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  1. RP'ing as Skyrim Green Arrow. Figuring out what to do. For sure I'm doing The Companions and Dawnguard stuff. Destroy the Dark Brotherhood. Actually thinking of joining the Thieves Guild because that kinda works. Joining the Imperials.
  2. Looks like the best Ultimate Muscle game.
  3. I'm gonna get one of the shirts shortly.
  4. Oh god the new Emily is not the best actress.
  5. There we go. Thanks. That works perfect. I have no clue why I was having issues.
  6. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/7477409/wwe-news-triple-h-vince-mcmahon-nxt/ The image of Triple H. I can save it but it won't open for me because it keeps getting corrupted somehow. If you can please upload it to Imgur or the board itself so I can see if I can get it that way.
  7. When I fortify smithing will the items I make have higher stats or is it just the items I improve on the bench\grindstone? I'm trying to figure if there's a point to crafting my own of something when I have it ripped off a corpse already.
  8. Nah. Timeline don't match for that.
  9. You know, Pennywise used to inspire some pretty deep, uncomfortable fear in me but for some reason the creation of the new movies has really killed that even though the new by all accounts is scarier. Like, maybe remaking and recasting the character finally settled in my mind that it is in fact just a character?
  10. Joker. Catwoman. The Riddler. Two Face. Bane. Poison Ivy. The Penguin. Scarecrow. Ra's Al Ghul. Massive characters with wonderful, well defined personalities and places in the DCU. And that's just scratching the surface of Batman's enemy collective. Batman's stories depend more on the motives and personality of the villain's than Spider-Man's. They share equal time and space with Batman. In Spider-Man stories a lot of them are just there to move Spider-Man and give a fight. There's also the fact that popular recurring villains are still being added to the Batman lore like The Court of Owls and The Batman Who Laughs. I can't remember the last new Spider-Man baddie that captured people's imaginations. The only Spidey I'd rank near up there are Venom, Green Goblin, Doc Oc and The Lizard. Kingpin could make it but that feels like counting Deathstroke as a Batman villain since they both antagonize many heroes on the regular. A bunch of the other known Spidy villains like Electro, Vulture, Kraven and Scorpion just feel like jobbers.
  11. Some of the most fun I've had in wrestling games was online but that's when you're paired with someone else who doesn't want to cheat.
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