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  1. General Movie Thread

    If Ninja Turtles can get more than one so can the Power Rangers.
  2. General Movie Thread

    New Rita image. I'm assuming green armor Rita is her powered up and fighting the Rangers then at the end or in the next one whatever powered her goes into making the Green Ranger.
  3. General Movie Thread

    It's inspired by the Green Ranger whom she is the creator of. They're trying to make that plot make more sense. I also see a little Scorpina influence. New Rita totally looks like a later stage Power Ranger villain. Anyway, what I came here much do you all trust Netflix ratings? I'm starting to question even looking at them when movies I've heard nothing but good about have 2 stars.
  4. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    Anyone reading the Batman Beyond book that came out of Future's End? I kinda wanna give it a shot cause I love BB but the whole Tim not Terry thing kills me.
  5. The Flash

    Iron Mask dude spoilers
  6. Music that is awful

    Booooooo, you suck! Now for my answer Fuckin clowns, man.
  7. Prince has passed away.

  8. Kirkland's Graphics

    Now this one I'm particularly interested in getting right. I had an idea and tried to make it happen. At first I wasn't pleased but after I looked away for a minute I think my opinion's changed a bit.
  9. The Flash

    Versus Zoom spoilers
  10. The Flash

  11. Kirkland's Graphics

    I juuuust noticed Storm's name bit not having the white outline all around. That's been corrected.
  12. Kirkland's Graphics

    I did two other versions. One based off what you said and one based off someone else's opinion elsewhere.
  13. Marvel and DC Animated Films/Television Shows I love The Killing Joke but the idea of it as this super adult story makes me laugh a bit since I bought my copy of the comic at a school book-fair.
  14. Comic Book Films & TV

    More like they hate lazyness That and I've seen a lot of people say it was completely out of place with the rest of the book.