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  1. Screaming  drug addict "friend" in the yard. Maybe we're not as far above the muck of this area as I'd like to think.

  2. Would Fan Fiction go in The Cube?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. King Jaffellis Joffer
    3. Kirkland


      I mean, I could incorporate that kind of stuff into Power Rangers but I don't think I will.

    4. ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster


      Any creative writing that isn't EWR-based (or it's successors) is Cube.

  3. OK I loved that episode.
  4. Worked on a new event logo. Eh on it but at least I was able to work out some new stuff I'm learning.
  5. I'm glad Reddit got me to pick the show back up. I'm really liking this season and I like the new Canary. I still hope for an actual Laurel comeback next season but this one is fine.
  6. I just saw the Iron Fist trailer. Honestly? It looks like Arrow with a Marvel coat of paint. Billionaire rich kid gets stranded somewhere inhospitable, learns martial arts there and years later comes home to fight the people corrupting his city as a vigilante.
  7. Slightly less offensive to my fandom. Still not hyped though.
  8. Also keep in mind my old post.... "I decided to put this together for people who want to start making pictures. Scrolling back through the thread I saw quite a few people who could do good cuts but messed up in other ways. When you're making a picture you need three layers. A blank Kyky, a cut and a border. Now we're going to look at some of the mistakes I've seen. "
  9. There is nothing to be cut about those. They're already without background. I would suggest learning to do ones like that yourself with GIMP. It's as simple as opening the background, dragging the picture on top, resizing it and then saving the whole thing as a JPG file.
  10. Actually wrong a little. In season three the american actors got their own high quality suits instead of the crappy ones and filmed additional Morphed fights after the extra footage they ordered from Toei ran out. That's why there's a big upswing in quality in late MMPR and more scenes of unmorphed rangers interacting with Morphed Rangers
  11. So I'm going to throw some reference images out and I want you to tell me if they fit the look and style you're requesting. I have two ideas.One based on the top two. One based on the bottom two.
  12. Adam and Kimberly. Special mention goes to Andros. And I wouldn't be happy without seeing the old Ranger uniforms come out once or twice now that they're apparently all fixed.
  13. I watched a lot of Time Force today and now the theme song is stuck in my head and it's driving me crazy.
  14. In non-movie stuff news I watched the premire of Ninja Steel. The acting is pretty good for Power Rangers. The costumes are really good. The sash is a neat way of setting them apart visually from past Ninja themed teams. They haven't introduced the whole team yet but I like the ones they have. It's telegraphed as hell who their special/additional Ranger will be when they get to it. Oh and the Pink Ranger is gorgeous. I also started rewatch an old series yesterday when I was eating. Decided on Time Force. One bit stuck out to me as a bit strange for Rangers. So most of the Rangers are from the future except Red, he's from the then present. He's rich and he kinda caught hell for it in one episode. Next episode he comes to them where they're staying like homeless people by their crashed ship starving and tells them he found them a place to live. It's an old clock tower his dad owns and as soon as they see it they shit on it and tell him it's a dump and they can't live there. All I can think is "Fine then dicks, go live on the beach and wait for the cold". This is the second time he's helped them and they've just acted like dicks to him.