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  1. I'm surprised S3 didn't introduce mixed tag matches.
  2. 1.Dragon Ball Super 2.The Flash 3.Arrow I tried to come up with more but this is literally all I watch. There's lipsync battle but I just watch that in YouTube clips.
  3. How come none of the legacy cards have pictures?
  4. I need to do this.
  5. If they ever put a name to it I think they'll just adopt the JSA name. ALSO, none of the side characters in Supergirl grabbed me besides Manhunter. I was especially bored with the gay sister(?) and lady Luthor.
  6. Just finished the crossover. Soooooo much fun. I am kinda annoyed they basicly tricked me into watching an episode of Supergirl for one scene that was also shown on Flash but Flash-Arrow-Legends was all amazing.
  7. Reminder. It starts tonight on Supergirl so if you don't normally watch it be sure to set your DVR.
  8. Comic Savitar is ugly as sin. I'm glad they dodged that.
  9. A while back I dropped all Marvel books because it's a mess keeping up with shit. Some Cyclops stuff I've seen is trying to pull me back in but I don't know if I wanna wade into the Marvel muck again.
  10. Huh. I didn't realize that if I wanted people to get in knife fights for my enjoyment all I had to do was throw a bow on the ground between them. Also, third straight time in a row I've gone to Riverwood and have had a Dragon attack. Last one killed the blacksmith.
  11. Emilie Autumn is giving away her 'Fight Like a Girl' album for free today.
  12. I tried that. Didn't work. Only other solution I saw was to wait 30 in game days.
  13. God damn it I think I'm glitches out of the Companions quest. Aela told me I need to get work from the others but no one is offering work. I think it comes from a while ago when I spoke to one of the guys and asked for work after she said that only to be told I had to finish her job first. Haven't gotten a job offer since. Fucking sucks because I really wanted to finish the Companions stuff. I might have a save from before then but I've done so much since.