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  1. I've been looking at a lot of the old stock at work lately because we're having to make room for Christmas and I've realized we have a fuckton of Black Panther stuff that never sold. Stacks and piles of toys, shirts, bottles, cups and lunchboxes
  2. MMO, ewww. With as popular as Skyrim is I'm surprised there's not been a large scale mod project to unblock and populate that land.
  3. https://www.twitter.com/thealexrossart/status/869296400101670914?lang=en
  4. That's...something. I was going to ask if you had a flashdrive but if your computer isn't connected either....
  5. Why though? I'm pretty sure that any console that can run these games takes screenshots.
  6. Are you taking pictures of your screen?Cause Screenshots should be better quality than this. Are you taking pictures of your screen?Cause Screenshots should be better quality than this.
  7. I completed it on PC a couple years ago. It's the perfect game for podcast listening.
  8. Uh. I've never touched a Fallout game in my life, Sony.
  9. It all begins again.
  10. I've only seen one clip but I don't hate her? Like, she looks enough like the old Mandy that I instantly reconized her as Mandy. The height thing is off-putting though, especially if they pull a Becky and switch back at some point.
  11. I lose paper all the time.
  12. Does the PS4 store have a wish list feature I'm just not seeing? It's kinda a pain in the butt to try and remember the list of games I want so I can pick one out on Payday.

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