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  1. Still behind on Steven Universe. Need to sort that soon. Its so fucking good.
  2. South Park wasn't as strong this season as the previous few but ended really well. Don't really watch the rest. LWT and Veep I used to but not kept up to date at all.
  3. Start showing how behind I was. Can't even remember if I'd watched it or not at the time of voting but I've seen all of Big Mouth now and its great. Absolutely disgusting and silly, but also clever in its own way. Have Vice Principles ready to watch. Just started Mindhunter. Based on the one complete episode I've seen its good. Never seen The Flash outside of the first episode several years ago. I might go back to it at some point.
  4. Not much I've seen so far. I have Fargo ready to watch but haven't felt the desire to press play yet. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt I don't remember much of this season. This is the danger of binge watching. You take in so much you can't process it. Iron First I skipped because I didn't like Luke Cage and heard it was dire. I might get round to it eventually. BLUE PLANET 2 WAS THE BOMB THO
  5. I can't even remember when I stopped watching. It just became a painful chore to keep up with.
  6. So Gang Beasts is class.
  7. This was good. Preferred Force Awakens and Rogue One tbh, but it is still good. I can see why people have taken a dislike to it though. The Bad The Good
  8. Been well out the loop with TV this year but giving everyone else's list a read I realised I have actually still watched and liked 15 shows at least. 1. Bojack Horseman 2. Rick & Morty 3. GLOW 4. Adam Ruins Everything 5. Great British Bake Off 6. Peaky Blinders 7. Steven Universe 8. Better Call Saul 9. Game of Thrones 10. Blue Planet 2 11. American Gods 12. South Park 13. Silicon Valley 14. Brooklyn Nine Nine 15. The Defenders
  9. Sounds like I should probably get caught up.
  10. Don't think I'm ready for online yet. Would get my arse handed to me. Need to pick a character and perfect it.

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