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  1. Help me pick a roster! Check out the Legends of WrestleMania post in the Resource Room.

  2. Kinda surprised that this show doesn't have a more active thread here. This teaser was released for AHS today, revealing this season's subtitle: Cult.
  3. I don't know if Mick Foley should be removed from WWE. I'm willing to bet that he still is under some sort of contract.
  4. Bub

    Doctor Who

    About the spoiler regarding a possible return...
  5. Given the events that concluded tonight's episode, I have a prediction for the season finale.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQxOUrlORVc
  7. Bub

    Better Call Saul

    I think he said he was going to accept the offer just to bait Chuck.
  8. Bub

    WWE 2K14

    Here's everyone who is on the WWE.com Superstars roster but is not on the WWE 2K14 announced roster. Now obviously some of those may be in the game but not playable (Vickie Guerrero, Paul Heyman, Zeb Colter, etc.) Some have no chance of making it in the game at all. (JTG, Hunico, Camacho, etc) And some will most definitely be DLC. (The Bellas, The Wyatts, The Usos. Rob Van Dam)
  9. Meth heads, no. Distributors that care about the difference between 67% and 70% purity? Yes.
  10. Add the ricin to the meth. Bunch of meth heads around the world die. Meth heads are now too scared to take blue meth, effectively ending the product.
  11. I picked a can up as Trevor but didn't know how to do anything with it. What do you press? Same button you use to shoot. Your character starts pouring it out and then you can walk while pouring and create a line of gasoline. A single shot with any gun at any point on the gasoline line lights it up.
  12. I've been amusing myself by getting gas cans and pouring it out all over a bunch of hijacked cars parked by gas station pumps. I love that the tires melt and explode before the cars even catch fire.
  13. Since I'm waaaaaaaaay past the first heist, mind telling me what happens? Spoiler it probably.
  14. During the first heist, choose the quiet approach. Go down to the Pest Control yard and look for the man with the shaved head. Listen to the conversation. You're welcome.
  15. So I was being chased by the cops while off roading on a four wheeler, between missions. I crashed through a chain fence with a cop car right behind me and we spilled on to the train track. I just made it across as the cop car got hit by the train and instantly exploded. Michael then said "Well that was lucky." The fact that this wasn't a mission and wasn't a triggered event makes me love this game so much more.
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