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  1. TNA - Remove Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana
  2. December 2009: https://www.mediafire.com/?wkjk4mk9d0gdiv7 January 2010: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2sleu8xald1fiid/January.zip
  3. - Rename 'Night of Champions' PPV to 'Clash of Champions' - WWE suspended Paige again, so lower her behaviour. No Mercy and Raw Spoilers Smackdown and NXT Spoilers
  4. - So it appears that Brie Bella has been deleted from the update, so you might also delete the tag team with her sister and the love relationship with Daniel Bryan. (You delete her because she's retired? Ok, so you may also consider to remove people like AJ Lee, Goldberg, Santino Marella, CM Punk, Christian, Edge, etc... Also, she's still working with the WWE as ambassador. ) - I know we are trying to keep the relationships file small as possible and we only add strong and relevant relationships, so I think is save to add the couples that are married (Brandi and Cody, Angelina Love and Davey Richards, Nick Aldis and Mickie James). - Rename Jeff and Karen Jarrett to 'The Jarretts' or just 'Jeff Jarrett'. - Rename all tag teams named 'Genracion Dorada' to 'Generación Dorada', this is the correct spell in Spanish. - You might also up Moose's overness or change his position, as the game suggests that 'he's being pushed too much'.
  5. - Add Heath Slater to Smackdown. - Turn Titus O'Neil Heel. - Remove TJ Perkins from 'Catch Point' Stable. - Change Dixie Carter Gimmick to 'People's Boss' (The 'Authority Figure' Gimmick doesn't work as babyface). - Rename Cody Rhodes to just Cody and Brandi Rhodes to just Brandi, TNA can't use the Rhodes name. - Deactivate the following tag teams: Beer Money, Emma and Dana Brooke, Genracion Dorada I to III, Prime Time Players, Team B.A.D., London and Kendrick, Monster Express, The Wyatt Family II.
  6. In the meantime, if someone needs a specific Old Update/Scenario/Save Game/Fictional Game/Logos/PICS/Utilities/Skins etc... Send me a PM and I will tray to do my best to help you, be aware that I have a part-time job and I live in Europe (Spain) and there's something between 6 to 9 hours difference with EEUU.
  7. EWR August 2016 Update (Beta)

    Remove Christy Hemme from TNA, she retired from profesional wrestling at April, 1. Remove Angelina Love from TNA Aren't Lexxus/Nevaeh the same person?
  8. EWR May 2016 Stats Update ****Spoilers****

    https://www.wwe.com/article/damien-sandow-king-barrett-other-superstars-released WWE Remove King Barrett, Damien Sandow, Cameron, Hornswoggle, Alex Riley, El Torito and Zeb Colter.
  9. EWR November 2015 Update - LEAN Version

    Survivor Series Spoilers:
  10. EWR November 2015 Update - LEAN Version

    WWE - Remove Billy Gunn
  11. EWR November 2015 Update - LEAN Version

    Since has been requested, I'm gonna share with you guys my picture pack (non-Kyky pictures). This picture pack includes 8535 pictures, with thousands of different alter-egos for workers (Example: Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind), and deceased wrestlers (Example: Umaga, Lance Cade, Owen Hart). Why? Because this picture pack was conceived to be use with almost every update ever release (1990-2015). EWR non-KyKy Picture Pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/amiw8xgan1e1qa6/PICS.zip
  12. EWR November 2015 Update - LEAN Version

    Thanks, It's interesting to see someone else doing a take on this. TNA: - Delete the 'Beat Down Clan' Stable - Remove MVP, Magnus and Mickie James - Delete 'The Rising' Stable - Turn Eli Drake and Rebel heel, add Rebel to the 'Dollhouse' Stable. - Staff: Remove Christie Hemme (she retired from profesional wrestling) - Add Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, Jay Bradley (rename him to Aiden O'Shea). - Make Shane Helms a non-Wrestler. - Rename Mahabali Veera to Mahabali Shera. - Rename Manik to TJ Perkins and turn him face, Open Contract. - Gail Kim is the Knockouts Champion, add the TNA King of the Mountain Championship, 65 Image, Bobby Roode is the champion. - Should Grado be added? He's in the TNA World Title Series. WWE: - Alberto Del Rio should be a Upper Midcarder. - Add Brian Kendrick (he's a NXT trainer now, maybe move him to Staff). - Add Amy Dumas (she's a Road Agent now, maybe move her to Staff). - Turn Lana heel, she's managing Rusev again. CMLL - Add Caristico. ROH - Add Colby Corino to 'The Decade' Stable. - Roderick Strong is the new Television champion Others: - Staff: It's 'Matt Cappotelli', with two Ps. If you need pics for the workers/staff you add each update, just let me know, I have a very large non-Kyky pack. (Also logos for HOH and GFW).
  13. Who would play you in the film?

    Ideally: Samoa Joe Realistically: Jonah Hill
  14. WWE - Add Amy Dumas http://411mania.com/wrestling/lita-reportedly-working-full-time-with-wwe/