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  1. Until someone says otherwise
  2. Now my wait for the outrage articles begins.
  3. Possible details of next Xbox at E3. Also possible Fable reboot.
  4. Not the actual episode, but rather a purported outline of it. Based off the source who gave it having gotten the events of S8E5 and Cleganebowl in particular correct several days ahead of time, it's looking legitimate.
  5. Fook them, I'd buy The Adventures of Bronn and Dickon (Manwoody).
  6. Apparently, Rory McCann brought a trumpet to his tableread for Cleganebowl. Absolute madlad.
  7. Wait until you get to Qarth in Season 2. They'll never stop explaining who Xaro Xhoan Daxos is.
  8. Shagga son of Dolf approves of the half-man becoming King.
  9. The Hound's story arc ended wonderfully, BRB eating every fucking chicken in the room.
  10. I'm on HBO Now and I've seen it show up about two minutes or so before 9.
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