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  1. =BK=

    Belt requests

    Find me the background and I'll do it in a bit.
  2. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    Well, when I get this game down the line for cheaper I now know who my punching bag for female CAW tests will be.
  3. This is really nice but I have a minor note. Brock's arm is over the bar instead of being under it like Alexa's thumb and AJ's elbow.
  4. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    Jesus. Every year. This matters not a single bit. With the customization engine in these games ALL alt attires are separate characters. Every. Single. One. Even the ones you make. A single tic in a box makes them a skin for a character so that Universe ranking isn't wrecked but they still carry all the data for custom move sets and the possibility to be ranked as their own characters. The only difference between 11 DB characters and 11 attires is you have to press down on the character select screen instead of left to get to them. If you want showcase modes then you're getting multiple attires built in from the start. The real bitch should be retro characters just being a modern model in old gear. That is very clearly morden day Cena in Yellow pants.
  5. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    I hate it when I see someone on YouTube talking about a cool anime that makes me want to look up the manga(because I prefer reading) only to see the words "LIGHT NOVEL" on the wiki entry.
  6. I guess it works. I wonder if they'll have her skin pale like the comics or just have her use makeup with her cowl.
  7. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    I need nice career mode details and Let's Plays before I can be swayed.
  8. =BK=

    No Man's Sky

    "Beware! Abomination! Despair!" all on it's own paints a pretty clear picture.
  9. Oh yeah, I've not posted Digibro in here.
  10. =BK=

    No Man's Sky

    "You have learned the Gek word for abomination." Oh wonderful. That's exactly the word I want to learn from a monolith on a ruined planet.
  11. =BK=

    No Man's Sky

    Man I am so confused. I know I need to repair my ship but like" it doesn't tell me how to get those bits. Like I know you mine for minerals but none of what I need seem to be around and like one is something like a metal plate. Can I craft that or something? There are tips popping up but they're way too small to tell what button it's trying to tell me to press.
  12. I'll end up getting the service anyway because of the Harley animated series and the possibility of a revived Teen Titans cartoon so I guess I'll see. I wonder if the CW shows will archive there.

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