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  1. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    The ping time was horrible, however.
  2. Goodreads Reading Challenge/General Bookery

    We need to discuss Nelson DeMille more. Love the tone he's gotten with the John Corey books.
  3. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Great timeline or greatest timeline?
  4. Crusader Kings II

    Awwww maaaan Ah well, gonna learn to like it. Already playing around with a Cube diary where I try to make America great again (again).
  5. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    So, hey, To The Moon is pretty good so far. Only spoiler I caught onto is the one I already knew.
  6. Crusader Kings II

    Hey @Mick, do you have the After The End mod installed?
  7. Crusader Kings II

    Kinda getting China next expansion. Not playable it seems, but still an influence.
  8. Game of Thrones

  9. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    "Is the graps any good?" "Yeah, but after X fucking years, is should be." *mediocre shooting follows*
  10. 2017 NFL Off-Season Thread

    I keep saying Metallica, but will the NFL listen to me? Nooooooooo...
  11. Crusader Kings II

    Jewish Iceland and French Scandinavia? Oh CK2
  12. 2017 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Same time I was starting QB for the Jets.
  13. 2017 NFL Off-Season Thread

    This is a sentiment I can get behind.
  14. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    Our favorite madman MDickie keeps on giving.
  15. 2017 NFL Off-Season Thread

    In cheerier Ravens news...