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  1. This covers the general story progression. Doesn't dig into any Scorpion or Sub-Zero stuff though.
  2. You think the clothes coloring would have been fixed after XV1 but nope, they just added in more that can be colored. You think the clothes coloring would have been fixed after XV1 but nope, they just added in more that can be colored.
  3. Reading Walking Dead. At the end of the whispers arc. Holy fuck why didn't you morons build moats and spike pits during all these years?!?
  4. Can somebody tell me the episode where the cast make it to Alexandria? That's about where I stopped.
  5. The DCAU and JLU is the best form of DC and I'm so happy that Batman & Harley Quinn and this movie are just straight up continuations. There's so much open space between the end of JLU and Batman Beyond to fill.
  6. Jesus. MBS set records on MTV2. It was the number one on the rock countdown forever. I'm pretty sure it made it to the top on the general countdown too.
  7. Joker doesn't have a set origin before Batman knocked him into a tank of chemicals that bleached his skin and changed his hair. The Killing Joke says.... But in the same comic Joker implies this might not be the truth with the line "If I'm going to have a past I prefer it to be multiple choice!" There are others but none are confirmed.
  8. Gods, I love this song.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2827838-ufcs-conor-mcgregor-announces-retirement-from-mixed-martial-art-on-twitter.amp.html
  10. =BK=

    Music hot takes

    Nickelback hate is a meme and it's FUCKING infuriating when people act like it's the God's honest truth. Listen to some Nickelback albums. They're a perfectly fine hard rock band. In fact, after I take a nap I'm gonna post some of my favorites from their albums.
  11. =BK=

    Music hot takes

    Actually not a bad cover.
  12. My aunt that had a bad stroke a few months ago is around the same age. She's had plenty of issues outside of it. I imagine that has to be part of it.
  13. =BK=

    Music hot takes

    How does someone question Madonna? It's like questioning Micheal Jackson.
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