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  1. Can the first round please be changed backed to best of 5? The Jazz have no business being allowed to play two more games in the playoffs.
  2. Not living in LA nor following the Lakers, does Kobe associate with the franchise all that much? Seems like every time I read his name in the media, he's doing his own thing.
  3. Clippers got lucky last night, I don't see them winning another game. Houston has the firepower but I don't know if they can contain them on defense. Still not buying Harden as a defender. OKC or Portland don't stand a chance. If the Bucks can blaze through the East in as few games as possible and the Warriors get stuck playing to six or seven games in every round, they might be able to pull off the upset. But that's the closet i can see to the Warriors losing this year.
  4. Yea but he'll still get a ring when the Warriors win the title.
  5. The Warriors may have lost Cousins to a torn quad tonight.
  6. Because he did a few bad things, isn't 100% perfect like everybody who hates him, and people don't get that people can change. Oh, and he gets talked about over anything/everybody else in golf.
  7. I'm honestly just shocked they haven't named Lebron as Magic's replacement yet.
  8. I have the Spurs beating the Nuggets. Nets will provide the 76ers with a tough series but I doubt they win more than one more game. If Lowry doesn't have any more bad games, the Magic won't win another game.
  9. The Lakers fired Luke Walton; he was immediately hired by the Kings to be their new head coach.
  10. Thanks to Denver and Portland both winning tonight, Houston has dropped to fourth and will face the Jazz in the first round. As a Jazz fan, I'm actually happy about this. Facing Portland would have been easier to move on to the second round, but if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best.
  11. Mainly for his play against the Jazz. I can remember quite a few times Dirk had a dirty foul on either Matt Harping and Andrei Kirilenko. And all the great games he had against us.
  12. Can I rant about Rimworld for a minute? Been trying the naked brutality scenario lately. First time, using the prepare carefully mod, made a character that had good shooting, cooking, construction, and growing skills. Got an pretty good colony going, up to three people. One died one rescue mission. Oops. Second died after being hunted by a cougar. Got another person to join. He was attacked by a man hunting muffalo. While he was downed, I stupidly tried to draw away the muffalo with my first character but he was downed too. Time to start over. This time, I decided to try a cannibal. Had a pretty good start, lots of food, was pretty good defensive wise. Had a second character join who was also a cannibal. She was a great researcher but was also non-violent. Sent my first guy off to do a quick mining job on the far side of the map. And had a wild boar go into man hunter mode, heading right for him. Probably could have ran away, but I thought I could fight him off. I was wrong. My guy went down. The boar went off on his way. Thought I could save him using the non-violent character. She picked him up, was almost to the base, and the boar came back. She couldn't get away and the boar killed her. Oh well. Going to try the lost tribe this time.
  13. The league just won't be the same without Dirk or Wade. I've both loved and hated Dirk during his career. Wade was always a pleasure to watch. Magic stepping down is hilarious. Not telling Buss about it is even better. Just proves that just because you were a great player doesn't mean you can put together a great team.
  14. I don't know why everybody is freaking out about the Lakers. The NBA will rig the draft lottery so that the Lakers get the first pick, they'll get their other superstar in Zion, sign a few key players, and be back on top next year.
  15. LA would have been much better off just signing Lebron and letting him play with the young guys. No Rondo, Lance, or McGee. Until New York gets a new owner, one you can completely change the culture of that team, they're screwed. Even if KD and Kyrie sign there this summer, they still wouldn't have the pieces around them to compete for the title. And both players would hate dealing with the New York media. It would just be a disaster waiting to happen. @DMN, glad you posted that Korver piece. Everybody needs to read it, not just basketball fans. He brings up some extremely good view points, including a few I've never seen/read before. Also, if you haven't already, there's a video the Jazz put out of Korver, Niang, Udoh, and Thabo speaking about racism. It's quite a good watch.
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