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  1. Just seen this today so it's a bit late but I think it's cool The History Channel shared this. "On this day in 1992, the 90s hit anime Yu Yu Hakusho premiered in Japan. Were you a fan of this animated series? Who's your fave character in the show? Tell us in the comments section! " EditAlso next month on the 20th it'll be Dragon Ball's 32nd year since publication.
  2. It was a version of a story arc from the show. The show ended up redoing the whole thing it's self and ignoring the movie. I don't even think the canon version(TV show) had Ivan Ooze. It was just an alternate story behind the rangers getting new powered based on animals instead of Dinosaurs.
  3. Like the original MMPR movie?
  4. You may like The Used. Here they are together. I've actually always like The Used better myself.
  5. I have thoughts. I like the Breakfast Club tribute at the start but it brings up an issue I'll get to in a minute after my first gripe. I do not like that they have enhanced abilities outside of their Ranger uniforms. The original MMPR we're able to fight minor enemies outside their suits because of their own skills. Jason, Trini, Zack and later on Tommy were skilled Martial Artists long before Zordon recruited them. Kimberly was a gymnast her whole life and that was reflected in her fighting and it was implied that Trini and Jason were teaching Billy to fight. Just straight out giving them super powers at all times makes them seem far less talented in their own rights. Same thing with them finding the Morphers and not being chosen by Zordon. My second gripe comes from something I liked. They all seem to be troublemakers of some kind. The original team were good people and a shining example of what kids and teenagers should strive to be. They we're a group of close friends who served their community in various ways. They were people to be looked up to regardless of powers. I get that it'd be hard to build a movie with that but it doesn't seem like any single one of them reflects that. The closest seems to be Billy but that's just because he's shown getting bullied. Not everyone needs to be troubled.
  6. Oh shit, I forgot to set my new DVR up for this.
  7. Somehow I am the most over person in the promotion.
  8. If no one gets to this by tomorrow night I'll give it a go.
  9. Full Name (based on your EWB username) (22 characters max):Kirkland Shortened Name (10 characters max):Kirkland Gender:Male Age (18 minimum):25 Birth month:September Heavyweight or Lightweight:Heavyweight Nationality:American Primary Finisher + Type:Powerbomb Secondary Finisher + Type:Crippler Crossface Disposition:Face Gimmick:Biker or Clean Cut, your choice. In-Ring and Mic Stats (250 pts to divide how you like) Brawling:85 Speed:30 Technical:75 Charisma:55 Performance Stats (120 pts to divide how you like) Stiffness:70 Selling:50 Checkboxes (2 max) Booker, Menacing, Tag teams or stables Unless a better idea presents itself, attitude, behavior, and overness will be decided on your reputation
  10. I decided to just get all my event logos made all ahead of time so I'm not working on a poster ATM. I'm just trying to get better at this stuff while I go along.
  11. So, I'm screwing around making logos for my diary and I'd like some thoughts on the two I've come up with for this event. Which is best, what would improve them,etc. Spoiler for size. You may want to view them on a different background. Drag them into a new tab and they should be on a grey background.
  12. Watched some of the entrances. They fucked up Eva. How hard would it be to have her announcer as part of her entrance music track and mute Lillian? They'd have to give her a version without the intro too for post match but that's been done in these games before.