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  1. General Movie Thread

    Red Ranger in action. I like that a whole lot more than that promo shot. My favorite thing about it is that I look at it and still instantly recognize it as a Power Ranger even though it's not a normal Power Ranger suit.
  2. Mr Dick if You're Nasty.

    Broken Home. One of my favorite songs of theirs in general. Favorite songs in order followed by albums in order of preference. 1.Getting Away With Murder 2.Reckless 3.Hollywood Whore 4.Broken Home 5.I Almost Told You I Loved You. 1.The Paramour Sessions 2.Getting Away With Murder 3.Infest 4.Lovehatetragedy 5.FEAR 6. Time for Annihilation 7.The Connection Yes, I'm legit fan. Favorite rock band since 2003.
  3. General Movie Thread

    Too much of one color not broken up. Same reason I didn't like the Jungle Fury suits. For comparison, the original MMPR
  4. Arrow

    I might give Arrow a chance tonight because the fight in the trailer looked cool and because... Flash Finale spoilers
  5. Arrow

    There's a lot of stupid in this show but this is not the thing to pick on.She's revealing she's been working with a vigilante for years, I don't think she's all that concerned about trying to keep that little charade up at the same time.
  6. The Flash

    IIRC it's only 4 months this time.
  7. The Flash

  8. The Flash

  9. Logo request

    Damn good job as always. Thank you.
  10. Logo request

    I'm in need of another logo for my diary. Here's what I came up with a while back I'm not a fan of it now plus I'm wanting a different color scheme. You can just take note of the Charlotte skyline and the QCW logo. The concept of the show is Saturday Night's Mainevent+Late night talk show. Type - Logo Text - Saturday Night Takedown Font - Images - Charlotte skyline or any image of the city. Colors - Red, orange, white, black. Size - Around this size
  11. The Flash

  12. Comic Book Films & TV

    I'd be down with another show being added so there's a DC show every night during the week. The Question or Batgirl would be top choices.
  13. Arrow

    I got around to the Legends episode with future Green Arrow and man I can not stop watching that last fight scene over and over. God I hope next season of Arrow is better. I wanna like you, show! You have one of my favorite heroes!
  14. Kirkland's Graphics

    All images come from Dokkan Battle.
  15. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    Reading New 52 Flash is weird. All the elements of the show are there but just jumbled up differently.