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  1. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    A YouTuber I stumbled across showed the sales for Hawkeye. It was bad. You can't really blame Marvel for cutting what isn't making them money. I liked White Knight #2 aside from the fact it brought out the numbskulls that haven't read a single Harley book since the N52 launch to screech their approval.
  2. The Anime Thread

    That's my favorite...
  3. Band suggestions

    TBM can get heavier than the two I posted so yeah, heavier doesn't equal bad. Gave Angelspit a quick look. It's almost right but something about the vocals is throwing me. And it's not even that they're not "sing-song" vocals since I can get down with stuff that isn't super pretty singing too.Checking them out did remind me of a song I really like though.
  4. Band suggestions

    By "Graver" music do you mean something like this? Digging into goth club music was my first search a year ago. I actually did find a lot of music I liked that way too.
  5. General Television Thread

    I'm really curious how they work Sarah in since she's the one not playing Becky.
  6. General Television Thread

  7. The Anime Thread

    Huh. Odd. The video is like two years old so it had to be someone from here because there's no way that it by chance just got posted there right after you shared it here. Anyway...
  8. The Anime Thread

    I can't tell if Madoka Magica frontloads like hell or if the Evangelion comparisons are what made it super obvious that this isn't a normal Magical Girl thing so fast. Did you post this on the Eva subreddit after here? I just saw it over there too.
  9. WWE 2K18

    He said it. It's listed as Alpha Omega.
  10. WWE 2K18

    New thing to annoy me. I can dress Emma up like anything in the world but I can't change the color of her makeup to match alternate attires. I put her in a stable with Nattie and Dana so I made them all pink and white attires so Emma is around in pink and white with blue lips. I get why they don't want to open up facial editing at all but this should work on a color swap system.
  11. WWE 2K18

    I find MyPlayer to be pretty broken and boring. It constantly swaps people in and out of situations and there are so few lines for people and no real reason to talk to them. If I get a mission from Adin English it shouldn't be Noam Dar telling me he knew I could do it. If the SD producer tells me I'm fighting Sami Zayn I shouldn't then be fighting RAW's IC Champ Dean Ambrose instead. In SYM if I wandered around and found D-Von he'd talk like a Preacher and try to swindle me but here everybody from Nakamura to Bray Wyatt wants to hit the gym. HCTP had the weird sex things with Trish and Torrie but that's at least something more engaging than Charlotte's and Nattie's one bits of dialogue about dinner with management and beers over Total Divas given with the same body motions.
  12. The Anime Thread

    Watched it. I like it but I feel like he's putting too much on Shinji masturbating. I think it is a condemnation of super fans like he says but I think it also serves a story purpose. At that point a broken Asuka is all Shinji has left. His father will never love him, his relationship with Misato is strained and tainted and his Rei is dead. Asuka is comatose but she's there. Shinji wants he to wake up and do something to make even the smallest connection even if it's just bullying him more so he has some reason to keep piloting the Eva. When he can't get her up he falls into Misato's habit of using "sex" to try and make a connection. This of course fails because duh, she's unwilling here, and he's disgusted at himself at the end of the act.
  13. WWE 2K18

    I'm not sure I regret buying this game because there is a lot of fun but I certainly won't get the next one unless it's just a massive upgrade.
  14. The Anime Thread

