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  1. Had a heck of a run, dead at 79.
  2. So I take it the Orioles are totally not playing at Geneva Convention-violation levels of bad?
  3. Either that or he's a prophet from the future.
  4. Plus you can drive the Peel P50 and dab. Automatic GOTY.
  5. I would freak for the revolutionary inclusion of the Booty Man.
  6. *Pod the Rod sings softly in the background*
  7. Fairly sure I can sum up the FF13 subseries plot as pretentious Mad Libs.
  8. Talking ill about the Booty Man? Come on, get some. (YEAH YEAH)
  9. Yeah, seems like the Pro. Should be good.
  10. Back and assuming it's a Macbook Pro, you should be good. The Air might be iffy if it's the one with 4 GB RAM.
  11. How new is it? FPWW, from my experience, isn't too demanding to run.
  12. Newer addition, makes the experience even better after a difficult level.
  13. Broforce, because any game with a button devoted to flexing your muscles is a must-play.
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