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  1. =BK=


    Zombies in Minecraft are weird. Steve/Alex is the only human yet there are plenty of human zombies spawning. Also it's disappointing that Giants never got properly added into the game even as a boss. I wonder if I can use commands to summon one in this version.
  2. =BK=


    What does the Mending enchant do?
  3. Not yet but I will tonight. so I'm reading the Power Rangers comic, catching up
  4. =BK=


    I was watching Season 1 tonight. You remember how for the first few episodes Oliver had to slip away from Diggle and Dig would be watching him harder the next day? Well at one point Oliver fakes that a door is locked so Dig will step in front of him and try it. Oliver slips his arm Under Dig's and hooks his hand over his neck and chokes him out. This is before Oliver reveals he's the hood to him and a bit before Dig quits. He just shows up again later like his charge didn't just expertly put him to sleep.
  5. =BK=


    Anyone know a fun Youtube group to watch? I'm watching Captain Sparklez again but back when I was an everyday viewer of his he was playing on a server with OMGitsFirefox , Syndicate and JERICHO so him by himself now just feels lonely.
  6. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    Want. I love the Inuyasha soundtrack so much.
  7. =BK=

    The Horror Thread

    Any thoughts on Antrum? This looks great and reminds me of a segment of a Found Footage movie I've been looking for for a few years. A 70s News Crew going into a mansion and it's all weird on the inside, bigger than it should be and leading to open places.
  8. Where are all the CW Seasons ending? Arrow is up on Netflix because it was a short season but Flash and others aren't yet. I really wanna finish out Arrow but I need the rest for the Crossover.
  9. =BK=


    Village raiders are fun. I could see them being a real challenge if I wasn't already end game equipped.
  10. The Rainmaker don't play in title matches.
  11. =BK=


    I have a nice house but I think I'm going to go proper King and build a castle out in empty snowy part of the country. May leave the house to a couple villagers.
  12. =BK=


    Thats exactly what I did. Only a minor change. Importing actually fixed my Blaze Grinder. The spawner just stopped producing in the old game. My switch to suffocate them doesn't work anymore I think because of hitboxes but it's not really needed. Plus I think I know an easy way to fix it. I imagine the Golem farm quit due a change in spawn mechanics because I watched it for a bit in creative and nothing happens.
  13. https://www.denofgeek.com/comics/neil-gaiman-the-sandman-audio-drama/ 😮
  14. =BK=


    Poop. my zombie grinder is broke too. It's one of the old ones that uses a water ladder to force them up to a drop point. Now they won't go up the water.
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