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  1. Random thought about The Joker movie. I wonder why they felt the need to change his colors away from purple and green?
  2. Yeeeeees. I found a plugin that lets me compile Web Serials into ebooks so now I have the entirety of Worm on my Kindle to read.
  3. I hate anything that's"Blank but before blank!" as a concept so I've never watched Gotham or Smallville outside of bits while others were watching.
  4. I really wish PS3 was backwards compatible so I could just play Shut Your Mouth all night instead of thinking about this game.
  5. Holy shit Mandy looks like they sent a subdued Zombie to a makeup artist. And Rhea's thousand yard stare looks like she just saw Vince and Linda having sex.
  6. Jesus, why's it look so shitty? There's always jank but they're never this bad.
  7. Of course of all the 2000-2010 Nickelodeon live action shows it's Zoey 101, the one I didn't really care for, that might be getting revived. It's a crime that Ned's Declassified never got a continuation.
  8. https://help.goodreads.com/s/article/Why-Can-I-No-Longer-Auto-Share-My-Goodreads-Updates-to-Facebook-1550590077008 Holy fuck this is annoying. Stupid as fuck to bin it instead of making it opt-in. I liked it to start a convo on Facebook. Now instead of it posting that I just finished a book or started one I have to go do it myself.
  9. It looks like she was frowning for her face scan then they tried to make that scan smile.
  10. =BK=

    The Flash

  11. What is the pedophile song?
  12. I hate that they named the damn characters in the Career mode. Like that has honestly killed 90% of my hype around that mode. It seems like a tiny thing but having to play to that name in my creation is a creativity limiter. I'm not playing Mycareer, I'm playing Trecareer. Crap like that should be done the same as ring intros were there's a bunch of recorded names to pick from for the game to use. It can sound a little off, just don't limit me.
  13. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    The villain arc fucking dragged on.
  14. Two things. I found a theme for my dude. 2. Does the Jr Heavyweight story start with you as a trainee and Young Lion too?
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