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  1. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    The soundtrack is particularly stupid because you can't even use the tracks as CAW entrance music. That pissed me off so bad with 2k18.
  2. Ha!! I webbed a dude to a moving truck.
  3. Two suits are premium DLC, aren't they? The MCU ones?
  4. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    I hope there's a special between with Trunks finishing his timelines androids.
  5. I've never liked the Spider-Punk costume. Punk things don't appeal to me. I watched a video and saw that comic one, super cool! And I actually like the glowing Spider one too so I might use those after all. Speaking of suits though I wish there were more. Like the original movie suit or the classic with webs under the arm or the FF suit or the comic Iron Spider or the classic silver and black armored Spidy or even just his black one. Look at all the suits other games fit in.
  6. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    Annnd lastly...
  7. Spider-Man is awesome but I'm pretty sure I'm never going to use any suit outside of the classic unless there's a 90's animated one or something.
  8. I went ahead and bought Spider-Man digitally since the storm will make it a pain to get to GameStop.
  9. After WK12 is it having me start over? Like if I pick the Main Unit am I just going to play the same matches again?
  10. KINGDOM COME. Seriously. There no way Injustice should even get a look before Kingdom Come.
  11. I haven't heard of her either and I doubt you are. A quick search makes it look like she's one of those that stay within a type of porn so if it's not your thing then you won't see her much.
  12. I hope I can get a physical copy. It'll look good on my Spider-Man shelf. I bet my local game store won't have it though and I'll have to hit up one of the GameStop's in the city.
  13. =BK=

    WWE 2K19

    Everything I've seen so far just could be DLC for the last game. No actual changes.
  14. Damn it. I fucking LOVE Spider-Man but haven't liked a game since the PS2 movie one so I wasn't interested in this. After reading this thread I'm gonna have to get it when I get paid. Is the deluxe version worth it or should I just get the standard copy?
  15. Still Storm? Or has Black Panther passed her? I wonder if the new Spawn movie will even show that he's black. Cyborg has the JL movie now too though...
  16. =BK=

    The Anime Thread

    You need an All Might statue.
  18. I'm guessing that unlocks everything? If so I'm not too into that. I like unlocking stuff, especially in the story mode thing. This match is just bullshit is all.
  19. Unlocking and ya know, "fun".
  20. I can't bput into words how pissed off I am right now. This fucking mission. Dive from the cage. The goddamn game has all of a sudden decided "Nah, you don't get to do moves" and that me shaking the cage does fuck all. I'm on it and it's shaken and I fall. They're on it? They pause and then climb more till I can do another goddamn useless shake. Fuck this game's cage match bullshit.
  21. What does it mean when an opponent goes down and sells by grabbing their head and rolling around in pain? Have I hit the damage limit on their head or something?

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