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    Lots of honors just like my dad, wanting to be a good ruler somedays, and ignoring marriage pacts

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  1. You monster you were supposed to use Glitterhoof as a means of replacing humans with horses
  2. Can't answer for Jade Dragon because I don't own it. Holy Fury sounds great so far but waiting for more developer diaries to make a final call. Get now: Legacy of Rome, purely for retinues. Not as useful as they apparently once were, but still can't beat standing armies in usefulness. Reaper's Due, mainly because diseases get more indepth. Dubious: Conclave. Personally, I like it. Monks and Mystics: The society thing sounds cool, doesn't seem as fleshed out as it could. But hey Satanists Charlemagne. Go for it purely for the 769 start. Can't answer: Horse Lords. Only use I got out of it was tributaries, which can be a pain in the ass if you have Charlemagne and play as Wessex in 769 LOL: Sunset Invasion because your mileage will really vary on the plausibility of Aztec invaders
  3. So from our boys behind Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis...
  4. Depends on what you have now, to be honest.
  5. Holy Fury is the next expansion and holy shit that optional shattered realm start looks amazing.
  6. You must've misread the taping leaks, this is how the show really ends.
  7. So hey I heard Designated Survivor talk.
  8. Which bookmark is this particular save from?
  9. Someone convince me the last episode of the series won't be named A Dream of Spring.
  10. Look at the bottom of the changelog for the recent Broforce update. Looks like it's gonna come out on the Switch as well.
  11. Rage 2 is officially happening for realsies this time.
  12. Hey Crusade-a-rinos, first hints of the next expansion are here, Crusades are getting reworked.
  13. All I know about F1 is that Silverstone is a boring as fuck track. Anything I should pay attention to?