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  1. Catching up on Arrow. Nyssa intentionally pestering Felicity with "Husband" and "Sister-Wife" is great.
  2. I need to catch up on Arrow.
  3. I've been listening to "Pretending to be people" https://twitter.com/pretendingpod?lang=en Anyone know of any other horror RPG podcasts? The other RPG casts I've seen do the typical fantasy setting.
  4. ...fuck. The spoiler box didn't load in right and I saw that.
  5. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    All-Might getting the Smack-down from base form Goku is hilarious. Accurate too.
  6. You know, sometimes I end up watching clips of MK 9 in lore videos and maaaaaan that game is hard to look at. Everybody looks stupid.
  7. Are there any games that NEED a new 3Ds over the New 2DS? New 2DS is cheaper and 3D is a gimmick I've never cared for.
  8. The dream for me is for them to release a new Klassic style MK game between 11 and 12 but I really, really just want Trilogy released on modern consoles with fixed up AI.
  9. I really hope this next Batman movie is a Court of Owls adaptation.
  10. Damn it now I want this.
  11. I don't hate it but I feel like there had to be better options.
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