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  1. Random Music Thoughts

    Something I found out while looking at the wiki article for NC music   ".Arthur Smith is the most notable North Carolina musician/entertainer who had the first nationally syndicated television program which featured country music. Smith composed "Guitar Boogie", the all time best selling guitar instrumental, and "Dueling Banjos" That certainly wasn't what I was hoping to find.
  2. Nintendo Megathread

    Jesus, getting a wireless Snes controller would cost me 40 to 70 bucks. I'm better off getting an Extension Cable for 6.
  3. Comic Book Films & TV

    Why would Joe continue to think Barry's man in the lightning story was crazy when Superman comes to be?   Where the hell was Superman during the multiple times Starling City has been about to be destroyed?   Why is everyone absolutely in the dark about powers until well after particle accelerator if Superman is a thing?
  4. Comic Book Films & TV

    I hope this plays with the multiple earth things cause Supergirl existing in the Arrow/Flash universe throws some big things into question. 
  5. Computer Trouble Thread

    So, I know I can do it but I can't remember how to set it up. How do I disable my Laptop's built-in keyboard when I have my USB one plugged in?
  6. Your five favorite bands

    The Birthday Massacre, Rob Zombie,Garbage, John Mayer,Paramore.
  7. EWR February 2016 Update ***Spoilers***

    Can someone look in this data and tell me if Tessa Blanchard is in? If so can you give me her stats?
  8. WWE Supercard

    Rocky ain't in the US either so there must be a way.
  9. General Television Thread

    "A Different World" gets a whole lot better after Denise Huxtable isn't the main-character anymore. Not that I don't like the first season but I like it  with the attention more spread out among the cast.  I actually miss Maggie being part of the cast more than Denise. It is a bit weird how allll the white students disappeared between seasons. A white girl in a predominantly black school could've been interesting. Aside from that I'm enjoying it commercial-less way more than when I watched it on Nick-at-Night back in the day even if it's without the little reunion bits.
  10. Wrestler Picture Requests

    Where did you get that Rosemary image?
  11. WWE Supercard

    I got the SR Rowan so I can pro the one I have. Not even gonna worry about the UR.
  12. WWE Supercard

     1. Uncommon: ???  2. Rare: Big E  3. Super Rare: Erick Rowan  4. Ultra Rare: Xavier Woods  5. Epic: Sheamus  6. Legendary: Kofi Kingston  7. Survivor: Bubba Ray Dudley  8. Survivor: Kalisto  
  13. The Comic Book Thread (spoilers)

    Check your library. Big events, storylines and runs get published as collection s afterwards and are easy to find.   Edit:Checked Amazon. A paperback trade/collection of Civl War is 15 bucks. It's obviously way more expensive to collect the singles.