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  1. Peyton Barber @Ace Berimmer
  2. John Stockton breaking the all time steals record, I was really too young to remember much, outside of them stopping the game for a bit and getting a certificate saying I was there. I was there for one of Karl Malone's scoring accomplishments. Don't remember if it was his 30,000th point or when he passed Wilt on the all-time list. One of the most emotional games I've been to was the first Jazz home game after Larry H. Miller passed away.
  3. Josh Gor....just kidding. Chargers Def. @DFF
  4. Pooker

    NFL 2019

    Difference is that if Jerry Rice said he wanted to come out of retirement for one more season, you'd have 32 teams blowing up his phone. Owens hasn't given up getting signed and he's only slightly ahead of Kaepernick on the chances of being signed this year.
  5. Pooker

    NFL 2019

    Gotta throw some of the older guys in that group too, like Largent and Swann.
  6. Pooker

    NFL 2019

    I feel like Megatron is hurt by where he played. He was just as talented as Moss and Owen's. If he had played for a contender, he could easily be talked about as the second best.
  7. Murray off the board before Goff, Rivers, and Brady? That's so crazy, it might just work.
  8. You mean David Njoku isnt there water boy?
  9. Delanie Walker Now can I tag @Ace Berimmer?
  10. CK2 has always seemed like one of those games that I would love to play and could see myself easily losing 200+ hours of my life in...or I would play it for 2 hours and never play it again.
  11. Schedule is out. Back to backs are down to an average of 12 per team. Late night starts are down as well. And New Orleans has 20 national televised games. Zion better not be a bust.
  12. Thank you. Back in town now with full service.
  13. I was wondering how long he was gonna last.
  14. And Brock looks like he's never been happier.
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