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  1. Do they mention Trini's last name in the movie? I'm wondering if it's still Kwan even though she's not Asian anymore.
  2. Amy was there but just didn't pose for pictures.
  3. I feel like they should have made Billy gay instead to kinda honor David Yost after all the shit he got from Saban productions on the original show.
  4. Playing Kingdom Hearts 2 and there was a bit that happened that I didn't see coming that had me laughing. Beauty and the Beast world for the second time. Some Organization 13 goon has the rose case in one arm and Belle in the other. He's going to take one and leave one. Beast charges him and yells that he wants Belle and just out of nowhere before he can do anything Belle elbows this big tough scary dude in gut, grabs the rose case and takes off running with it to get behind Beast and Sora.
  5. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/power-rangers-ricardo-medina-josh-sutter-1202010384/ Oh and is anyone watching the marathon on TwitchPresents? It's somewhere in Zeo so it's not tooooo far in.
  6. Shin Godzilla was amazing. It felt like a horror movie at points. Godzilla was legitimately terrifying.
  7. Boo. The games I'm really wanting to play are region locked then. Guess I'll just keep putting aside money so I can get one that'll work for me from Amazon.
  8. Are 3DS and DS games region locked? I'm looking on ebay for a deal and I'm seeing this seller with japanese 3DS models going for 30-40 bucks and I'm wondering if that's why. His description only mentions that you'll need to know how to navigate the screens to turn the language to English.
  9. The Sentinel knight. http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/galaxyofchaos/images/d/d8/Proo-rg-sentinel_knight.jpg/revision/20140307201330
  10. Lost Galaxy('99) is where I stopped being huge on it for a while because of the complete cast change that had no connection to previous rangers. They just threw new people at me and I wasn't feeling it. I watched the first couple of Lightspeed Rescue('00) and Time Force('01) after and all of Dino Thunder('04) but didn't get fully back on board till Megaforce('13).
  11. I'm not shitting on Emma Watson or anything but she looks really out of place in Belle's big yellow dress.
  12. You just came down to the post box without reading the thread, didn't you? Every Power Ranger(130+) dating back to '94. Every Sentai member(250+) dating back to '75
  13. Bought a thing today. I'm still not behind this movie but I thought this looked cool for 3 dollars.