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    It gets marked as a virus because it edits files. There's nothing wrong with it.
  2. The card game thread

    Yeah, I'm lost as hell looking at a post-2005 YuGiOh game. That's why I play the GBA games rather than the online things that let you have any card and play with real people. I think I could still do well in a modern Pokemon card game though. It doesn't look like it's changed much. Magic has always seemed too complicated to me.
  3. The card game thread

    I saw some posts about Magic the other day and I've been playing old GBA Yu-Gi-Oh games for the past couple days so I figured this could serve a purpose. So yeah, anyone play any card games?
  4. What music are you listening to?

    I really, really, really like this song.
  5. Logo needed

    Thank you.
  6. If anyone has some older data set loaded up I need the stats for Sara Del Rey and Taylor Wilde. Oh and more recently, Brie Bella.
  7. G1 Climax.

    ...but how? The game shouldn't work on a mac outside of a Windows emulator
  8. G1 Climax.

    Wouldn't it run through whatever you have EWR running through?
  9. Logo needed

    I'm quite busy tonight so I doubt I can work on one myself. I need a logo for a Woman's show on the WWE network. Name:WWE Revolution Size:However big you need, I can resize it. Colors: Whatever you'd like as long as it isn't made of the typical "Girly" shades of pink and purple WWE tends to use.
  10. G1 Climax.

    Ahhh, then I don't think so.
  11. G1 Climax.

    I'm not sure what you're wanting the game to do. The G1 is just a series of matches over time basically. You'd run it like you'd run a tournament, using the notepad to track results.
  12. General Gaming Thread

    Where are you at?
  13. Trina Michaels is a pornstar turned wrestling manager. Sunny is a wrestling manager turned pornstar. They could work in the women's thing. Annie Social, Melissa Coates and April Hunter wrestled in the Naked Woman's Wrestling league and could work. You could maybe put Velvet Sky in too because she was way more into the risque stuff before TNA hired her.
  14. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    What exactly is that arm hanging on to? Aside from that this one gave me my favorite kill from all these comics.
  15. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    More Friday the 13th comic stuff. I wonder if these writers get told they can't beat Jason like the movies do. In a few of these series no one survives and Jason just wades back into the waters at the end. He even goes and pulls one chick out of the hospital just to drag her back to camp and drown her after she got away. One was different and cool though. The camp reopens and asshole kids try to drown a deformed kid as a sacrifice to Jason. Jason shows up, slices the assholes and takes the deformed kid with him. Over the next like two weeks Jason becomes this weird murderous mute father figure to the boy and he learns to stick up for himself from the whole thing. One bad one too. It tales two side by side tales that are supposed to be the same and proof the land is cursed. Jason slaughters three camper that got caught in a snow storm because Jason reasons and the Native man in the other story hunts and kills the white men that raped his wife and then killed her and their baby. Not exactly equal motivations there.