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  1. 1. They should have got JCVD for the DLC. Fury isn't weird enough like Bruce Lee and Shaq. 2. Did I see a Liger kick in there?!
  2. If Marvel actually starts using Predators in their books now they have to do Spider-Man and Kraven vs a hunting party of Predators in New York.
  3. Yo. I can kinda give you something to wrestle with even if I don't care one way or the other. My Dad and Uncle have both always been proud of their Native American heritage. They feel as if it's erasing one of the little bits of Native American glorification in American popular culture. They've never experienced "Red Skin" used as a slur.
  4. Hope this link works. https://www.facebook.com/ufceurope/videos/1624616724352550/?vh=e
  5. Does the 4th issue of Ultimate Fantastic Four crash the Marvel Unlimited app for anyone else? Soon as I hit the double pages it goes down on one of them.
  6. Ahh. Your wife just spent a decade in stasis holding the fabric of reality together to prevent the end of all things and you still decide to be a dick to her when you get her back. All across the multiverse it is constant that Reed Richards is a terrible, terrible man.
  7. Yeeeeees. Gonna enjoy this fight.
  8. I love the Wolverine casting.
  9. Man I'm loving Spider-Girl. It reminds me a lot of Ultimate Spider-Man.
  10. Spider-Girl 5. Strange that it speaks like it's never had Peter before. Also if this were a modern book Venom reataching to middle aged and crippled Peter would be a whole arc with him as black suit Spider-Man again and slowly getting taken over. Here in 98 it's a single issue with a Spider-Venom monster right off the bat.
  11. You know May, with how your Mom is talking like a robot in the last panel I think you really might have more Spider-Person problems going on than the Green Goblin harassing you.
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