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  1. Felt like watching House but it's gone off Netflix again. 🙁
  2. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    I only bought 18 because I haven't had a new wrestling game in years but unless they vastly improve the two main modes and bug fix a ton I don't think I'll get this one.
  3. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    All Might with normal eyes!
  4. Yeah, the song was ass but the video is magic aside from the stupid weed segment. I'm only slightly bothered that I can't tell if it's in character at all. It's certainly not in-canon because, ya know, Rick is there and not dead but other people seem to be in character but since there's no dialogue from anyone besides the weed segment I can't really tell. Oddly Mewes and Smith being in character for Jay and Silent Bob defies Degrassi Canon.
  5. I audiabley gasped when I saw a Starfire doll on the shelf at work yesterday.
  6. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    Lol@Naruto doing Jack shit to Frieza.
  7. =BK=

    E3 2018

    Frozen, Monsters Inc and Rapunzel. KH is starting to get into the Disney properties I don't care about at all. At least Hercules is still there and Toy Story is great. Also Sora bitching about the cold like it's new to him is weird considering he's been to the goddamn North Pole with Santa.
  8. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    Question about the newest MHA episode.
  9. It a weird thing to see one of your heroes just get beaten to a pulp by a man not even trying.
  10. It didn't take too long to happen. It's not like you'd have two Digimon througout the course game. A single Digimon might make it through three events then it just reverts to an egg to start over with which isn't even inline with the show. Angemon only reverted all the way back to an egg when he sacrificed himself to kill Devimon. At most all the other partner Digimon revert to their baby form with food and rest letting them Digivolve back to their higher levels for battle. Only the first Digievolution into a form needed the desperation factor. I get that they wanted you to try all sorts of Digimon instead of picking one and running the whole game with it but the way it was done was terrible and the only real flaw of the game.
  11. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    Spoiler for any one that hasn't watched the latest MHA.
  12. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    I'm not up to date on the anime, only manga so spoilers below. Is it...
  13. He actually uses that in a recent Injustice comic and Canary loses her shit. "You kept that on your back?! Around our child?!" Kinda thing. Edit.

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