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  1. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    Jesus Christ, Kitty.
  2. Comic Book Films & TV

    "Booyah" has been Cyborg's catchphrase since the Titans cartoon. I'd be kinda bothered if he didn't say it.
  3. The Anime Thread

    Rurouni Kenshin is one of my favorites, neck and neck with Dragon Ball and Kodocha. I hate that the guy behind it had to be garbage.
  4. Whose music do you listen to the most?

    Oh, I was going to say I listen to The Birthday Massacre more than anything but this complicates it. I guess it's Rob Thomas? Matchbox 20 and solo stuff. It's gotta be him or Rob Zombie with White Zombie and solo stuff. Outside of them in narrows down to Michelle Branch because she has a few songs with Carlos Santana along with her 3 solo songs I like and Skye Sweetnam because I love one of her old solo pop songs and I love her metal band Sumo Cyco. And then I'll listen to any collaboration or solo song Victoria Justice does which amounts to quite a few songs I guess. This is hard. Most of the music I like doesn't see people starting a bunch of different good projects.
  5. Comic Book Films & TV

    I need to catch up. I have like 4 episodes of Flash and Arrow to watch now.
  6. It's a nitpick and besides the point but I'd say Rey and RVD were a real team. They wore matching gear, had tag-team moves and contended for tag belts.
  7. The Anime Thread

    Really digging my new wallpaper I'm so close to being caught up and I dread when I hit that point.
  8. Mario, Zelda or Pokemon. Nintendo kinda rule at games.
  9. The Anime Thread

    I've been watching some key scenes from this last arc of DB Kai. I've never been a fan of the music or VA changes but I always dug the script rewrites. There was a ton of shit that needed correcting. But with this arc not so much. Funimation was on the ball with everything when they did the Buu arc the first time. A lot of the Kai rewrites here aren't better or more accurate, they're just changes for the sake of changes.
  10. The Anime Thread

  11. The Anime Thread

    I looked up a MHA anime clip for clarification on a page I was reading and man I did not expect All-Might to have my favorite anime character's voice.
  12. The Anime Thread

    So I did some more thinking on this character. Like, I don't mind a pervert character. I can watch Dragon Ball and enjoy Master Roshi. The thing is that kind of humor is set up from the start. One of the first gags is about Bulma trying to use a peek at her butt as a bargaining chip and Goku not understanding why. In this there's nothing of the sort until this dude pops up in a big fight story. We go from all heroics and school life to "Let me grope your titties before I die!!!". It's such an unfitting element. Plus he's got no upside, he's just a whining coward taking up space and distracting in otherwise interesting moments.
  13. Why does she use Pandora? I mean, I used to love it too but with Spotify she can have all the same music whenever she wants it. I've only encountered one album Pandora has that's not on Spotify.
  14. The Anime Thread

    I'm reading the MHA manga. Just got to that character. Two chapters and I already hate him so much.
  15. The Anime Thread

    Oh yeah, reading "My Hero Academia" Is this a bad translation or is it supposed to read a little strange?