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  1. Comic Book Films & TV

    Old Sabrina is one of the best TV shows ever. Can't say I care too much about a darker show.
  2. General Gaming Thread

    I have two of the UFC PS3 games, the one with Brock on it and the one after. They really are fun. I got to the point I managed to have one undefeated fighter. I reran the career mode so many times.
  3. The General Podcast Thread

    The Message - Life/After are pretty good. I've had Wolf 359 on my ipod forever but never gave a single listen. I don't even remember the concept now. Oh and I am loving Worm.
  4. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    Started in on Superman. Jesus Christ, DC, I did not need to see his son accidentally fry the pet cat with his powers.
  5. General Gaming Thread

    The only thing that bothered me was in some races you had to drive on the wall and sometimes it seemed like no matter how fast you did it you'd fall.
  6. Which aunt viv was better?

    She seemed to have more of a presence and character onscreen. The second felt like background dressing.
  7. Random Music Thoughts

    I thought this was pretty neat.
  8. Random Music Thoughts

    I'd rather not. Im not looking for more.I just noticed a similarity between what I have heard.
  9. General Gaming Thread

    Gameplay was my favorite. I loved the Batmobile tank sections and chasing down the other vehicles between fights.
  10. Random Music Thoughts

    Well, it is clearly the same kind of music just shined up by WWE production.
  11. Random Music Thoughts

    Why do nearly all Redneck rappers have almost the same voice?
  12. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

  13. General Gaming Thread

    Finished Arkham Knight. Youtubed the true end because fuck Riddler.
  14. Spike Chunsoft new wrestling game?

    Any word on that PS4 release?
  15. General Gaming Thread

    Arkham Knight identity spoilers
  16. General Television Thread

    Sat in the living room and ate as my Dad watched some of season 3 of Dexter. I've been catching bits the past couple days but this is the first little bit I've actively watched. It's weird how much it reminded me of watching Arrow.
  17. The Anime Thread

    I guess I missed the introduction of Toga in the MHA anime when I watched? I feel like they really messed up on her voice. It sounds too normal. She needs something that can be creepy. Like, if any of you have played the new DBZ game think of Android 21's voice when she's really ramped up about eating someone.
  18. General Gaming Thread

    What's that, Riddler? You're going to hide in that hole til I solve all your riddles? My prize is to fight you? Ahahaha.
  19. General Gaming Thread

    Alot of people that write Batman dial that vow back a bit to not going out of his way to kill people and even saving bad guys but not getting completely hung up on it if a bad guy dies. In AK he honestly doesn't seem that bothered that he couldn't save Joker in AC. His hang up is the idea of Joker coming back.
  20. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    There's a new Kick-Ass. Hmmm. I might give it a shot.
  21. General Gaming Thread

    I could not be Batman. I'd just beat Riddler to death after a puzzle.
  22. General Gaming Thread

    Oh and I think I'm happy in this game without the Batman Beyond skin. The BB skin looks cool but this Batman 3000 skin is awesome. Vs It's like the best of Beyond a d Flashpoint Batman melded together.