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  1. In the meantime, if someone needs a specific Old Update/Scenario/Save Game/Fictional Game/Logos/PICS/Utilities/Skins etc... Send me a PM and I will tray to do my best to help you, be aware that I have a part-time job and I live in Europe (Spain) and there's something between 6 to 9 hours difference with EEUU.
  2. ***spoilers***

    Remove Christy Hemme from TNA, she retired from profesional wrestling at April, 1. Remove Angelina Love from TNA Aren't Lexxus/Nevaeh the same person?
  3. WWE Remove King Barrett, Damien Sandow, Cameron, Hornswoggle, Alex Riley, El Torito and Zeb Colter.
  4. Survivor Series Spoilers:
  5. WWE - Remove Billy Gunn
  6. Since has been requested, I'm gonna share with you guys my picture pack (non-Kyky pictures). This picture pack includes 8535 pictures, with thousands of different alter-egos for workers (Example: Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind), and deceased wrestlers (Example: Umaga, Lance Cade, Owen Hart). Why? Because this picture pack was conceived to be use with almost every update ever release (1990-2015). EWR non-KyKy Picture Pack:
  7. Thanks, It's interesting to see someone else doing a take on this. TNA: - Delete the 'Beat Down Clan' Stable - Remove MVP, Magnus and Mickie James - Delete 'The Rising' Stable - Turn Eli Drake and Rebel heel, add Rebel to the 'Dollhouse' Stable. - Staff: Remove Christie Hemme (she retired from profesional wrestling) - Add Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, Jay Bradley (rename him to Aiden O'Shea). - Make Shane Helms a non-Wrestler. - Rename Mahabali Veera to Mahabali Shera. - Rename Manik to TJ Perkins and turn him face, Open Contract. - Gail Kim is the Knockouts Champion, add the TNA King of the Mountain Championship, 65 Image, Bobby Roode is the champion. - Should Grado be added? He's in the TNA World Title Series. WWE: - Alberto Del Rio should be a Upper Midcarder. - Add Brian Kendrick (he's a NXT trainer now, maybe move him to Staff). - Add Amy Dumas (she's a Road Agent now, maybe move her to Staff). - Turn Lana heel, she's managing Rusev again. CMLL - Add Caristico. ROH - Add Colby Corino to 'The Decade' Stable. - Roderick Strong is the new Television champion Others: - Staff: It's 'Matt Cappotelli', with two Ps. If you need pics for the workers/staff you add each update, just let me know, I have a very large non-Kyky pack. (Also logos for HOH and GFW).
  8. Ideally: Samoa Joe Realistically: Jonah Hill
  9. WWE - Add Amy Dumas
  10. TNA - Add Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Shawn Shultz and Chance Prophet. - Turn Rebel heel and add her to the 'Dollhouse' stable.
  11. I'm glad you are doing this guys, I have nothing against Bill's work but the database started to grow stale over the last few years, so I'm looking forward to see where all this work ends at, because maybe I will make some scenarios if this database is more easy to handle (No man's land, No women's land, Ultimate Fed Warfare).
  12. WWE Renamed Divas and Wrestlers: Bill like to keep the full names of all the divas, in case there's another women in the database with that name, also why use the shortened name as the full name when every worker entry had already a shortened name?Sean Waltman/X-Pac: the X-Pac character is a WWE trademark, so he can't use it outside the WWE, and he is under Open Contract, which means that he can appear in a indy promotion, and then he can't use the X-Pac character. In WWE he works behind the scenes, as a production worker, so he is not using his wrestler name.Jesse James/Road Dogg: He works as a producer for WWE, but he occasionally wrestle using the Road Dogg name, but considering 'Road Dogg' is more like a nickname (Example: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin), and it appears as his shortened name, there's no reason to use his shortened name as his full name, also why isn't Billy Gunn using 'Bad Ass' as his shortened name?. Reactivate The Shield (Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns).Create The Wyatt Family stable [Bray Wyatt (leader), Braun Strowman and Luke Harper], and add The Wyatt Family II team, (Brayn Strowman and Luke Harper), 3 exp.Add Bully Ray and Devon, rename them to Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley, both faces, rename Team 3D team to The Dudley Boyz and the 3D Finisher to Dudley Death DropHornswoggle, David Otunga and William Regal should be non-wrestlers.Add Brian Kendrick, low his overness to 60, Development Territory.Send Eva Marie to development.Add Jimmy Jacobs to development Territory.Lucha Underground Rycklon Stephens/Big Ryck: I will put 'Big Ryck' as his shortened name, because he still can use 'Rycklon Stephens' in other companies. When is Dario Cueto gonna be added? TNA Remove Christy Hemme (she retired from professional wrestling). Mark Andrews/Mandrews: same thing as Rycklon. Marti Bell/e: she is still using 'Marti Belle' in Shimmer and other indies, and she's under open contract, so she's using Marti Belle in more then one company, and she's only using Marti Bell in TNA, so is reasonable to keep the name she's using the most. Same thing goes to Mia Yim/Jade. Low Bram's behaviour to 72 (he was arrested and charged of domestic violence and TNA suspend him). Remove The Rising (they dissolve in July) and the Beat Down Clan (they dissolve in mid-July, after Homicide and MVP leave the company) stables. Turn Eli Drake heel. Both Bobby Roode and Eric Young should have Open Contracts, they are also working for GFW. ROH and others Add Austin Aries to ROH. Delete the Bram/Charlotte love relationship, they are divorced now. Remove The Decade Stable and deactived the team.
  13. TNA - Remove Low-Ki Source:
  14. TNA - Remove Samuel Shaw and Gunner Source: