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  1. Seriously, we're talking decent used-car money here.
  2. Oh boy my other main message board is gonna fecking flip out.
  3. Anyone who hates on Keanu is the worst person ever.
  4. Nah, it's all but confirmed.
  5. I'd probs get the Switch Pro if it happens.
  6. *insert yearly bet on Kingdom Hearts coming to PC* Any guesses on what's gonna show up?
  7. Is the crippled psychic tree-wizard still alive?
  8. Alternate shot of Daenerys Targaryen's attack on King's Landing
  9. What he said, no games that require the functionality of a New 3DS over a New 2DS. Some 3DS games do require the N2DS/3DS hardware in general, but not the 3D functionality.
  10. Then who's the chain-smoking sexpot? Besides Waluigi...
  11. Very minor news, but the base game's finally getting a historical bookmark between 867 and 1066.
  12. And not give him a chance to redeem himself by Ghost getting all the pats for being such a good boye ?
  13. Also, Sam's heart was in the right place regarding getting the common folk involved with leadership. However, remember how well immediately changing an institution entrenched in centuries of usage worked out with Dany.
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