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  1. That's Manchester Black, a wannabe Superhero who thought murdering criminals was the thing to do as long as people cheered him on.
  2. Is this original or based off an existing thing? I've read three "Bad Superman" series lately and might as well add more to see if anything gets close to Irredeemable or Injustice. This seems a bit different because the Super starts off as a little monster instead of being a superhero turned bad.
  3. My friend The Dreadborn Knight is starting to look like Ares, God of War and that's a bit concerning... Also Holy shit I know siding with the empire is the right choice because the Stormcloaks would get smashed by the Thalmor but damn I really want to chop Thalmor heads off.
  4. Undead Nightmare is the only RDR I've played since I was uninformed about what DLC was and bought the hard copy. Love it to fucking death and still break it out every now and then. The only shooty game I've ever liked and I even liked the online modes.
  5. =BK=

    Music that is great

    My two favorite BC songs are pretty new ones.
  6. I found this after a Dremoa attack in Falkreath. You know the double dragon cursed land? Yeah. At this point if the bodies didn't despawn I could spell out "Fuck Off" with them as a message. And this is just a good shot of Aela.
  7. Double dragons again in roughly the same area. Easy to handle though. What was hard was this fucking army of Cultist monstrosities that were in my way when I went to start the Blades stuff. They're basically Vampire Lord's with no magic. They weren't particularly powerful but there were a ton and they were fast so they'd pin me in a corner and kill me before I could kill them all. I tried three times then had to raise a party again. With my crew in tow the pack separated enough that I was able to get three to follow me off and meet their end. When I returned my friends had killed one or two and there were three hurt ones I helped finish off.
  8. Looking at UFC 3 on sale. Anyone have thoughts on it? I haven't played a UFC game since the PS3 one Brock was on the cover of but I always thought that was fun as fuck.

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