    Evangelion musings. Manga and anime. Spoilers duh. Shinji and Asuka are the last two people that should have ever met. They're completely incapable of having any kind of relationship even though it's clear they come to like each other on some level. Shinji is desperate to be loved deeply by somebody. The only people he's ever truly loved were his parents and one of them is "dead" and the other completely abandoned him to strangers. The people that raised him were nice but they didn't love him. As a result he thinks giving his love will hurt him so while he wants it, he can't give it. He's a coward but it's understandable why. Asuka is in dire need of someone to love her as a person and put her first in their life. She never met her father because he was a sperm donor and she was only born to show up her mother's rival that stole her love and had a plain daughter with him. When her mother loses part of herself Asuka feels completely alone and builds up her shell to be strong and tough so no one can ever hurt her again. In a typical anime they could magically fall in love and fix each other but in Eva their problems are such that they can't help each other, only hurt one another when they try. Asuka needs someone to break her shell and care for her and Shinji needs someone to love him but Shinji's timid nature keeps him from breaking through and that only serves to make Asuka angry because she gives him chances to flirt and be more. Showing off her body to him at the pool, the kiss challenge and lying with him in bed. When she later sees Shinji in her mind after all this stuff these are her thoughts: That specifically reminds me of her getting into his bedding. After she falls asleep and mutters for her mom, a sign she clearly needs comfort, Shinji won't even put his arm over her, he just moves completely to the other side of the room and leaves her alone. Later during instumentality in the kitchen it's pointed out that Shinji doesn't really care for Asuka because she's Asuka. He just wants her to care about him to fill his void. She could be anyone. He's selfish in a way expecting from her what he can't or won't give back. It's why he got on with Kaworu better despite being straight. Kaworu's love isn't hard earned like Asuka's, it's unconditional and given freely for none from Shinji. Neither of them are bad in this situation. Shinji is afraid of Asuka and as much as that sucks for her it's not without reason. She's abrasive and mean a lot. Can you blame a broken 14 year old boy for being severely intimidated by an attractive girl who's partly a bully? He'd have a hard enough time if she were a total sweetheart. You can't really blame her though because her wall is there for a really good reason and she gives Shinji easy chances to breach it but he just sits on his hands and does nothing to help her. After Shinji and Asuka emerge from the sea of LCL alone Shinji goes back to trying to choke her like he did in the kitchen when she completely rejected him. She touches him to show that something is different now. I don't know if you can say she understands him now because she clearly didn't in instumentality but there is a change because for once in that moment Asuka is tender and kind to him. These two broken people were the only two so shut off that they rejected universal oneness of humanity and they are wholly incompatible and unable to live together happily . Asuka is disgusted at everyone besides them for staying together. Asuka and Shinji are together but they're still alone. I find myself being able to relate to Shinji a little. I've talked about my "Dream girl" on this board before. The one I knew since 13 and had a major chance with that married the guy she got with after. My key point in those postings was that I was a coward that couldn't make a real move or make something official even though she gave me chance after chance. I was so close to what I wanted more than anything and what I still find myself wanting sometimes and I couldn't do what I needed to to have it. You know who I feel real bad for? Misato. She's Shinji's stand in mother and she's great at it. Shinji isn't just a job to her, she wants him to be happy and loved and she makes great progress until things go bad. I think it's all after Kaji dies. She seems to lose her confidence in her ability to care for Shinji and falls onto her own personal crutch of using sex to connect and motivate. The world beat her and Shinji to the point that her motherly efforts weren't enough. It's even worse in the manga because we get shown what Shinji really feels for Misato earlier. When Shinji gets absorbed by Unit 01 and becomes afraid of what the melding of the Eva's mind and his mother's soul has created he screams for his mother and out of the thing to grab him and pull him back to reality isn't a form of Yui or even Rei, it's of Misato. She was a great woman who did her damndest to love and fix this little boy and the word crapped on her efforts and the both of them.
  15. WWE 2K18

    Fuck objectives. Let me fail and move on, game!
  16. General Movie Thread

    Just one bit. It was implied that Bruce wasn't always like this and was once the Batman people would expect but getting older, losing a Robin and other such stuff drove him over the edge in a bad way.
  17. The Anime Thread

    Rereading the Evangelion manga because I want to put my brain through hell. Two things so far. "You lie like a mattress!" Is genius Does this look fucked to anyone else? It's like Misato's bent her back a bit to pop her butt out and then her body just got twisted around under her boobs like some Silent Hill abomination.
  18. WWE 2K18

    Now, I said I'd like a grind heavy game but holy shit why are loot boxes so much? They're not even doing it to encourage real money spending!
  19. WWE 2K18

    You ever just go to community creations, restrict it to images sorted by newest and look at some of the weird shit that gets uploaded?
  20. The Anime Thread

    Elfen Lied(manga) is.... something. I like some of the idea but the driving logic behind the way the world works doesn't make sense untill the double twist at the end.
  21. Band t-shirts

    Uhh, well I have a Black Sabbath one and a Pantera one but neither one get worn anymore. I want a Birthday Massacre shirt but band merch is kinda pricey and it seems like TBM don't do 3XL shirts.
  22. WWE 2K18

    I've imported one logo I've made myself for my Women's brand. Haven't had the urge to sit and makeup any more. I probably do need to work on a logo for MyPlayer mode guy to put on his shirts.
  23. WWE 2K18

    I was looking for something to watch on Youtube while I colored and found this guy Livestream commentating overtop his custom CAW Universe game. It's...something.