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  1. Damn, that sucks. He was one of my favorite parts of DS9.
  2. Pooker

    NFL 2019

    What a game. We needed this win after dropping to the Ravens last week. George Kittle is amazing.
  3. Rumor is that Becky Hammond might be interested in the Knicks coaching job. For the sake of anything good in basketball, I hope she changes her mind.
  4. I was trying to explain to my wife the ranking system and the playoffs and how everything works and I just ended up confusing myself. None of it makes sense. Only thing I can think of is that the Utes were winning by an average if 14 points per game and the other teams weren't? I don't know. It was a good season, however, and I'm excited for the future.
  5. This game has taught me that I should never get my hopes up about a team from Utah. Utes, Jazz, RSL...they all can get so close or seem so good...and not be able to make that last step in the end.
  6. I haven't been this nervous for a Utes game in years. This is the best I've seen this team look since 2004. And with how many seniors we have and the talent they have, I'm starting to believe this is our year.
  7. Agreed. Fizdale is a good coach but nobody will be able to take this Knicks team anywhere.
  8. The Knicks have fired David Fizdale as their head coach.
  9. I'm glad you figured that out, @caMeron esposiTo Forbes. I tried to, gave up, and just decided to leave it up to faith and see what happens.
  10. I never really thought that Melo's game was in question. Its just been how he could fit into a team where he wasn't the number one option. I believe that's why he didnt work out in Oklahoma City or in Houston.
  11. Pooker

    NFL 2019

    You may be my favorite Cowboys fan ever.
  12. Pooker

    NFL 2019

    So who had the Texans as the team beating the Patriots?
  13. Pooker

    NFL 2019

    This Ravens team is good. Would love to see these two teams in the Super Bowl again.
  14. Jackson could always be up for a trade. That Giannis guy you took isn't worth much...
  15. Jaren Jackson and TJ Warren @Slogger
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