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  1. Late Night in Westeros w/Olenna Tyrell when?
  2. Possible five spinoffs, so far only the Long Night is confirmed as getting a pilot. The leadup to the Doom of Valyria is a distinct possibility. Assuming Robert's Rebellion is off the table, what would you choose as the three remaining spinoffs?
  3. It's a shame, I liked most of the proposed circuit.
  4. I still think that there REALLY should've been an option to not get involved.
  5. ....I need to lie down now.
  6. Last of the filming is apparently done
  7. Wrap party has happened
  8. So Roger Goodell would be a perfect steward?
  9. Maybe the box art's really pretty.
  10. I'm expecting the call anyday to serve as the backup.
  11. Well the final wrap party's coming up...

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