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  1. Whatever his name was, he had good hair and upside.
  2. GODS WHAT A STUPID NAME. Not as stupid as Lancel, but...
  3. Can we ban anyone who mocks Cam's hat in the second picture?
  4. Baltimore Quaterbacks feat. Joe Flacco
  5. After oh fifteen plus years I'm finally got around to playing the Lord of Destruction expansion for D2.
  6. I'll fully admit it was to do it in one go.
  7. Of course it does the month after I went full-ham and dropped $200 on it. Keep meaning to play it.
  8. We're gonna build that wall, it's gonna be a big beautiful wall, and we'te gonna make the zombies pay for it.
  9. My spinoff ideas: Robert's Rebellion, but it's Bobby B who dies at the Trident. Century of Blood something involving the lands east of Yi Ti and Leng, primarily around Asshai and the Shadow Lands something exploring the politics of the Free Cities "modern" setting involving an in-universe theatre troupe recreating the events of the show, heavily inspired by the performance Arya watched during her time in Braavos and how it was played up for comedic effect
  10. sodd off



  11. Nevermind release date is already known
  12. Minor enough differences between the Java and Bedrock editions.
  13. Purported playmap/release date floating around.
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