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  1. Maybe not, but I still see/hear people talk about it like it's the best in the series. Opinions and all that, but it's just nostalgia. I got them all from PS Store too, wanting to complete them all without cheats, but it's just not worth it. San Andreas has enough improvements to the mechanics and shit for me to be able to play it still. With Vice City the gameplay just isn't good enough to work through the tedium. Can you turn the camera while moving on PC? You can't on PS and that's probably the biggest killer for me.
  2. Vice City has aged horribly and is almost unplayable now.
  3. Money is irrelevant when you're the richest club in the world. Age is irrelevant when you're the best player in the world and still better than anyone 10 years younger than you. 32 isn't exactly old, plus he's a physical freak and could still be playing at this level in three years, so I'd rather he spend those years at my club than at potential rivals. Setting the team up around him might not be a good idea long-term, but in three years time we could still be in the exact same position without him and have zero honours, or we could re-sign Ronaldo and win some trophies, then go back to being shit until the next saviour comes along. He could be good for the team anyway. Rashford and co. would probably gain more from playing with an all-time great and winning things than continuing on the path we're on post-Fergie. Can't see Morata or anyone else having the kind of impact Ronaldo would. Nor can I see any potential big signing sticking around for more than a few years anyway, and only earning a little bit less than Ronaldo, so if he's available then there is really no better option that I can think of. As long as he bangs in a load of goals, which he will, and we win things, which we've a better chance of doing with him than without him, then it's all good imo.
  4. If he leaves for anyone other than Man Utd I'll be devestated.
  5. Six winners from four countries in ten years isn't bad, but four English teams qualifying straight for the group stage next year while the champions of Romania, Greece, Croatia etc. (hardly fucking San Marino) have to go through one or two qualifying rounds is what's wrong with the Champions League.
  6. Alright thanks. Just planning on using them as enhancement talent, or maybe they could be the next Rock and Austin? Who knows, anything is possible in the Unrealistic Diary Era. Would be cool if CIWW was in. Added Skummy myself to ref on my WWE: UK and NXT shows.
  7. Are there any more EWBers in the data other than Cecil Nyx and Michael Richard Blais?
  8. 1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) 2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360) 3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) 4. Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain (PS2) 5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2) 6. Scarface: The World Is Yours (PS2) 7. Bully (PS2) 8. Smackdown vs RAW 2007 (PS2) 9. Batman: Arkham Asylum (360) 10. The Simpsons: Hit and Run (PS2) 11. Grand Theft Auto IV (360) 12. Championship Manager 01/02 (PC) 13. Assassin’s Creed II (360) 14. EWR 4.2 (PC) 15. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PS2) RDR was released May 2010.
  9. I can't really compare a few of these to be able to list them in order properly, but my all time top five would probably be The Simpsons, The Wire, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos for sure, then either The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Only Fools and Horses for fifth. For current shows I have no idea, as I prefer to watch series' when they’re done because waiting weeks or months between episodes is the worst. I keep up with The Walking Dead, am halfway through season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead and plan to watch Better Call Saul next, so I guess those three. Oh and TIL Prison Break is back so that makes the list too by default when I get round to it.
  10. Fudge

    WWE Supercard

    Finished work now so can get help get the last few shards. Doesn't seem like there'll be much point going for the second card.
  11. Fudge

    WWE Supercard

    My first Ultimate fusion was Lana. My second Ultimate fusion was Lana Halfway through Miz in RD, so if I can get that Braun card tomorrow then it'll be my first 2 Ultimate pros in 2 days.
  12. Fudge

    WWE Supercard

    Miz and Strowman are pros for me. Didn't plan on playing this event, but can't turn down an Ultimate pro. I'm so close to Ultimate tier in RD too which is a pain since I cba getting the hardened card first :/
  13. Fudge

    WWE Supercard

    Go to your catalog then tap "active" and the rest is simple.
  14. Fudge

    WWE Supercard

    Done. Hopefully that helps. Just won the first 2 +2's I played so seems like it. Forgot it was RTG though and put my weakest female on by accident
  15. I think San Andreas is the best GTA game, and possibly the best ever. GTA V obviously surpasses it in a number of ways like mechanics, graphics and overall world detail that couldn’t realistically have been on a PS2 game, but San Andreas was just so fucking good. The mission variety is incredible, whether you’re shooting up the hood, heisting a casino, burying someone alive in a portable toilet, jumping out of planes on to other planes, sneaking around a rappers mansion to steal his rhymes or trying to shoot down RC planes with a minigun (fuck that mission btw), they were all just so fun to play, and so much more memorable to me than any other games missions. The characters were amazing, larger than life and brilliantly portrayed, whether serious like Officer Tenpenny and Mike Torino or ridiculous like OG Loc and The Truth. The interactions and relationships between the characters were great. The dynamic between CJ/Sweet/Smoke/Ryder and the big plot twist. They gave you a reason to give a shit about the random characters, like Madd Dogg, Woozie, Zero etc. Even Officer Pulaski. I remember 11-year old me feeling so good about myself when I rid the world of that bastard (though that may just be because it took me a while to complete the mission). Then there’s the cameos from Salvatore Leone, Claude, Ken Rosenberg and Kent Paul. I could go on about the map seeming massive even though it’s smaller than GTA V, the variety of the cities and landscapes, the vehicles, activities like street racing, driving/flying school, dancing, basketball, etc., the character customization, the fun cheat codes, the amazing soundtrack and so on, but we’ve all played it and you all know the deal. I think the thing that really seals it for me is that it's fucking hilarious. San Andreas is the best As for anyone who disagrees:
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