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  1. Be prepared for "Today I castrated a two week old baby" to be a not entirely inappropriate thing you say.
  2. From what I know, pretty dang good. Don't own it because I can just theoretically run it.
  3. Serious competition, nah. Gonna get AC once I upgrade my laptop and using it for literally shits and giggles.
  4. Is this the part where I ask for decent gamepad settings for Assetto Corsa? Also, no Silverstone
  5. Trent Dilfer's always ready and y'all want those scrubs?
  6. Cut scene from the aftermath of the Battle of Meereen, S6E9 (New angle, HD)
  7. S8 episode lengths out. Season premiere is shortest at 54 minutes. S8E3 (all but confirmed to be the Battle of Winterfell) is an hour. Last two episodes (including series finalie) are 80 minutes each.
  8. Great big ginger monsters, they'll be.
  9. So, bolded and underlined names are my picks for a possible death pool.
  10. InstLife is a good shout if you're looking for a pure timewaster.
  11. House words, "That's What I Do". Sigil, um...

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