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  1. Cut myself off at two because I had things to do, but neither a shiny.
  2. Well this is impossible then.
  3. I don't think so. There is a badge for distance traded. I think both users just need to instigate the trade at the same time.
  4. Good. Sick of Snorlax. First one I got was my best. Also, anyone have any of these to trade (Lapras, Tauros, Kangaskhan)
  5. When I sent a bunch earlier I got 1800XP once I exited the friends screen. Update notes say you get 200XP from sending gifts so I assumed that was it.
  6. I became Great friends with someone from here yesterday so might be me. I get more than enough gifts to send daily and get XP each time so I've got everyone covered.
  7. I've never really struggled with curveballs. Only don't do them if one handed, or if its one of those annoying ones that fly to the top of the screen.
  8. Evolved them all. Been grinding Treekos the rest I've got lucky. Hatched an Alolan Vulpix for the first time today and evolved it straight away. Went somewhere with fam and had a tonne of Tediursa spawn. Alolan Diglet was another lucky hatch.
  9. Exploits from today ...
  10. About 40 people did a raid parade that I joined. I probably said three words to anyone. And when it was over everyone just walked seperate ways without saying bye. It was perfect.
  11. 5 Zapdos, 2 Shinies! Finally evolved a Charizard and Slowking too. Next stop: Venusaur.
  12. I joined a group on Facebook of local PoGo players. I will hopefully get a Zapdos tomorrow.
  13. If you get a request from stankellitt that is me. Recently loaded this back up as well ... I've had no legendarys yet. My code is: 6529 6071 4799 FYI incase anyone hasn't warned you, after the research where you have to catch a Ditto and catch 10 ghosts your next lot of research will involve you evolving a Magikarp. So yeah, don't do what my friend did.
  14. Returned to love this.

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