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  1. =BK=

    Belt requests

    Find me the background and I'll do it in a bit.
  2. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    Well, when I get this game down the line for cheaper I now know who my punching bag for female CAW tests will be.
  3. This is really nice but I have a minor note. Brock's arm is over the bar instead of being under it like Alexa's thumb and AJ's elbow.
  4. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    Jesus. Every year. This matters not a single bit. With the customization engine in these games ALL alt attires are separate characters. Every. Single. One. Even the ones you make. A single tic in a box makes them a skin for a character so that Universe ranking isn't wrecked but they still carry all the data for custom move sets and the possibility to be ranked as their own characters. The only difference between 11 DB characters and 11 attires is you have to press down on the character select screen instead of left to get to them. If you want showcase modes then you're getting multiple attires built in from the start. The real bitch should be retro characters just being a modern model in old gear. That is very clearly morden day Cena in Yellow pants.
  5. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    I hate it when I see someone on YouTube talking about a cool anime that makes me want to look up the manga(because I prefer reading) only to see the words "LIGHT NOVEL" on the wiki entry.
  6. I guess it works. I wonder if they'll have her skin pale like the comics or just have her use makeup with her cowl.
  7. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    I need nice career mode details and Let's Plays before I can be swayed.
  8. =BK=

    No Man's Sky

    "Beware! Abomination! Despair!" all on it's own paints a pretty clear picture.
  9. Oh yeah, I've not posted Digibro in here.
  10. =BK=

    No Man's Sky

    "You have learned the Gek word for abomination." Oh wonderful. That's exactly the word I want to learn from a monolith on a ruined planet.
  11. =BK=

    No Man's Sky

    Man I am so confused. I know I need to repair my ship but like" it doesn't tell me how to get those bits. Like I know you mine for minerals but none of what I need seem to be around and like one is something like a metal plate. Can I craft that or something? There are tips popping up but they're way too small to tell what button it's trying to tell me to press.
  12. I'll end up getting the service anyway because of the Harley animated series and the possibility of a revived Teen Titans cartoon so I guess I'll see. I wonder if the CW shows will archive there.
  13. I read that the service won't be anything like Unlimited. A very small collection of comics.
  14. I can't believe DC doesn't have a Marvel Unlimited answer yet.
  15. I like the idea of building things but the few clips I've seen make it look very bland and same. I'm use to Minecraft where I can build anything and make it look nice. A series of metal tubes isn't going to grab me.
  16. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    I've got no issue with the game having a built in currency system but my issue with the last one was the absurd amount you needed. Fuck paying real money though. These aren't free mobile games.
  17. Jason being afraid of water makes sense logically but makes no sense canonically, yeah. It was a clever idea but the fact they were writing off the back of like ten movies previous fucked them. And you are correct. The Predators that typically hunt basic Xenomorphs are just entering adulthood and killing one is their rite of passage and the beginning of them as hunters.
  18. The last fight in Jurassic World is super cool but just incredibly stupid. They gave the dinosaurs moral alignments! The T-Rex just turned the fuck around and left back to it's pin! Also if the damn thing is smart enough to have that kind of thought process why did she need to lead it with a flare?! I kinda can understand the raptors since they were supposedly smarter than the average Dinosaur so maybe they could grow fond of a trainer from birth but pretty much any other Dinosaur should be presented as a creature of pure instinct. Did any of the older movies do this that I'm not remembering? IIRC all Dinosaur fights were happenstance or by design of human manipulation. Like in JP 3 the T-Rex only gets in a fight with the Spinosaurus because they went after the same prey. This just seemed like they couldn't write a logical way to contain the T-Rex or didn't want to take the time to do so so they had it just go away. Like, I get it. It's a hard to write ending. I'm trying right now and everything has a problem. 1.The T-Rex has is pure killer and wins. Great, the genetic abomination is dead but a loose, hungry T-Rex is still a hell of a problem. They just went a little ways back down shit creek. That's not an ending. 2. The Mosasaurus drags them both down. It solves the problem but it kills the T-Rex and the T-Rex is a crowd favorite so you don't wanna end the movie on everyone's favorite Dinosaur dying. 3. There's a couple lines in a scene after saying they lured it back to it's pin. That just belittles the T-Rex. The T-Rex takes a whole movie to get around years ago and they do it off screen? Nah. But I'm not a paid writer. There has to be something.
  19. As hyped as I am, you know what bugs me about these movies? They always have to have some kind of "Man is the ultimate Predator" ending where there's a human that's won. Even in AvP movies. You create this uber-beasts and job them out to humans every time. I'm not here for humans! I'm here for the badass aliens! Fuck, after this give me Predator vs Jason or vs Terminators or something. A bootleg Suicide Squad doesn't intrigue me.
  20. I love that they've stuck with the idea of there being different Predator sub-races

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