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  1. I'm desperatly looking for a TEW 2016 january 2010 mod. Any hints?
  2. Thank you for the update. I offer to work over some of the european wrestlers stats. Some of them are horribly wrong. I'd change them in the editor, make a list of who I edited and upload the data to you so you can import and replace them. Sounds cool?
  3. Hey guys, haven't been into TEW in a long time. the last time I tried to play the update this january. Sadly all workers had no personality whatsoever. Did this problem get solved in the meantime?
  4. I don't know right now how it is with mass edit. Can you mass edit the personality of certain wrestlers, so that it would be a wise strategy to collect all workers with a certain personality?
  5. I agree also on using stages of 5, however when you are editing thousands of workers with stats all over the place I was working on a simplier out of 10 scale then adding the zero on the end. As for the personalities I do agree, however before the current set up (where they are set as Normal Wrestlers as default), I was having them set as Company Man as default which gave every promotion a 100% backstage attitude, even for little indies. Due to the sliders I tend to stick to the templates just to make it easier although do change the libral setting for the death match guys. How would you suggest we deal with the situation for now? I'm eager to help.
  6. I have been planning on doing a mass stat edit for a while, helf off until TEW13 since you can do it in seconds rather than go through each profile and I was working on using a base level of 40. At the moment this is how the superstar quality levels look above 40 EDIT And this is the current set up for Sex Appeal I think the game would feel more authentic with attributes level in 5 steps, not 10 steps. I agree that the 90s should be reserved for the best of the best, but a lot of the international talents (nakamura, tanahashi) belongs there as well. If you like, I would try my best to make such a list for the european talent in the data. Also, the personalities are a problem we NEED to tackle asap!
  7. The angle pack seems good, only "injury risk" and "angles" needs to be modified for every single angle or the angles are worthless. I still think he was/is a heavyweight in his last appearances in wrestling.
  8. Is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) really currently just Light Heavyweight? With his size and muscle-mass? edit: oh, none of the angles have any storyline impact? That's sad.
  9. I heavily disagree. I heavily disagree to you disagreeing I enjoy every minute of him calling lucha underground and he made jim ross look at wrestle kingdom like a noob. I don't say you should make him to the best announcer, but surely give him a better announcing skill than C. How about a B-
  10. I think Matt Striker deserves a lot of more Announcing skills since he is, in my humble opinion, the best active announcer there is
  11. the first update I'm going to check out in a while. Thanks for it!
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