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  1. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Heh, if the Jags keep doing what they've been doing, they're gonna do quite alright.
  2. General Gaming Thread

    Burnout 3, if you want a purer experience. Soundtrack is severely underrated.
  3. Complete Your Collection

    UPDATE: I can airship. 10 of every monster from Besaid/Kilika/Mi'ihen Highroad/Djose/Thunder Plains/Calm Lands/Cavern of the Stolen Fayth/Mt. Gagazet All aeons obtained Celestial Weapons for Tidus/Yuna/Lulu/Auron fully powered Blitzball can still fuck off. Gonna swing by the Omega Ruins next.
  4. Nintendo Megathread

    The only way to play.
  5. Complete Your Collection

    Final Fantasy X HD Story status: right before Lady Yunalesca Sidequests: 10 of every monster captured for the Calm Lands/Cavern of the Stolen Fayth/Mt. Gagazet 25/26 Al Bhed Primers 10/10 Jecht Spheres Chocobo training/both Calm Lands and Reminem Temple chocobo races won (all five prizes for Reminem race won) Next: Airship! MORE MONSTER HUNTING! Picking up Anima and the Magus Sisters! Celestial Weapons! Trying my luck once with Dark Valefor for kicks before getting serious about Dark Aeons! (and blitzball, but fuck blitzball outside of Wakka's Celestial Weapon and Attack Reels)
  6. General Gaming Thread

  7. General Gaming Thread

    There's a button shortcut to either disable encounters or increase them. And now I'm debating doing a NSG FF X runthrough.
  8. General Gaming Thread

    Can you get the Tidus Fantasy X mod on consoles? No. ADVANTAGE PC AGAIN
  9. General Gaming Thread

    If you approach the magic crater right, you can be struck twice before you're forced out. Ergo, count by twos. Also, no encounters is great. Advantage PC.
  10. General Gaming Thread

    I'm more confident of my chances this round considering the only other boss to give me that level of trouble first time through (first Evrae fight) was merely an irritance. Then again, I was throwing down Firaga and such by the time I was done the Thunder Plains.
  11. General Gaming Thread

    Yep. Made it a point to do so. Valefor's second overdrive also obtained. Hilarious side note: I'm near the point in the story where I got stuck when I first played the game a decade ago. (Mt. Gagazet, should give you a clue what fight it was)
  12. General Gaming Thread

    So, I inadvertently "fought" my first Dark Aeon in FF X HD. The quotation marks around the word fought should give a hint that it didn't last long.
  13. Random Music Thoughts

    I want a My Chemical Romance reunion tour. Me of ten years ago hates me of the present for that statement.
  14. 2017 College Football Thread

    I would've gone for it.