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    The Anime Thread

    Toga is best girl.
  2. Which was your first Digimon? Also I find the way some people view a digital world odd. Oh goody, I can log in and go to virtual Walmart! I also hate this hacker crap. The old concept in the Digimon World games of being sucked into a world created as a game works much better. It's become kinda of over used but at least it makes sense.
  3. Fine then Sony, if you won't let me easily buy Cole's Legacy DLC for Infamous Second Son I'll just watch it on YouTube and you won't get my money.
  4. LMS is weird. My Dad watches it because we loved Home Improvement. It straight up comes across as propaganda against the left a lot of the time while having leftist characters that aren't constantly the but of jokes. I find it really strange that the show has a character that basically says "fuck you" to a lot of female gender roles.
  5. The eye exam place was beside a discount game store soooo.. I'll look into Friday and PS+ next pay day.
  6. =BK=

    Random Music Thoughts

    I have a new speaker.
  7. I love the Predator species as a character\characters but I really don't care for Predator vs Human. It's so lopsided but somehow in the end the human guy has to beat the alien Terminator somehow. I liked the idea of the one movie that had them fighting each other with humans in the middle of it. The idea of them having tribal systems with different views on the hunt and honor is is interesting. Plus it makes cooler fights. At this point I just want some Freddy vs Jason style movies with non xenomorph enemies.
  8. How much is Friday the 13th and how many of you all have it on PS4? I may get it and PS+ when I get paid because I feel like I was born to be Jason.
  9. I don't like 99% of rap music but I like that song.
  10. Eh, I don't think so. She's cool and all and I love her in Harley but she has almost zero exposure outside of comics. Also, what I came in here for.
  11. I count her as Batgirl first. When someone says Batgirl I immediately think of Barbara.
  12. Just going by who's the most well known who would the top female DC heroes be? Wonder Woman Harley Quinn(She's been a hero since her popularity exploded) Cat Woman(Arguable but she's at lest an anti-hero at this point) Batgirl Supergirl Black Canary Starfire Raven Huntress Zatanna These are the ones I put in contention for the tip top but an order is hard. Clearly Wonder Woman is at the top and I'd say Harley at two but even that's Arguable with Batgirl, Supergirl and Cat Woman on the list.
  13. Time is a strange way to measure how much power he has left. It doesn't constantly drain, just when he uses it and it's not a thing he activates that ticks down. A bigger act takes more than a smaller one. Some kind of meter makes more sense.
  14. Lock picking seems like a dangerous thing to just be teaching to everyone. Especially when you go to show the most common lock as trash.
  15. Legends isn't my thing because I don't like 99% of time travel stuff and the general buzz around it tells me it's one of those shows people like because it's wacky but I love the Star City 2046 episode. It's like the best Arrow episode.
  16. What is the clock\timer that keeps popping up in Spawn? Is it supposed to be showing how much power he has left? Or is it like a countdown to Armageddon?
  17. After I made that post I looked into Sim and found this bit that made it clear why it was there.