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  1. I decided to just get all my event logos made all ahead of time so I'm not working on a poster ATM. I'm just trying to get better at this stuff while I go along.
  2. So, I'm screwing around making logos for my diary and I'd like some thoughts on the two I've come up with for this event. Which is best, what would improve them,etc. Spoiler for size. You may want to view them on a different background. Drag them into a new tab and they should be on a grey background.
  3. Watched some of the entrances. They fucked up Eva. How hard would it be to have her announcer as part of her entrance music track and mute Lillian? They'd have to give her a version without the intro too for post match but that's been done in these games before.
  4. Got a new (to me) monitor.
  5. Because there's nothing for ring announcers to do as workers.99% of people never touch them.
  6. I hate the log in bonus cards. They kill variety on middle teirs and make sure everyone has almost the same team.
  7. Had to do some cuts of my own. I think I'm getting better at this. Still rough on some though.
  8. Isn't this just gonna be people posting their favorite songs? You get into to subjective taste when you climb out of the shitpile of out of tune and overproduced stuff.
  9. I don't hate it.
  10. Pulled UR Kane and got excited for a minute till I remembered my other UR Kane is a fusion and technically a different card.
  11. Possible new style graphic for my diary. Thinking about adding elements of the stipulations around it. Like with this test one I'd have some cage wire behind the actual graphic.
  12. Got my second UR Nikki. Soon I'll have perfect pro Bellas as my women's team. Also got that epic Cena from the log-in bonus.
  13. Got another SR Roman so soon that wrong will be righted. Also got a pair of SR Rusevs.