it works out for Kanter and his family and that he's able to go back home again one day. That said, he's a crybaby and I hope he doesn't get signed.
  13. Well, cant say I'm surprised the Jazz didn't make a move. Guess I'll just have to be content with another 2 round playoff exit, maybe picking up another role player in free agency, and being a treadmill team.
  14. Nobody can ever change my mind that CJ Miles isn't the biggest waste of talent to ever play in the NBA.
  15. Great pick up for the Bucks. I wanted Mirotic on the Jazz last year and still kinda hoping we target him this summer.

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