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  1. Graphic for large arena shows

    I am in need of a graphic for my large arena shows. As I get to the large shows, I thought it would be nice to have the old-school like posters they had in gas stations and stuff. If someone could make the template and I could put in the info, or if someone wants me to email them the card and they could make it, that would be great. I don't need the picks or anything, just like the background and then match info and stuff. Just to add some pop to the larger shows. I have an example below and a link to my diary if you are interested.
  2. Show/PPV banner for diary

    Thank you so much, CMil!!! Those look awesome. I look forward to using them. @8 Maids-C-MILking
  3. Show/PPV banner for diary

    Hey guys... first time diary writer, long time lurker. I created a diary called "Heat Tag Team League" that is a combo NXT/G1 Tag Team League... the backstory is done and I am going to be starting the 12 weekly shows that lead to the "Takeover" type WWE special titled "Overthrow." I'd love to get a logo for the weekly show ("Heat Tag Team League") and then the network special (Overthrow). Following the guide on the rules post; I'd like it to not be huge, like a show bumper. Font is designers choice, Images would be the WWE Logo somehow imbedded in the design, colors of black, while and steel gray. It would basically be similar to the NXT logo, but for the HTTL. The Overthrow bumper would be like the 'Takeover' logos, with like the Overthrow and HTTL crossing or something cool. I linked the show below if you need any backstory. Thanks in advance. I am totally clueless when it comes to graphics stuff.