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  1. I'm going to do NY own list on this. I need to listen to the latest album though so that's what I'll be listening to today.
  2. I find the way some people look at movies to be ridiculous. Watch movie. Is movie entertaining? If yes, good movie. If no, bad movie. Everything else is useless complication.
  3. This is more a general thought more than a comment on the Spidey actor... Man I've never heard a Spider-Man voice that sits with me as the perfect Spider-Man voice. None of the movies or cartoons.
  4. The word camp immediately makes me glad I skipped. That word perfectly describes the Batman TV show and I fucking hate the Batman TV show.
  5. Was that the musical? If so that's the first DCTVU thing I've skipped with no intention of going back. I dipped out on Arrow to wait for reviews but I know I'm not watching The Flash for a musical.
  6. Season 4 was the terrible one that dipped. They took some focus off Green Arrow, forced a side character into the forefront and ruined her, killed off a beloved character instead and had a lame villain.
  7. Question. You've seen the Wonder Woman movie, yeah? Do they go into her birth at all or is it just "Here's Diana, Princess of The Amazons. That's all you need to know".
  8. Not anymore. She's the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. The clay thing was a ruse to protect her from the wrath of Hera who would slaughter her and her mother because they're proof of Zeus' unfaithfulness. Also, the idea of Diana having a real brother is kinda neat. Like, what does a society of women do with a baby boy? Bash him on the rocks? Send him away? Raise him as they do women?
  9. Wonder Woman has had siblings for ages. Zeus has plenty of children.
  10. Why is Sting not in here as a non-wrestler? He still does shows and appearances.
  11. Changed my mind. Took my ereader to the pool to continue my book. Didn't spend as long as I'd like because of incoming lightning but now that I'm in I'm gonna pull my recliner out and light my candles then lay out and read.
  12. I've finished one because I decided not to count comics. I'll jump back in on real books tomorrow.
  13. I'd read this team book. Also something else brought up by this comic. I love that Rachel's name for teen Jean is "Baby Mama".