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  1. Last night was a fun mess, like my Iron playing like dogshit for 58 minutes just to win 12-9 and Memphis finding a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. What a hoot.
  2. So because GameStop had some thing, I bought a used Wii U, which was thankfully in good condition (I've heard the horror stories of used systems like that) and also weirdly had a copy of The Princess and the Frog: The Wii Game Y'Heard inside but I don't think the jostling hurts its ability to read discs. Turns out it's a good system that turns extraordinary when, uhh, well you get not as legal with it, which I'm ok with knowing that it's not like Nintendo themselves will be printing any more games for it. It so obviously was a test for what Switch is now and I kinda feel bad that the ole thing didn't get to live with the insane software differentiation seen in this 18 months alone. Would put it squarely above the Vita TV in terms of flop hardware probably still worth getting on the cheap.
  3. I think P5 is my favorite game of the year by far but yeah, I'm kind of feeling conflicted about that last act. But again, I'm picking at nits for a game I still felt was my favorite game since Doom '16 and turned me on to actually playing the rest of the series and being really excited to dig into everything. I already beat 4 and it's great! I'm going to play through 3! So don't take my thing as any real dislike, either.
  4. I haven't played it yet, but I've heard good things about Night in the Woods and that kind of ticks the boxes you're going for here, @ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster so that'll probably be a good entry.
  5. Going to do the "my god I really fell out of watching movies" honorary 2016 list: 1. Moonlight 2. The Nice Guys 3. The Shallows
  6. The one I'm seeing is $375 with an i7 and their ole custom Nvidia thing. EDIT: It's this one, in particular: http://www.gamestop.com/pc/consoles/alienware-steam-machine-i7-1tb/121863
  7. ROC

    NBA 2K17

    It's also funnier that they hard-sell it at exactly the time in playing 2K17 where I can pretty efficiently get VC from game to game on my own.
  8. I saw that one of the Alienware Steam Machines is on clearance at Gamestop and I have a bunch of credit to dump out, so I need convincing to be talked off the ledge of getting it. (For my purposes, it pretty much does what I need, since current games are going to be for my consoles and I just want indie and last-gen games to run real good on it, plus the, uhh, emulation possibilities.)
  9. ROC

    NBA 2K17

    I don't know if too many folks are getting it, but 2K is hardselling the VC sale so much that it literally replaces every single ad banner in the game with a pop-up for it. Really makes me want to not play for the week until it's gone.
  10. I watched Carol and I liked it way more than GoGo and everything worked for me. Wish the screening I went to didn't have issues with the lights, though. As, umm, doofy as it sounds, a lot of why I wanted to see the movie was the visuals and for some reason, the theater was unable to turn the lights down. Makes me want to watch it again via other means.
  11. on that same note, slight spoiler for one of the mechanics:
  12. I think it does. I know Witcher 1 isn't native, but I think 2 is. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2663201 Also, I'm seeing A LOT of games that are $.19. I think I'll do a random draw from my friends list (assuming they didn't buy them) of what to give out. Send me a PM if you're feeling fancy and aren't on my friends list already.
  13. So I think we have the winner for my "get bored and spend my wallet cash giving everyone a cheap game" game of the sale: It's a game called Caster, which is $.20. Came out in 2009, apparently. Seems like a good time and it has cards. Also, Chroma Squad's from the Knights of Pen and Paper folks so I guess I'll be throwing my $2.24 down for that.
  14. Do you want to sit through a half hour Giant Bomb one instead? That this game even made it that far is almost impressive.
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