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  1. You have no idea how much time you just saved me @Rocky . Any chance you can give me that "Unbreakable" text as a PNG or at least tell me the font so I can recreate it?
  2. I fucking hate what" Fat man on Batman" has become. Kev should have just started a new show and stopped FMOB instead.
  3. I can just give you the ECW one in the gif if you want.
  4. Nothing? Guess I'll whip something upper later tonight then.
  5. I haven't even watched that movie or show and I'm still getting it. How are you not? The work and world building on that Alien movie lead to the creation of Firefly. Are you wanting specific connections or something?
  6. That is indeed green. And the right shade too.
  7. I'm looking for something to go in my first show in the WWE Empire split diary. I need a rectangular image similar to Impact's actual graphics they use to announce stuff. http://impactwrestling.com/ Only differences areI don't want blue because the Colors I'm using are dark green, black, and white and I don't want all the logos. I do want a hexagonal background though. The graphic is meant to announce...
  8. I might buy that. Even if it doesn't end up being my favorite movie it's still something with Harley in it.
  9. Cien is just a nickname. It doesn't matter if they place it before or in the middle of his name.
  10. This might be down to my huge DC preference but I enjoyed BvS more than Winter Soldier. Speaking of DC movies, is Suicide Squad out on DVD or streaming yet?
  11. Winter Solider was good but not as good as people hyped it up to be.
  12. I'll have to give that one a listen then.
  13. I hope edits can have alternate costumes.
  14. Nah. I like to read but if it comes in audio format I'm going to listen. I love any kind of voice work.
  15. I wanna see where this goes.