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  1. Adam and Kimberly. Special mention goes to Andros. And I wouldn't be happy without seeing the old Ranger uniforms come out once or twice now that they're apparently all fixed.
  2. I watched a lot of Time Force today and now the theme song is stuck in my head and it's driving me crazy.
  3. In non-movie stuff news I watched the premire of Ninja Steel. The acting is pretty good for Power Rangers. The costumes are really good. The sash is a neat way of setting them apart visually from past Ninja themed teams. They haven't introduced the whole team yet but I like the ones they have. It's telegraphed as hell who their special/additional Ranger will be when they get to it. Oh and the Pink Ranger is gorgeous. I also started rewatch an old series yesterday when I was eating. Decided on Time Force. One bit stuck out to me as a bit strange for Rangers. So most of the Rangers are from the future except Red, he's from the then present. He's rich and he kinda caught hell for it in one episode. Next episode he comes to them where they're staying like homeless people by their crashed ship starving and tells them he found them a place to live. It's an old clock tower his dad owns and as soon as they see it they shit on it and tell him it's a dump and they can't live there. All I can think is "Fine then dicks, go live on the beach and wait for the cold". This is the second time he's helped them and they've just acted like dicks to him.
  4. I love the PR SPBD episodes. If the results weren't determined by popular vote I'd like to see them do later Rangers. Aside from Tommy the only Ranger I can see doing it and not getting squashed in voting is Adam's Black Ranger.
  5. ---- First of all let me get this out of the way. I love the Power Rangers. Like, I don't think that peope know just how much and why. I attribute a lot of who I am today as a person to Power Rangers. I firmly belive that if it wasn't for the diverse cast of MMPR being part of my oldest memories I'd be the same kind of disgraceful and ignorant racist that it seems like most of the guys I grew up with turned out to be. I said a little while back in a thing that I recorded for youtube that the Green\White Ranger was the first TV character I remembered seeing that truely impressed on me what it was to be a good and decent person. I took more than that from it though. To this day green is my favorie color and 90 percent of the things I buy are green including clothes. You all know I have long hair and love it to death. Guess who the first guy I ever saw with really long hair that I thought looked cool was. Tommy. If I have to say anyone outside of my dad and uncle is my hero I say his actor Jason David Frank. Now, getting to what the title promised. First I'll quote what I said when the first trailer for the new movie came out. Now with trailer two out I have more to say. My two new gripes come down to the suits and Zords. Suits I don't like them. The best thing I can say about them is that the colors are bright and the "faces" of them don't look too bad at all. The armor look doesn't work for me. The Power Rangers are Martial Arts based. The coolest thing about Ranger battles is all the dodging, flipping, big high kicks and acrobatics. These Rangers look more like human tanks and would look silly if they were half as agile as TV Rangers. I know a lot of people are going to be on the " Well, they're fighting alien monsters, of course they have armor instead of spandex!" Train but come on. They're granted power by a magic space wizard. Is it too much for you to believe that the traditional Ranger suits are made of a magic spandex-like material that's as durable as any kind of armor? The actual Morphing can go here too. It looks gross. It looks like venom from Spider-Man. The Power Ranger powers are good. Activating them shouldn't look like the kids are being devoured. I know they can't get as "creative" with morphing as later series but white or colorful glow over the body turning into the suit is fine and looks a whole lot more peaceful. Power Rangers and their powers are supposed to be hope inspiring and that Morph seems to go against that theme. I'm not against changes to improve and modernize, I'm just against the changes that they went with. Zords I'm not going to whine about them being CG even though I think a properly produced suit looks cooler but I get it. Big budget movie needs CG robots so they don't move clunky. My bitch here is a sin that the 95 movie was guilty of too. Why, why, why, why if you're going to use CG for them do you need to use so much fucking silver/chrome. The uniforms are colorful and the individual Zords are too but the Megazord some how barley has any. 95 Megazord and 2017 Megazord both disappoint me, though one is obviously much more hideous than the other (Also holy shit I just realized that thing 2017 is fighting is supposed to be Goldar, what the fuck). I'll end on one more positive though. That scene with Jason helping that guy out from under wreckage? That's great, it brings in that hope thing I was talking about earlier. Everyone's going to be OK with the Power Rangers here. It reminds me of one of my favorite things Megaforce did, Rangers helping people in a way that isn't fighting.
  6. Kid you would have been my worst enemy.
  7. I'm still not a fan. I like that they showed some humor but my previous gripes still stand and I thing the Zords and suits look horrendously bad. Trailer specific thing but that damn song had me rolling my eyes. I'm just gonna go watch some old Ranger series and await Ninja Steel's premiere which I think is this weekend.
  8. If this were artists I could maybe do it but I never paid much mind to whole albums. I think in songs and who does them, the album is just the unit/package they come in.
  9. Now that I'm back on desktop.... These are the two images used: As soon as I finished it I realized I should have gone a bit bigger. Anyway, I'm glad it turned out so decently. Doing this with photos of women was quite a bit more difficult than when I shopped a tux onto Cesaro.
  10. I needed her in a ref outfit for future diary stuff. It was either this body or Summer Rae which would have be all kinds of weird looking cause, you know, Charlotte has tits the size of Summer's head.
  11. Yeah, I need a new set of eyes on something I was working on. Is it obvious where the head has been shopped on? I know where it should be if it is and that's fucking with my ability to accurately judge it.
  12. I have this on my Nook. I see so many people that like it.
  13. Man, I've compared books with a few of you guys and the only common book that comes up is World War Z. Granted I don't have every book I've ever read logged but the biggest pile of UFO,monster,WWII and dinosaur books ever doesn't look like it'd bring up any more. Maybe if I logged the first four Harry Potter books there'd be a couple more.
  14. And it's on. I've started reading Daniel Bryan's book.
  15. I've set my goal to 20. If I start to read as much as I used to it'll be no issue. I'm not counting comics either, only real books. And no re-reads. I'll load my Nook up later today. I already know I'm going to read IT, The 5th Wave and Daniel Bryan's book. EDIT:Ohhh, my favorite author has a new book out soon-ish. Also I think AJ Lee's book comes out in April. So that's a few picked out. Edit2:Oh and a little while back I was challenged to read Lolita. So that's another.