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  1. Pretty sure he asked not to be tagged in requests a few posts up.
  2. I just noticed how janky the NWA logo is. Going to replace that.
  3. In the pool during a rainstorm and browsing the net on my waterproofed tablet. Today is a nice day.

  4. Any word on when Punk will fight?
  5. I haven't hit the level issue till this last boss. If anything I've been over leveled going into most worlds. The Little Mermaid level was so, so easy for example because I had gotten so high leveled elsewhere.
  6. Don't get me wrong when I say this because I love Kingdom Hearts but Fuuuuuuuuuuuck that final boss. Get him on the last health bar and there is litterly no opening to attack and not get hit. You have to just tank your way through and if your numbers aren't high enough then fuck you, you have to abandon the progress you made beating his last three forms and go grind out levels in the Coliseum. No fucking skill required.
  7. Seeing Cage in work clothes at the start just brings me back to wishing for Terry Crews. Linky
  8. These were the last copies in the store so I got lucky. If they weren't there I would have had to find my way to the other GameStop to see about them. After that I'd be stuck with Walmart full prices.
  9. So the local game store's PS2 rack was huge but didn't have what I wanted there or on the PS3 wall so I made a trip back to the GameStop in the city.
  10. That reminds me I need to give it a read. Has to be better pool reading than Evangelion fanfiction.
  11. So, if I bought a game from the PSN store I can delete it from my system to make space and redownload it from the store anytime I want if I'm signed into my account, yeah?
  12. Traded in one game I don't play anymore and walked out with Four I want to play. Gonna go to the local game store soon and see if I can't find PS2 copies of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 since I don't care about the remastering on the PS3 versions. If I can get PS2 copies for a couple bucks over the near 30 I'd have to spend for the PS3 ones I'll take it. If I can't I guess I'll just have to spend the money for the PS3 ones.
  13. Better example. The Rock vs John Cena.
  14. You mean like LT vs Bam Bam?