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  1. 'Stacy's Mom', 'Ocean Avenue' '1985' and 'Tangled up in me' take me back to being in middle school, staying up and watching The N all night from my fold out couch bed.   'Breathe' by Anna Nalick takes me back to using one of my shitty Dollar store walkman radios to find the radio station and show that turned me onto talk radio.     N'Sync takes me back to being ten when I got my first (and only) CD Player and some CD's. I still have the player and headphones.    'You keep me hanging on' and 'The Safety Dance' take me back to being a small child in this very house, trying to sleep on the living room couch and seeing those late night CD(May have still been cassettes at the time) compilation ads.
  2. Marvel Unlimited Reading Club

    My only issue with recommending something is I can't quite remember  where a storyline starts or ends. Like if I wanted to recommend All-New X-Men or Ultimate Spider-Man 1-6 I'd have to read those again and see if I'm not cutting us off in the middle of a storyline and if I do that there is no point in recommending on my part it because I'll have already read it.
  3. Christmas Traditions

    Well, we used to go to my grandparent's house on Christmas Eve to open gifts from extended family. After that we'd all go to my great grandma's or my aunt's for the party where allllllllll the family from my mom's side got together. Next day we'd open our gifts at home then head back to grandparents for dinner. Since my grandparents died though there hasn't been a set thing we do besides the normal opening gifts on the day and eating at someone's house after.
  4. I've slipped on the soda and I'm now drinking it regularly again. Blech. I partially blame it on family seeing me drinking something and assuming I just want two liters of it everytime they go to the store. The rest is on me wanting to use my new cups instead of my water bottle.
  5. Marvel Unlimited Reading Club

    I'll for sure participate in the next book. I just had E-Fed stuff to do this week instead of reading comics.
  6. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Border PNG provided here.      
  7. Computer Trouble Thread

    I had the flush the DNS. I remembered having to do that to get on here a few times so a gave it a try. Loads right up now.
  8. Computer Trouble Thread

    EDIT:Ignore! Issue fixed.
  9. The Pet Thread

    Had to wash little buddy Sheamus off today. Dodo got car oil on himself and couldn't get it off. He's a dirty cat that doesn't bathe himself well so he needed it anyway.    
  10. Carrie 2 was filmed at our high school
  11. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    Speaking of Batman...
  12. Marvel Unlimited Reading Club

    The videos I've seen of it make it look good. I saw a side by side with the ipad mini and it was only just a little bit slower loading web pages and videos. It only took a second to bring up something on Netflix.
  13. Marvel Unlimited Reading Club

    Yo.   For a little more you can get what I use to read comics.  
  14. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    Look at the ears on the blue costume. About like that even though I never think of Batman in blue. As for age...38? I dunno, close to 40 but not quite there.
  15. Yeeeees. Maybe now I won't be seeing her overexposed mug everywhere.